Dil Bole Oberoi 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 21st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Gauri gets Om to Dargah. The man sings Tere darbaar me….. Gauri thinks I will get network here. She checks the remedy on internet and says I will get clove and sugar water here. She asks some people. Kaali’s men come to find her. Gauri gets the syrup and thinks if they see me, what to do. She hides. She thinks of Om’s state and says no, I can’t leave Om in this state. Kaali’s men look for her. She crawls and goes to Om. A man steps on her hand. She screams. Kaali’s men look for her. She reaches Om and feeds him the syrup. She asks Om to get up. She cries. She sees Kaali’s men there. She prays to Dargah Baba to show some miracle and save them from this problem. The men take the spiritual cloth and pass by them. The cloth flies and falls over Gauri and Om.

Kaali’s men

stop. The Dargah men lift the cloth. Everyone come there and shower flowers over the cloth, while Gauri and Om are under it. Gauri smiles. She prays. Om gets conscious. She thanks Lord. Kaali’s men look on. Om looks around and sees Gauri crying. The people take the cloth and leave. Om begins to leave. Gauri stops him. He asks why are you following me. She says I m not following, I m walking together. He says our ways are not one, we are not together. The man says where fate meets, ways and destination become one, your fate has met, its Lord’s sign, as the spiritual carpet fell on you two, you both are life partners, love is innocent, Lord bless you.

Om and Gauri see each other. He recalls seeing her with Kaali. He says don’t come after me. She says fine, just let me go with you till outside. He asks why, did you make any plan, I don’t even want to see your face, do not follow me. Kaali’s men look on and walk to her. She calls out Omkara. Om goes ahead. Kaali’s men catch her. She shouts Omkara. The man asks her to come with them silently, else he will drag her. Gauri looks at Om.

Rudra signs to Nandini’s cousin. He compliments her. Soumya feels nausea. She says I m feeling strange. Rudra says even I m feeling strange sitting with you. She says no, because of motion sickness. He jokes. The psycho girl joins all the pistol pieces. Soumya vomits. Nandini’s cousin asks why do you eat so much if you can’t digest. Soumya runs to washroom. The girl gets worried. She comes out. Soumya gets in. The girl signs someone and goes to captain. She shoots him. The man comes and says I have put plane on autopilot. She says now the party in middle of the sky will begin.

Soumya sees the pilot dead. She hides and sees the girl in disguise. She says its big conspiracy, what shall I do. The man asks where do you have to go. Om says Delhi. The man says you won’t get any vehicle, people are scared to stop cars here, you go Bareilly. Om thinks Bareilly again.

Gauri shouts for help. Kaali throws her and says she is Thakurain’s murderer, she lied and made her commit suicide. Gauri says he is lying, I did not wish to marry him, he wanted to marry me, he paid money to my uncle and aunt and bought me. The lady pushes her. He says I know respecting women, how can I buy a woman. He gets her uncle and asks did I buy her. Uncle says no, you respected us by asking her alliance. Gauri says you are lying. Uncle says your blood is bad. Kaali says you will not get forgiveness, you will be punished, this girl is of bad character, there is one punishment, should she get punishment or not. The people say yes, she should be punished. Gauri cries. Kaali says today, we will throw stones at her and kill her, so that no girl in this village does such thing. People agree.

Gauri says I accept any punishment, listen to me, Kaki you know me since childhood, listen to me. Kaali throws her on ground and says stop this drama. The girl goes to Aditya and Nandini’s engagement. She aims gun and says plane hijacked. Everyone get shocked. Chubby faints. Soumya tries to come out of washroom. The girl says I don’t have enmity with anyone, I have enmity with Aditya and Nandini. Nandini says you have to kill me before killing Aditya. The girl says okay, as you wish. Rudra throws her gun. She picks it. Rudra fights with her, and her helper gets shot. The girl pushes Rudra and says I did two murders to reach here, I won’t have problem to do one more. Soumya comes out and gets shocked seeing Rudra at gunpoint.

Om asks about railway station. The man guides him. Gauri cries. Kaali sits there watching the men big grave. Gauri sees Shivling and says you know I m innocent, help me, I m sure you won’t let evil win, you will never leave my hand, help me as you helped mum, I know you will send someone to help me. She cries. Om is seen.

Kaali says now I have to become stone man. Everyone throw stones at Gauri. Gauri starts running. Kaali’s men attack her. Om walks away and stops.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Nail biting scene of soumya and rudra and horor episode of om and guari…

  2. Hlw everyone! !! Today episode was really emotional. Assun aa gaye yarr???? Maan karta he ki tv ke andar ghush kar kalli ko mardu.???? what nonsense is this. AND Om first time mujhe tumpe gussa aa raha he aur woh bhi bahut jyada.?????jisne tumbhari jaan bacchai tum ussse adhi raste pe jhod ke chale gaye.This is nit good.
    And about precap I’m not sure but lagta he ki sayad iss baar gouri aur om ki MU clear hogi aur shyad kal ya parso usse saadi karegi.

    1. Antara

      chill arpita om will marry gauri sharma new promo Dil Boley Oberoi | Omkara Weds Gauri https://youtu.be/hkrpDlZt4ag

    2. hi arpita…
      ghus jaao na tv ke ander. plz kali thakur ko mat maro. main usse bahut nafrat karti hoon.

    3. i wish it comes true..

  3. Krishnaa

    so somu is going to save her beloved rudra, i like their track but i just hope she doesnt turn negative. as for kali thakhur, what he is doing is really horrible. in gaurika’s interview they said there is a long way to go for their love story to start, so i think they will be married but still will be on a love-hate relationship. i didnt see gauri in the spoiler video where ShiOm are fighting kali thakur.

  4. the way chubby fainted hope his head is not bleeding. we saw a responsible rudra today. wo aage aaya and gun ko pakda sabko bachane ke liye. soumya escaped to washroom. now she can save her rudy. gouri ko om pe bharosa hogaya hai. she sounds desperate while calling omkara…..
    jo log mitti khol rahe the … pehle paani daal dete toh thoda aasan hota kholna. itna bhi rural area nahi hai barrely ki kisiko mitti mein gaad denge jinda. this was filmy.
    majhar pe chaddar bhi achha tha filmy entry to uss peer baba ka hua tha. kya lecture degaya dono ko. thnx to almighty.
    khuda yeh kaisa tera ishara, hum ajnabi toh hai par wo bann gaya humsafar hamara…

    1. Yeah Astha.. how’re sounded so desperate.. even when that baba woh dialog maar rahe the.. goers seemed to believe it more.. she atleast may felt some connection today shaayad..

      1. How’re – Gowri

      2. hamara pyaara cute shayar cutekara kahan khogaya. mein police mein missing complain file karnewali hoon.

  5. Aaaj ka episode achha nahin hain…Om pe itna gussa aaya ki e tappad lagaa Doon… Aise kaise jaa Sakta voh…Mujeh ummeed nahin hain ki kal ki episode mein voh Gauri Ko bachayegaa… Really Gauri is very strong character…Loving her character… Aaj ki episode mein toh om seh jyaada Gauri pasand aayi…

  6. Antara

    this kaali is yuck with his money power he controls all villagers seriously koi bhi nahi hai usse bachane shame on u village people soumya looks pretty in black soumya will save rudra from that girl iam also angry with om becoz he even didn’t turn around 2 see wat is happening om misunderstands gauri phir bhi he has 2 listen 2 gauri once will om help Gauri from this goons?

  7. Hi guys….Today’s episode was OK OK….Actually I didn’t expected this kind of behaviour from Om…… I had expected that Om will help Gauri in escaping from the clutches of goons….But the writers made him too heartless….At least they should have shown some moments where Om melts seeing Gauri’s condition….We could have got a moment to see our old,helping,caring,humorous,polite and kind hearted Om…But alas this did not happened at all…..
    Coming to the precap its thrilling and exiciting….Hoping to see a changed Om and an exciting love journey of Om and Gauri…….wanna know what’s goona happen next…Eagerly waiting for the next upcoming episodes…..
    Guys,kindly let me know Who agree with my views….

    1. om toh stone bann gaya hai. love journey nahi hate journey shuru hogaya hai. kuch magic hua hai jaroor. shivom mar gaye hai and unka soul-body exchange hogaya hai. still love this angrykara.

    2. I totally agree with you Maahi.. Today’s episode is not good… Hoping in coming episode every thing will be fine.

  8. felt bad for gauri koi kaisa ker saktahe yeh sab..how can they kill anyone a..and rudra became so strong and pagal hostress planewale also dont have gud security lik oberoi mansion

  9. Quite a filmy episode today.. esp the rumya part.. arey Rudra tho is showing off so much hero panthi.. the precap was not good man.. it isn’t nice to see to much violence and social injustice among woman.. doesn’t feel good!

  10. Ohhhhh my rudy baby……what will happened next.i am so excited to know.Om will help gauri,it means he came to know the truth of gauri…….

  11. Shiv

    Very eager to watch om gauri love track the beginning itself quite impressive filmy and emotional!!!?????too much of slow motion scenes eating the time felt like watching the whole serial in slow motion !!!?

  12. Can anyone plz tell me wat happened to VRUSHIKA. ..???

    1. her character was badly insulted. she denied returning to the show.

  13. Gayathri.visu

    Its a ok level episode. Is he really Omkara or Omkara singh oberoi???? I didn’t expect this from our Om… I m missing our old Om very much…! I think misunderstands are not cleared in Omri life, he married her because he want to save her from villagers…. And I liked Rumya scenes….interesting….

    1. Yeah Gayathri.. if the clear the misunderstanding so early.. on what web will they spin the story.. so they will not clear things so early.. but atleast we can hope that Om tones down his rudeness on her!

  14. Om doing this due to he bcom heartless person …he has show his mom in that state when his father has affair with another women so he think same conidition here with janvi kali thakur wife he think gauri as another women who create diffrence between kali nd janvi life as swetlana create differences between tej nd janvi he bcome stone ….. i known he will marry her to save her villager but he dosen’t ascept that marriage he will leave her

  15. Hi al….. hru

  16. Hi arpita n astha hru both… itni jaldi shadi hogi kya…. thts so boring….

  17. We wanted omkaras love story… if he gets married so soon then how???

    1. ishqbaazi… to hoga hi par shaadi ke baad.yeh to zyada interesting hoga na.

  18. Aasthu

    How can Om be so heartless?? He marries Gauri to save her from the villagers who were ready to kill her being instigated by Kaali and also that Gauri an unmarried girl was roaming around with a guy. But then he leaves her and go to Delhi. Later Gauri goes there and says that she is Omkara Singh Oberoi’s wife. The audience have to wait and watch how the all ready in tension Oberoi’s will take this matter and deal with Gauri.

  19. Why om Why?? ???…..hw can u do this…u left Gauri.so rude man……but no problem..u will only save her at end…..
    Overall it was emotional episode…waiting for nxt epi..

  20. Correct astha :P… but i dont want them to get married so sooon… wt do u say astha,arpita archiya and all fans?

  21. First of all i found this so boring Astha.. same old story gareeb ladki rich ladka.. same atitude wala ladka chulbuli ladki.. sab routine.. dekhtey dekhtey bore hogayi main ab.. ishqbaaz is realy dif from other serials so i started to watch.. but again this is coming on the same note :(…

    1. pinku… dbo alag hoga yaar. two diff. poles only attracts each other. imagine the drama in OM after gouri’s arrival as a bahu. swetlana be like – jahan bhi jati hoon ek soutan tapak padti hai lol… aisi chulbuli ladki jeena sikhati hai. still dbo has a shadow of ipkknd. mujhe aisa lagta hai.

    2. hakuna matata and enjoy dbo

  22. Renimarenju

    “Kisise dil lagane ko ho dil razi zaruri, umra bhar saath rehne ko Ishqbaaazi zaruri hai”

    This was said by omkara in ib…….hope u guys remeber this…..shayari…..

    I just want omkara’s life should get the real ishqbaazi only……..

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