Dil Bole Oberoi 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Gauri asks who is Chulbul. Om says he is my friend, you love money, he loves people, he is my best friend. He asks Kaali where is Chulbul. Kaali asks him to wait till his marriage. Some time before, Om shouts to Kaali. Gauri asks why are you making noise. She comes downstairs and stands in front of Om. Om gets shocked seeing her. He recalls their marriage. She does his aarti. She says I m just doing your aarti. She asks him not to insult aarti, and does tika to his forehead. Saathiya….plays…. She does rituals and touches his feet. She says its not drama, its Thakur’s traditions, we welcome guests like this in our house.

She asks when did this house become yours. She says Kaali is marrying me, so this is my house. He says if you are here, why did Kaali come to my house to find you.

She says he came to take revenge, why are you standing, sit. She calls servant and asks him to arrange food for Om, clean guest room, special guest has come. He says you have run away from this house, if you had to come back, why did you run. She says my marriage was happening against my wish that time, now its happening as per my wish, Kaali is paying me desired amount. Om says great, anyone should learn dealing by you, you have sold yourself, because of you, Jhanvi Thakurain killed his life, you are roaming here shamelessly, I did not see such poison in any Naagin, I regret for one thing, I can’t kill you, I hate you. She says you hate me so much that you are not getting tired talking to me. He says I don’t want to see your face, I did not come to meet you, I want to find Chulbul. She asks who is he. He praises Chulbul. you love money, he loves people, he is my best friend, my secret keeper, he is my Chulbul, I will take him from here. She says how can anyone be so good, he maybe cheating you. He throws the aarti plate.

He says don’t dare to take Chulbul’s name. He goes to shut her mouth. Kaali comes. He asks Om to talk with manners, Gauri is my would be wife. Om asks where is Chulbul. Kaali says you have run away with my Bulbul, I got your Chulbul. Om asks him to return his friend. Kaali says Chulbul is here. Om asks again. Kaali says you will get him, you have to wait till my marriage. Om says what nonsense, what’s my and Chulbul’s connection. Kaali says your connection is there afterall she is your wife. Om says I have no interest in this, I just want my Chulbul.

Kaali says you will get Chulbul after our marriage, last time marriage did not happen because of you, till Gauri and my marriage happens, Chulbul will be with us, you will be here in this haveli.

Kaali says you came as enemy, we are stopping you as guest, stay back. Om asks why do you think I will stay back. Kaali shouts you have to stay back. He asks Gauri to say, maybe Om stays on your saying. Gauri says yes, stay back for Chulbul’s sake. Om says fine, I will stay till your marriage, if you play any game then, I will burn game, player and moves. Kaali says I will wait for it. Om goes. Kaali sees Gauri and smiles.

Gauri cries and says I m doing this for Om, I had to lie to him and hurt him, I can’t tell him I m his Chulbul. Kaali comes and asks her to save her tears, it will be useful for bidaai, I did not do anything and you are crying, think if I do something, how much will you cry, do you think Om will save you again, don’t be mistaken, this time nothing such will happen, this time I will fill hatred in his heart, he will not even spit on you, you will just have Kaali. He holds her. She says I m helpless, else I swear, I would have slapped you. He says I like you, I knew you will not come in control easily, so I had to get her. He recalls kidnapping Buamaa. He says see your fate, your biggest weakness Om had to come here. Gauri says don’t do anything to Om and Buamaa, I will do anything, let them go. He says much worry for sasural, I m jealous.

She says don’t do anything to them. He says I will let them go on one condition, you will marry me without any drama. She says I agree, just don’t do anything to them. He says fine, just don’t force me to do anything. He goes. She cries.

Gauri comes to Om. Om stops her. She says you are Kaali’s special guest, I have to serve you, its my duty. He says no need, I can handle myself, get out. She says I m going, I just got water, as you get thirsty at night, I added ice in it. Om asks how do you know. Gauri says Chulbul told me. Om asks did you meet Chulbul, how is he. She says fine. He asks where is he, I have to meet him. She says you can’t meet him, I can’t say, Kaali stopped me. Om gets angry.

He says if anything happens to my Chulbul, I will not leave this haveli. She thinks shall I laugh on my fate or cry, Om hates Gauri and loves Chulbul, I wish I was Chulbul. He asks her to leave. She says this place and people are dangerous, stay alert, don’t trust anyone. Om says I did not ask your advice, out. She leaves. Saathiya….plays…..

Om goes to Chulbul and sees Gauri. Kaali looks on and says Chulbul is in front of you. Gauri says you will get Chulbul after my marriage. Kaali says Gauri can’t prove she did this to save this old woman.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nivedita

    Today’s episode had everything that DBO had in the start and the reason why I started watching it! ??
    Shrenu was superb! Felt so sorry for Gauri-..????
    And Kunal was fabulous too..??

    Loved both their Tashan ..??
    I hope the Cvs are going to keep giving fabulous episodes like this.???

    1. Nivi di hiii Nilash here…. hey first in commenting in both not bad….
      By the way as per GK’s convo I think DBO will come up with nice episodes in the form days…. hoping for the best
      And one more thing is Neha quitting the show do you know anything about it???

      1. And I forgot to tell you GO NIVI DI GO

  2. Fhat the wack!!!!!!..ye KT hamesha chanto mund ho jata he ..aur koi na koi uski blaxk mail ki under main reheta he.

    Omi dear, your chulbul is gouri…soo take her with him..udaake le jao usse with buamaa

    But it will be interesting that after knowing. Chulbul truth what will be the reaction of Omi..

    Waiting for not tomorrow but next week..ot will be exciting. .

  3. After today’s Epi, the story seems to show signs of improvement.

  4. Om is making the same mistake which Shivaay committed once
    luking & demanding truth is ok but he isn’t ready to luk in Gauri’s perspective
    Gauri u r a strong person to luv d person who hates u,bt u need to stand for urself
    get that in ur little head else live wid his hate for lifetym

  5. Aastha_Reddy

    Oh teri!!!!
    This Black Thakur Kidnapped our favourite Buamma… kab kaise kahanse???? Thank Kaali that he brought Buamma who will be of great help to Gouri.. may be not sure)…Kaali Thakur bahut badi galti kardi Dollyji ko kidnap kar ke..
    Chulbul lost his identity there after getting kidnapped and Gouri re-borned… Still her good helpful nature is alive in the memory of Omkara…Smirkara…
    Naagin ki baat toh aap baad mein karlena Omkara jatadhari hippi ji ..aap se toh abtak ek aurat Shwetlana ko pakadna nahi hua..
    So they are still stuck to Shwetlana and don’t want to let go of her…Huh!!height of addiction to that Plasticlana aunty…
    At the end of the Bareilly track if Omkara returns home with his wife Gouri(not his friend Chulbul)..that Botox Kumari will be back to her seat of main villain once again…

    1. Nithu

      black thakur…….lol………… boto kumari..ur fab

  6. I hate this non sense … It’s happening again n again from the start …. Buamaa’s kidnapping is just to elaborate the story … Day by day it’s totally irritating… Bt everyone is awesome at their acting … Shrenu always amazing ?????

  7. Cool episode. Bechari Gauri. I felt bad for her. But I was not expecting this common drama of “please unhe kuchh mat karna. Tum jaisa kahoge, Mein vaisa hi karoongi.” DBO should be zaraa hat ke …….

    1. Nivedita

      Maahi, I have given up hopes of a Zara hatke DBO.. it’s just not happening for some reason.. but I did enjoy DBO today because of Om’s, Gauri’s and KT’s dynamics a lot..??after almost 2 months of Fakelana nonsense! ??
      This was refreshing- atleast each character was strong and persistent with their characterization..Om is wrong to hate Gauri, but his belief in that hatred is based on the false evidence he has seen so far..
      KT is just the STD villain, but his coming into the pic lets us see Gauri..
      And when Gauri and Om are on the screen they are on ?! And the dynamics of Gauri’s lachari, Oms hatred is better played by the two and better written by the CVs.than the dynamics of a bechara Om, trying to help but unhelpful Chulbul and smart only by default Swetlana..
      If Swetlana had been written wel, I would have enjoyed her track. She was written much better in IB..though I hated her there, in DBO she was more an irritation to the IQ reducing plotline..
      Atleast with KT – it’s old wine in a new bottle- but good wine..aka story..
      Not new modern villain, filled with nonsensical lack of logic..

      1. Meena4801

        Absolutely true.. GauriKa are just so awesome together.. Waiting for their romance.. I think now soon gaurika will be united.. Don’t how long it’ll take but i think it’ll be soon… Hopefully omkara’s love for chulbul is stronger then his hate for gauri.. It’ll take time for him to realize that gauri is innocent.. ?

  8. awesome acting……….so much emotional act by shrenu and kunal. hats off to u both……….keep rocking DBO

  9. Finally after a lot long time, I was pausing and playing each dialogue just to see their expressions…!! Good job , both you actors.

    The past few days, i couldn’t tolerate cages and crocs, tej and idiocy, funny dancing. My eyes started shutting automatically, and I was just listening the dialogues. ?

    GK, kindly do something with the graphics ( CGI ) it’s just wounding the already sour track…!!

    Liked the last scene when he bursted out on gauri, ” I didn’t ask for your opinion, out…!!! ” Was a good and a genuine expression, like he meant it.

    Btw, good sound track (BG), when gauri entered. They should play OST’s more than songs.

    They have one song, they can try playing it in different styles. And I think, nobody will be bored of OST as it gives a genuine feel than songs.

    Looks like , by the end of the series, they would have completed most of the bollywood songs.

    1. Nivedita

      I love Omkara soundtrack too a lot..
      And Saathiya imho sounds good only if the flashbacks of Gaurika aren’t too repetitive.
      Problem with Saathiya is that the CVs don’t have enough Gaurika moments to show us, and that’s when it gets boring..
      And problem with OST was that they were showing Om to be always losing in front of Swetlana, so the awesome winning and empowering soundtrack didn’t match Oms situation.
      Yesterday the music was perfect, Om was dashing and Gaurika faceoff was promising..??They were simply brilliant???. And after a long time, I wanted to re-watch the entire episode! ????

      1. yes nivedita, you are right. its been an element of hatred all along.

  10. Hellooo iam chicku and used to comment long I was busy that’s why I was not able to comment here i hope on the day of kali and gauris mrge om will marry her and take her to obro mansion and after that they will start rudras love story i came to know soumya is not quitting the show entry of a new girl is just a way to take rumya on track I hope sooo

  11. And also dbo lose their slot leader position new slot leader is dsdt

  12. Hi frnds there is a post on instagram that one last hug by chulbul and omkara…means chulbul character is going to end…gauri omkara track going to start

  13. Piyali

    Thanks for update…..missed yesterday’s episode…..Loved the written updates….

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