Dil Bole Oberoi 25th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 25th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shwetlana asks did you like someone in Bareilly. He says be it Mumbai or Bareilly, women like you are made to hate, not like. Gauri lands in Mumbai and greets Mumba Devi. She runs and falls down. The goons tease her. She cries and prays to Lord Shankar. Some time before, Gauri lands in Mumbai and smiles. She greets Mumba Devi and says you may know Shankar ji, Ganesh ji’s dad, I m special to him, my internet aunty said Mumbai city is named after you. She says bless me, I came here with hope, I m sure you will make me reach where my fate is linked.

She asks a man why is he staring. He says I think you are new here. She says yes, so what, I know people fool a lot here. He says yes, I wish I was smart like you, I came from Kanpur just now and someone has stolen my luggage and wallet, you

take care of your luggage. She asks really, you are so nice, you lost your luggage and alerting me. He asks do you have phone. She says yes, take it. He asks her to take care of her belongings. She says yes, you talk. She sees him gone and says where did he go, my phone. She looks around and sees her bag gone. She worries and says what to do now, how is this city.

Rudra says come on Om, I know you became serious type big businessman, but you can laugh with brother. Om says nothing, how was the party. Rudra thinks of Soumya and says nothing, it was fine. He says we will talk later, journey was long, I m tired. Shwetlana gets wine and says I will make your tiredness away. She smiles.

Rudra says no outsider can enter in Obro moment. She says its matter of some days, then I will also become Oberoi family member, right Omkara, tell your brother, that I m his would be Bhabhi, talk to me with manners. Rudra says manners my…. Om signs him. She says welcome back Omkara, let the game begin. She smiles and leaves.

Gauri looks at the city. A man asks is she mad, can’t she see and drives off. She says I m not mad, this city is mad, its Sursa’s mouth, it swallowed my phone and luggage, I did not think thug’s fathers stay here. She sees Ganesh idol and goes to pray. She says I m sure Shankar ji will not do wrong, I have no house and clothes, my phone is stolen, how can I find job in this strange city without internet, show me some way. She prays. The man takes the stall. She asks where are you taking it. Other man says its shooting Ganesh ji, its getting shifted. She sees an inspector and says inspector I was finding you, I have to file report.

He says wait, I m not inspector, its shooting costume got on rent. She says you are fraud. He says no, I m Dandy, I understood you are thinking I m bad, but this is Mumbai, the one who looks good is not good, one who looks bad is not bad, don’t go on my face, tell me if you have any problem, did you come alone. She says no, I m not alone, my husband stays here. He says but I can’t see anyone. She gets sad. He says see, I called you sister, you are a nice girl from other city, so you are my sister from today, if you have any problem, ask about Dandy in Shiv temple, I m getting late, will meet later. He goes.

Shwetlana asks a servant to get her clothes from laundry. Maid says madam…. Shwetlana says not madam, Mrs. Oberoi. The maid says I have to get coffee for Shivaye Sir and goes. Shwetlana says how dare she and stops other servant. He says I have to take soup for Pinky. She calls them ill mannered and asks maid to do her work as her personal maid. Maid says fine madam, I will ask Shivaye Sir first. Shwetlana says what do you mean, is it not enough, call me Mrs. Oberoi. Om comes and says you did not become Mrs. Oberoi yet. He sends the maid.

Shwetlana says after engagement, I have become half Mrs. Oberoi, very soon I will become Mrs. Oberoi completely, spend some time with your would be wife, what’s the matter, did you like someone in Bareilly. He thinks of Gauri and pushes her away. He says be it Mumbai or Bareilly, women like you are made to hate, not like. Shwetlana says even then you will marry me. She goes.

Gauri walks on the road and sits on the bench. She sees empty water bottle and says strange city, even water is sold here. She counts money and says I just have 120rs, how will I manage in this costly city. Her dupatta flies away by wind. She runs and gets her dupatta. Two men tease her by cheap comments. She runs. They run after her. She falls down. She prays to Lord for help. The men walk to her. They hear police siren and run away. Gauri sees someone in Shaktimaan costume. Dandy laughs and says its me, I came in disguise to scare them. She holds his hand to get up and he falls down. She laughs. He says I helped you and you are laughing on me, its my mistake. She says no, I was not laughing on you, I was happy that Shankar ji has sent someone to help me, it means he is with me in this city also. He says my idea and my help, and credit to Shiv Shankar ji. She says no. He asks her to come.

He takes her home and shows his filmi house. She smiles seeing all filmi props, costumes, pictures… She says Chulbul Pandey’s dress and smiles. She wears the police uniform and acts like Salman. She tries different costumes and says Salman’s dialogues. Dandy says you are also Salman Khan like me, listen to me, I have to return these rented clothes tomorrow, where are you going, you can find Lord in this city, but not a house, you can stay here, and take some clothes from this trunk. She thanks him. He says I m getting late for shooting, its my night shift, take rest. He leaves. She says he is so nice and looks around. She prays to get some job.

Its morning, Gauri and Dandy have breakfast at the stall. He boasts of having friendship with Salman. She gets happy. He says don’t tell me to make you meet him. She says no, he will come to meet me. He asks will Salman come to meet you. She says yes, its my belief, I will go and find job today. He says great, have this, its my business card, if you have any problem, call me, I m also trying to find a good job for you. She says no need, I have belief that I will get job. He says one can get girl here, but not job. She says I have complete faith in Shankar ji. He says you have direct connection with Lord.

Shwetlana comes to Om and breaks vase, saying I want my food in my room, who are the servants to refuse to me, I m would be bahu of this house. Om says its our house traditions, we all sit together and dine. She says I don’t care, I will not follow these stupid traditions, this house has to change its traditions, I want my food in room, else it will be cooked there, I have decided my food will be cooked in upper floor kitchen, and I will have a personal servant. She gets leaving and says I have decided, our marriage will happen on this Saturday. He asks what. She says make sure it happens. She leaves.

Om asks how can you decide about marriage. Shwetlana is driving and threatens him on phone. She hits the pole and meets with an accident. Gauri goes to help.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hlw guys how are you all my ishqbaazians. Oh noooooo????? main swetlana ko aur jhel nahi sakti.usse dekhte hi mujhe micmichi hoti he. Ugrhhhhhhh??????
    Poor gouri ,mumbai aate hi uski chop ho gayi.but woh apni shivji aur viswaas pe yakeen rakhti he.chalo koi toh usse mila jispe woh varosa kar sake.
    But woh police ki costum main bahut acchi lag rahithi.
    Guys socho ki hum jante he ki swetkara ki saadi nahi hogi.but suppose hogayi.toh what will be the reaction of tej?????? Jis ladki se woh kahta tha ki main tumhe khush rakhunga aur tumhare saath puri life bitaunga wohi ladki uski bahu ban kar jab asiewaad lene ayegi.toh tej kya kahega??????,?????????? sada suhagan raho aur mere bete ke saath puri jindegi bitao???????? .soo terrible. I am just kidding. Ab OM mansion main hogi gouri urf gourv ki.

    1. Toh imagini agar omlana ki shaadi hogi toh first night ke din tej ki halat tight??? just kidding yeh swetlana ko marne kyu nai dia gauri sati savitri pavitra he

    2. Priya15

      arpita dear..i have replied u in yesterday page pls see to it..

    3. Lolzzz arpita…. .ur comments r really funny?????

    4. Mayank Agrawak

      Hiii Arpita ,
      Its like a Information for all of you that gauri’s New Name is while entering oberoi mansio is not gourav it is ” Prajwal “….so stop calling and saying gourav again and again ITS a boy name Prajwal..

  2. Rinku

    Dbo ke cast kam pat gey …mujhe Svetlana bilkul passed nehi…I hate…hate her too much

  3. Rinku

    Rudra lb me child and who me wild to get.

  4. Shiv

    I luv gauri n that dandy boy duo!!! Soooo cute n pure!!!! Shrenu acting is tooo lively lovely and vibrant !!! Wish to see om n gauri together always in all episodes like shivika!!!!❤

  5. Antara

    so swetlana will appoint gauri as personal staff this svetlana is chipko in this epi all r in oberoi mansion but wat abt soumya ? all 3 brothers ko koi farak nahi padta

    1. Mayank Agrawak

      Guris New Name IS Prajwal….

  6. Riddhima

    To markers … First off all change the hair style of om … Old Om’s hair style was so cute … Nice …???…
    Is still people.are there like dandy in city like Mumbai ..strange …
    And final make swetlana die …let her die in car accident … Gauri don’t help her then you will regret for it …
    Like my old omkara Singh oberai ?cute …sweet ..lovely ….innocent … Smart ..poetic …. Handsome … Vidhai sollum kadhalan …

    “Ezhudhum kavidhaiyil Ezhudhu Pizhaigalai Rasikum Vasagan Neendhane ” OLD OMKARA

    1. Gayathri.visu

      Idhu Omkara sonna shayariya?? Epdi ivvalavu exacta translate panna Riddhima? Nee kavidhai ezuduviyaa…?

      1. Riddhima

        Yenpa yen ipdi …idhu oru Tamizh movie song LA irunthu sutathu pa … Om epdi irupanganu solla vanthen ..

    2. Priya15

      akka enna padathoda patu..patu name??

      1. Riddhima

        Move name – pori
        Song- perundhil ne Enaku jennal ooram pinvasal mutradhile thulasi maadam
        Hero- jeeva, heroine- pooja

  7. Karina

    The scenes between Gauri and Dandy were so nice and funny….waiting for tmrrw s epi…i hope Gauri will reach Oberoi mansion soon…

  8. Today’s episode was boring …..huh….Liked filmy Gauri, in different attired of Salman khan….looked cute sweet and bubbly…..

    Par iss shwetlana ne pure episode ka kachra kar diya ..”call me miss oberoi”…Badi aayi Miss Oberoi banne wali ….Waise koi nahi bahut jaldi Gauri ka din bhi aane wala hai jo real mein (according to the serial) Miss Omkara Singh Oberoi Hai…..Impatiently waiting for Gauri to be revealed as Omkara’s wife…….and throwing this shwetlana out …….

  9. direct sms to god… pura family ko pareshan karke rakh diya hai gouri ne …. shivji, mumba devi and lord ganesh too… why you left muruggan… drag him too…
    pehli baad swetlana ko dekhkar maja aaya. khud ki tamasha banadiya aaj kk ne.
    call me mrs. oberoi… my foot!!!
    om bechara… rudy kya dialogue kaha aaj. yes obro moment is personal. swetlana vadinna ki chehra bandar and gale mein again phansi ka phanda. but the way she walks towards camera is really good. shivaay tum nahi to sahi tumhara naam ka jadu hai OM ke employees mein… shivaay sir ko puchh ke ata hoon!! lolz…
    gouri rocked as lady version of salman khan. the vaious dialogues from movies were good.
    shaktiman ne dbo mein entry kiya… gouri ko apni jaisi koi namuna bhai mila hai.
    pehle mamu banaya chor ne phir behen banaya to bhi nakli police ne… very nice episode.. light hearted. full of comedy… time ka sahi istemaal. ab aage swetlana to khud layegi gouri ko OM, uski jatadhaari hippi ke paas.
    yes love is all about breaking and making rules. ab om khud sab kuch sahi kardega sara raita sametlega kyun ki aachuki hai gouri…. from bareilly.. to support and love omkara singh oberoi.

    1. Priya15

      haha….astha dii..u said right..gauri is such a cutie..the way she said ..yeh log toh bhagwaan ko bi le jaate hai..haha..she is just amazing..agar yeh omru and gauri and his bhai na hote na toh mei aaj ka epi bardash nahi karti..this swetlana uff..i m fed with her…btw hi i m priya…

      1. hi priya!! my cousin’s name is also priya… priyansha..

  10. vichitra baat hai..saari duniya yeh janti hai ki shivaay ki shaadi tia se hui hai phir wo dobara shadi kyun karenge?

    i heard ke memory loss drama aniomru ka tha.?

    is this true??

    1. Priya15

      haha..actually i m confused same like u..yeh shivay kitni shaadi karega!!eventhough he married anika he doesnt accept it..everyone know that he married tia then y again!!but ya the reason is mrs.kapoor blackmails for real shaadi think soo..as i have left watching ib.but watching today epi i felt so..

      is that true ??? i have not read anything like that dii….

  11. hi all ishques here. did cheppadi tia and kk swetlana tumlogon ko dhamki dia hai kya jo daar ke maare cmt dena band kar rahe ho. keep loving ib and dbo….
    pinku where are you. did they hide you also with romi in om’s room inside another statue. plz call shivaay in that case. missing you yaar.
    arpita, shiv, riddhima, anu and maahi very sweet night …..

  12. Oo..no..Whatz going on in DBO..?
    All introduce that DBO z full of Spin..Tody really My brain feel lyk spin?
    Really..i feel pleasure only by watching Shrenu’z portion..She makes me something fishyy..And also that New Action Bro too…????
    Rest f all,really z equal to Robbot..?
    I did’nt find any dffrence btween Ishqbaaz &DBO..Both storyline z continuing marriage issues..Uff..?
    Hloo..The crew members serial z also for entertainment purposes too..plzz..Corporate with me tooo….
    If anyone feel something bad with my comment am really sry..
    So let me say..Dil Bole Oberoi✊?

    1. Shiv

      What fishy abt gauri!! Something like is she a cop in undercover like that !!!! Coz she likes wearing cops dresses!!!lol!!! Just my wild imagination!!!!!??

  13. Karina

    Hello friends….i have a question, if someone can help me by answering it that would be helpfull….so the question is : Do the Oberoi family know that Svetlana is Tia s older sister and Mrs Kapoor s daughter ? Actually i never watched Ishqbaaz befor, i started watching DBO and then i read that its actually a spin-off of IB so i dont really know the background of most of the characters…just now i started seeing IB also, but i have a lot of episodes to catch up, considering the fact that IB has more then 200 epi…thank you in advance for your answers…

    1. No….d obrio family doesn’t know dat swetalana was d sister of tia…I hope u watch d previous episodes of ib..they were really fantastic episodes……I really miss the old ib…addicted to this show..so I can’t stop watching it hope they will bring back old ib n good story for dbo

      1. Karina

        Thank you for answering my question Tanvi…and i actually started to see IB from the start and im really liking it 🙂

    2. oberoi family knows that Mrs. Kapor has only daughter that is Tia. …….. One more fact in case you don’t know ……… Swetlana was Tej’s secretary and girlfriend and Om got engaged to her to stop Tej’s marriage with her so that Tej does not divorce Jhanvi

      1. Karina

        Sanjukta thank you for your answer and thank you for the brief update 🙂 like i said i didnt watched IB till now so any information about the show is helpfull for me…thanks..

    3. No they don’t know that Tia and swetlana are sisters…don’t want to spoil anything for u, so I encourage you to start watching IBM from the beginning. You will definitely enjoy the old episode of IB.

      1. Karina

        Thank you for your answer Ifrah and i will surly watch IB from start…i actually started seeing the first episodes 🙂

    4. No dear In the present time in oberoi family no one knows that svetlana is the sister of Tia and daughter of Mrs Kapoor..

      1. Karina

        Thank you so much for your reply Nikita dear 🙂 i was a little confused at first coz i didnt watched IB but now i ll try to watch all the previouse epis of IB…thank you.

    5. Gayathri.visu

      No Karina. They don’t no that Svet lana is tia’s sister and Mrs. Kapoor’s daughter.

      1. Karina

        Thank you for your answer Gayathri 🙂

    6. Karuuu di…i hope ur doubts got cleared..nd if not then MAIN HOON NAA????

      1. Karina

        Thank you so much my sweety Saku 🙂 yup my doubts are clear now, but if i need any help i will surely ask you…thank you sweety 🙂

  14. Today episode is good for the part of svetlana insults.

  15. I like swethlana when got bulb from maid

  16. farina hossain

    Guys sorry to say this omkara has become a worst character . gul khan totally ruin omkara’s character.what is the solution to get swetlana marry?In future if his father tejis in affair with other girl then what will he do?Even I don’t like gauri’s character.the girl has no self respect. I like samya and anika’ s character specially samya’s character .

  17. farina hossain

    fans is saying that gauri will protect omkara from swetlana.but personally I don’t think so she is very much naive type.anybody can use her manipulate her.and I am also sure omkara and swetlana marriage is happen.after all its a painful lovestory.

  18. Gayathri.visu

    Rudy is right Svet, outsiders are not allowed in Obro moment…. Boring epi.. But I liked Gauri-Dandy scenes…. Precap! No Gauri, dont help that cheapdi….later you will regret for it…

  19. Ritika Sawhney

    Good job! ? Since yest can see that dbo has become an extension of isbsqbaaz and has funny elements/moments like it…glad they not showing a pathetic 80s or 90s film track..enjoyed reading it today? wl see it too after ishaqbaaz on monday…instead of chanaging channel?

  20. Gauri-Dandy scenes are awesome…Gauri so cute & humourous…. Waiting for Monday’s episode

  21. Story ko jitna gauri k liye ghuma k rakh diya hai agar utna ka aadha bhi ishaana k liye kra hota dil bole oberoi k fans ishqbaaz SE zyaada hote

  22. Priya15

    i m loving this bro sis duo!!!they r soo cute…omg…how can some one be so cute !!this gauri is just amazing…i luv her…shrenu u r a cutiepie!!!

    hii renima di,rose di ,arpita di, uf,arshi di …

    @RENIMA DI u know tamil???

    @RIDHIMA AKKA…neenga tamil ah??

    1. Hi Priya

      I am from Kerala.u are right gauri is so cute and beautiful.you know what ye shivomru sach main lucky hai.jinhe ithni beauty,lovely,sweety,cutey wifes mili.jab bhi main in three couples ki photo insta pe dekhthi hu na meri nazare inki wifes huthi nahi.waise main aapki comment IB pe bahuth miss kiya tha.iam realy happy u back in DBO.bass hamesha comment karthi rahiye.

      Waise saara credit gul khan ko hai jinhone hame ithni jodis diya.wo tho sach main Jodi maker hai.

      Sorry Priya main koshish karthi hu ki meri comment zyada big na ho.but kya kare hamesha big hotha hai SORRY.

      1. Priya15

        No prob diii..badi ho ya choti I l love reading it.. Don’t worry.. Ha NYC pairing.. Luving shrenal.. I have always loved her selection like sanaya n barun…

  23. Priya15

    indha shivay ah purinjikave mudila…pls anyone help me to figure out his character!!

    dbo mei bola tha ki i cant accept anika as my mothers child..aur aaj ib ki epi mei bol raha hai anika se..ki tum vo nahi kahogi jo mei sunna chahtha hun???

    aakir koun ho tum shivay??samaj nahi paa rahi hun mei????confused

    aur koi pls iss shwetlana ko batavo ki vo normal walk karein…serial mei bhi ramp walk ki tarah walk kar rahi hai..fed up with her walk…uffffffffffff..

    1. priya…. yeh annika ka dialogue hai na- main aap ko samajh nahi parahi hoon shivaay lolz…….tum to annika ki dialogues churaleti ho. ha ha …….

      1. Priya15

        Ha diiii… Waise sirf anika hi nahi agar baat Shivay ki ho toh voh saare viewers ko suit hota hai..kyunki sso ko samaj bahut mushkil hai… Haha… And ur cousin name is soo cute diii..

    2. Renimarenju

      priya .,,,am not fluent in tamil…actually as part of mcom studies…is stayed in coimbatore for 2 years…..so i can understand tamil…..but can’t write as well as speak in tamil….but…konjam -konjam…..pesa mudiyum……that’s all….

  24. @priya dear I saw your comment in prv page.I am studying in college +2 .and you???
    @sakhii dear thnx.
    @astha dear hlw .
    @uf dear Ireally like sry love your comments. Comment lamba ho ya cchota but mujhe accha lagta he.aise hi comment karte rehena.
    @priya dear.,actually shivay khud confused he .Woh annika ke bina nahi rahe sakta but uski NKK IDEOLOGY usse annika ko apnane se rok raha he.Jis din usske dimag se woh khoon khndan ka bhoot utrega ussi din woh annika ke pyar main doob jayega.
    But abhi IB main dhanmal hone wala he. But main chahati hun ki tia expose hone ke baad OM chod ke chalijaye.Tab jake shivay ko samajh main ayega.warna annika ki strong aur self esteem character ki OH MY MATA ho jayegi. Jo mujhe bilkul bhi manjoor nahi.

    1. hi arpita……shall we all have a party after the phoenix(robin aka dushyant)’s return.

    2. Priya15

      Me… N 11th…..and living in TN… Ha.. Par kya ab tia mahan toh nahi ban jaayegi????

  25. And pinku dear kaha ho tum?

  26. Abhija

    hi frndz i am a silent reader of this page. can i join this group.

    1. welcome dear. hum dil pe rule karnewale hai…. a family of dil bole oberoi…

    2. Welcome abhija. iam uf

  27. Hi arpita, hru ty so much for ur msg….. my net wasnt wrkng tgts y cud not reply

  28. Hi astha, n all my frnds hru astha wassup….

  29. Hey any idea of upcoming story….. n arpita n astha….. is gauri coming as personal servant to swetlana by any chance… any guesses on it

    1. Mayank Agrawal

      Yes Her new name is Prajwal…

    2. haan …. as prajjwal i think a personal servent to her soutan to be… swetlana

  30. Wlc abhija dear, keep commenting ?
    And pinku dear I’m totally fine.
    And thnx Mayank for your info.
    Sure astha dear,akhir kar itne mahine humne tia ko jhela ,ab dusyhant apni universe ki dukaan ko lene aa raha ,party toh banti he???
    This for all of you dilwale and ishqbaazians.
    Asli party toh nahi kar sakte isliye ye emoji se kam chalalena???????

  31. And finally Gauri reached Mumbai… Waiting to see her entry in OM no her in laws…
    Also very eager to see Sisromance(AniRi moments), GauRu moments, AniGauRu moments..

  32. Renimarenju


    guys…..gaurikara vm….check it…..really too beautiful

    1. Priya15

      Awww..i don’t know that u know Tamil shortly..superb diii..

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