Dil Bole Oberoi 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 4th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shwetlana says I told you to become close to Om, you did not tell me that Om understood about ghost, you got stabbed and spoiled my plan, just imagine if I show this video to Om, he will not even see your face. Gauri worries. Gauri says his bag is here, maybe he has hidden. He asks why, did he do anything wrong. She says maybe by Shwetlana’s fear. He says we have to find him. Some time before, Om says Dr. Dang your life is in danger. He calls back and says its not reachable. Gauri asks did Shwetlana kill him. Shwetlana comes and says not possible, I m at home since morning, you don’t trust me, ask your mom, I gifted something to Jhanvi and took a gift from Tej, why will I waste time and energy on that doctor, I don’t even know him, not fair Om, we are going to marry soon, marriage is based

on trust, you always doubt on me, I get hurt, I have work, can you your servant, sorry your friend to my room. She goes. Om says I think we have to go to Dang’s house. Gauri says you go, I will do madam’s work and come. He says no need. She says its not need, I m helpless, she gave me work, so its imp. He says fine, go and come quick.

Gauri goes to Shwetlana’s room and calls her out. She says where did she go. Shwetlana holds her and hurts her, asking what is she doing, I told you to get close to Om, so that you tell me his secrets, you did not tell me that Om understood about ghost, you got stabbed and spoiled my plan. Gauri says it was knife, not laddoo, I did not had that intentionally. Shwetlana says shut up, you think I can’t understand, you got close to Om, afterall he is so good, you know what, the problem is Om is much good and I m much bad, this bad woman can make you bad in front of Om. She plays video of their conversation when she gave job to Gauri. She says I had no idea you will double cross me, but I recorded our conversation for safety sake, just imagine if I show this video to Om, he will not even see your face. Gauri worries thinking of Om. Shwetlana asks shall I show this video to Om. Gauri cries. Shwetlana says you won’t want this, fine I won’t tell him, you have to do what I say, tell me all info about him, stop him from reaching me, understood. She holds her shoulder. She asks where is Om going now.

Gauri says doctor’s house. Shwetlana says as I thought, go and stop him. Gauri goes. She prays at a temple and says why do you put me in Dharm Sankat, I want to help Om, Shwetlana asks me to get against Om, I can’t refuse, else she will tell truth to Om, he hates Gauri and will hate Chulbul also, what shall I do, will you eat candu, I will eat candy. She throws candy. A boy catches it and eats. He says sometimes we have to do wrong to do something right. She asks him to go, I m worried. He says problems gets solved by doing something, remember, nothing happens without taking risk, Shankar ji also took risk and lied under Kaali Maa’s feet to stop her, if he can take risk, what’s about others. She says I understand Lord wants to tell this to me. She sees boy gone and says where did he go. She sees idol and says fine, your wish is that I take risk, I will help Om, and not let Shwetlana know. She goes to Buamaa and says Om wants to take me along for some work, Shwetlana will stop him, she does not want his work to be done. Buamaa says I will see her. Gauri thanks her and goes. Buamaa says I will make her make rotis. Jhanvi looks on.

Shwetlana talks to Gauri on call. She says Chulbul, you have to keep me informed, I m leaving. Buamaa stops her and says if you are going to become Oberois bahu, I want to see how good bahu you can become. Shwetlana asks do you want to test me. Buamaa says not yours, your cooking skills test. Shwetlana thinks what’s this drama, I have to go and see Om’s reaction on seeing doctor’s dead body. She says I have to go. Jhanvi and Buamaa ask her to make rotis. Shwetlana agrees. She calls Gauri and says I can’t come, be with Om and inform me, don’t act smart.

Gauri thanks Lord. Om asks her to hurry. They leave. Shwetlana follows directions to make Chapatis. She says its not a big thing to make rotis, what do they think, Shwetlana can’t make silly rotis, of course I can, I will see what it takes to make roti, flour… where is it. She does not get flour. Om and Gauri reach Dang’s house. Om rings bell and says why is he not opening door. She says maybe he is not at home. He says right, maybe he went to hospital. She says car is here, how can he, we should go in and see. She gets a metal wire. Shwetlana adds water and spoils it. She says stupid people should have written it put it in vessel. Gauri says this shall open the door. Om says this happens in films, not real life. Shwetlana kneads floor. Jhanvi and Buamaa smile.

Buamaa says see she is kneading flour with spoon, look Jhanv what I do with her. She goes and pushes Shwetlana. Flour gets on Shwetlana’s face. Buamaa laughs. Shwetlana gets angry. Buamaa says sorry, I did not see. Shwetlana asks her to buy glasses in this age. Buamaa says I will get it, see your face. Shwetlana says my skin… Buamaa says flour is good for skin, I don’t know its good for botox or not, go and wash clothes. She removes her apron. Shwetlana goes. She swaps recipe paper in apron.

Gauri opens the door. Om says impressive. Gauri says I m not healthy like you to kick and open door, so have to do this. They enter house. Buamaa says you are looking fresh, continue. Shwetlana reads wrong recipe and says does these things are also out in rotis, I will add much chilli powder so that they don’t ask me to make it again. She adds all the things. Snakes are all over the house. Shwetlana makes roti by difficulty and takes it. She says here are your rotis. Buamaa asks where are you going. Shwetlana says I made it, my work is over, servants are here to serve. Buamaa says fine, I will tell Om. Shwetlana thinks such a melodrama woman, she always blackmails. She says fine, I will serve it. Buamaa says go and get plates. Shwetlana goes. Jhanvi asks will you have rotis made by her. Buamaa says no, she will have rotis made by me. She shows rotis and says I added bhaang in this, her reality will come out, get ready for the fun. They smile.

Om calls Dang and says I think he is not at home. Gauri says but his bag is here, did he hide. He asks why will he hide, did he do anything wrong. She says maybe by Shwetlana’s fear. He says we have to find him before Shwerlana. Snakes reach near Om.

Gauri thanks Shankar ji for not letting her eyes close forever, I will not lie to Om, I will tell truth to Om that I m not a guy Chulbul, I m Gauri Kumari Sharma.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hiiiii guys !!! I am sooo sry.uss din mere dimag ki dahi hogayi thi.kuch bhi bak bak kar ke chali gayi. But I understand as a true fan we have to patience for better track.bas ye raat pe comment nahi kar pa rahi hun I will try to comment in morning
    Now coming to episode – today sultana part was really funny ?????? atte main ghee sakar mirch realyyyyy??????
    Kya 2 rupee video dikharahi he sultana.but thank god ki usne gouri wali videos nahi dikhai.
    Kal ki Episode se mujhe lagatha ki duniya ki sabse detective wali episode bhi itbi thrilling nahi ho sakti jitni ye he but today I was feel relax to see bcoz of some comedy.
    Are yarr hotstar pe iski jenere romance he but yaha toh detective giri khtam nahi hoti.???? Dr dang maya .kya cha raha he??? But fir bhi dekhungi.Bcoz I am addicted to both Ib and dbo.
    Last part was horrible.
    About precap it is looking interesting.but gouri bata payegi ki nahi I don’t know.

    1. Arpita, i don’t think Gauri Kal revealed hogi.. they will drag it like how they dragged the snake scene today.. i mean every day atleast 10 mins of DBO is a waste.. today the first few comedic moments and torture if Swetlana was tolerable.. and i loved all Shrenu and Kunal’s expressions–????
      I think Gauri secret won’t be out until weekend or day after tomorrow..
      Kal ka episode will b about Gauri getting bitten by the snake..Because this episode focused too much on the snakes near Omkara and Gauri’s dialogue seemed to indicate that she might have been bitten or its possible-that they both escaped unharmed..

  2. Nita D

    U can order a bunch of deadly snakes n get it delivered somewhere an that too online….like wow…..no words….
    Come on yaar, to order such rare, deadly n poisonous king cobras, there r so many security permission, permission from the respective animal departments n forest ministry is required. N shevtlaba just got those snakes delivered without any hassle….N now these snakes are roaming freely which in real life will be a threat to the entire city…..
    They show anything yaar….

    1. OMG this is big Raaz how did she got clearance, its Sweat lana so she must have done by killing some minister, she can do anything as she is witch, didn’t u see how she woke up from dead and Dr was scared.It’s paranormal activity serial.

      1. Nita D

        Oh God that was so funny…??

  3. Lol ? ajj atta ney svetlana ki toh oh my maata kar di….

  4. Its just draging toooo much….wen r des series going to change…always da villains r win n dont get caught n da police r lousy in deya work n in da end da villains get caught n apologise or die…wen is dis going to change??

  5. Nivi and nita dear, ek baat toh clear ho chuki he.ki ye DBO he. Yahahn kuch bhi ho sakta he.
    Online main king kobra order karliya like really !!!! Chodo.I don’t expect any type of logic. But AS YOU KNOW SABR KA PHAL MITHA HOTA HE. So just wait and watch.
    Swetlana abhi tsk jiti ayi he kabhi na kabhi toh harne ki baari ayegi.
    Actually mujhe lagatha.ki gouri ki secret sirf annika ko pata hoti aur woh uski aur om ki MU clear karti.jaise om ne shivika ke cheap Leak ka MU clear kiya tha.par mujhe aisa kuch nazar hi nahi aaraha.
    Bua ma ki character negetive he ya positive I don’t know. Lagta he ki negative he but I don’t want that.abhi toh dekhne main bada maja aa raha he aage dekhte he
    Yaar thoda support Dbo ko bhi do.only 8 comments not fair. Sab kahan gayab hogaye he
    Astha baby , pinku , mahi . Ros ,dhara , antara sab gayab ho gaye plz waps aa jao.???
    Sry agar maine kisiko miss kar diya actually mere ko itna naam yaad nahi rahti.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Arpita … Baby main hoon.. I am not kidnapped by any one (wink wink)…

    2. Arpita, DBO ki support Karna difficult ho jata hai, especially due to the crappy Swetlana scenes.. And all the logic ki oh my Mata.. since the crap is not offset by comedy, romance and Oberoi family unity, it makes DBO less popular unlike IB..
      I think if DBO episodes get khidkitod like IB, automatically the comments will pour in..

  6. This gauri chulbul is really irritating..so boring..show her less, otherwise the remaining trp will also be lost.such pathetic heroine for the most handsome oberoi….

  7. Aastha_Reddy

    Finally Holi reached the second floor of OM but only with white colour….wheat flour…
    Main hoti na do ek gaal pe atta and dusre pe kaali lagati uss chudail ke….
    Badi aayi…finally kuch toh kaam hai jo chudail nahi kar sakti…
    I think she used Tej’s credit card for ordering the snakes…

  8. Aasthu

    I was under the impression that DBO was introduced to concentrate on the love life of Om and Rudra….but it is concentrating on the different expressions and the dialogues that Swetlana speaks to herself like a mad woman….her smirk….I just hate it…and her voice….she takes 5 mins at least to speak one sentence……the CV’s are mad….possession of snakes is illegal…you can get arrested for the same……why are they simply dragging the show???? It’s very boring….and it has diverted from the very reason they planned DBO….Rudra is not to be seen anywhere…..did he quit the show????

    1. yes aasthu dear rudra is not seen why??i love ur pic so much….

  9. Lol Astha holy reached second floor but only with white colour that’s too funny may CV’S did not want to spoil second floor it will take a lot of time to clean all the things na so they asked DBO cast to play with flour only like “second floor main holi with flour”.

  10. Comments will be less only Arpitha dear untill they dont end this swetlana track because no one is interested to see her stupid hair styles & dresses common cv’s hurry up!! wrap up this track & start the real story of Gouri & om. Also they said DBO will focus the story of Rumya but now they are not even showing rudra here.

  11. DBO fans from kerala

    Finally our sweet gouri come back;
    We are worried that, will om accept gouri or not? We hope that the misunderstanding wall between om and gouri got breack. Soon their love story begins.shrenu is one of most beautiful and talented actress.she is gorgeous in gouri avatar.shrenu and kunal pairing very good than vrushi and kunal. And gourika height difference make them beautiful couple. We watch DBO because of only our sweet shrenu and now we are also a fan of kunal.we don’t know the story of isqbaaz. But we watch DBO because of our shrenu big come back. Past ;she is our cute aastha.we are requested to the gul khan madem that pls stop the Svetlana tracks and start gourika romantic life.
    Love you shrenu ????.Love you kunal ?????.also a big big love to our best Jodie forever, the one and only couple gourika ✌??????.

    1. Dbo fans from kerala sorry to say but your comment has lots of grammar mistakes.

  12. Oh Gouri come back, really exited????? eagerly waiting for today episode ?.

  13. Pls omkara ji;understand your good wife.she is do everything for you. She sacrifice her life for saving you. Pls don’t hurt our gouri again. We know suddenly accepted her as a wife is not possible. But don’t misunderstands her.she is a very good minded loving girl.

  14. Guys ,watch a video on dbo instagram; gouri gorgeous look. Eagerly waiting for that. well done gouri, god is always with you. Surly om understand you.

  15. Gouri kumari sarma love you dear ;don’t worry yaar.your husband identify your lovable good mind soon.

  16. this is what I expected……I thought swetlana will threat chulbul with the spy job,….and she will not her real identity…..I hope the story goes interesting in future and even funny too….for today’s episode, i will say “DIL BOLE OBEROI!!!!!!!!”

  17. Atta ke holi lolzz??? chalo cum se cum tum thik toh ho.mujhe lagatha tumhe aur mere baki frnds ko swetlana ne kahi chupaidiya he??

  18. Hii ishqies… I am becoming a late Comer….. Waiting for the precap… Guari revel her self….

  19. Sara khan to gayab ho gayi ekdum se….

  20. A great episode of dbo..

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