Dil Bole Oberoi 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 30th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Buamaa says this wait was long Ratan, but it will end now, your mum has set everything. Gauri hears her. Anika says did Pinky change her plan. Pinky asks Anika did she not get mehendi in other hand. She asks what’s this. They all get shocked seeing… Some time before, Anika asks Om to do the rasam like a good husband, will you refuse to me. Om says no, we will do the rasam. She goes. Om says I get tangled in rasams, why did you involve Anika. Gauri says I did not tell her. Om says I know you told her. She says I did not go to her, fine I will wear bangles and say you made me wear it. She gets hurt by the bangle. Om asks her can’t she be careful. He makes her sit and does the aid. She says I got hurt and you got worried. He says I would do same if there was anyone in your place, if you have

to wear bangles, be careful. Teri yaad mein……plays…. She wears bangles. She thinks of him. Om holds her hand.

Bhavya’s friend asks her not to be scared. Rudra says you here… Bhavya drops the plate and gets scared. Rudra says I was lost in your thoughts, I did not know when I reached barber and when he has cut my beard, what happened. She says you please don’t talk to me, if anyone sees, don’t know what will they think about me. He says I know holding hand is not allowed, is talking an issue. She says we are not free. He says you mean you have no windows at home. She says no, I mean I m not allowed to talk to guys. He holds her hand. Jeene laga hoon……plays…..

He says you told me the story. She asks him to leave her hand. He asks her to free her hand herself. She says anyone will see, Sushma will come. He says let anyone come. He asks what do you want. He says talking to you. She says you can talk by leaving hand. He says why do you cry, you know our age people meet and exchange numbers, you would be having friends. She says I have few friends, I have to take permission at home if I go with them. He asks do you stay at home or jail. She says my family worries for me, I told my family I m going city garden with Pooja tomorrow. He says oh, you are going city garden tomorrow. She says yes, you don’t reach there. He asks why. She says please don’t come. He smiles and nods. She goes. She calls commissioner and says Rudra will reach in city garden, its time to make that criminal escape the prison. He says alright, let’s execute the plan then.

Buamaa sees someone inside the huge box. Buamaa says this wait was long Ratan, but it will end now, you will come back, your mum has set everything. Gauri hears her and says I feel like Bumaa is talking to someone. Buamaa says see how your mum brings you back in this world. Gauri enters. Buamaa shuts the box. Gauri says I was going to knock door, it opened. Buamaa says its fine. Gauri says I felt you are talking to someone. Buamaa says no, why did you come to my room, do you want something. Gauri says I came to call you for mehendi rasam. She thinks how can this happen. Buamaa was talking to someone. Buamaa takes her.

Kamini says I told you to kidnap Priyanka, not to beg Oberois. Ranveer asks how do you know. She says leave it, why did you do this. He says Priyanka challenged me, it was no use. She says Priyanka can be yours, you do what I tell you. He says since childhood, I m doing same, nothing happened, Priyanka did not agree. She says she will agree, if golden bird does not come in our cage, how will we become rich. He asks her to stop it. She says so much sympathy with Priyanka, my son became of Oberois and now you, did you fall in true love with Priyanka, if its so, forget her, you can do this for me. He nods.

Rudra comes to city garden and sees Bhavya. He says she is different, she is not like a girl, she is like old hindi songs, she is first girl who did not pay my attention, no Bhavy from Bhavya, I m running after her when girls run after me usually, its time to show my magic. He greets her. She asks you here. He says you are behaving as if you did not know I m going to come here. She thinks does this stupid know my plan. He says you called me. She asks when did I call you. He says you said you are going city garden with Pooja, I have picked your hint. She asks him to go. He says your friend is seeing us, I don’t think she will tell anyone. Pooja says I won’t say. He says very smart. She says I think I should leave. He jokes. Pooja goes. He holds Bhavya’s hand. She says leave my hand. He asks her to free her hand.

Anika gets mehendi applied. She thinks to find out whom is Pinky meeting at 7. She sees Pinky gone. She thinks its going to be 7, Pinky would have gone to Shivaye. Anika says Shivaye’s name is written, its enough, I will get mehendi on other hand later, Gauri you get mehendi applied. Gauri says her husband’s name Omkara. Om looks on. Anika goes and thinks to wait, its going to be 7. She says Pinky is not here, maybe she changed plan or meeting place, I should go, Shivaye would be finding me. She goes. Someone holds the door. Anika thinks Pinky was not in garden, where did she go. She sees Pinky and thinks why did Pinky not go in garden. Pinky asks her to show her mehendi. Pinky asks Anika did she not get mehendi in other hand. She asks what’s this. They all get shocked seeing…

Someone shoots the prisoner. Bhavya pushes Rudra. The prisoner falls over Rudra. Rudra sees the blood on his tshirt and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nivedita

    Loved first few mins of OmRi — total blush ??Uff so sweet! ???? Our old Om was back! ?? Thanku CVs! ?? For giving Gauri some sweet moments with Om.
    Aaj sweet tha toh Kal torture hai for sure..

    Bhavya – can’t stand the actress and why are they using same music as Rumya??- I highly doubt Saumya’s return. ?? Some of the Dialogues are fabulous between Ru and bhavya– but their chemistry is awful.? I feel this actress was chosen since she looks a bit similar to Neha..but she is no replacement for Neha!
    Don’t like Ru in this shaven avatar..?

    Loved the heroine ki friend wala Dialogues! ???? Rest all I just want to skip Bhavya..I liked the friend actress better!? ?
    Ru Bhavya hand holding scenes are too similar to Shivika I feel.. and quite uninteresting..

    Bua ma evil track- seems like another science OMM track like frozen Fakelana! ??
    CVs if u r using a science related plot please get some proper guidance this time..??
    Per hints- I think Bua ma’s son died and she wants to somehow substitute Om with her son?
    And she thinks Omki shomky is that son replacement.. Another thing Bua ma wanted OmRi kids – so maybe she wants to bring them closer so that she can steal OmRi’s kid- once it’s born..

    Liked Ranveer’s ATM Dialogue about Prinku- atleast he too has some humanity..
    Dinky the kalank here too! ????
    Dinky is definitely going to use Annika’s mehendi absence against her tomorrow.. so it will b nafratbaazi tomorrow..?

    To end positively–Love Om in the jacket he is wearing! ????
    Gauri has such baby hands! ??

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Hey nivi! Yeah man!! Y did they use Soumya music.. I noticed that too and was super pissed!! This gal is no match for Soumya yes!
      And yes din like the shaven Rudy either..

      Om ki replacing buama son! Whoa us have quite some ideas here! Don talk aloud!! CVs may be listening! But again, looks like cvs have decided to do OMM of science again!!
      Did they hate their science teacher during schooling or what? They seems to have a grudge on science!!

      1. Nivedita

        Yep the gal isn’t a gud fit for Ru!

        Lol grudge on science teacher! ??? Looking at the box- totally got reminded of freezerlana– maybe they have a dead body fixation too..who knows! ?

        But past bua mA’s comments made her seem a bit too possessive of Om and hence I feel he is her replacement​ child..rest is just speculation..

    2. Shreyanvi

      So GNG here also haan…
      I agree wd all ur pts…even I feel like buaamaa wants omri’s children…
      Nd I just hope ki omkara ka duplicate naa laye…otherwise I will pull my hairs or omkara’s hairs???….
      Coming to RuVya I was also disappointed y they played same BG..i mean dat had rumya feel yaar…

      1. Nivedita

        Lol! Would love to pull Om’s hair! ???? Seriously no more duplicates needed in DBO!

        Yeah- the music made me miss Rumya even more..?

  2. I am confused is bhavya and buama is villain

    1. Nivedita

      Buama- is villain per spoilers.. not sure about Bhavya?

  3. ??????????? i was laughing like a mad seeing rudy…. ???? ajeeb dikh raha he like suhanni se ek ladki main jaise dikh raha tha..but i am feeling bad for him… galat inssan ke peeche pad gaya he woh….

    2.and ye kyaa he CVS do whatever you want with rubhya but don’t aad rumya BG music..it only suit my cuty rumya not this pair..so don’t do this..

    3 both shows are connected. .nice it will be fun to watch and more people will comment on this page…

    4.yahan bhi MMPD yanni mental mithi churri pinky ponky..not fair..

    5.BUMAA TURN negative..from now her character get ruined..

    6.precap is scary..and ACP prisoner ko marne ke liye rudy ko kyun baakra banaya?????

    1. Nithu

      evn in ssel lee was good……. i love him as anuj and rudy toooooo……………..

  4. Aastha_Reddy

    So this is perhaps called aftermath of “Mahasangam”.
    I am also back with dimag ki dahi.
    Rudra.. lady killer Rudy to killer of terrorist. Clean shaven aww…looking like a lallu panjhu.
    Only if he feel the same for Sumo.but no!!!
    Bhavya… almost opened her dress in front of gogles gang but hand holding is ergh!!!
    Haath pakadna jaise in oberoi brothers ke ishqbaazi ka important part hai.
    OmRi… i will not say anything. the song in back ground was enough for their situation.
    Buamma..Every time a box is free dowry with every villain visiting OM along with some secret!!! don’t tell us cvs that she is fake buamma!!!

    1. Nivedita

      Lol! I felt the same about hand romance.. not liking it on Ru and bhavya–..

      Loving it on OmRi..

  5. Poonguzhali

    Precap- rudra get shot oh my matha ?????????

  6. Iam_aheli_98

    Hello my Dil Bole Oberois! 🙂
    Wow! Both the shows r joined now! 😀 Loved Rikara initial scene. 😀 Urrrggg! Ab bua maa ko bhi villain bana diya CV’s ne! :/ Oh god! Rudy ko clean shaved mein kaisa ajjeb lag raha tha! God! Bechara Rudy kaha phas gaya??!! Pinky I hate u so much!! Ranveer ki brain wash kar rhahi hai who Kaamini! Precap is shocking!
    Good night. 😀

  7. cccccccccccccc


  8. Today RIKARA scene was beautiful,I liked the song played for them ??.also got some peace to watch our caring omkara.

    No offence to rudra love intrest,she is a good actress. But there is no chemistry between them. Really miss our rumya, they are made for each other.

  9. Shreyanvi

    Omg…..GauriKa scenes were just amazingg yaar????…finally after a long longggg tum saw a lil glimpse of our old omie…nd that BG was perfectly fitting yaar…i m liking the way they r using old songs for OmRi ???….
    But I knw…ek caring scenes k baad 10 tortures..poor Gauri will cry for rest episode now??…

    Coming to BuaaMaa
    Arre yaar…stop this drama..i get afraid seeing boxes now…cvs of u r planning another duplicate drama naa then just drop it…ek scientific lana se deal krte krte 4 months nikal gaye….ab plzz science ka murder mat karo…warna science padnewale students suicide krlenge stupid tracks dekhkr????….another positive nd cute character ruined…

    Omg…..rudra u were super cool man…nd I loved when they played jeene laga hoon…it was superb….
    Poor rudy..bakara ban gaya???….heroine ki dostwale dialogue were on pt..
    Precap:- omg..wht was that..nd r they gonna blame rudy for dat???….bhavya don’t mess wd rudy..cz he isn’t just rudra but is RUDRA SINGH OBEROI…agar uske do bhaiyon ko pata chala ki tum be use torture kiya toh tumhari toh OMM honi pakka h…

  10. ye serial mujhe bht achha lgta h , anika and gouri mera favourite actress h, gori ko or dikhaya jana chahiye….

  11. Loved caring nature of Omkara for her chirraya(Gauri).I think our old Om is gonna return.i hope so.

    I’m not satisfied with Rubhav chemistry. Why Bhavya calls our Rudy bakra? (she told commissioner that bakra fas gya)

    Don’t Like shaved Rudra. ????missing Rumya

    I think Buamaa ‘s son is not alive and she done take care of Om as her own child. So, she plan to take Om away from Jhanvi. ???????

  12. OmI and Gauri look so cute I hope both fall in love with each other soon I am waiting for that day

  13. I love dil boley. Oberio. Thank you for joining gauri and omkara. Still u can some chemistry to them. Rudra’s story is bit boring . Change it interesting.
    . Thank you ?

  14. I love omkara and gauri couples more than Anika and shivya. Missing chulbul. Rudra’s story is bit boring.

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