Dil Bole Oberoi 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 22nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Om asks about train station. The man tells directions. Kaali asks the men to put Gauri in the pit. Gauri cries and says shouts let me me, leave me. They put her in pit and put back the soil. Gauri’s head is over the surface. She cries. Kaali asks the man to distribute the stones. Everyone take stones to hit her. Kaali says one who has raised her should hit the stone first. Uncle misses the shot. Kaali says you missed the aim, now I have to become stoneman. Kaali gets a stone and looks at Gauri. A snake comes out from the Shivling and reaches Gauri to protect her. Kaali says how did this snake come. Everyone pray to snake. Kaali says if snake is hurt, these Shiv devotees will hit stones at us. Kaali’s men try to take the snake away. They get scared. Kaali says you all are useless and goes

to move the snake.

He gets the snake on the stick and throws it away. He says now Naagdevta is gone, you all start. Everyone drop the stones. Kaali says I think I have to do this good work. He takes stone and hits Gauri. Gauri gets injured and cries. The people also throw stones at her. Gauri shouts Maa. Her mum and kids bring the stall in between. They all join hands. Kaali asks how did these kids come. Gauri’s mum digs the soil. Kaali says throw stones. The people say wait, our children will also get hurt.

Gauri comes out of the pit. Kaali asks them to move the kids. He says see this girl ran away, if she gets saved, your daughters and bahus will get spoiled, go and catch her. He asks his men to kill Gauri if they get chance.

Soumya sees the girl aiming gun at Rudra. Rudra closes eyes. Soumya runs and holds the girl. The girl shoots. The plane loses control. They all begin to stumble and fall. The girl aims gun again. Soumya stands in front of Rudra. Rudra looks at her. The girl shoots, and there is no bullet. Soumya gets a wine bottle and hits wine on her. Rudra catches the girl.

Gauri and her mum stop seeing the villagers. Gauri’s mum and kids hold hands and secure Gauri. Gauri’s mum asks Gauri to run. Gauri starts running. They stop the people. The people follow Gauri. Gauri sees two ways and prays to Lord to show which way to choose, give some sign. She sees a procession passing. She sees Shiv idol and prays. She thinks I got the way, I have belief you will make me reach the destination. She runs that way where Lord idol is taken. She runs and Om holds her. She sees him.

The girl asks why did you save him, you should have let him die. Soumya says you won’t understand. The girl asks why. Soumya shouts he is my husband. The girl asks Rudra did you marry that fat girl, you liar. Nandini says see Soumya did not care for her life to save you, good heart is important than your hot looks. Rudra goes to Soumya and says I m not your husband, you are a mistake which has shattered my family, stay away from me and my family. Soumya gets sad and cries. She goes.

Gauri sees the people coming. Om signs the men to stop. Gauri looks at Om and cries. The people say Gauri has ruined the village’s respect, beat her, she has no right to live. Om sees Gauri. Gauri says they all are lying, I did not do anything, Kaali Thakur is defaming me. Om recalls the lady’s words and thinks of Jhanvi and Tej, and Jhanvi Thakurain. He moves back and starts leaving. Gauri gets shocked. Gauri turns and sees Kaali’s men coming. They have swords in hands. Gauri gets worried. She sees Om leaving. She runs after Om. The men run after her. The men attack her. She gets wounded. She shouts Omkara. The man is about to stab her. Om comes and holds the sword. Gauri sees Om’s hand bleeding.

Om beats Kaali’s men. Om sees Gauri. She sees the man attacking him and shouts Omkara. Om gets hurt on his back. Om fights with them. He stands in front of Gauri. The people asks Om to give Gauri to them and go, she has no right to live. Om asks who are they to decide for her life, I m the wall in between, if you can try to reach her, try, your misunderstanding to be a man will end, I know this girl is wrong, just law has right to punish her, not you all. He stops the people and asks them to think, they will have same state as Kaali’s men. The lady asks who is she to you, you are risking your life for her. He thinks of Gauri. Om stops them.

Om fills Gauri’s maang with his blood. He takes rounds around fire. Gauri says how can our ways be different, our marriage. Om says leave about marriage, I don’t want to see your face, there can’t be relation between us ever.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I didnt like the episode?ye kya ho raha hai……cvs ne sabke shaadi ka mazak bana diya… vahan rudy yahan om aur vo shivaay tho pucho hi mat…. o my mata…

    1. Shivaay is now in the beginning of realisation phase yaar.. these 2 will reach there soon.. don worry!

    2. You said right shivaay tho puchi mat

    3. ur r8 Sab ne shaadi to masak bana rakha hai sooooooo sad#

  2. Ananya7044

    the same hatred ali track..but it turning more interesting…yeh rudra ko kya hogaya? y is he behaving like that..thats not fair man….anyways its turning up interesting actually..full dhamaka on for 1 hr..loving ib and dbo..i hope the shows get mered in future..i mean we can see all the 3 couples in both the show…

  3. Stupid OM just be an idiot.

  4. I think soumya planned the plane attack to reenter in rudra’s life ….what a fight om u rock but till misunderstand gauri he innocense baba..samajha karo dont be like that .

  5. Hiiii guys.hru??? I hate this kaali thakur ??????Aur yr gaaon ki logo ko kya ho gaya he???matlab agar hum real life ki baat kare toh aisa hi hota he .kabhi kabhi ladke galtiyan karte he par ladkiyon par hi sara ilzam laga jata he.jo yaha pe bhi ho raha he.
    But mujhe aaj ki episode dekh kar ye vaada raha ki yaad aa gayi.gouri shiv ki puja karti he aur ussme surbhi ganpati bapa ki puja karti thi. But episode was good. Srenu parikh is also a very good actress.
    But koi mujhe explain karega ki om kiski baat sun kar gouri se saadi karega.DIMAG KI YA DIL KI???? Uska reaction se toh mujhe dimag lagrahi he what are you guys thinking? ?? Plz explain
    Aur aaj sayad peheli baar mujhe rudra pe gussa aya aur woh bhi bahut jyada.
    Yaar ye obrois ki khandani system he kyaa ki har oberoi apni lady love ke saath rude behave kare???? Tej-janvi ,shivay-annika ,om -gouri ,soumya-rudra??? YE HO KYA RAHA HE??????????
    Aur maine ek spolier maun padha tha ki gouri filmy style main OM pe ayegi.I don’t know if this is true or not but agar aisa hua toh syad mujhe lagta he jause shivika ki chip wali MU ko om ne clear kiya tha waise hi inki MU annika clear karegi. Just a wild guess??

    1. yeh oberoi khandan toh pura bigda hua he ree

    2. yeh oberoi khandan toh pura bigda hua he ree…jo real wale oberois hote hongenaa i mean real world voh log bhi sochte honge humara khandan ka mazak bana dia…i think om ne madat ki dil se per shadi pata nhi:(

  6. I dont what was need to make om sivay2 l love the old om most …but this om hurting me …??

  7. i really want to know what must be saumyas secret..of she is negetive y did she save rudy
    bechari saumya aur gauri got married and are avoided by their own husbands..so rude..Om how can u? and yeh dusra rudy..anikq toh bach gai she is lucky her husband never leaves her for a sec and here both left

    1. Shivaya also abut to leave her wife but that time dadi make anika to come back OM these oberios man are same they just misunderstood their lady love they married with them but leave them after marriage i know one day om also accept these marriage nd rudra too now there story begining we never think shivaya will accept these marriage but he did he clear all misunderstanding abut anika one day om also clear all misunderstanding abut gauri if there love story starts fastly then we will bore step by step it would be interesting so guys don’t feel sad that our om bcom rude he will be bcom our old om very soon these Oberios Man’s blood how can they changed easily rudeness in thier blood only shakti is different but others are same

  8. Loads of drama today.. Rudra is supposed to be a sweetheart yaar.. y is he bro g like this.. one thing I enjoyed in today’s show again is BG score when OM is on frame..
    so what now? He married Gauri and just leaves her as it is?? He was the one who said in hospital.. shaadi hai.. koi mazaak nahi.. and now he is treating marriage like it’s nothing?!?! All these oberoi brothers are making super fun abt marriage yaar! Poor dadi..! This is not what she wanted.. abhi the elder one thoda Sudhar raha hai.. I think one by one phir se teekh ho jayenge..

  9. come back as ishqbaaz

    uffffff…what was the need for Dil bole oberoi..spoiled om and rudy’s character…u cud have extended ishqbaaz to one hour episode …now missing all omru,ombro moments…dadi soumya moments,soumya ,om moments…yucky…

    1. Gayathri.visu

      I agree with you.

  10. I love this show ❤️

  11. Hello guys,today’s episode we not up to the mark…..What has happened to Om…..How can he do this with Gauri…..
    But guys tell me one thing …The man (here Om) who once was easily able to differentiate between Truth and Lie , has now become so heartless that he is unable to see Gauri’s pain ……Felt very bad for Gauri…..I am happy that they are getting hitched ,according to the precap but still the way he showed his hatred towards Gauri is just not done…..Really want at least few shades of old Om at this moment……

  12. Kavya347

    Gaurika track!!!!i was at first having a little hopes from them….but their story and the gauri character…..Just total shit….oh god…sorry to say but looks like cvs sold their brains…they show this stupid stuff and then gul expects viewers to respect them or in other words not to criticize their bullshit stories. And seriously, Ishkara track was a million billion tomes better than this. It would have been lovely if they had started DBO for Ishkara track…instead of turning Om into a evilish shed…really hurts to see Kunal like this… i miss the old Omkara tooooo much… iss se achaa to Om ko zindagi bhar Bachelor hi rehne dete yaar…what did they do to him…and how can Omkara’s lovestory be so typical and filmy types with no essence or chemistry in it??…
    The Rumya track is the only(at least) fine thing in the show..but Rudy like this…no way…and they are gonna turn Soumya evil…i don’t know why but feels like the thing happened today was her plan ( if cvs wants to continue with the “Evil Soumya”track)….seriously, this is murder of an awesome Show and the beautiful characters…

  13. I hate rudra for today behaviour.i mean ki agar woh is shadi ko kuch nhi manta woh alag baat hai lekin out of courtsey usse saumya ka ehsaanmand hona chahiye uski jaan bachane ke liye but instead of it he is lashing out at her.mujhe laga tha ki rudra apni galti ke liye mafi maangega lekin usne phirse soumya ki insult ki yeh kehkar ki saumya usse dur rhe.thats limit.if he is not intersted toh jab reyaan se uski shaadi ki baat hoti hai toh ajeeb kyu behave karta hai i think he should grow up

  14. Krishnaa

    wow sowmya, i really thought she would harm the hijacker with the bottle instead she splashed the alcohol on her without physically harming her! 🙂 i dont know whats wrong with OmRu, both are hurting the ladies so much nowadays, i think they exchanged their soft naturedness with shivaay who is now behaving so well and romatically with anika and they got his rude nature in return.
    so as per my opinion, gaurika’s wedding will be like rumya, that is marrying without the family’s knowledge, Om will leave gauri, gauri will somehow reach mumbai with her mother and will come to oberoi mansion to work like anika used to and here another version of shivika will start in the name of gaurika, when finally their marriage will be exposed and everybody will be shocked like they were for rumya. and the famous dialogue of “farak nahi padta” will start once gaurika will realize their love.
    i wonder why all obros are marrying without the knowledge of the family, shivaay did a formal wedding but just like rudra said universe ne bhabi badli, the real bride anika was known only after marriage. dont know how PriVeer marriage will be. i still wonder whether they will really continue with priveer story or give it a break until gauri comes to oberoi mansion and solve her sister-in-law’s problem. anyway its worth watching for the actors who are giving their best, as well as for the editings effects the music and so on.

  15. Antara

    OMG wat is happening sab ke sab pagal hai soumya saved rudra’s life he is showing attitude 2 soumya wat rubbish this is not omkara he is someone else how can they change the identity of om so fast om ji dimaag se nahi dil se soochlo gauri itni bhi buri nahi hai this like ippknd2 where sholk astha ke saath kiya this is like Hate story

  16. thats how rude of rudy!!i dont like it

  17. Krishnaa

    i started to understand part of the promo now. gauri is someone who believes in love. so maybe she will fall in love with omkara just after this and on purpose go to mumbai to meet omkara. “pyaar karroon toh pure viswaas se”. omkara will know that she is still wearing the sindoor after many many many episodes. he will fall in love with her but this kali thakur incident will still be on his mind so om’s dialogue”pyar ek deal hai,dil de kar dard sehna padta hai” will relate to the promo. well, im thinking too much but just trying to predict what will happen in further episodes 😀

  18. areee rudy why man ,why this much rudeness. she saved u at least. don’t know y but when it comes in the case of accepting feelings and marriage 3 of the brothers are same. and om he also is not gonna accept his marriage as real one. kashtam.

  19. kyun ki wo pati hai mera…. kya dialogue mara soumya ne. typical indian wife. rudy got new lesson on love from nandini.
    so om ne gouri ko nahi bachaya. uske liye swetlana and gouri mein koi fark nahi. sirf jo apne maa keliye kar na paaya aaj wo karke dikhaya. love om today for the dhishum dhishum…
    main soch rahi hoon ke shaadi ke upar ek thesis likhungi. Kuch jyada karna nahi padega na mujhe. sirf oberois tak jana hai. majak kardiya hai yaar shaadi jaise sacred bond ka in logon ne.
    for gouri-swetlana – kabhi saas kabhi soutan lolz…
    oberois ke bahus are so typical …mera pati ka mantra jap rahe hai…

  20. Forgive me DBO fans for my harsh view. But what they are showing in the show is B grade crap. They are ruining the characters and the story. And they do this confidently treating the audience like a bunch of idiots. I feel bad for the actors for having to put up with such nonsense. Naagdevtaa!! really. And one woman asks what’s her relationship with you and he puts sindoor in her maang? What era are these writers from?? One has to completely part ways with their logic and intelligence to appreciate this show and I realize that I can’t do that. So I am done. Brickbats accepted. I give you flowers in return.?

    1. yaaa i agree

  21. I saw on India forums that gouri will be arrive to oberoi mansion and declares that she’s the wife of om it sounds good know?

  22. Hello dear friends,

    That was very bad of Rudi to say such a thing… and very stupid of Sumo to speak about being married knowing how indifferent Rudi is with her. It’s really bad he is blaming her for something they did together…

    There was a spoiler that Sumo will be shot in her attempt to save Rudi, hopefully it’s true, he shows no concern about her and i don’t like it, perhaps it could be fixed if she will be injured and he will understand the risk of loosing her. She was humiliated enough

  23. Shiv

    Plz plz don’t show om heartless merciless doesn’t suit him make him accept gauri asap don’t drag it like shivikas … don’t always show female lead as tainted image to male leads view that too repetitive n frustrated…..it’s too drastic to accept om in this shade
    and I luv shrenu very expressive n pretty she is!! They both make a wonderful pair!! Thanks for choosing shrenu!!!??

  24. Ritika Sawhney

    Bareilly or whichever city this happens in india…i don’t know if they showing reality that how women r treated…maybe i dont know being frm del…but this show is UTTER NONSENSE…

    i would rather watch rashmi desai on colors or nothing at all than watch this IDIOTIC SHOW…Star plus hv u gone mad…these r the kinds of shows u bring in?! PATHETIC to say the least!

  25. Khushilovesroumya

    That girl who asked rudra why did he marry soumya doesn’t she watch television. The news was on national television.Rudra needs to be saved or he will be like omkara.The only good thing about today’s episode was soumya she saved rudra and episode.gaurika is getting worst day by day.Another unwanted married.But I predict future so let me spoil it for you all that gaurika will love each other just like shivika.Another BS couple.

  26. Aaj ka episode dekh ke ek baat samjhe me aagya ki om or rudra shivaay ke nakeshe – e-kadum pr chal rhe h.. Pahele shivaay ne apne shaadi ko except nhi kiye tha or ab omru bhi wahi kr rahe h….

  27. I was so pissed at Rudra today. He was such a jerk to Saumya. Why all the hate towards her?
    It is funny how Shivay is turning out to be the best out of the Obros. I always knew it!! lol. Btw what’s up with all the Oberoi men mistreating and disrespecting their wives. Only Shakti seems to somewhat have some sort of respect for his wife even though that is also questionable.

  28. amazing episode it is so suspicious …. the serial had turned to be suspense thriller

  29. no matter what you all guys say but the serial is really good, and for all the people who are bashing om for his behavior, he is behaving this way because of his father’s attitude toward his mother. this is why he is not trusting any women. according to him he also sees guari has home wrecker and wouldn’t trust her so easily.
    whatever it is but I am loving this serial and can’t wait for om and guari scenes together has married couple. every story that starts from hate to love is only worth watching. if you people want om to fall in love with gauri all of the sudden than it won’t be that fun to watch.

    1. Shiv

      True yaar!!! It seems gauri gonna enter om!!! Luv to watch their bromance !!

  30. Hi ANu n sri thank you for your replies.. yea anu i hope they come to tht stage.. aur haan sri ye SSO bhi na hadh hi karta hai….

  31. HI Astha n arpita once again…. ye kya precap hai bhai kyun shaadi karna phir us shaadi ko taldena phir wife ko accept nahi karna.yehi riwaz hogayi hai in login ki tho…. i dont like this 🙁
    you all r happy with the precap kya?

    1. pinku… sach mein yaar . oberois ke to lagta hai gene mein yehi code hai. kya raita fela ke rakha hai. om to gaya idhar gouri udhar swetlana. yeh bhi jald hi burger banega. lolz….

  32. Gayathri.visu

    Rudra, what is this? How can u be so rude??? And yes my guess correct. Om marries Gauri for saving her from villages and after that he leaves her. Also says that he doesn’t considers it as marriage. Noway he is not our Om…..

  33. pinku problem lagta hai inki DNA mein code ho gaya hai.

  34. If they wanted to show dat om loves his mother so much that he will change forever so in earlier epis..i mean in IB they should also show son more mamta drama from jhanvi for om then only its possiblity of this so called changing om..its really disguistong nowadays..ib I m feeling its nt gud at all..rumi is not the third sis so Hu is 3rd 1??..Remember the flashback when msr. Kapoor says the 3 cute girls about there fathers accident..now what happened?? Fully bekar nowadays..I think DBO is some more interesting than ib

  35. Have u guys know the TRP of DBO…If u know, plz comment here…

  36. oberoi brothers are so rude..

  37. HI Jaya it is published both ishqbaaz n DBO are in top 20.. here is thhe link


    Check in tht all trp’s are published

    1. Tanq ☺

  38. Sachi Astha DNA problem i believe very bad !!! aisa shaadi ka mazak nahi karna chahiya na astha… har kisikey saath vo bhi.. bad boys oberios… u know i actually thought omkara ka diff story hoga.. before marriage love n then shayad marriage ke liye troubles… but wt is this again routine story… shaadi nafrat compromise sacrifice phir pyar… sab serials me dekh dekh ke pareshaan ho gayi main

    1. hmm.. pinku. mein to sirf dbo and ib hi dekhti hoon. 4 lion ka show hi mujhe pasand hai.
      bus ib mein to ab ek hi tamanna hai ki gouri ayegi OM and omkara ka room, bed, washroom, cupboard , brushes, colors ko kabja karegi. maja ayega. ek bhojpuri and dusra shayari. wow!!!

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