Dil Bole Oberoi 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 20th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Gauri runs and hides from Kaali’s men. Kaali says find that Gauri and I will make her pay for her doings, even Shiv ji can’t save her now. Gauri boards the train. Om boards same train. Kaali’s men say Gauri would be here, she would run just by train, find her. The train leaves. Gauri collides with Om. Om says you have run away from marriage, I can’t believe this, you cheated Kaali also. The men look for her. He says what kind of girl are you, you ruined his wife’s life, then made Kaali dance on your fingers, then you ran away from mandap by taking money, you asked my phone to make plan with your lovers. She cries and asks how can you keep such bad opinion without knowing someone, what did I do that you think this.

He says you broke someone’s house and then celebrated like shameless

people, is it good to run away from marriage. She says it can be helplessness. He says I know girls like you, you can play games and cheat people just for money, I m sure they can kill someone too. She says how can anyone live with so much hatred in heart, maybe something bad happened with you, maybe someone has hurt your heart, so you have become such. He recalls Tej, Jhanvi and Shwetlana. She says its not tough to stay without love, like its living with hatred, I pity you, whatever you did with me, I would not like to see your face ever. He says guess what, even I don’t want to see your face. They go either ways.

Om stands near the door, looking at the sky. He takes phone to call. Kaali’s men see Gauri. She runs and shouts Omkara…. Om turns to her. She stumbles and holds Om. They are about to fall down the train. Om holds the train door railing. They fall down in the river.

Rudra greets the girls on the flight. He talks to a girl. She says Nandini told a lot about you. He says Shivaye is right, name matters a lot. He flirts with her. Nandini asks what are you doing here. He says talking. She says your seat is there, stop flirting with my cousin. Om comes out of waters and cleans his face. He says if this girl comes in front of me then…. She says it was not my mistake. He says who pushes someone from running train. She says I was going to jump, I called you to move aside, you stood like a lazy man, who stands at the door, goons were after me, I just had that way.

He asks why do you do such things. She scolds him. He warns her. She says you don’t know why they were after me. He says I don’t want to know, I had to be in Delhi and I m stuck in this jungle. They argue. She calls him hippi and says this jungle is dangerous, I will drop you. He asks her to spell Sharma right. She asks him to go but be careful of the pits. He goes and falls in a deep pit. She says careful, that arrow…. A feather arrow hits Om. She shouts Omkara. Another arrow hits his back. Om falls. She runs and holds him. She throws the arrows.

Kaali is doing final rites of Jhanvi. He says Gauri is responsible for your death, I wanted to get her married to Bhanu, she was after me, I explained her a lot, that I can’t leave you, you left the world for such little thing. The old man asks him to be strong. Kaali says Gauri snatched my wife, she has run away with that city guy by taking all money. The man says we know Gauri well, she is not like that. Kaali asks am I lying, ask her relatives. Uncle and aunt say Gauri has run away with money, she should be punished. Kaali says Gauri should be punished. The people agree to kill her. Kaali says I want that girl alive, she should die by my hands.

The crazy girl boards the flight in disguise of flight attendant. She says I m Geetika’s replacement, and takes list of passengers. Gauri removes the arrows and says it has poison on it, I have to find poison’s antidote to make Om conscious. She takes his phone and looks for network. Soumya jumps saying rat… Rudra sees her. Chubby says its not rat, its a bottle. Soumya sees Rudra and recalls his words. Nandini laughs and thanks her for coming. She shows her the seat. Soumya and Rudra start arguing. She gets seated beside him. The psycho girl announces to everyone, take your seats. I will try that your journey becomes memorable.

Gauri gets shocked seeing Kaali’s men. They try to catch her. She runs. She sees Om lying unconscious. She bends and makes the men fall inside the pit. They also get hit by the arrows. She holds Om and asks him to open eyes. She says if poison is not removed, he can lose his life. She prays to Lord. She sees a moving stall and lifts it. She gets that to Om. She takes Om with difficulty. Kaali says why is that girl not caught till now. The man says she would have got caught by now. Kaali says send more men, its about my respect, I want that girl, go and get her. Gauri takes Om to a Dargah. Kaali says I wanted to keep Gauri as bride, now I will keep her as a toy.

Gauri cures Om. Kaali’s men come there and look for Gauri. They find Gauri. A cloth falls over Gauri and Om. The people lift the cloth. Om gets conscious and starts leaving. Kaali’s men catch Gauri. She shouts Omkara.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hyy guys.Sryv main do dino se comment nahi karpayi.
    But episode was really good. Mujhe aaj shivika ki nok jhok yaad aa gayi. Gouri is like a mixer of annnika and rudy.but annika ka effect thoda jyada he. Soumya and rudra fir se fight.but aaj rudy bahut dino baad puraani rudy bangayatha flirt singh oberoi. ?????
    Bcoz soumya se saadi ke baad woh kusi bhi ladki se baat bhi nahi kiya tha.
    Precap also is very very interesting. I really love this show like ishqbaaz
    Pehele main sirf ayr sirf ishqbaaz dekhti thi aab isse bhi dekhti hun. 10 to 11 is really a good time for me. ????

  2. Nyc epi……
    Loved rumya scenes

    1. Hi arpita hru….. nice to c u here too….

      1. hi pinku… me too is here.

  3. Nkemakonam jonah

    Nice episode

  4. sarma.. sharma. om should join a school as english teacher.
    gouri-kahan jaa rahe ho?
    om- to hell.
    gouri- wo yahin paas mein hai kya?
    laughing like hell.
    rumya are remembering their old days.at least they have memory. our om is starting his journey of love. gouri ne jhat se pakad liya om ka chhupa dard. this is called rab ne bana di jodi.
    for our omkara-
    aap ki ankhon ki nami se hum jaan gaye,
    aap ke dil ka chhupa dard ko pehchan gaye,
    dard-e-dil par aapke baarish hum bann gaye,
    jungle mein aap ki safar mein humsafar hum bann gaye,
    phir bhi aap hume thakur ke admiyon ke paas chod gaye ……

    1. amazing.it really suits omri.

      1. thnx.

    2. Lol yeah Astha.. both Sharma And hell were hilarious!! ?

      1. Anu i am still laughing. om got few more new nick name for himself.

      2. Lol yeah.. jataadhaari hippy!! ??

  5. awesome episode.omri conversation was fabulous.

  6. Aaj ka kitna mast hain… Loved the jungle scene… Are yeh Gauri to kitni dialogues maara…Om toh paagal hogayaa…precap is bad…Voh aise kaise jaah Sakta hein Gauri Ko chodke…Aaakir voh jinda hokar chal paa Raha hain voh Gauri ki wajah se in toh Hein…

  7. i was so shocked to see omri falling in the river.that was awesome.i didnt like the precap.how can om leave gauri like that.

  8. Hey guys this is the first time I am ever commenting on telly updates…I am a die hearting fan of DBO…..especially OMKARA…..Today’s episode was really awesome……I liked the nok-jhok between Omkara and Gauri……
    Also liked the character of Gauri….She is bold,independent and fearless…unlike many tv serial girls who are portrayed as helpless and bechari…..

    1. wel come maahi dear. keep showering love on dbo like ishqbaaz.

    2. Hello Maahi… U r most welcome dr..:)

  9. Loved the omri convo today.. quite hilarious! Wow how easy was it for her to poss him off with that ‘sarma’.. lol.. poor Om.. u have no clue of what is awaiting you Om..
    I like when she raised her voice and said ek jhaap me diwar pe.. and lowered her voice for sat ja we bhe when he got pissed.. cute ? Precap felt a little bakwaas types.. but let’s wait!

    1. hope it was not the same moving stall that annika used for shivaay in their jungle trip.

      1. Arey yeah! Oberoi hone waali Bahus look super strong yaar! Eise hi uta lethe hein.. itni Aasani se!

  10. Hey guys. The episode was good. Hoping kaali won’t be able to catch gauri.

  11. do they will really show soumya as grey character.i really fear if they do so then it s possible that they will change lead against rudra just as om

  12. Gayathri.visu

    Episode is good. I just loved Omri convo….hilarious! I didnt expect that they fall into the river…. I wish Gauri doesnot becomes now a days Anika…. I want always bold and smart Gauri…

  13. Episode is good…. After reading the spoiler that is the marriage of om and guari… I am so excited… Precap is worst.. Huh.

  14. Suranjana

    Writer’s please don’t make Saumya a negative character.

  15. Nice combination;Shivay Anika ko Eng words sekha ta h r ab Om Gauri ko Hindi sekhaye ga:;Anyways loved Rumya nd excited for upcoming episodes

  16. Suranjana

    I like the way the whole story is shaping up but its very similar to Shivika story, like the love-hate relation between them and then forced marriage. I like the previous sensitive caring Omkara than this one. By the way the episode was hilarious. I love Omri jodi.

  17. Yesterday episode was so funny everyword was funny i feel gauri character is like kushi nd om character like arnav i like gauri dialogue most “ekk japp me diwar pay satt jaii “cherote,jatadari ,hippe,hurhuraika …..i find out hippe word meaning that means those person having long hair nd beard
    Abut precape i fell sad how can he leave her in that sitution if he was old om then he cant leave her like this nd he would be thankfull of her for saving his life i known our hero never leave his heroin in that situtionhe will come back nd save her life

    1. same thought here. arnav and shivaay are angry man. but still there no similarity between them. arnav ka black blue brown suit shivaay pe colourful.
      om and arnav are quite similar. both have same past. extra marital affair of their father took their mother away from them. om is little lucky. jhanvi is still alive.


    Om will marry Gauri.. will he return to Oberio Mansion or not?????


      Becoz if he returns than show will end.. or if not than miss him on Ishaqqbazz

      1. Yeah this story line of Om marrying Gauri so soon is kinda confusing..! Let’s wait

  19. Heylooo…. is it true tht onkara wud marry her becoz those kaali goons will b behi d gauri…. i dont want tht to happen

  20. Renimarenju

    After some annoying episodes…..yesterday’s episode offered a worth watch….I have started liking gauri from gaurikara scene @ train only…….Really her statement was the scene of the day……”Zarur aapke saath kuch bura hua hai……tabhi toh aapke dil mein itni nafrat hai…… pyaar ke bina jeena mushkil nahi hai……par nafrat se jeena mushkil hai….” It just stole my heart…….hats off for the team of dbo for giving gauri the best and catchy dialogue……I really admire this dialogue a lot…….And now am sure that certainly she can bring colors in our omkara’s life ……..It will take time……for omkara to understand gauri’s character…..And certainly there will be some takkar- scenes…..But trust me….yesterday’s scene was quite different …..and happy that this time they portrayed it in different way only…..not made any copy cat……..of shivika……I think certainly they are considering viewers demands…….And gauri’s concern for omkara was really nice 2 watch…….The way she managed 2 escape herself from goons and taking omkara ….though that was bit filmy……and watched it recently in ikrs also….where hero is unconscious and with the help of hand cart ……heroine manages to take hero to a safe place……reminded me certain old films…..But apart from that i really enjoyed yesterday’s episode…..And now a new bond between gauri and om has started…..And am looking forward what’s next in dbo………

  21. Good episode… Rumya scenes were nice..

  22. Hi Arpita n asta reddy.. u r here also.. so nice to c u both

    1. me too felt nice meeting you here pinku.

    2. I too felt nice meeting you here pinku.

  23. Renimarenju








    For dbo gaurikara fans……

    1. Heyy renima di awesome shayari. I m very happy to read ur shayari after 3 months. Btw how is ur leg now? How r u, mahi vaiya, ur father? All well? & where is priya di nd shivani di. I thought they will be back here.

      1. Renimarenju

        Am gud…..leg pain has gone already,….and mahi is gud……my father is also gud…… Dear…..actually now am too busy i have been transfered 2 kalburgi….north karnataka…..and here work load is hectic……and upto june i have 2 work here only….. and now am staying in hostel ……so hostel=office=office=hostel….this is my routine now…. dear….tridha…..priya is busy with studies….don’t worry she is active in this dbo page….she will be commenting….about shivu….i don’t know…..since she has deleted her acct……didn’t know whether she is watching this or not……
        And i will not be a regular member here….even am not getting breaks also…..actually sun also some times i have 2 work….and wok only….today i got some leisure time…..and watched episode and just commented here…..only….How r u ishqie…..

  24. Hi Asta, thank you so much for the reply. r u from hyd?

    1. no dear,I am from vishakhapattnam.hope that will not change our relationship. we all are ishqbaazian…..

  25. Hi renimarenju, very nice shayari.. bhahut acha hai…

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks pinku….

  26. Hey arpita wru hru?

  27. Love the episode…..om have to help gauri.i think gauri will be anika’s sister CHUTKI……waiting for the next episode…

  28. I’m soooo sry pinku dear.actually mera exam march 7 se start ho rahi he.toh main busy hun.sry for late reply. Btw I’m absolutely fine. yarr ????????

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