Dil Bole Oberoi 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 27th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shivaye says to fail an enemy, its imp to know him, we know Shwetlana, but not so well. Om says I can do anything for my mum. Shivaye says then marry Shwetlana. Some time before, Shwetlana is on the way and talking to Tia on call. She says what shall I do if not get angry, no one listens to me, I decided to hire an personal servant. Gauri prays in temple and says I m Ganesh ji’s special, you also help me, my husband is in this city, I don’t want to take his help and want to become independent, get me work job, please. Om calls Shwetlana and says how dare you decide when I should marry. Shwetlana says lower your tone, I will take a tone to go to Tej, he will come to me, what about your mum, you have seen the trailer.

Gauri says Mata Rani, if you heard my prayers, give me some sign that

I will get job, my courage will get high. Mata Rani’s chunri flies and falls over Shwetlana’s car. She could not see the way and hits the car to the pole. Om hears sound and says hello…… Gauri sees the car and runs to help. She holds Shwetlana.

Om says she disconnected my call and threatened that she will go back to Tej. Shivaye says problem is she knows our weakness, to fail an enemy, its imp to know him ,we know her, but not so well, my private investigators could not find anything about her, as if she erased her past. Om says it means there is some secret in her past which she wants to hide from us. Rudra jokes. Om asks what does he mean. Shivaye says I understand, I told you to get engaged to Shwetlana so that we can get time to expose her in front of Tej, she is clever but did not get trapped, I know its tough to bear her, but some more time. Om says I can do anything for my mum. Shivaye says then marry Shwetlana. Rudra asks what. Shivaye says just a drama of marriage, she will make some mistake, I m sure she will get overconfident and make some mistake, then we will use her mistake. Rudra says if she does not make mistake then, Om will become Mr. Shwetlana, she is much older than him, what will people say if they go together in mall, they will say Bua and long haired nephew are roaming together. Shivaye says Shwetlana can’t become this house’s bahu, I m sure there will be some way. He sees Lord’s idol made by Om.

Gauri asks people to make Shwetlana lie there on bench, and call some doctor. The man says I don’t know any doctor. She checks Shwetlana’s phone and searches on net. She asks them to give her some fresh air and get water. She gets a call and answers Shwetlana’s phone. The man from placement agency, asks is this Shwetlana’s phone. She says yes, what did you say, Sultana? She scolds him and tells about accident. She recalls his words and says Shwetlana needs a servant and I m that.

Jhanvi says Om I know you are doing this for me, don’t ruin your life for me, I don’t want her shadow to fall on my son. He says I know what I m doing, I promise to make that woman out of our lives, it will take some time, don’t worry, I stay in my mum’s blessings shadow, no one’s shadow can reach me. She says I feel you have seen and learnt a lot in few days, I m glad my son is not scared, but fight with life, I think you should marry now. He thinks of Gauri. Saathiya…..plays………..

He says I have some work, I will see him. She stops him and says my heart says, there will be someone who will fill your emptiness with happiness. Gauri asks Kamdhenu to get up. The man asks why are you calling her Kamdhenu. Gauri says because she is going to give me work. She sprinkles water on Shwetlana. Shwetlana gets up and scolds the men for touching her. The man argues. Shwetlana says you poor people help rich people to loot them. The man asks her to mind her language, now she can go when she apologizes. She refuses. Gauri says calm down, I will talk. She asks Shwetlana to be quiet.

Shwetlana says what nonsense, do they think I will be scared if they say. She throws money on the man’s face for his help. The people refuse to let her go. She says I will call police. Gauri says calm down, she is hurt and does not know what she is saying. The man says you won’t go without apologizing. Gauri says wait, have these, you all are getting angry, have these sweets, your anger will go. She gives that to everyone and runs with Shwetlana. The men catch them.

Na jaane kahan se aai hai…..plays………… Gauri and Shwetlana dance and run. Gauri fools the men. Gauri manages to take Shwetlana. She gives the phone to Shwetlana. Shwetlana says thanks for phone and saving me from people. Gauri says when you were unconscious, I answered call. Shwetlana says I will call back placement agency. Gauri says no need, I can do all the work, I can cook also. Shwetlana says I don’t want Bai, I want a servant, a sophisticated one. Gauri says give me one chance. Shwetlana says you are sweet and helped me, but you can’t do this, the servant has to do outside work also, which a male servant can do. She looks for taxi. Gauri takes her phone and calls taxi by app. Shwetlana says you are smart, if you were a guy, you would have got this job, anyway, if you know some nice guy, send him to Oberoi mansion, tell me Shwetlana has called him.

Dandy asks Gauri did she see Chachi 420 and Aunty no. 1. Gauri says I just watch Salman movies. Dandy says they want a guy for job, you become a guy. She says but I m not a guy. He says Salman Khan is not an inspector, same way you become guy. She asks what are you saying. He signs her.

Shwetlana comes to room and switches on the lights. Om makes her wear a necklace. She says Tej… She sees Tej in corridor and sees Om. Tej stops and sees them. Om says of course, who else can it be. She says I can’t believe it, you got an expensive gift for me. He holds her and says I really hope you like it. She says I love it, gift and your pleasant change, any special reason for this gift. Om says reason is you, my would be wife, I know how to make wife happy. He sees Tej. Shwetlana says really, then you would know, wife needs love along with gift. Om holds Shwetlana. Jhanvi comes there and gets shocked seeing Om and Shwetlana. Om sees Jhanvi and gets away from Shwetlana. Shwetlana asks what happened, will you not love your would be wife. She gets close to Om. Om asks Tej can I spend some time with my fiancee. Tej leaves. Jhanvi also leaves. Shwetlana says someone should learn how to make someone jealous and restless, Tej has gone, don’t make me restless. She hugs Om.

Dandy does Gauri’s makeover. Gauri reaches Oberoi mansion. She sees Om. Om sees her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hlw guys !! How are you?? Today episode was really funny.ye swtlana ko apni opponents ke saath dance karne ka shuk he kya???? Waha annika ke saath aur yaha gouri ke saath.???
    KAMDHENU???????? Seriously gouri ka naam socha he tumne om ke liye jattadhari hippy aur swet ke liye kamdhenu ,sultana ?? what a funny name.
    But today rudra was totaaly correct.bua with log hair nephew???
    Ab gouri apni sautn ka khel khatam karegi.paaka..
    Btw how are you guys Pinku dear, uf dear. Astha dear.and all my lovely commenters? ? ?

    1. Hiii arpita hw r u?? U are always the first one too comment hmm.☺☺

    2. Lol??? yuh said it right.!! Swet ko opponents ke sath nachne ka shok bilkul hai!!!

    3. tum to super fast ho gayi ho kuch dino se. socho jab gouri milegi rudra ko kya dhamaal hoga. She wilk really suit in the family of her jatadhari hippi. if Oberoi family is a circus… there are 2 clowns in it…. rudy and her new found bhabhi gouri.
      hope gouri will now understand the reason of om’s stoned heart after entering OM.

      1. Haan Astha!! Gauri will be an awesome fit! The first convo between Gauri Rudy was adorable.. my god what wud happen to poor Shivaay and Om if Gauri aniru got together!! God save them!!

  2. केतकी

    tum kya karte ho
    main gutter saaf karta hoon

  3. Riddhima

    Swetlana how dare she gets close with om …. ?????
    Swetlana nan than unna kollaporen …
    Om Ava kuda pakum pothulam apdiye kovam kovama varuthu …
    Ennoda om …my om … ???
    Stay away from him … Illati paayasamla poison kalanthu kututhutuva unaku swetlana ..???

    1. Semma idea ka do it

      1. Riddhima

        Srini … Ipdi usupedhi usupedhiye odamba ranagalama agitunga pa… ???

  4. Hiiiiii… everyone how was todays epi ?? I missed today epi but it looks lik now swetlana is the offficial villlain uff. We have to face her everyday actually she shud get exposed along with tia ..but from tomorrow gauri will be in action it looks lik here also they copying shitia track by doind marriage again agian

    1. hi ros…
      yes yaar yeh kamdhenu toh official villain hai hi… but we are loving her role in dbo more. atleast all except tej know that she is evil. looking like a witch sultana…

    2. Hii ros.. You are the first one who welcome me on the ib page…. Sorry dear I can’t reply you to that time…. Any way how are you and I know where are you from.. If you don’t mind…

  5. OMG…Aaaj ka episode ek dam mast hain…Gauri’s performance is superb & swetlana dance is nice… Waiting for gauri’s entry in sasuraal…?

  6. Shiv

    swetlana IB torture thangamidiyala each n every frame she s there seri DBO side pona ayyo rama dil bole oberoi they can change it to dil bole swetlana !!! Swet character appears n all frames .she luks elder to om literally like step mom as she already were!!! Enna kodumai namma Tamil balachander story maari!!!??romancing fathers mistress in front of mom n dad awful it looks !!!

    1. Ama ji… Ava thola thangamudila..

    2. Gayathri.visu

      Haha…. Unmadhan Shiv. IBla mattum ilaama idhalaaiyum andha Svetlanava paakanum…. Enna kodoma sir idhu!!!! Gauriku Svetlana namekuda sariyaa puriyala……

  7. Antara

    svetlana is like 5 rs fevistick 2 om chipkaali gauri’s & svetlana’s dance was funny precap was super

  8. Ros dear I’m totally fine. He he kabhi kabhi ho jati he .but tum ishqbaaz ki page main bhi comment karti ho Am I right??

  9. ha ha…. tej to jealousy se gaya… apna hi beta soutan bann gaya hai. kych seekho om se… may be patni ko khush rakhne ki 100 ways. meri fiance ke saath time spend… tej ka face to bander and mom jhanvi ki entry pe om conscious. maa ke liye…. kuch bhi …. the flirting part was a plan and shivomru are in it together.
    gouri gouri gouri….. tumhare baare mein kya kaha jaye??? you really are very smart. soutan ko bachaliya.
    main gutter saaf karta hoon. shiomru bhi wohi karenge… OM ki gutter saaf. swachh oberoi mansion mission.
    salman inspector nahi hai… gouri ladka nahi hai…. the same way swetlana bhi itni buri nahi hai.
    kisi ke haath …. yeh ladki kisi ke haath aane layak nahi hai. ayegi bhi to rukegi nahi. so funny. OM mein jethji sso and devar ke samne naagin dance kitchen slab ke upar… and public mein car ke upar…. kamdhenu..kya kar rahi hai yaar .
    not to foget about the highly emotional scene that starred om and jhanvi… not much was said but the silent emotion, promise of a son to his mother, the unwanted wife of his characterles father, was really heart touching. jhanvi mom arahi hai aapki asli bahu gouri sharma from bareilly.

    1. Aasthu

      Hey Asta !!!!!! I love reading your analysis but it would be much more easier for me to understand all that you are saying if you type in English. Can you do that??? plzzz???? You didn’t give your views on Om remembering Gauri….

      1. sure !! asthu from upcoming episodes.

    2. Hii astha dii.. Ek dum correct analysis kiya apne aaj k episode ka… Rudy kya khub kaha about om swet relation….di can you except me as a friend…. Plz..

      1. hi nikki…. welcome to my heart not as a friend but as a lil. sister.

    3. Thank you dii…. I am so happy I got a elder sissy… Lov u dii…

  10. Chalak Botox waali lomdi…! Line of the day!! Hilarious ???
    So Shivaay was the one who asked Om to get engaged.. and now he is asking to get married.. Rudy’s reaction for that! Wow killer expressions!!
    The song sequence looked a little silly to me!
    And finally Gauri is in OM.. sasural pahunch gayi…!
    Overall the episode was a good package!! I enjoyed it!

    1. And special mention.. I loved the when Gauri tried saying swetlana and ended up in sultana!! ??

    2. anu and i was thinking of the female of chirota here lolz…. so funny!!

  11. What an episode yarrr….Total paisa vasool …….shewtlana bani sultana….Aur rudra “bade baalon wala bhateja with his bua in the mall”…LOL….Must say Gauri has an amazing nick name dictionary……
    Boy- chirote
    shwetlana- sultana
    The person who give u a job- kaamdhenu
    Omakar- jatadhari Hippy
    woman- womaniya
    Internet- Internet chachi
    Loved the episode…..Today’s episode was like” sautan bani saheli”…..
    Waise iss Omkara ko kya ho gaya hai….usse ek bar bhi Gauri ki yaad nahi aayi…aur chala hai uss dhan lenu (the person who asks for money,my new word for Svetlana) se shaadi karne…..

    1. yaar maahi yahan to bina soutan ke kaam hi nahi chalta hai.
      swetlana- jhanvi
      om- tej

      1. Sorry for late reply dear….par agar iss
        shwetlana ko hata de toh sab theek ho jayega…..
        Tej- Jhanvi
        Iss shwetlana ne hi saara kabada kiya……Ek baar ko toh mein maan bhi loon ki Tia jo kuch bhi kar rahi hai woh Mrs.kapoor Aur shwetlana ke influence mein kar rahi hai….Tia still loves Robin/dushyant and don’t want to marry shivay ….par shwetlana Aur Mrs.kapoor ne aisa brain wash kiya hai ki usse kuch nazar hi nahi aa raha……..

  12. Wow dil bole oberoi la kamal avvai shanmugi reference chachi420 gauri new get up

  13. Krishnaa

    finally the funny rudra with his brothers is back. really love the bond between omkara and his mum. and satisfied that he at least thought about his marriage with gauri when jhanvi told him to think about his marriage. sowmya has disappeared completely 🙁
    though unrealistic, gauri’s character is so entertaining 🙂 🙂 🙂 entertainment is what viewers ask for rather than bringing too much negativity.
    ishqbaaz is also getting better after so many episodes from shivika’s wedding. love both IB and DBO!!!

  14. love IB n DBO gouri just amazing???

  15. I must say Om and Svetlana have a very sensous and seductive chemistry. I really enjoy watching their scenes, even this couple shows alot of takkar. The way Svetlana tries to come close to Om and when she does that, the expression of Om , so much anger and hatred. Their clashes are enjoyable, it has nothing OTT. It’s clear that Svetlana interested in Om. She isn’t marrying Om only to take revenge from Oberoi family. The way she is trying to seduce Om, already trying to excercise he rights of being Om’s would be wife and praising him infront of Tej, it seems like she has a crush on Om if not love. She’s also quite posessive for Om. So, it’s also possible that in future, Svetlana turns into an obsessive lover of Om and loses her main focus of destroying Oberoi family.

  16. Karina

    Rudra s dialogue just cracked me up…i laughed so hard when he said that Svetlana and Om will be like aunt and nephew….waiting for Gauri s entry in Oberoi s mansion…

  17. Honestly, I didn’t liked how Gauri took her marriage with Om seriously. Gauri should understand that Om married her only to save her from the villagers and even the marriage was incomplete. Om and Gauri didn’t really got married. So, there is not really any fault of Om here except that he misunderstood Gauri which again makes sense due to the circumstances. But as Gauri is a traditional village girl, I know why she is acting like that. Gauri actually has respect and devotion for Om which she is calling love because he saved his life. And Gauri being a religious girl thinks that Om is her saviour sent by God. She also must be having a crush on Om and that’s why she easily accepted him as his husband bcoz I doubt if she had accepted Kali and his brothers as her husband if she would have really got married with Om.

    This respect and devotion for Om from Gauri will soon turn into one-sided selfless love and that will be worth watching. On the other hand, Om will have a hard time accepting Gauri, forget loving her. This story is going the ADHM way showing ek tarfa pyar.

  18. Hi guys

    Today DBO is super.but main soumya ko miss kar rahi hu.i hope wo waapas aaye.patha nahi gaurikara ki beech ki MU kaise clear hoga.gauri galthi se apna wo dialogue omkara ki saamne bola na(“ek jaap main diwar pe sat jaahi be”) tho samaj jaayegi gauri ko.funny rudy is back.but wo soumya ki saath rude behave kartha hua yaad karo tho gussa aatha hai.aur ye neha ko bhi imp nahi dhe rahi hai ye CVS.jaise anika tia ko expose karegi.waise gauri bhi swetlana ko expose karegi.omkara ki shaadi ki truth saamne ayegi tho kaise hoga family aur jhanvi ki reaction main ye soch raha hu.acha laga gauri ki ye dialogue sun kar”hame khud apni pairon pe kada hokar apni pehchaan banani hai hum apni pathi se help nahi lega”kaash jaisa wo chaathi hai waisa ho.aur koi tho apni pairon pe kada ho jaaye.nandini ki engagement soumya ki look aur make up dekh kar na meri small sister bola tha.soumya vilan banne vaali hai.soumya ki wo look dekh kar aap logo ko kya lagtha hai? soumya ki DBO main miss kartha hua dekh kar mujhe ishana ki yaad aara hi hai.i hope ye log soumya ko dusri ishana na banale.gauri aur soumya sach main lucky hai.unhe jhanvi jaise saas jo mili hai.

    Waiting for soumya re entry
    Waiting for Gaurikara MU clear
    Waiting for Rumya problem clear
    And 3 couples love storys
    Shivay- baagad billu
    Anika- panika
    Omkara- jattadhari hippi
    Rudra-protein shake
    Ab gauri ko kya naam dhegi uski jattadhari hippi?….


  19. I am just loving this Gauri Kumari Sarma from last 2 episodes 🙂
    and I just cant take it that Swetlana touching Om and Om touching her.. ewww…

  20. Abhija

    gauri and swetlana’s dance was soo funny.but i really miss rumya scenes..

  21. Hi arpita n astha….. once again in DBO
    …… heylooo everyone…..

    1. hi pinku…. chitotie ho tum lolz….

  22. Renimarenju

    Hai dil-e-ishqies….anu,arpita,aastha,uff,priya,luna,astha,arpita,tridha,pinku,kartik,maahi, karina, nikitajai,jaya,anu,ridhima,shiv,[shaza….will join here soon],fatarajo,abhija,liya,nithu,
    antara,ros,anu,khushilovesrumya,krishnaa,har and other dil-e-ishqies……..gud mring 2 all……
    Have a gud day guys……How are u my sweeties………
    What 2 tell about yesterday’s episode……..Certain moments were gud while certain were i felt as bit dramatic…but apart from logic….i love 2 consider it as a relief from stress …..and i got entertainment while watching it……For me the worth watching moment were jahnvi and omkara’s convo…..especially i liked jhanvi’s statement…”mein toh iss baat se khush hoon ki mera beta abb zindagi se darta nahi hai……balki zindagi se ladta hai……” Really jhanvi well explained omkara’s mind through these statement and after a long time we got a worth watching moment among son and mother….which we really missed a lot……
    About gauri……well……what 2 say….she is pretty,innocent and a religious village girl and beyond of her limits…..i must appreciate her determination 2 stand @ her own feet……her willingness to make her own identity….which reminds me old anika of ib…[email protected] beginning…. ..and hope cv’s will show justice 2 guari’s character….not like the way they have changed anika in ib…by simply making her 2 stand @ the corner and watching all dramas and bearing tortures without uttering a word……Which really disappointed me a lot……
    Gauri and Swethlana meeting…..I felt that scene as bit filmy and they extended the scene and i think that was not very necessary…..But if i will take in light heart….then i loved the dance of biwi and sautan …..both were looking so cute…..in fact in ib also i loved anika-swethlana naagin dance….so ….in dbo….certainly we will get sautan-biwi takkar scenes to watch…..well am sure…..there certainly gauri will kick the ball 2 make it as goal…which will be in chulbul pandey style……but i think we have 2 wait for it……..
    About omkara-swethlana…well certainly i think now swethlana is obsessed with omkara……She is focused in her aim 2 destroy oberois…but also the way she was trying to make him more closer to her….i think certainly she had a craze on him……which was well expressed in her eyes….But she is cunning and certainly she is able to find omkara’s motive and i don’t think it will be very easy for omkara to find out her hidden intention…..While jhanvi watched them omkara released his hands and swethlana observed it and smiled also…..I think she will enjoy as far as omkara will comes closer to her…..But she will not reveal her intentions so soon…..
    And terrific chemistry between swethlana and omkara…..actually ……i didn’t expected that omkara will be able 2 do that….as it’s far form his comfort zone ….But as now he has changed…..and for the sake of jhanvi…..really he is able 2 do that which makes more and more interest 2 watch the show……Now in omkara’s eyes and smile also ……I find a kind of player only……who doesn’t want to fail…..but keen to win only….
    Gauri’s tomboy get up was really catchy……Want to see how will be om-tomboy gauri’s meeting…….

    1. Karina

      Hello dear 🙂 you too have a good day…stay safe…

  23. today episode was nice i love omkara…..

  24. hi riddhima r u from tamilnadu

  25. Renimarenju







    1. Super renimarenju

      Mujhe bhi acha laga jaise gaurine apni pairon pe kada hone ki aur apni pehchaan banane ki baath ki.agar gul khan ki ek show main bhi heroin aisa pairon pe kada hua ho ya apna pehchaan banaya ho tho shaayad hame aisa dekhne milegi.but ab gauri ab apni sasural pahuch gayi hai. I don’t think jaise wo chaathi hai waisa ho.anika shivay ki wedding plan banke waha pe rah gayi waise ye bhi rah payegi.agar CVS ko ye ladkiyon ko intipendant nahi karna hai tho ye log aise dialogue kyu dethi hu.kaash ye CVS inko aisi intipendant Banathe.

      1. Hi UF.. Can we may frnd…

    2. renny!!! super i love this.tum toh om jaisi bastein karti ho. bakt, kismat,junoon, khuddari. bilkul purani wali om ki tarah….. thnx for the awosome lines for omri.

    3. Hi renima dii… Your lines are totally justified the situation of guarkara… Waiting for the # guarkara face off…

      1. Yes nikitajai
        We can be frnds

    4. Renimarenju

      Om jaise baatien…..lol….u know what’s my nick name…its “lady omkara”……which is given by none other than omkara fan priya15……

  26. Gayathri.visu

    Episode is really amazing…. Rudy is right… Om-Svetlana pair looks like Aunty-nephew!!! But they have fantastic chemistry!!! Gauri….she is so cute and smart!!! Biwi-sautan dance …nice. Jhanvi and Om convo is very emotional… Svetlana expressions are says that she has crash on Om!! So this is full and full Shivaay’s plan and eagerly waiting for today’s episode…. Tomboy Gauri’s entry in OM!!

  27. very nice renimarenju

  28. I loved om while he reminiscing his marriage with Gauri… So he not forget about it..

  29. He astha I really love your comments. Your comments are always enjoyable and super funny. And renimarenhu kya sabd he apke.jabse aap apni syari ka araz kar te he tab hum apkesyari ke dewane ho jate he??
    Hlw pinku dear,how are you??
    Uf dear, I am totally agree with you.

    1. thnx arpita….

  30. Arpita

    Are ye jatadhari ko koi trishul de do bilkul shivji lagega .
    swetlana naam ki nagin to pehele se hi gale me hai or
    Mata gauri v ab aa gayi hai ….
    are yaar ye bdo wale v rumya ko ignor kar rahe hai
    ib me shivika
    Dbo me omri
    Mujhe lagta hai rumya k liye v ek or sequel banaenge

  31. Arpita

    Soorrry its Dbo

  32. Ritika Sawhney

    V.nice epi…kudos to the production team for making every1 smile?and that dance & running haha?

  33. Hello everyone….
    Waiting to watch Gauri’s entry in OM…

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