Dil Bole Oberoi 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shwetlana says it will be poison showering on doctor, King Cobra… Gauri says we don’t know Shwetlana’s secret, someone will know about her, maybe this girl. Om says or Dr. Dang. Dang receives a parcel and gets shocked seeing the snake. Some time before, Shwetlana says I have to kill him. Dang checks some files. She applies nail polish and says death is old thing, but the way should be new this time. Dang checks the file and gets shocked. She says by what new way shall I kill Dang. FB shows Dang asking ward boy what happened. Ward boy says its accident case, body is smashed. Dang says I will see, you and arrange blood. Shwetlana sees her face and says people don’t do makeup to a good looking body. She clears the blood and says now I m looking good. Dang gets shocked seeing her and says

you…. She says so good to see you.

He runs out. She goes to him him. He shouts for help. She asks where will you run, your last moment has come. She hits his head. He screams. FB ends. He says last time I got saved, this time she will not leave me, she won’t kill me till I have this chip, its better I disappear from here with her secret. She says I got a new way to kill doctor. She searches for snakes and says my terror will shower him as poison, most poisonous snake King Cobra will pass the poison to your body, you are gone, my pet snakes are coming to end your life.

A venomous snake parcel is prepared. Gauri wakes up and wears specs. She says good morning Gauri Sharma. Om hears her and asks who’s here, you got up, I heard a girl’s voice here, did you hear it. Gauri says it was my voice, my voice becomes girly in morning. Om says you are strange, your hands and legs are like girls and even voice is like girls, I heard Gauri Sharma, who is she. Gauri asks do you know any Gauri Sharma. Om says I m asking you, who is she. Gauri says my wife. Om says taking wife’s name in morning, have to believe your love. Gauri says yes, I also believe love. Om asks what. She says nothing. He holds her hand. He says whatever happened yesterday, I m really sorry, you know it happened by mistake.

She recalls marriage and smiles. Saathiya…..plays……. She says its fine, anyone can do mistakes, some mistakes are beautiful. He asks mistakes, beautiful. She says you won’t understand. He says I m really sorry. She says Salman said no sorry and thanks in friendship. Om asks her to come and see something.

Jhanvi asks how dare you stop my way. Shwetlana says I did not, you came in my way, such anger is not good for your skin and health, our nok jhok will continue, I got something for you, have this, before you misunderstand me, I will say it, its not a gift for you. Jhanvi taunts her. Shwetlana argues. She says you will feel bad if I say about your bad habits, that’s why Tej came to me, and because of Tej’s habits, Om came to me, you gave me fake necklace, I will you real photos. She shows photos in the box, its those photos which you got clicked by giving one crore, I gave 2 crores and got it back, scores are equal. She drops the photos and crushes it. Jhanvi says no, its not equal, now its my turn. Shwetlana asks her to think, I m old player.

Jhanvi says so, your way is old. Shwetlana jokes and says we will see what’s the power in your new attack. She calls out Tej. She says my money ended in getting our photos from press, if you don’t mind, can I please have your credit card. He gives her. Shwetlana says when fight is between two women, that woman wins on whose side the man is standing. Jhanvi says win is one which is achieved by oneself.

Gauri asks what’s this. Om says timeline. Gauri stands after him and says I m standing in line. Om says duffer, its case timeline, the clues we got about Shwetlana, understood. He says our first clue, the college where she studied, father Petro got murdered, we got this girl’s pic there. Gauri says I saw her pic in Shwetlana’s pic. Om says correct, but the photo disappeared before we reached. Gauri recalls and says I forgot to tell you, the cake which Shwertlana fed me had that photo, I could not say. Om says you mean that girl’s pic, anyways we will continue, then detective gave me toll booth video, its clear Shwetlana and that girl knew each other, then he called us at factory, but he was killed. She says he was saying about boro, what does it mean. Om says don’t know.

She recalls robot and says I forgot to tell you, when we returned from factory, I had machine human in my bag. He says you mean robot. She says yes. He asks where is it. She says don’t know, it roams around at home, the girl you saw dying in factory, you are seeing her at home. He says I don’t know how did Shwetlana know I met that girl in factory. She says does it mean Shwetlana was therein factory. Om says how is it possible, I saw that girl dying. Gauri says even that ice box disappeared, in which Shwetlana used to lie, we don’t know her secret, but someone would be knowing her. She says maybe this girl. He says or else Dr. Dang.

Dang packs his bag. Someone rings bell. He worries. She says he came to treat me yesterday night. Om tells what happened. He says I m sure Dang knows Shwetlana’s secret. She says if Dang identified her, even Shwetlana would have identified her. Dang receives a parcel.

Buamaa consoles Jhanvi and asks her to take Tej’s debit card if Shwetlana took credit card, debit card has no limit. Jhanvi says when I have no right on husband, what right do I have on his things. Buamaa says we fail as we give chance to such women to take our rights, sometimes we have to snatch rights, you are so pretty, go and snatch your rights, did Shwetlana not snatch your love. Jhanvi asks how.

Dang gets a call. He answers and gets shocked. He drops the box down. The snakes comes out. He gets shocked.

Om says Dr. Dang, your life is in danger, can you hear me. Shwetlana hurts Gauri and says you did not tell me he understood about ghost, you failed my plan, just imagine, if I show this video to Om, he won’t even see your face. Gauri cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Please what the wrong with this show i feel that the producer make this show as advertising for swetlana she is a demon now every thing and no one can retch her , I’m beginning to get bored with this show. I do not like to watch the evil always win

  2. When will this sultana track get over? It’s jus getting bored day by day. By the way anyone knows the trp of ishqbaaz n dbo? If so could u just keep it.

    1. IB’s TRP is 2.4 & DBO’s is 1.8?

    2. TRP of DBO, Raaz hi rahega…

      1. Lara DBO had TRP only because of our love for the IB characters esp Omkara, Chulbul and Rudra( when he is shown in DBO).. and because of the crappy illogical DBO Swetlana track the TRPs are falling rapidly.
        Kal raat precap dekhke i didn’t watch the show, because i was tired of Swetlana’s evil scenes.
        But today I did see it because of Om Chulbul scenes.

  3. Yeh swetlana track kab tak sehna Hein…Chulbul’s Gauri kab Banega…Aur ab yeh video kya Hein… Getting irritating & boring…?

  4. What a boring show, in Ishqbaaz all get united and we don’t see Sweat lana and Chulbul and we see Tej and Jhanvi not fighting in that show and here they make ruckus, please stop this creepy sultana story, just she tells one thing Raaz his rahega, grow up writer if u such useless thing will ur show be in top 10 no way, grow up director producer and writer bring something new.

  5. Pls director sir;pls expose the Svetlana tracks. It lowers our interest to watch the show.
    Guys;gouri identity revealed in front of Svetlana. Then gouri betrayed omkara for saving her real identity in front of omkara. Then sure omkara again misunderstand gouri.pls writers and makers of dbo,we have a heartily request that; again don’t create misunderstanding wall b/w om and gouri. Love you omkara and gouri.

  6. DBO was meant to be Omkara-Gauri and Rudra-Saumya love story track but here we r getting only to watch Swetlana’s stupid story and Tej-Jhanvi fight! Even if we get Gaurika scenes in the form of Chulkara scenes, we don’t get to watch Rumya scenes at all!! I’m fed up with the stupid track! Plzz writers end this stupid Swetlana track and kick her out from the lives of Oberois and concentrate on Gaurika’s and Rumya’s stories for which u made this spin off from Ishqbaaz plzz!! And also show other Oberoi members in DBO! I looks like only Om, Gauri, Swetlana, Tej, jhanvi and Bua maa lives in OM and the others completely disappears from OM in DBO! Only got some glimpse of ShivRu just in initial 2-3 episodes! 🙁 Still now we didn’t saw Gauri’s interaction with Anika, Dadi, Prinku, Saumya, Pinky and Shakti. With Shivay also it was not and interaction which was shown in 1 of the episode…And the main thing Om still now doesn’t know that Chulbul is actually his wife Gauri!! So plzz concentrate on all these instead of Swetlana’s life history and TejVi fighting plzz!

    1. And also show atleast some glimpse of Gauri, Om and Bua maa in Ishqbaaz too. No need to show Swetlana there though….We bear her enough in DBO!!

  7. Dragging

  8. Bakwaas serial.

  9. Bullshit…!!!

  10. My predictions of DBO- from yesterday’s and past episodes
    1) Swetlana ( Reyhna) in OM- got involved in an accident at the factory and her face got destroyed- Dr. Dang did her plastic surgery and botched it– that’s why she is seeking revenge.
    2) the frozen body in the basement is someone who died in the factory accident and Swetlana is wearing a mask of that body, because her original face was destroyed by the accident and Dr. dang.
    3) the girl in the pic is the original face of Swetlana that was destroyed.
    4) the video Swetlana showed Chulbul- is of Gauri — so Swetlana knows she is a woman.
    5) dr. Dang will die.

    But if i was the author-
    I would try to have Om hire detectives to find out the background record on the two ladies who worked at the factory. And find that they both worked there.
    I would have Om save Dr. dang some how ( btw if you are scared and are planning to run, why would you accept any random parcel that you are not expecting– such Stupidity happens on in DBO land!????)
    And I want some clever way of Om using Swetlana’s past to her advantage( why is Om showed so dumb, I don’t get it?– he never saw the purse that recorded his and chulbul’s conversation- he doesn’t know how to avoid Swetlana’s TV announcements– can’t you just say it’s private and refuse to answer any TV reporters?
    He still hasn’t figured out about Gauri despite million clues? Agar Gauri Ney clues nahin diye hote toh I would understand.
    CVs please end Swetlana track by this week..
    And please merge DBO will IB.. we want Rumya and Gaurika with only 3-4 mins of villain giri..

  11. How makers are doing this type of stories mad there is no connection between story line and serial name worst story

  12. I just hate this shwetlena i dnt knw wat is her problem writer plzzzzz end her track and unite the family of ib in dbo also.

    1. I too agree with u…

  13. Oh God What are these Cv’s upto yaar in IB it is 200+ comments & in DBO its not even 20+ This shows that they ruining a show with good actors. When will they end this Swetlana’s track.There in Ishqbaaz they are celebrating Holi & here they are playing Khoon ki holi. every week this Swetlana is killing one person.

  14. Guys; in dbo instagram there is a new video shows that gouri in her real avatar.will gouri betray omkara for saving her real identity. Pls cvs dont create like that it ;gouri betrays om then om again misunderstands gouri.no we are not agree with this.we want strengthening of bond between om and gouri, and their true love.pls pls pls pls pls………

  15. Radhika Agarwal

    Since the inception of the show, DBO has not been able to make any wonders. Now with that ongoing track, I don’t think DBO will be able to manage to stand with IB. That’s so because IB is already at its crescendo.

    Well, hope the same for DBO but i doubt!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Aasthu

    Swetlana having King Cobra as a pet is the biggest joke……I wonder if the writer has any sense…it is illegal to keep it with you when it should be dwelling in its natural habitat- Forest.

    1. Agree Ashthu.. i was also wondering the same.. also the box showed a few snakes.. how is that even possible. And if she doesn’t own it and she bought them.. itne aasani see how did she get them? We don’t know CVs aise stories kyun likh rahe hain? It’s like to carry fwd Swetlana plot, they keep digging a bigger and bigger plot hole and a grave for DBO’s end..??

    2. nice pic yaar….aasthu ilove shrenu tooo

  17. epi was ok but don’t like the precap now JALEEL JNANI will blackmail gauuri crab

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