Dil Bole Oberoi 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 24th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shwetlana dances on Nayak nahi Khalnayak… Kaali looks on. Some time before, Kaali bends and says she also liked this essence. Tej asks about whom are you saying. Kaali says its a long story. Tej asks are you saying about her whom you are finding. Shwetlana asks what. Tej says Kaali has come Mumbai to find something precious, let’s all have a drink. Shwetlana says I will be back. She sees Kaali and goes. Kaali asks who is she. Tej says its a long story. They drink.

Shwetlana says this can’t happen, no, all plans can’t fail together, I thought if not Om, then Tej, if not Tej, then his new business partner, but Kaali is my enemy, how can he come back in my life, thank God he did not identify me because of this face, else ….. none knows which face is behind this face She removes

the mask and sees her real face.

She recalls Kaali. Kaali asks her not to care for Jhanvi, we don’t regard this as marriage, just marry three of us, you will be only owner of the property. She says I love you Kaali. FB ends. She says I thought I got rid of Kaali, but he came here following me, before he ruins my plan, I have to do something. Gauri cries and says Om is right, I m the root of all his problems, Kaali is troubling Om because of me, he has come here to find me, I wish I could do something, I have to do something before Kaali harms Om.

Shwetlana and Gauri see Kaali. Om sees Kaali. Tej asks Om where are you going, party just started, enjoy. Shwetlana performs. She dances on Nayak nahi khalnayak hai tu…… Kaali holds her hand. She gets worried. She gets away from him. He stares at her. She thinks he is mad, I have to get away from him before he knows my truth. She goes.

Kaali asks Om are you going somewhere or running away, its no use to run, if Kaali gets after someone, even Lord can’t save him, I m explaining my love, understand and handover Gauri to me, else you and your family will be much hurt. Gauri looks on. Kaali asks why are you looking sad, your dad gave a nice party, enjoy, see your dad dancing. Om looks on.

Kaali asks Om to enjoy. Om asks Tej why are you doing this, what do you want. Tej says divorce, even your mum wants this, she asked for 2000 crores to leave me, I m just fulfilling the challenge, none has right to keep me in this relation forcibly. Om says you can’t do this with my mum. Tej says too late and goes. Kaali looks on and says so his weakness is his mum, Kaali likes to use one’s weakness, you are gone.

He thinks I got Om’s weakness, if its confirmed then I will make cry blood tears. Gauri says I know he does not want to do business, he just wants to take revenge from Om, I won’t let him do this. Gauri gets the robot and goes after Om. She recalls Om’s words and asks what happened. Om throws the chair and says all wrong is happening, my mum is everything for me, like you have belief in Lord, I have belief in my mum, I m seeing her dying with sorrow, I have to stop Tej and Kaali’s deal, if deal happens, Shwetlana will run to Tej, Tej will give divorce to Jhanvi, she will shatter. Gauri says I understand your pain, I also have a mum, I know how it feels when mum gets hurt, mum is that tree which gives cool shadow to children, it hurts when tree gets dull, don’t worry, bad does not happen with good people, if there is darkness, light will be there too, if its night, day will happen, I m with you.

Om hugs her. Saathiya…..plays……. Gauri talks of hope. Om asks her to stop this hope and belief lecture. She says I just said so. He gets shocked seeing sindoor on her forehead and asks her. Om checks and says sindoor….. Gauri worries and recalls Jhanvi giving her sindoor, saying suhaagan’s maang is never empty. Gauri applies sindoor.

Kaali sees Jhanvi and thinks this is the chance to know how much Om loves his mum, if she is really his weakness or not. He gets a bottle ad says you are my true friend, who always helps me. Gauri says sindoor, no. Om says of course, its sindoor, what’s it doing on your forehead. Gauri says its my wife’s sindoor, I did not apply it, just by mistake, my wife came to meet me, so our foreheads collided and this happened. Om says anything… this does not happen. Gauri says it happens, I will show, sit, my wife came to meet me, I held her face with love and kept my forehead on her forehead. She holds Om’s face and lies her forehead on him. She sees the sindoor getting on Om’s forehead. Saathiya….plays……..They have an eyelock.

Om and Gauri get shocked seeing Kaali holding Jhanvi. Om asks how dare you touch my mum. He beats up Kaali. Tej comes and stops Om. Kaali smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nivedita

    So Swetlana is back with too much screen time again..????
    And Fakelana didn’t do a plastic surgery to chBge her face.. then why did she need Dr. Dang – a mask could be made by any artist i would think than a doctor..
    And all the people who got scared with her original face– that’s as usual a doozy- a BP raising dimaag Ka oh my Mata! ,????????
    The horrible drapery jackets are back in DBO now- hated OM’s outfit.. kt’s jacket was ok.
    When Jahnvi told Gauri to wear sindoor why wasn’t she wearing sindoor herself??
    That last Gaurika scene was too sweet!???? Only saving grace of today!

    1. That’s why this not in top 20 also, atleast Ishqbaaz shows in the list.

      1. Nivedita

        Lara first week of April DBO was out of top 20 ( for 2 weeks in a row) but trp for 15th week, mid April showed DBO in 18 rank in Urban areas..

        So less Swetlana and more Gaurika helped it’s TRP..
        But i wish they would improve the story further..

  2. ???????????????
    Ye DBO dekh kar mujhe hasi aa rahi he. Aur gussa bhi.
    Purana pyaar, ??????? fek lana aur kaali.dusman??????
    Kya kya bhayankar twist late ho

    Pinjre main band rahe ne se hi accha he feklana ke liye stupid .woh sabko ghuma rahi he.? tej kali omi.
    Tej ko apni jaal main
    KT. Ko apni doubt main
    Omi ko apne stupid plans pe.????

    Tu mar kyun nahi jaati but feklana is really looking like a dayan???

    Kitbi horrible dikhti he.
    Tej jab song pe jhum raha tha it was looked like a monkey is dancing????? hate him from core of my heart.

    Poor omi he is suffering sooo much ????

    Chulbul is helpless.but robot uski haath aa kar bhi koi fayada nahi hua

    KT ladkiyon ko acche se pehecan leta he.kaffi experiment ki he girls par par sabke liye on condition. A girl will maary 3 brothers.all for one one for all.?????

    Precap now KT ka drama start.??? stop it yarr.at least end feklana track.????

    1. Nivedita

      Arpita– i changed channels during Swetlana dance- just can’t stand her and the rest monkeying around in that part..??
      Also instead of paying some extras to dance in those stupid costumes- why can’t they pay someone to write a better story?
      RD is so menacing- wish his role was better etched than just a girl whisperer/ sorry kidnapper/ philanderer!??

  3. Aastha_Reddy

    Ae Dil hai mushkil..Gouri with Om..Om for jhanvi..jhanvi for Tej..Tej for Shwetlana..Shwetlana for money..money with Kaali and Kaali after Gouri…. love is a cycle…just sit and paddle yaar…
    some one is in the world…as Kaali Thakur..who Shwetlana is afraid of..wow..kahan kahan gul khilake aayi hai yeh ladki( Aurat)..I get the hidden meaning from the dance”kisike haath naa ayegi yeh ladki”..from the initial episodes of DBO ..
    I am not going to write more about this episode…..not tired yaar aaj mood nahi hai..

    1. Nivedita

      Ha ha ha! Great circular reference Ashthu! ???? Yahan love triangle or quadrangle Mahi.. love Ka circle..Yeah chakravuyh chal raha hai..
      And in San mein Rumya, buama and the rest of the Oberois’ are lapata..
      Btw– if the Party is in their house, where are the other family members? Ab toh Prinku ki shaadi Ka bhi excuse nahin hai.. atleast she should be there with Ru to support their dad..

      1. Nivedita

        Quadrangle *nahi..Love Ka circle *ya chakravuyh chal raha hai..

  4. Bela

    This Kaali Thakur has his cheap traps everywhere it seems. MATLAB, kahan tak pohonch hai yaar bande ki? Svetlana also knows him????
    I guess the only saving graces of today’s episode was the scene between Gauri as Chulbul and her Omkaara Ji. I really loved the way she described her meeting to him with her ‘wife’?

  5. Shiv

    Sindoor transferring scene omg very lovely ???kindly make more scenes like this!!! this show got constipated with tej jhanvi fight n swet for long time atleast IB going fast with same person different personality versions n fast pace plzzz make more gauri Kara scenes you writers should know how good n cheering to see om n gauri together plz give that happiness to viewers

  6. Candiva007

    Tej is an idiot! He would prefer someone man handling his wife. He’s a despicable disgrace of a man.

  7. I would stop watching this DBO..They would not spill any of the beans. Disgusting..There is nothing which motivates to watch DBO anymore

  8. This show is actuallly funny….im sorry to say but the sindhoor transferring scene was a bit awkward….with gauri it would have been magical but with chulbul it was totally ajeeb and om having an eyelock and then closing eyes feeling all the emotions with a guy was weird….the hugs are okay but this was not….

    And sare rishton ki khichdi bana rakhi hai inhone ..itne sare triangles and squares….koi bhi kisi k bhi sath kabhi bhi ho jata hai….

    Janvi having no self respect just crying divorce nai chahiye ….she should be happy ki tej jaise gadhe se kam se kam picha chuth raha hai…..
    Swethlana mad after money and having so many chakkars…..
    Gauri roaming as chulbul and enjoying moments with her omkaraji…..
    Omkara just pareshan all the time and moving around with a frowning face and teary eyes and beech beech me hugging chulbul
    Kali thakur gulchare uda raha hai
    Aur tej unke to kya kehne dimag me bhusa bhara hai…..
    Im quitting this show tolerated so many days only for kunal jaisingh but ab na ho payega…..

    1. Nivedita

      Am with u totally..Today, was even more insufferable..Was watching solely due to a Ney minted crush on RD..But am thinking of quitting DBO– no CV change means that the same crap with different actors is going to follow..

  9. It is interesting to watch Svetlana than gauri..gauri is so so so so boring…..please producers show gauri as less as possible…svetlana is a good dancer.. It is nice to watch her dance..really really hope a new heroine come opposite omkara who can match his intensity, depth, acting, and looks…

  10. Anu dear, relax.mitha ko agar hum directly kha lenge toh utna accha nahi lagega pehele kadwi chesse khai.fir mitha ka kammal dekho .
    Like this better track ane ke liye hamen ghatia track ko jhelna padega .So don’t lose your intrest .
    @nivi dear, philandeder.?????? soo funny. Maine swetlana kehena chod diya.it will be only.masklana., dayan or feklana that’it.
    @asthsby.love cycle. Har koi kiskie piccche he

    Like that song.
    “Tere mere house main chepada chepada villians.mitwa.

    Aaage Aaage chale hum.piche picche dayan bhoot mitwa?????????

    1. That song’s actually apt for the situation
      Its too funny 😀 😀

  11. how long will gauri and om run the show like gays? Yesterday’s eye lock was terrible between two men.

    When will gauri come into the open for OM? Let there be fire in oberoi mansion and let tej, swetlana (real and fake), and kali thakur, die in it….please …please…. please….

  12. I get you point. It’s too gay to the audience. But, omkara never showed himself as gay to chulbul, chulbul is nothing more than a buddy or a family member. He never crossed the line.
    The CV s are intentionally showing scenes where we doubt a lot. Today’s episode might shed some light , when omki says to chulbul that he is weird with funny antics.

  13. they are dragging it yaar….please reveal that chulbul is gouri

    1. and eagerly waiting to see how omkie saves gauri from KT

  14. they are dragging it yaar….please reveal that chulbul is gouri…nd kaali thakur please dont harm our shivru

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