Dil Bole Oberoi 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 24th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kaali raises the sword on Om. Shivaye comes and holds the sword. Om looks at Shivaye. Some time before, Om says I was just saving Gauri’s life, I have sympathy with you, it all happened wrong, else after raising hand on Omkara Singh Oberoi, your hand would have not been on your body. Kaali says threatening Kaali Thakur… and tries to punch him. Om holds his hand. He beats Kaali and his men. Kaali gets a knife and sees Om beating his men. He goes to stab Om. Om pushes his brother to him. Kaali’s brother gets stabbed by Kaali. Om and Kaali get shocked. Kaali’s men beat up Om. Kaali’s brother dies. Kaali sees his blood in hand and rages. He looks at Om. Om gets beaten up.

A man throws sword to Kaali. Kaali takes the sword and goes to kill Om. The men leave Om. Kaali strikes

Om with the sword. Shivaye comes there and holds the sword by his hand. Om sees Shivaye’s bleeding hand. Shivaye pushes Kaali and kicks him. Kaali falls down. Shivaye says I have a principle, I can bear if sword strikes me, but its either you or me if my brothers gets even a scratch. Shivaye and Om beat Kaali’s men. Kaali looks on. Shivaye and Om turn and see Kaali dead. FB shows how Kaali went to push them and falls on the sword. Shivaye and Om leave.

Gauri kisses her mum’s hand. Her mum asks why did you come here, you should have not come here, go from here, Kaali’s men would be finding you. Gauri says I came to take you. Her mum asks where is Damaad ji. Gauri cries thinking of Om’s words. She says he is waiting for me at station. Her mum says why did you come here, go to him. Gauri asks how can I leave you in this state. A girl says don’t be mad, I will manage her, you go. Gauri says no Richa, I can’t leave mum. Gauri’s mum says that family is your house now, you swear on me. Gauri thinks of Om’s words and asks are you making me away from you. Her mum says your marriage happened any way, you have to think its Lord Shankar’s blessing, promise you will always respect this relation and protect his Maryada, you will always love and respect your inlaws, promise me. Gauri promises to keep the relation till her death. Her mum blesses her and asks her to go to Om. Gauri says yes, I will go Mumbai by train tonight, just take care of yourself. She hugs her mum and cries. Saathiya…..plays……….

Its night, Shivaye and Om are at the station. Shivaye says we will leave in 5-10mins, have water. Om drinks water and crushes the bottle. Shivaye sees him and smiles. He says I met myself today after many days, I know you can’t understand yourself where you are, and where I m, I can understand it well, as I went through this, I know this feeling, we feel world is against us, we are fighting with world, but we don’t know with whom are we fighting, and there is a fight going on within with own self, the passion and determination to prove self right, I know its tough, I know what you are feeling right now, anyone else would have got broken being in your place, problems with Tej, Ishana and Riddhima’s cheat, Jhanvi’s state and marrying such woman who can’t be right for anyone, in Anika’s language, much things spoiled, but I know its just you, who can make this fine.

He says Om, there is something good about life, it keeps moving, after some years, when we turn back and see, it will look just a turn which you left behind. Om says I used to say this to you, you are explaining me now. Shivaye says explaining style has difference, I m explaining in simple language, you explain in complicated shayari of pain, relation and emotions, point is everything will be fine, else we will make it fine.

Om says you changed, you are more of Shivaye now, not Shivaye Singh Oberoi, we all used to explain this to you, today you are explaining us, don’t get happy, credit goes to someone else. Shivaye asks who. Om says Anika, you accept this, Anika is special for you, she reaches your heart where none reached till now, you have feelings for her, everyone understands this, maybe you don’t want to accept. Shivaye says I accept there are feelings between me and Anika, but I can’t give it a name, its concern, liking, but there is not a future, one thing stops me, I don’t know anything about her, I can’t see her as the mother of my child. Om says it means, name, blood and family still matters to you. Shivaye says yes, I can’t and don’t want to change my thinking, the relation is without name, but its that. Om smiles and says to be continued one. Shivaye says yes. Om asks shall we leave, I can’t stay here for more time.

Soumya drinks water. Police takes the crazy girl. The girl says whatever I did today, was by getting hurt in love, I will hate you more than I love Aditya, think what will I do in revenge, I will come back. She drinks water and says remember my name, Mohini. She goes. Nandini and Rudra see Soumya. Nandini says you know what Rudra, you and Soumya have some connection, I can feel it, your destiny is linked, mark my words. She goes. Rudra and Soumya see each other. He calls her out. He says whatever Nandini said, I don’t believe that, if that’s the case, then I will change destiny, you can’t become my Takraar ki Ishqbaaz, never. He goes. Soumya says maybe this was written in destiny, our togetherness was just till here. She wipes tears and leaves.

Gauri packs her bag and is leaving from Bareilly. She thinks of Om and her mum’s words. She thinks don’t know what will happen of me between strangers, but I have trust in Lord Shankar, he will think good for me. Om looks at the city and thinks the wounds this city gave me, I will never come back to this city. She thinks husband takes wife to sasuraal, but I will go there and stay, being today’s womaniya. Om thinks I hope I don’t have to see Gauri’s face now. She prays to Lord Shankar, that she sees Om’s face all her life. Saathiya…..plays…..

Shwetlana says its matter of some days, then I will become member of Oberoi family, welcome back Om, let the game begin. Shwetlana meets with an accident. Gauri helps her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dbo ne om ke character ko pura bigad diya. Omkara kya tha aur kya ban gya hai…….

  2. Karina

    Today we didnt get Gauri-Om scenes but nontheless it was a nice epi…i didnt think they will kill Kaali so fast…
    Im really curious on how will Gauri reach Om s house….

    1. start se to kaha tha cvs ki rahul dev ka character short hoga. i mean comeo appearance.

      1. Karina

        Oh i see…thank you for telling me Astha 🙂

    2. Karrruuuuuuu diii.. ..i m glad to hv u here………?????

      1. Karina

        Hey my sweety Saku 🙂 glad to see you here as well :* :* :*

    3. Shevtalana will meet with an accident, Gauri will help her.. In this way she may enter OM

    4. She will enter OM by Tomboy look

      1. Karina

        Thank you for telling me Honey…im really excited to see this epi 🙂

  3. OM’s Behavior towards Gauri can still b justified to some extent but Rudra nd Shivay r typical idiots.Rudra doesn’t deserve Soumya.She s always been in his side.Rudra is rescued by Soumya’s every time bt he keeps bashing her.Absolutely hate Rudra .Nd SSO a Hipocrite whose beloved OMkara might b illegimate bt he keeps rattling about khoon khandaan.Wish Shivay s the illegimate son.I mean Anika can’t be mother of his children.He accepts dat he is concerned abt her nd respects her,has heart connection with her but Mr SSo Can’t see her as mother of his children.Dis s d most This s d most ftw statement of SSO.So dis explains y he has not expressed his love to Anika.SSO absolutely does not deserve Anika.Precap s fire.


    1. Hi this is an spin off not a separate show. The only thing is, it gives more important to OM . Even rudra scenes are not shown much. Try liking IB and DBO then it doesn’t matter which character comes and goes.

  5. Hiii everyone. Today episode was good.Bahut accha tha dono bhai ek dusre ko itni acche se samajhte he. Good.
    Yarr ye log isana ko abhi tak bhule nahi ?good hum fans bhi iskara ki nahi bhulsakte but omri jodi is also good.
    Om was right. Sso se shivay ban gaya he.Good.but om toh annika ko bhabi bulatia he toh aaj kyun nahi bulaya.
    And what is wrong with shivay ??? Pata kab uske dimag se NKK IDEOLOGY ka bhoot niklega.But such main annika ko bhi kisi bahut bade ghar ki beti bana deni. Chahiye. Tab jake iska dimag thik hoga. Stupid singh oberoi ????????????.
    Aab hoga gouri aur om ka naya track.naya nahi purana .pati payni aur woh?????
    Precap is horrible. Yarr ye ishqbaaz main swetlana ko kitni muskil se jhel rahi thi.aab is main bhi jhelni padegi.Ohhhhh nooooooo????? I can’t tolerate her.
    But ye obrois ki patni ko apni sautn ko liye fikr karne ka rule he kya.?????? Wahan annika tia ki bacche ki fikr karti he aur yahan gouri. Dono behene jo he??
    I know shivsy annika ke baare main kuch nahi janta but agar woh usse puchega toh annika batayegi.na he Sivji shivay ki dimag main thodi buddhi de do.
    Abd pinku dear.,maine tumhare question ka jawab di he,did you check it???

    1. Yaar ye sautan ke bareme I was also thinking.. jhanvi se leke Oberoi bahus sautan ke intna fikr kyun!?? Seriously!

      Btw.. every time I type sautan.. autocorrect makes it saitan!!

  6. So MR SSO left his marriage ceremony and came Bareily, that’s fast. Now they will be mixing up stories and create confusion.

  7. What an episode yarr…..ACTION PACKED PERFORMANCE OF OMKARA was awesome, mind blowing,fantastic…..I am just loving the new angry man look of Omkara as well….What a fight sequence……Finally got rid of Kaali thakur…But still Rahul sir your acting was awesome,you have nailed it……
    Loved Gauri’s determination to go back to Omkara….
    I have read that Gauri will return to OM with bang and will tell the truth of being Om’s wife….Waiting to see Shwetlana’s dropping face after knowing the truth….
    Can’t wait to see the upcoming episodes…
    I know guys that u all are bored to read the last line again and again ..but what to do..I am big fan of Omkara urf kunal jaisingh..So can’t help it….
    And thanks to Trisha, Astha Reddy, Nikitajai, Trisha, Renimarenju for your hearty welcome and supporting my views (sorry if I have missed any names)……I am over whelmed to get these many supports in such a short span of time..hence encouraging me to write more….THANK YOU GUYS….

    1. yes maahi!! we loved the acting of rahul dev. we always loved him for his role in our telugu movies for his true talent. from tomorrow no kali, only omkara ka gharwali lolz…
      have a nice day… all ishques….

      1. Thanks astha for ur reply….

      2. Hi astha even I know Telugu he just involves in his every character

    2. Maahi and Aastha – Rahul is an awesome actor! I love him too!!
      The o lu reason we still love Om’s angry young man avatar is coz it played by Kunal..!
      The biggest adv of IB/dbo is that though the story might seem absurd or frustrating some times, they have an extremely talented cast.. they manage to retain the charm of the show. Be it Nakul, Kunal surbhi leenesh neha.. and now shrenu is also in the list.. ye villains are also too good like Rahul, or even tia or pinky for that matter, they act so well that they ensure we tend to hate those characters!

      1. Hi Anu ….good to see your reply ….Really ishqbaaz and DBO has one of the best cast we could ever have on tv…from protagonist to antagonist ….They made the show (IB and DBO) interesting and watchable……

    3. Hi, mah…how r u?? sso ki kahani jaha se suru hui thi wahi pay abi tak shivaya wahi atka hai everyone accept her as shivaya wife why can’t he accept her as wife?? ….he always wants anika roming around him, he can’t leave her nor he can’t accept her why can’t he find out abut anika family……. woh itna khoon khandan kahata raheta hai i think sso would be illegitimate son…

      1. Hi Trisha..I am good ..How r u???….you know what..sometimes I feel sso is so dumb …he doesn’t know any thing except cracking deals…but the plus point is he loves his family specially his brothers….
        I really wish that Gauri should enter OM and teach SSO a good lesson on logon Ugandan,family and all….because now Gauri is one and only strong, determined and confident leading lady in show…..even stronger than anika and soumya

      2. Sorry its khoon khandan not logon*and Ugandan*….(auto correct keypad in mobile u know )

    4. Hii Maahi.. Thanks for mentioning me… And today episode is a mixture of good and bad for me…. Good is for shiom fighting sequence and bad is for shivaay pov towards Anika…… God knows what happens next in shivika life…. Take care and lots of love.

      1. U r welcome nikitajai….how r u ???? You to take care

    5. Yah mahi ,i am also too gud i hope gauri make him realise koon khandan hi jaroori nahi hota if his family accept her as bahu ,his bro accept as bhabhi nd more important if he can’t live without her nd if he feel something for her tgen why this khoon khandan

    6. I am fine dear.. Jab bhi saathiya bg me play hota to mujhe ishkara yaad aate h… I become sad.. CVS ko koi new song Dene chaiye guari Kara ko… Are you agree with me…

  8. Riddhima

    How shivay came here suddenly from marriage … What is happening yaar …
    I want my old om back …
    Shivay again this blood family nonsense … I am missing ishkara a lot …
    Real life than kashtadhula poguthunu serial pakavantha seriala athavida mosamana kashtama katuringale DA …
    Yena DA idhu serial Ku vantha sodhanai …

    1. Gayathri.visu

      Hahaha… Riddhima correctaa sonna… Aana seriala vida ada pakura namaku dhan sodhanai.

      1. Ha ha correct gayathri! Namakku so Dhana than.. ivlo naal half an hr if sodhana.. ippo 1 hr of sodhana..
        @ridhi- but some how I felt, innikku Shivaay don mean when he said that.. he himself was not convinced nu thonudhu.. it felt like he just said it from mouth.. din meant it.. or atleast I hope so.. wait panni pappom..
        Ana samndhame illama Shivaay enga Bareilly vandhaanudhan purila!!

      2. Riddhima

        Haha …

  9. Gauri & on look so cute together on is just awesome & gauri u r too cute & ur love is pure waiting for your cute jodi

  10. I thought shivaay s changed… Bt no he s same vit nkk thing…. After dis nafratbaaz track anika shld leave shivaay n go n make her own identity… She shld at least now stand 4 her self respect which dey showed in d startin of ishqbaaz…..

  11. Unbelievable.. Shivaye din’t even ask Om why Kaali and his pple were behind him. This Shivaye he still feels that Anika is not fit to be mom of his child..Crazy..She helped him n her family all the time and this is the feeling he has towards her. Anika he is not fit to be ur husband..isse acha woh Daksh tha..at least he loved her to the core and did not look at blood n family line.

  12. Hi I am shruthi silent reader of ishqbaaz,dbo…Omkara is illegal child of tej…Shivaay accepted him as brother…..Here there is no khoon khandan etc but when it comes to anika khoon khandan sab yaad aajate hai….No logic yar…..I hope Shivaay to be illegal child…..

    1. hey shruthi!!! welcome here.

    2. I think Shivaay may be the illegitimate child and Pinky’s behavior makes me think that more. She’s much more vocal about Shivaay’s achievements and his life where Jhanvi is more lax. You would think the mother of the eldest, most successful brother would be less active in his life and more engaged in herself, but she’s not. Maybe that’s because he’s not really an Oberoi and she wants to make sure he makes all of the ‘right’ decisions (like marrying Tia instead of Anika) to legitimize his role in the family.

  13. Kya om ne reason pataya ki kaaali piche kyu pade the ..???.and dint expect itnajaldi kaali died

  14. After knowing anika so much shivaay still feels anika s nt fit to b mother of his child… Shivaay hs said many things 2 anika in past bt wt he said today ws d worst… I feel he doesn’t fit 2 b father of anika’s child… N y d hell does he ask anika “koi farak padha”…N y r dey spoiling om n rudra’s behaviour specially rudra’s…

  15. hmm… fightkara.. actionkara. lambi dialogue marne keliye yeh sso kahan se tapak pada brown suit pehenkar. sso be in limit again NKK.
    ab is feeling ko kya naam dega. so rahul dev died. No…… i loved him. thakur maine to sirf gouri ki haath manga tha om keliye- gouri ka haath hame dedo thakur. our tumne to apna jaan de diya.

    rudy sumo… love angel.. hate demon. kya jodi hai. sumo deserve better may be rehaan again in dbo.
    ironman ne sahi kaha hai- we creates our own demons. soumya ne bhi aaj wahi kiya. mohini … mohini….
    SSO ke bare mein dbo mein nahi kahungi. he is just a worker here to rescue om from thakur. lekin samjhaya achha tha. annika ke saath rehkar smart hogaya hai.

    gouri !!! jatadhari hippi pati omkara. usko gift mein ek snake dedo yaar. phir tera bhi pati parmeswar hojayega.
    precap to thik tha. swetlana will brought gouri in OM. khud ek accident plan karke tej ko bachane ka natak karke agayi. ab dekho khud ki soutan ko bhi layega dusri accident se. isse kehte hai kudrat ki karisma.

    dil to ab bolega oberoi, hoga takkar ki ishqbaazi ,
    kadoos bhaiyon ki dimaag our dil, hoga nahi ishq pe razi,
    fans banenge kazi…….
    karna padega ishqbaazi, ho ya na ho marzi…..

    1. Lol.. gift me ek snake dhedho.. Thera bhi pati Parameshwar ho jayega!! Lol???

    2. Kudrat ka karishma???lol..muje toh swetlana he kudrqt ka karishma lagti he kya kya karishma karti he wah.

    3. I loved your comment. You expressed everything truly in a funny way. Nice!!

      1. thnx honey for the compliment..

    4. Hi astha dear

      Your comment is funny.kudrat ki Karishma,dil to ab bolega oberoi,hoga takkar ki ishqbaaz,kadoos bhaiyon ki dimag aur dil,hoga nahi ishq pe razi,fans banege razi,karna padega ishqbaazi,ho ya na ho marzi ?????.aap bas aise hi funny comment karthi rahiye.kam se kam aap logo ki aisi comment ki wajah se hasne ka moka mil raha hai.thank you so much

      Astha reddy,arpitha aap dhono hamesha aisi funny comment karthi rehna episode pe aur obros aur unki sathi savithri aathma wali beeviyon pe.

      1. hi uf. that was a funfilled one. you can expect more of them in near future…

  16. Lids

    Hi shivika,
    I agree, unbelievable . I need my old Om back, the sweet, caring Om, not this SSO copycat. I can’t believe that SSO would say such a thing abt no future w/Anika. Oh yeah, I could because he only thing about status. Anika just needs to leave him n his
    awful mother. Rudra is so full of himself. Now I understand why soumya will turn

  17. I loved the shivay Om convo.. or may be I should say Nakul Kunal convo.. the way Kunal threw the cotton and crushed the bottle.. and the way Nakul looked on.. very good actors.. they do it with great ease..
    CVs are successfully in the edge of pushing us to start hating our Rudra.. just going beyond control..
    and this Gauri bas ek suitcase aur viswas Sath utake nikal gayi.. woh entire Oberoi Kandhan ke pass jaane.. khabardhar gauri.. thu k abt what ur stepping into.. annika already lost herself in Oberoi parivar chakkar.. jis khandaan mein thu entry maarne ke liye soch Rahi hain.. highly undeserving.. so soch le..!

  18. What is wrong with shivaay why is is he still talking abiut that. I thought that shivaay changed but he still has known and khandan is his head its like its having him. Is that’s why he didn’t tell Anika his feelings. If that’s the case then Anika dosent diserve him. ??? he is really STUPID SINGH OBERIO and a bhagarbila

  19. Krishnaa

    how can a guy love someone,who refuses to give divorce to her, who accept that he has feelings for her, cant imagine that girl as the mother of his children? thats really bad.
    felt sad for all the three heroines today though anika was not present but what shivaay said made me feel bad for her too. DBO is getting better than ishqbaaz, IB is dragging with the kapoors track.
    kali takhur and one his brother died, means there is one brother left who may come as villain in the future. the only way omkara may know that gauri is innocent may either be because of this remaining thakur brother or her mother.

    1. U digged imp. Point…. Through other brother only…Omkara will know that Gauri is innocent…

  20. Shivkara bonding was nice…..but this doesn’t seems continuation …in IB shivaye is still behind Mrs. Kapoor..then hw he reached barely???….
    Anyways episode was cool….but rudra totally behaving like rude fellow….
    Precap:- another MU will b created among gaurika ????…..
    O saathiya music was ???????

  21. Hello everyone….
    I m sakshii…i wanted to join u all..
    I m not new here..i was regular commenter on IB page…..
    I m huge nd crazy fan of omkara…..

    1. Hiii sakshi

      1. Hii dear…

    2. Welcome dear.. Keep commenting.

    3. Priya15

      Hii Sakshi.. Do u remember me?? Happy to see u here dear

      1. Of course I remember u…..
        Even I m glad to hv u here…where were u did days….u r back after long tym…..
        Hws u dear??

    4. Yeah…thanks dear?..

      1. Priya15

        Ya dear after a long time… Xmz chal rahi thi yr. . That’s y.. But I was watching dbo in TV.. Didn’t get time to cmnt…

  22. the epi was nice.the fi8 scene was superb.but shivay mumbai me apne sangeet se direct bareilly kaise tapak padha?gauri toh full on MERI PATI MERA DEVTA HAI track pe chali gayi.love om to infinity.love him so so much.precap was horrible,pasinalana ib se dbo me v tapak padhi.uff

  23. Rinku

    Hi!!!! Another dbo fan here….

  24. Aarti32

    Shivaay was busy wid d Kapoors right..Then how did he come to Bareilly at d nick of time!! Through Doraemon’s anywhere door?? ??
    Ishqbaaaz is completely Shivika story..There’s no chance of getting omru in Ishqbaaaz..But Shivaay will be in d poster n also in d show Dil bole Oberoi..I jst don’t understand dis mentality!! One couple is given a complete 30 mins episode..N in DBO, there r two couples..N after dat they hv to show Shivaay too..So when will we get adequate rikara n rumya scenes, when they’re nvr done wid showing Shivaay n Anika!!??

  25. Aarti32

    O Saathiya music reminded me of Ishkara ??


  26. Rinku

    Sivay babu..tum key jano ishq keya keya karwata hey…”jab dil apnepe ayega owala hissa baki hey””pata hi nehi challega kabye khun khandan Sab dimak se nikal geya….or omkara tum to medal geye ..Sivay se v do kadam age nikal geye year….

  27. Rinku

    Sorry *badal geye

  28. ISHKARA’S song for OMri. So poor. Why can’t they make a new one ?

  29. Priya15

    Hii guys… How r u all??

    Hope u all remember me??? I used to comment in ishqbaaz page before… Hii To all new comers here.. Welcome…

    Renima di, Sakshi, rose, shaza etc…

    Happy to have u all Here…

    1. Renimarenju

      Hello and keep commenting priya,…..dear….well just now i posted my os…and actually it made me a cry baby only….so if i will say about gauri…om or ishu….perhaps i will cry only…. so will comment after some time…..

      1. Priya15

        Ya sure diiii

    2. Hi Priya,i am uf .welcome

      1. Priya15

        Hi uf… Happy to see u…. Tell me something about u dear…. Sry if it’s personal.. But would love to be ur frnd…

  30. Priya15

    Hare yr yeh saathiya bar bar play mat Karo.. For God sake..I can’t control my tears especially at emotional scenes… It’s Making me cry more.. It gives ae dil Hai mushkil feels… It’s so painful.. I luv that song..

    And tdy shivaay proved that nothing is impossible for him.. He can be at 2 places at same time… Haha…

    And what was he saying he can’t think of seeing Anika mother of his child??? I couldn’t understand his thoughts..But he romance with her.. He acts like he has feelings for her and all????

    And one more doubt.. Pls clear it guys… What’s hippy?? Gauri calls jatadhari hippy na?? Jatadhari teek the.. Hippy Ka Matlab??

    1. Renimarenju

      Hippy means nothing just unconventional style of dressing i mean if a man have long hair and wearing beads……it was a trendy style of late 60’s and 70’s …..u can certainly find hippy style in old tamil and hindi movies……

      1. Priya15

        Oh okay dii I got it…

  31. No yaar…the song is beautiful…i always wanted to see om wid his lady love wid this song in background… 1st preference was ishana…but now its done…we should just move on….& accept gaurikara…& keep ishkara in some special corner of the heart as our first love… btw, thanks to ib crew… who made me realise the feeling of not getting ur first love…& trust me…its horrible… even if u move on… u can never ever forget it…if the love is true… & frankly speaking…in my list of all time favourite jodis…after arshi…it was ishkara…even before shivika…& it will always be the same…till eternity…

    1. Priya15

      R u the same arshi dii who used to cmnt n ib page??

  32. Priya dear I love your dp.It is beautiful. Hippy ke baare main mujhe exactly jyada pata nahi par ye western culture ki ek type ke insaan he. Ye log lambe baal rakhte he aur hamesha drugs lete rahete he.bade aajeeb tareeke ka kapde pahrnte he. Agar tumne putni film ki actress jinat aman ki song hare krisna hare raam gana dekhi hogi.,uss scene main jaise log acting karte he unhi logo ko hippy kehete he.

    1. Priya15

      Okay di I got it.. And ya I loved that dialogue.. It was so touching… Btw hii arpita dii.. How about u? ? R u n school or college??

    1. Renimarenju


      links for first part….is this one guys….sorry for typing mistakes….

  33. All 3bros don’t deserve their lady love yet love them hope they change soon..

  34. Renimarenju

    I can’t say anything….now….but gauri’s courage 2 see her husband and her determination 2 value the relationship really praise worthy……I really want to see gaurikara scenes…….
    And omkara…..really is fighting himmself……actually in inner side he is in pain…..and i think certainly gauri’s entry will make him to change…..don’t know how….but certainly i believe that it will happen……he is an isolaed person…..his hatrence will be melt to love because as gauri said…bina pyaar ke jeena mushkil nahi jitna nafat ke saath jeena…..and he is our best man…..how long he can wear a mask on his own identity…..it will not suit our satyavadi omkara…….but it will take time 2 heal his inner wounds……we have 2 wait….

  35. Renimarenju








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