Dil Bole Oberoi 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 28th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Gauri and Om see towards each other. Some time before, Dandy tries wigs, moustaches, and different looks on Gauri. Gauri comes to Oberois and looks on. Bounce bounce…..plays……….. She greets guard and says Sultana called me. He says you mean Shwetlana. She says yes. He calls Shwetlana and says fine. He asks guard to take this guy to Shwetlana. The man holds Gauri. Gauri scolds him and says nothing. He asks her to come. Shwetlana says servant has come, I told you that I need a personal servant, he has come. Gauri enters Oberoi mansion and sees the house. The man says wait here, I will do entry and come. She thinks is this house or palace, we have Tajmahal there and here this is Oberoi palace, Dandy was right, Oberois are rich. He asks her to come, Shwetlana called.


says I decided, if my marriage happens, it will be with you, I want it to happen well, with all rasams and traditions. He holds her and says I want to accept you in front of the world, I want this marriage to be memorable, but some time is needed for proper planning and arrangements, what I think is, we should get mahurat by pandit ji. She smiles and asks do you really want to marry me, I don’t believe this. He says to be honest, I did not wish this before, now I think you are perfect for me. She says then marriage will happen as you want. She hugs him.

Guard sees Shwetlana and Om, and says wait, Sir is with madam. Gauri looks on and asks is he madam’s husband. He says no, they are going to get married. Gauri recalls her marriage with Om. Saathiya…..plays………… She says everyone does not get husband’s happiness and love, one who get it are lucky. Om thinks thanks Shwetlana for giving me time, we three brothers will find such proof against you that you won’t get 100 crores, me and Tej. Shwetlana thinks don’t think I m foolish, I know you can never love me, I know there is plan behind this sudden change, I gave this chance to know your plan. Om says I will talk to pandit and come. The man says that servant has come. She says send him. Om leaves. The man asks Gauri to come with him.

Gauri and Om are close and walk past, looking towards each other. They both see their own reflection in the mirror coming in between. Saathiya……plays………….. The servant tells Om that mirror came in marriage decorations. Om nods and leaves. Gauri sees herself and greets. She says Dandy made me a guy from girl, if I can’t identify myself, what will anyone else know.

Shwetlana helps Jhanvi and calls her mom. Jhanvi asks mom. Shwetlana says I should call you Sasumaa, but it won’t suit you. Jhanvi says shut up. Shwetlana says I m talking with love and you are getting angry. Jhanvi says I m not your mom. Shwetlana says you are Om’s mom, so my mom, I m house uniting bahu, not breaking one, don’t worry. Jhanvi says you crossed all limits of shame, you have been Tej’s mistress all these years and now you are doing this with his son. Shwetlana says I thought you are modern woman, you are behaving as if its typical bgrade saas bahu show, where will you get such bahu who knows Saas sasur so well, especially Sasur. She smiles.

Jhanvi says you snatched a lot from me, leave my son. Shwetlana says you are saying as if I m after Om, he came to me, marriage decision was Om’s. Jhanvi says please leave my son. Shwetlana says you asked me to leave husband, house and now son, as if I will agree to you, sorry to say, that’s not possible, it will be better to forget everything and accept me as your bahu, I will take first step by your blessings. Jhanvi twists her hand and scolds her. She says if you don’t leave my son, I will force you to leave the world. Servant asks Jhanvi shall I get tea. Jhanvi says no, I will make myself. Servant says okay, but be careful, new burner is installed today. She goes.

Shwetlana comes to Gauri and calls out. Gauri asks which guy are you calling. Shwetlana asks who is here except you. Gauri says oh I forgot, I m the guy. Shwetlana says you are behaving like you just got to know you are the guy. Gauri says its first day. Shwetlana asks name. Gauri says Gauri…, by Gauri Shankar’s grace, my name is Chulbul. Shwetlana asks Bulbul. Gauri laughs and says no, Bulbul is girl, I m guy, Chulbul. Shwetlana asks what’s this name Chulbul. Gauri shouts what, did you not see Dabangg. Shwetlana says your voice, what happened. Gauri eats sweet supari and says my voice gets bad sometimes. She thinks to eat sweet supari to change voice. She says I m Chulbul Sharma, like in Dabangg. Shwetlana asks what do you know. Gauri says I know a lot, I can learn what I don’t know. Shwetlana asks is this coaching centre, tell me what you know. Gauri says I can make Lord’s clothes…. Shwetlana says I want servant for me, not Lord. Gauri says I know cooking, washing… I can sing in jagrata. Shwetlana says does he know some work or not. Gauri says I will do what you say.
Jhanvi goes to kitchen to make tea. She says burner is installed today, why is it stuck. Shwetlana says you are strange. Gauri says Sultana ji, I m not strange, I m funny. Shwetlana says its not Sultana, its Shwetlana, forget it. Just call me madam. Gauri asks is my job given. Shwetlana says no, you are not the type of servant I want, you are too LS. Gauri asks LS, Lok Sabha. Shwetlana says no, Low standard, leave. Gauri says I need job, please. Shwetlana says just go. Gauri starts leaving.

Om calls someone and says I want to talk about Shwetlana’s investigations, come home. Jhanvi lights the stove. Gas leaks and fire blows. She screams. Om, Rudra and Gauri hear her and rush. Servant applies toothpaste to Jhanvi. Gauri checks on net and says no, it will make wound deeper, put water. Shwetlana comes and asks did anyone ask your advice, go from here. Om and Rudra come there and see Jhanvi. Gauri turns to leave. Om asks what happened. Jhanvi says don’t know, I started gas and fire blew. Shwetlana says maybe gas leaked, new burner is installed. Om says call the doctor. Jhanvi says its fine. Gauri stops and sees water jug. She throws water on Jhanvi’s hand. Om and Rudra turn to see. Shwetlana asks what the hell, what are you doing here, you spoiled clothes, go. Gauri does not see Om’s face. She leaves. Om turns and does not see her.

Shwetlana comes to Jhanvi. Om asks who was that boy who saved Jhanvi. She says he came for servant’s job, but I asked him to leave. He asks why. She says he was a fool, did you not see, how he has thrown water, stupid. He says infection stopped as he threw water, it was his smartness, I think you should hire him. She says but he was very strange. He says its not imp that he is like he looks, he saved mom’s life, I want to personally thank him, hire him.

Shwetlana says I give you this job, you have to keep an eye on my would be husband, you will get three months advance salary. Gauri and Om see each other. Rose petals fall over them. Saathiya…..plays………..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Riddhima

    Ponga pa … Bore adikithu …

  2. Hlw everyone! ! ! ! Fahat the wack?????????? Sach kahu toh ye serial dekh ke mujhe bahut hasi aa rahi he it is really different from all.Matlab koi aur show main aisa nahi hota.SAUTN BANNE JA RAHI HE BAHU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????
    Coming to episode it was really good. Swetri convo was really fuuny.
    But both om and swetlana are smart.dono ke dono ek dusre ke chal ko harane ke liye pehele se hi soch rakha he.?? good.
    But ye janvi ka aag ke saath kafi gehera rista he.jab dekho jal jati he??
    Precap is really good.Thodi filmy type ki he but I really like it.
    Btw ek sawwal puchni thi.kisi ke bhi iss month main exam ki bhoot aa rahi he???????

    1. hi.. arpita!!! when are your exam starting??

    2. hi.. arpita!!! exam nearing it seems. and hum hai ki hangover utarta hi nahi ishabaazi ka. takkar ka ishqbaazi thoda books se bhi karte hain.

      1. nicely and wisely said and by the way meeru telugu matladatara

    3. maatlaade prema.

    4. Arpita

      Hiii Aripta
      How r you???

    5. JenniferAndrews


  3. Wow….superb…. Waiting 4 tmrw epi

  4. Hi everyone….how r u all….kya yarr Om aur Gauri ek dusre ko dekh hi nahi paye….Galti se jhanvi mom ka haath jal gaya…uske jagah uss shwetlana ka haath jalna chahiye tha…fir lagati has par colgate active salt toothpaste…jale par namak lagana…….
    Precap is very intersting…..soon wanna see Gauri and Omkara coming face to face…….

    1. Hii Maahi… You said correctly haath svetlana ka jalana chaahiye.. Waiting for the guarkara Face off.

    2. colgate active salt !!!maahi dear cvs may need your idea in future to torture swetlana..lolz….

    3. For lagati Colgate active salt toothpaste!! Lol maahi ??

  5. Orchid

    Gauri look cute in boys attire also.☺☺☺This chipde Svetlana is so stupid. She ask Gauri to keep an eye on Om. Really so mean.??????
    But I can’t wait for Omri unite.
    But there is no Roumya moments missing them so much.????

    1. yes yaar her attire is really good. it reminded me of Parineeti Chopra in movie “hasee toh phasee” look. ha ha!!!!

  6. OMG its so funny,swetlana ko sulthana bana diya and sharma ko sarma:D:D:D:D:Di think gauri will brokedown after knowing Om is the would be husband of swetlana….

  7. So Gauri enters OM, not just that.. she manages to “dramatically” save her MIL too on the very first encounter! Wah!
    And Jhanvi!! Go girl!!! All oberois are professional at arm twisting man.. irrespective of the height stature or position if the opponent, they very well arm twist and lock them.. khaandhani sport probably!! But I just loved to watch that!!
    So Gauri is appointed to watch Om.. Let’s see how the story heads!

    1. Anu khandani sport lolz… ha ha… then sso is the champion.

  8. Shiv

    For god sake DBO is full of swetlana which couldn’t be tolerated plzz fill it with omri n rumya moments plzzzz out of 20 minutes 17 minutes were swetlana scenes why cv punishing loyal fans!!!???

  9. Shakaib

    Today epi was nice. But No Soumya..?? Missing her..!! When Gauri look at Oberoi mansion…she reminded me of Ishana…both suits Om. But for always Ishkara are best. And then Gaurika. Might after sometime.. I give equal importance to both.

  10. Karina

    Gauri is so funny and enjoyable to watch….the way she keeps calling Svetlana as Sultana cracks me up everytime….her character is like a breath of fresh air in the middle of all the problems…

  11. gouri need a job and swelana is her kamdhenu now. dandi really made fun the mystaches on gouri.
    The plan shivaay suggest to expose and out of swetnana was fantastic. but the lady here is too smart.. more selfish and helplessly addicted to her revenge on Oberois.
    the first part was funny. the way gouri saw mirror , and couldn’ t identified herself is hilarious. omkara is way smart and getting support and love from shivru is the real love unlike swetlana who is surrounded by fake people and lustful accusing gaze of tej .. mr.oberoi.
    shivaay is leading om in a path he followed in exposing tia except for the touching fiance scenes. the filthy touch of swetlana on om is well paid by mom jhanvi by twisting her hand behind. jhanvi know that tej was never her only husband he was always the irresponsible father to her three children. by now om has learned to live and fight back with demons.. and fighting only for her it gave mom jhanvi more confident now. her respect for om as a son ,as a protector us more now then her hate for tejlana. she showed her politeness, confidence, trust on om, her love for om, hate for kk and her strong mental power to kk is way challenging. i can do anything for my son and vice versa.
    gouri is not serious now. she may have never know what protection is all about, love ,family. she has a past a simple one. she saw dream to marry for lifetime for once. but all is destroyed. hence for a livelihood in mumbai she took the role of chulbul … thd die hard salman dabbang character name not to forgot by the grace of Lord shankar… the synonym to her hubby and his two brother.
    the way she reached for google aunty for immediate help for firstaiding jhanvi was super fast. this made the first meeting of gouri- jhanvi so special.
    omkara …. keeping an eye on swetlana… kk has also the same thought. keeping an eye on om.. the foolish thing is she is appointing gouri for that…huh couldn’t you get someone else. by this way gouri will be with her hubby as a boy..understand him better for the man he is and the man situations had made him…. om the shayar into oso the hard nut to crack.
    love of husband.. gouri you will sure get that by right time.
    about the scene gourilana it was funny nothing yo do except for a highly irritated swetlana. om supported chulbul … his disguised wife. wow!! om is still inside oso. and again a glass of water…. like annika. kk was confident but om broke that by his heart’s gratitude towards the rescuer and gave her the uncrowned title of smart boy chulbul .
    by the way mom fron swetlana sounded like a bitterguard curry, when the mom is sweet one . jhanvi- relation with fire is more strong it seems. it is the 2nd time haan…. careful next time mom!!!

    1. Astha… like Shivaay said in yesterday episode, kahin na kahin she will make a mistake.. and they just have to wait for that.. like you mentioned, the first mistake has been done! Appointing Gauri to watch Om! We will now get to see Om being nice and casual to his “wifey” in disguise of a guy.. we will see Gauri fluttering on his casual behaviour.. I think we will have to witness a “pathni” Gauri for some time.. caring for km protecting Om and all that.. and after a series of all this, we will probably get to start seeing Om falling for her..

      1. but befor that if anika know gauris truth so it will look nyc and so they can be sisters (but in actual tgey never looj sis) and after that if om gets to know the truth anika shud sapport gauri

  12. Today episode is good… Om and svetlana not giving A chance to win each other.. It is interesting to watch… How om find the secret of svetlana…

    1. Haan yaar.. Om swet Lana discreet face off! It was good to watch.. but my worry swet is always a couple of steps ahead in these.. Om is a newbie to revenge vengeance vendetta.. but swetlana is a pro… kinda breathes revenge.. that’s her obsession.. am quite worried on how they are gonna handle her..

      1. yaa anu seriously i hate swetlana when will she get exposed

    2. hii nikitajai u asked me from where m i i cudnt reply i am from mumbai nd a malayalee from where r u?

      1. Hi ros… I am from UP (varanasi) total banarasi…

  13. The so called rich and educated Oberois don’t even have burnol in house and not even a brain to know that water is the instant reaction for a burn. Every tom, dick and harry knows this. For Rudra, I can understand as he’s dumbell but even Om doesn’t knows it??? lol. And who applies toothpaste on a burn??? matlab kuch bhi??? seriously, I wonder how these Oberois became so rich when they lack basic common sense. Even 5th pass Gauri has more brain of checking it in google than these so called classy khandani people.

    1. yess alp oberois are dumb

  14. The episode was really hilarious, I must say and it’s just the beginning. Gauri was looking so cute as a guy. I heard in spoilers that Om and Gauri/Chulbul will stay in the same room as Svetlana will ask Gauri to keep an eye on Om. I just can’t wait for it as we’ll get some epic scenes when Om and Gauri aka chulbul will share the same room. As Om will think that Chulbul is a guy so she will have no problem if he changes clothes infront of him. and what if Gauri has to change clothes infront of Om due to some reason??? Gauri will definitely die with shame and Om will wonder, ye ho kya raha hai??? That will be so hilarious. My gutter mind is activated already imagining these scenes. We will get Dostana type scenes.

    1. wow so it will be interesting agar aosa hoga toh

  15. From starting, it was said that Gauri is similar to Anika but in last two episodes she’s also showing some characteristics of Ishana. Gauri is also telling lies to earn money and make ends meet just like Ishana. And she was also trying to manipulate Svetlana to get the job of a servant. So Gauri also knows how to take shortcuts to get the job done just like Ishana, but she also has moral values and bubbliness of Anika and also a never give up attitude like Shivaye. Gauri is actually a mixture of Shivaye, Anika and Ishana.

  16. Gauri Sarma cannot survive without internet..I doubt if she searches In search engine in Hindi or English..She knows to use Internet but does not know how to pronounces Sharma as Sarma..Very funny

  17. whats the comedy is in the prev episode ,yeh do sautan(swetlana&gauri)apni hero ko chodhke yeh dono dance karrahi hai!

  18. Sorry to ishana fans..but there is no comparison between gauri n ishana..Ishana wanted to trap om bcoz of money as he was a rich kid. But gauri did not attempt to trap om for money..He only married her n she is taking wrong path for job not for om. Ishana should have rather searched for a job, been independent rather than trapping om. Though gauri has chosen wrong path..She is not trying to earn money for free..She wants to work in return for money..I feel gauri is best for om not Ishana..

    1. Shiv

      Yes true indeed!!! Gauri is best for om!!!!

    2. Krishnaa

      totally agree with u though i have nothing against vrushika as she is equally talented.

  19. Gauri acting is over don’t look good there is no interest in this episodes what kind of dress swethlana wearing its bold s*xy

  20. Kowsalya

    that’s good

  21. Nice episode… Waiting for today’s episode…

  22. Arpita

    Hey guys dont u miss soumya
    no rumya scenes in DBo ,only omri
    Show ki wallpaper me bhi omri no rumya ..
    I want rumya scenes

    1. Yah true!! Y does the show montage just show Om and Gauri? It shud show all 4! That’s correct!

  23. Hi arpita n astha… once again hehhe…. gauri was cute na….. pata nahi kitney jhagadey hongey aft knowing she is nt a boy but girl…..

    1. pinku.. buhahaha…..gouri shankar ke ashirvaad se chulbul sharma….kya line tha. still laughing . kal hamara tha… aaj bhi hamara hoga in both ib and dbo.waiting eagerly for the clock to strike 10PM eriju…

  24. Gauri is too cute yaar??????..
    Loved when she said dabbang nahi dekhi???????..
    Nd her name is neither gaurav nor prajwal it’s chulbul??…its like khoda pahad nikala chuha ???….
    Loved precap..though it’s filmy one chalta hai…
    Can’t wait to see chulkara moments. ??

    1. Karina

      Hahaha sweety i just chocked on laughter when i read your comment…especially the ” culkara ” name…seriously what a match :)))

  25. Shrenu love you……..you are very quote and beautiful. I love the one and only jody gouri and om.

  26. Hi friends

    Are yaar ye soumya kaha gayi?..ab rumya ke liye IB ki 3rd part banayengi kya?.I really miss her.ye tho inki problem lagthi hai Jo main hothi hai unko zyaada imp dethi hai.baaki imp logo ko bool jaatha hai.hame patha hai.IB main shivika aur DBO main gaurikara,rumya imp hai.jinko patha hona chaahiye kon imp hai wo bool jatha hai(main CVS ki baath kar rahi hu).agar ye log rumya pe concentrit nahi karega na.3rd part banayengi IB Ki.pehle soumya ki character negative hone ki news mili thi.ab aisa kuch nahi mil raha hai.ye log DBO sirf gaurikara ke liye nahi balkhi rumya ke liye tho banaya hai na.IB main bhi shivika pe zyaada dhyaan diya hai iss liye DBO banaya tha.ab dekho DBO main bhi wahi repeat ho raha hai.gaurikara pe zyada dhyaan jaraha hai.aage jaake kuch improvement aur dhyaan ho JAAYE CVS ko rumya pe.
    Agar kuch news mila rumya ka tho please bathana okay.

    main DBO ki wiki dekha.main cast ki list pe gauri ki character aise thi first.’omkara love interest,anika long lost sister.but now is.’omkara’s wife hai.anika ki long lost sister ab nahi likha hai.tho main confuse hu.gauri anika ki sister hogi ya nahi.
    aap logo ko kya lagtha hai gauri aur anika sister hogi.anika ya gauri ki past ka reveal hogi kya.

    Yesterday episode main gaurikara jo mirror dekhne ki scene hai na wo scene kisi aur ghar pe shoot kiya hai ya oberoi mansion pe?aur ye oberoi house aur dbo ki set isse pehle kisi aur serial pe dekha hai kya.aap log?….PLEASE REPLY

    1. Arpita

      Yaa uf its beinteeha set before

    2. Haa shayad beintehaa ka bhi set tha ye…

  27. Hlw arpita dear.I am dear totally fine.
    And astha dear, my exams are starts on 7 march. You are right.aab books ke saath thodi jyada ishqbaazi badhani padegi.chal rahi he meri but show ko na dekh ke nahi rah sakti.isliye full day study and raat ko ek ghanta .main sirf ye 2 shows hi dekhti hun.
    He pinku I’m totally fine. And you??
    Uf dear ,don’t worry. Annika ki sis gouri hi he. Aab sayad ishqbaaz main iska raaz khulegi.bcoz ishqbaaz ab age ki story mrs kapoor ki revenge aur annika ki past pe hi progress karegi.so wait and was.It will be really interesting.
    And about the set I don’t know about it.
    Andabout rumya I’m also confused about it.

    1. Thank you arpita dear reply my comment

      1. Arpita

        U welcm uf

  28. Mayank Agrawal

    Hey guyz shiiiittt her name is chulbul …but according to news and spoilers her name is Prajwal….
    whats this ?

  29. Sweetuishkara

    wow nice epi

  30. Krishnaa

    this chulbhuli is so so funny! but one thing, if she searches so many things on the internet, they should have said at least is a tenth or 12th pass… dont want to be mean but it seems a little weird that for every little thing she is using internet and that too of others who are surely using english search engines.
    i love the story but what happened to rumya? dbo was supposed to focus on them as well but they were not there for the launch of DBO too. hopefully after swetlana’s track is over they give an equal chance to rumya too.

  31. Krishnaa

    swetlana is really disgusting, sautan bani bahu! how can one become so cheap to take revenge of one’ father’s death? and her mum mrs kapoor is allowing for that? is revenge greater than one’s character?
    proud of jhanvi who never manhandled swetlana for being with her husband but when it came to her son she stood up for him! Om cannot really be the illegitimate child and if he really was, then hats off to jhanvi and omkara’s bond!

  32. hEY GUYS HIII…………..arpita n astha aapko kya lagta will soumya actually turn negative n b one of kapoor sisters?

    1. pinku…. agar sumo villain nahi ho sakti yaar. may be uski narazgi, neglectbfrom rudy will turn her a cold hearted for a short time … iske bina ishqbaazi mein maaza kahan hai???

  33. I am also confused pinku dear,but there is some chance of negetivity of soumya.but not tipycal vilian .ho sakta he woh rudra se naraz ho jaye.but usse villian nahi banayenge.wih bhi ek heroine hi he.aur heroine ko vilian banana assan nahi.

  34. But she will be not the daughter of kapoors. Itna bhi badi vilian nahi banayenge usse. Bcoz of rudra.rudra is a cool guy.so uski love story bhi cool honi chahiye.uss par ye gussa ,rona ,accha nahi lagta. Soumya ko rudra ki sumo hi rahene do. But I really miss her.she is sooo cute????

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