Dil Bole Oberoi 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 2nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kaali aims gun at Gauri, and says you have lean body, you can die in one slap, look at your courage, you came to kill me. Gauri removes her wig, cap and specs. Kaali says Gauri. Om and Jhanvi get angry seeing Tej and Shwetlana exchanging garlands. Kaali smiles. Some time before, Gauri says I have to go inside Kaali’s room, he would have gone there. She recalls Kaali’s words. She thinks this is the only way to save Om and his family. She throws coins away. The men leave. She enters the room. Kaali aims gun at Gauri, and says I know it will be you with Rudra, you have lean body, you can die in one slap, look at your courage, you came to kill me.

Gauri says no, I came to request you. Kaali says strange, your voice became feminine. Gauri says not just voice, I m a woman. He looks at her. She

recalls Om’s words. She thinks of Kaali ill treating her. She removes her wig, cap and specs. Kaali says Gauri. She says I m in front of you, leave Om please. He holds her and says since many days, you both were fooling me, Om said he did not know where is Gauri. She says he is saying right, I stayed as guy in his house so that he does not know this, please leave him.

He leaves her and says its such a good day, I m getting surprises, my weakness Gauri…. Gauri’s weakness is Om, Om’s weakness is his mum, Jhanvi’s weakness is Tej, Tej’s weakness is Shwetlana, and Shwetlana’s weakness is money, I m using all weaknesses, story starts with me and ends on me, its all mine. She says its my mistake, leave Om, I m sorry, I m ready to come with you, you want me right, I will come. He asks shall I leave him, because of whom I lost you, my brother died, I will think what to do about you after going Bareilly, let me settle scores with Om, he stopped my marriage and did marriage, now I will get his dad’s marriage, you will help me, go and make Shwetlana ready. She says no, I won’t do anything against Om’s wish. He says listen carefully, Om’s wish is imp or his life, think, the keys you have stolen can’t open Om’s cage. She recalls stealing keys.

He says I dropped keys intentionally so that you pick it and game’s fun gets double, I m a player, I have real keys with me. He shows the remote and says I have fixed time in this, if that cage door does not open in 15 mins, Jango’s chain will open, then Om will come out of cage by going inside Jango, who will wait for 15 mins, I m thinking to do this right now, shall I, see this red button, if I press this, Jango will get released. She says no, I fold hands, leave Om. He says then do what I say, go and make Shwetlana ready, hurry up, one min passed, just 14 mins left. She wears back wig, specs and cap and goes crying.

Pandit asks them to call bride. Tej calls for his bride. Shwetlana comes with Gauri. She thinks of Kaali’s words. Buamaa hides and looks on. Om sees Gauri. Shwetlana comes to mandap. Buamaa thinks I wish to beat Tej with my slipper, but I have to wait, if anyone sees me, Kaali’s men will catch me.

Kaali asks pandit to hurry up, if marriage does not happen in 10 mins, how will poor Om see his dad’s marriage. Pandit asks who will do ghatbandhan. Kaali says I will do this. Om asks Tej not to do this. Tej says sorry, its too late. Gauri thinks I can’t help Om, sorry. Jhanvi, Om and Rudra see Tej and Shwetlana exchanging garlands. Om gets angry. Kaali sees Jhanvi crying and congratulates Tej. Pandit asks them to take pheras. Tej takes the wedding rounds with Shwetlana. Jhanvi recalls Kaali’s words. She thinks of Tej’s words and walks to the chemical. Om asks her to stop, and shouts to Rudra to stop her. Gauri and Rudra get shocked. Rudra asks the men to leave him. Kaali smiles. Jhanvi goes to the chemical box and says I don’t worry for myself, just protect my children. Om shouts mom, no….. Gauri cries and prays to Lord. She says how can evil win, show some way, get Om and his family out of this difficult time. Om and Rudra look on shocked.

Om runs after Kaali. They have a fight. Kaali catches Gauri. Shwetlana hides. She says I can’t get a better chance, one arrow and two targets. She shoots Kaali. Kaali and Gauri fall down the cliff. Om gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hope you have seen spa music video, in which RIKARA were dominating with their cuteness. They were shown many times compared to others. Only they had most fresh outdoor part, with roses, bubbles etc. Was very cute. Waiting for a performance in spa.

    Vote for kunal and shrenu, all are giving importance to shivika, we should stand for RIKARA too.

    Next year ,they will get nomination for best Jodi.?

  2. I am new here
    what i think that omwould b shocked coz when he’ll catch gauri’s hand her wig and cap must have gone with kaali
    And 1 more request.pls vote fohr gauri as best patni in spa i really think she is better than anika in being a patni and is bar ib ko itne sare awards milenge to dbo ko b milna chaiye

  3. Madhuchhanda

    Everyone please vote for gauri as naya sadsiya (female) and favourite patni and omkara as naya sadsiya (male).

  4. where can i vote for spa awards??

  5. Aastha_Reddy

    Thank God..Maine episode abhi tak dekha nahi hai…
    Kal ki Shivika cuteness hangover se bahar nahi aapayi 10:30 ko and I missed the torture and evil victory episode…

  6. Things seems to be kiddish….crocodile etc…tej some times respects janvi and then he tries to kill her….plz make a story which has at least some sense

    1. This show is utter nonsense..no wonder about the decreasing trp..iwish this show goes off air soon…such a torture..poor kunal..after so much waiting he got a show as main lead..but alas..poor story line…below average heroine who doesn’t match him in any ways even 5percentage what more one can expect?..thanks swetlana for shooting kaali n gauri…let both of Dem die..i wish gauri die.such a crap…then a fresh story can be started for omkara with a new heroine…new characters n new story..else wrap up dbo forever gulmata…

      1. Hi friend…if u dont like the heroine u have full freedom tk avoid the show…but u dont have the right to bad mouth sombody like this always…iam not a fan of any of tge actors or actresses bcoz tgey are doing their job only and simply humans…they are not any god to worship them….if u have that much problem with shrenu parikh please do a new audition by urself abd find some one who can do better than her…then inform.the priductiin house also becoz they are simply fools to hire her for this show ..critisism is gud in some kind but dont crosx tge limits….u r always commenting here to write only the drawbacks of heroine…no other problems the show have?each and every indian serials is based on the same things only the situatiins family name and actors are different…so please do think before u comment i a public platform like tu….and im really sorry from my bottom of my heart if any of ny words hurt u…

  7. DBO FANS from Kerala

    Dear friends;
    Kunal and shrenu now shooting for barelli track. So our hope will come true.

    All are promoting only shivika,those who are love our RIKARA, so pls promote and vote omkara and gauri for fav.naya sadasya male&female,fav patni.

    Hope that spa 2018 international Jodie will our RIKARA. So guys just promote our DBO.
    According to telly review news ;RIKARA was the outstanding perfoming Jodie in SPA MUSIC VIDEO 2017.so we are proud of our rikara.
    They haven’t any onscreen romance ,but in Spa music really they are sizzling, damn hot ,magical dreamy couple.
    So,now all DBO FANS are waiting for their romance in dbo.

  8. DBO FANS from Kerala

    Pls listen our DBO lovers;
    Some one tries to hurt our gauri aka shrenu in this comment page,don’t know what is their real intention, this is comment page of DBO as well as our rikara.really they don’t love hero or heroine ,why they watch the show again and again.
    So dear DBO lovers as well as those who are really love our RIKARA, just listen that;
    Don’t mind such stupid and ridiculous comments against our rikara.

    So guys just comment and enjoy with our rikara.

    1. Nivedita

      I love Shrenu! She is a superb actress. And had awesome chemistry with Kunal!
      I agree their SPA video was too cute. But the show us really too ridiculous and I feel sorry for both the leads, because if given a good script ( like IPKKND2 and Ishqbaaz) they would make this series a topper in TRP and could retain all their TRP from Ishqbaaz viewers..

      As for SPA2017- I have noted for Omkara as naya sadasya and want him to win.

      But for the categories where Gauri is nominated (while I absolutely adore Shrenu and love her acting) I have voted for Annika ( because Gauri’s chances of winning are less based on online polls)

      And if you vote for her, you are reducing Annika’s chances of winning.
      Naira is going to end up winning if the IB/DBO fandom doesn’t unite..
      One poll on Twitter ( in naya sadasya female category) showed Annika and Naira with close to 40% votes each, and Gauri at 6 %..
      So the only way Annika will surely win, is if Gauri fans also vote for Annika– otherwise Naira will end up winning.
      So please Unite DBO fans and give the person who has the best chance to win a chance. Gauri’s chances are less this year.. but I do want her to win next year and want DBO writing to improve..

      1. Nivedita

        *has awesome chemistry with Kunal.
        *But the show ( DBO)** is too ridiculous
        *I have **voted for Omkara ( naya sadasya male)

        I still keep watching DBO occasionally only because of Shrenu’s acting -neither only her parts have some logic, consistency and plot.. others are always flip flopping according to the stupid storylines..

        How Om has changed from a wise, emotionally sensitive guy to a stupid guy is beyond me.. ( I understand his hatred towards Gauri– but everything else about DBO Om is way too different from Ishqbaaz Om– some parts of his past artistic avatar should have remained in DBO– In IB he had been smart to figure out the Bela/mala ishkara plotline a little bit and the rest he figured out with ShivRu’s help.. but in DBO he never even manages to slightly question anything that is shown to him ..as an artist I would think that he would be more intuitive (about Gauri and any danger) than what is shown in DBO.

    2. You are right. I remember kunal telling not to bash any actor or character publicly, rather than that they can just stop watching the show.

      There are many people who watch DBO ONLY BECAUSE OF SHRENU AND THEN STARTED TO Watch ishqbaaz. She has such a big fandom ,may be bigger, compared to kunal ,coz she had already made her position in ipkknd 2.
      So those bashing people, just because track is not interesting in your view, you can’t criticize anyone.

      Actually this track is good because unlike other serials,ib and DBO are not always showing cheesy romantic scenes always, rather than that it handles other tracks too with good actors like rahul. So try to understand.

      BTW where is mahi, arpitha,niveditha, etc. Please come back.

      Please vote for RIKARA , gouri for best patni,and kunal.

      Sorry if I have hurt anyone?

      1. DBO FANS from Kerala

        Hi minnu;
        Your words are really mind blowing, we love your comment.
        And your comment encourage us a lot.
        Thank you dear supporting our Dbo and rikara.keep it up

      2. No mention dear, I am a big fan of shivika and RIKARA and was a silent reader. Couldn’t bear the bashing so commented

  9. Aastha_Reddy

    Again some people started bashing Shrenu..Just leave the show girls..we are in love with the show…

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