Dil Bole Oberoi 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 23rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The lady asks who is this girl to you. Om recalls his hatred for Gauri and Gauri’s life in risk. He goes to Gauri and fulls her maang with his blood. The procession passes by. Gauri sees Om. Hare Ram…..plays……. Om turns to people and says marriage is over, she has become my wife, now its my matter, and you all have no right to talk in my matter. Saathiya…..plays……… The man says filling maang this way does not mean marriage happened, we will not accept this marriage till you take seven rounds around the fire. Om gets the wood sticks and ignites fire. He goes to Gauri and holds her hand. Ajnabi mujhko itna bata…..plays…………. Gauri is hurt. Om recalls her wound. He lifts her and takes her.

Om takes the wedding rounds.

Gauri looks at him. Mangalam……plays…………. Shiv idol and procession is around. Om completes rounds and puts her down. The red color is thrown in air. Om says now marriage is done, she has become my wife. Gauri’s mum smiles happily, Om asks the people to leave. Saathiya…..plays…… Gauri looks at Om.

Soumya cries recalling the insult and Rudra’s words. The plane goes towards the ground. Nandini says the plane is going to crash, pilot is dead. The man asks them to press that lever. Nandini asks Rudra to hurry up. Rudra says its not moving. The man says maybe its stuck. Nandini says it means we are going to die. Rudra asks is there no other way. The man asks them to get someone overweight to pull that lever. She says Chubby. Rudra says Chubby fainted. She says call Soumya, she can do it.

The man informs Kaali and his brothers. Kaali’s brother asks Kaali to go, I will manage this. Kaali gets up. Pandit says wait, husband has to do this ritual, your wife won’t get peace. Kaali says if they both get saved, my soul will not get peace. He crushes the pot and leaves with his men.

Gauri sees Om and walks after him, thinking how he stopped the people and married her. Saathiya…..plays….. Om looks around and says its fine now, you can go. She asks where. He says what do you mean, goons are gone, you are safe, you can go your way, I will go my way. She says how can our ways be different, our marriage… He says let me clear it, our marriage did not happen, it was a drama to save you. She says drama was fake, but marriage was real. He says don’t think you can trap me by that marriage. She says but sindoor and pheras. He says that does not matter to me. She says its suhaag sign for me. He says will you shut up, you got good chance to trap a rich guy, leave marriage, I don’t want to see your face. She says but marriage. He says it was a drama, we can never have any relation, I m saying for the last time, from today, I don’t know you and you don’t know me, I hate your face and everything related to you, don’t come in front of me even by mistake. She asks what are you saying. He pushes her away. She falls down. He says get lost and leaves.

She thinks I always believed in Lord Shankar, he has sent you to save me and kept my belief, you are mine, this is my belief, I don’t want anything by force, not relation and not even name, you will be always in my heart, I will love and respect you, I will not ask anything in return, not even love. She touches the ground where he stood and touches that soil to her hairline. Rudra asks Soumya to open the door and come out. Nandini asks Soumya to talk with love. Rudra says try to understand, we will die, if you don’t come out, they all need you.

Nandini says not they all, we all. He says we all need you. Soumya comes out and says I did not come out for you, but for them, what to do. Nandini says pull that lever, fast. Soumya and Rudra worry seeing the plane going down. She applies her strength and pulls the lever. Rudra holds her hand. Main tenu samjhawan…..plays…….. Soumya and Rudra see each other. She thinks of her marriage. They together pull the lever. They get a jerk and stumble. The plane flies upwards. Rudra holds Soumya in arms. They have an eyelock. Everyone clap. Rudra sees everyone and leaves Soumya. He makes her away and goes.

Om is at the station. He sits drinking water. Kaali’s men come and surround him. Om stays calm and gets up. A man breaks a bottle on his head. Kaali looks on. Om falls over two men.

Kaali says I told you I was born with a gun, I can’t tolerate cheat, what did you think, you will get hands on my respect and I will just see. Om says I have no relation with that girl, I was just saving her life, whatever happened was wrong, I have sympathy with you, else after raising hand on me, your hand would have not been on your body. Kaali says threatening Kaali Thakur…. He raises hand to punch. Om holds his hand.

Kaali’s men hold Om. Kaali gets a sword and attacks Om. Shivaye comes and holds the sword. Om sees Shivaye.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Priya15

    I don’t know y people even bash om here… As a girl I can say that wt om did Is wrong.. But seeing the thing in om pov… Then u can see some sense in it… The boy who got so many heart breaks l not accept these type of things so soon… It’s difficult to accept it…. So omkara doesn’t deserve bashing…

  2. Priya15

    And here is some goooooooodddddd news!!

    Dil boley oberoi trp 2.0….. On my knowledge… This is the first show which crossed 1.6 on 10:30 pm slot.. Yippee….. Party time!!!!!!!!!

    And ofc slot Leader of the week…

  3. Seeing this episode, I think Shivaay got valid reason to run from his marriage, lol

  4. 3 brothers r same to same??married and denied
    om was diff

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