Dil Bole oberoi 1st episode mini rant (ishqbaaz spinoff)

hi i am khushi.I am writing this after seeing DBO.

Important:I am not writing to show how bad this show is.I am just giving my review on how i felt about 1st episode of DBO.I know lot of people did like it.I was not super impressed with it.If you don’t want to read it that is okay.This is my honest review.I am not saying that that you have to read this.But if you are one of my reader the next Rumya_FF(part 4)will be up in 3 days.

Let’s start with the entry i think om’s entry was fantastic and he looked so good.

Gauri’s entry was also amazing.If you already don’t know her full name it is Gauri Kumari Sharma.isn’t it fantastic i know you will like it because it reminds me of one of my fav character khushi kumari gupta.
She is so much like her sister Anika and khushi.she is just like them.the same attitude,talkative,funny,bubbly,full of life and believer in true love.
Remember how anika broke the windshield of shivaay’s car.she will step up her game and brake the whole car.
Anika also used to throw water at shivaay with glass or bucket.Think of what gauri will do?
Let me tell you she will probably bring water tanker and throw water from tanker.
Anika also used to throw shivaay in swimming pool so gauri might throw om in pacific ocean so that no one can brake her record.

if they just wanted to copy other shows so much they could have done it in ishqbaaz.

Plus i don’t know who the gauri is.i mean i got used to ishana so much.omkara and ishana’s chemistry was unbeatable.they were so different.i don’t like changes that much.So now it will take me a whole while to get used to the new girl.

i still miss ishana.but whatever i have to get used to this new girl.

moving on

let’s talk about omkara.he was looking so good just like his bigger brother shivaay.

His character was about soul and now it is mind.so the show’s concept now is mind mind and body.

body:what about soul??
mind:no,it gave up too early.
so sad i will miss you soul and don’t worry i will watch old episodes so that you don’t feel bad.

The show lacks originality and creativity.Like it is using the same tested formula which is hate to love and love triangle.

Just asking does anyone likes the girls who are not always brave,gives up sometime,not an orphan,not always positive and happy,not pile up bunch of makeup just because they think smile is the best accessory and is not independent and lives with parents.

because khushi is single and by showing all the same kind of girls they are lowering my self esteem.Once in a while i also like to see relatable girls.

I am sorry if i offended or defended anyone.I just think that i wanted to get my word out there because i couldn’t keep this in my heart.I am sorry to shrenu’s fans because i know they will be mad or sad about this but sorry not sorry.Tell me how you felt about the rant.My next rumya part will be up in 3 days so wait for it or look out for it.i felt overwhelmed with the comments i received.i wanted to prodece goodcontent so wait for it because it is in the editing bank.

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  1. U are absolutely right…gul khan is suffering from a grave decease of lack of creativity….lol. She should get treatment asap..the only thing I liked in yesterday episode was om’ s reaction after knowing takurain’ name is jhanvi….liked om’ s acting n expressions too. Loved the acting of Rahul dev….he was like a blast..the rest of episodes hopeless

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      I liked some parts of the episode but like the same concept for his story too.i don’t think I will watch it for gaukara.

  2. Sally_blr

    You are absolutely right dear. First of all I’m not in agreement with their decision to turn omkara’s character like every other male lead of Indian TV. Total disappointment when I saw a different shaded Omkara. Now he looks like taller version of Shivay. Omkara and Gauri have the same face of like all the leads of Gul Khan’s serial. As Gosha said she is running out of creativity. I’m out of it when they ignored Om and now I’m completely out of it when they show similar story as Shivika. For this crap they shifted POW to 11 o clock slot. I just could watch Rahul Dev’s intro. Other things really went above my head like Gauri’s chunni went above OM’s head. All the very best to screw more people’s life

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Same but I think they could have found a better relatable story rather than same story.i can never relate to this new girl just like I couldn’t to anika.

  3. Yeah I too agree with ur Pov somewhat..

  4. u r absolutely right. I used 2 luv omkara. nd watched ishqbaaz for him but now his character is completely change. he had became shivay. plz Gul I request u 2 bring omkara back and create some new story coming out of this usual stuff

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      I still like omkara but they failed using his acting skills the right way.

  5. Diyaa

    My point exactly Khushi. Phat the Wuck is wrong with Ms. Gul Khan and her creative team. Why do they rehash the same dilapidated story again, and again, and again…Om’s story had so much promise. He could still be helpless to turn a brutal businessman due to circumstances without the Shivaay like tashan – the hair flicking is killing me, older brother top of head, younger brother at the neck. God save my bachcha Rudy…Hope they won’t spoil him too…I’d adopt him to save him from Ms. Khan’s creative team. Even with Fauri’s story, they did not have to give her all the latkas and jhatkas of a typical heroine. And the hair and make up you mentioned…Agreed. it is to the actor’s credit that I still couldn’t take my eyes off because Kunal is just too good an actor and looks hot (shiv… shiv), Leenesh is another fabulous actor and his comic timing is one of the best I have seen ever, And in spite of the horrible paanchvi pass u.p. accent training they have given Shrenu, the girl is a good actor and looks very pretty. Thanks for writing this article so a less gutsy person like me could fire my gun by keeping it on your shoulder ?

    Loved how you expressed your frustration in the following lines:

    “Just asking does anyone likes the girls who are not always brave,gives up sometime,not an orphan,not always positive and happy,not pile up bunch of makeup just because they think smile is the best accessory and is not independent and lives with parents”

    I am sure there are people who like girls like that but did not tell the telly world.?

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      I laughed while reading this comment but it is truth.You know they could have taken inspiration from “teenagers”.Like we probably write better story than her creative team.Thanks I was already mad because of v day and I couldn’t find anyone better than her to take out my frustration.i really think we need to save rudra because he is already taking decision just like shivaay.i know my goal is to find mr.right by next valentine’s day.by the way waiting for your next part.????????

  6. Sach me ishana hi achi lage rahi thi om ka sath gauri nahi

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      I know dolly I miss ishana.

  7. Pratha

    U thought just like me.
    I also just wanted to watch Omkara and Ishana but gulkhan is just repeating her ideas. She just gave same character to gauri same as anika.
    I think I am just watching again the story of shivika.
    There is no story on omkara who was a person of truth and he should get a girl opposite of that who is a lier and not naughty.
    In first episode of ishqbaaz dadi says that her gradsons will get takkar ki ishqbaazi and always the person gets the partner opposite to the other person’s character but……

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      I know right ishana was so better than here.How will om understand the meaning that lying is not always bad.because this girl doesn’t even lie she is just like anika.but one quality that she can never take from anika is that anika can stand up for herself and her she needs someone to help her.

  8. U know u r so right d same repeat telecast of shivika. There should be only one sso but no gaukara is a repetitive.. Anika as u told used to stand up for herself but now she needs shivay everytime now and then she cries gosh.. Yaar shiv the same person who had called her baazari aurat… Who blackmailed her to marry him. Who infront of whole world accepted tia as his wife… And is it really necessary to relate each of the character like gauri nd ani

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Yes,true I don’t even like gauri.I would prefer ishana over gauri.instead of showing gaukara I wanted to watch rumya.i am just going to watch DBO when rumya are in that episode.

      1. Pratha

        That’s true….

  9. Kavya347

    I totally agree with you Khushi. Ishkara was a lot better than this. First of all, seeing Omkara with someone with than Ishana…this thought is just the most inappropriate one. And secondly, seeing him with Gauri..??..not possible at all. No matter how much they want, the showmakers cannot ever ever create that beautiful magical intense lovestory without bringing Vrushika back. Ishana is the soulmate of Omakra. Noone can replace her. That whole concept of lovestory of an artist who worships truth and the girl whose life is full of lies and cons….story of the beautiful, unique souls who have a way different lifes and worlds and principles… but still they were just meantto be qith eacother…to be witj eachother in every kinfmd of situation, to be eachother’s strength and support….complete eachother…. that would have been the best lovestory EVER…. and the cvs said that there was no way to extend Ishkara track…really i cannot understand what was the problem. At once, i can forgive them for that, but this stupid idea of Om turning into a stone-hearted businessman. I am sorry to say, but feels like gul totally lost her mind.they are behaving as if tashanbaazi is a formula for hit-lovestory and they will put any two characters in it, and it will give an instant super-hit show… Stupid fellows?…..Kunal is doing justice with his role….he can play any kind of role perfectly… Really great and he is the only reason to watch the show. I really think that he is Mr.Perfectionist of tv industry. But still, Omkara…the one whom We wanted to see is lost…as for Shrenu, she put on a lot of effort..but still the character of gauri sharma is not so powerful or having any impact. Of course we cannot blame her for that…but seriously, i see no chemistry between Omkara and Gauri…and it literally makes me cry that Ishana won’t be ever seen opposite Omkara..?? i must say….DIL BOLE ISHKARA….only and only ISHKARA ???

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Totally agreed.i don’t like gauri.the love story was between the boy who cannot lie and a congirl.now the love story is between another anika and another shivaay.i don’t watch that show.i am going to start watching when rumya comes in the show.waiting for them.

  10. Kavya347

    And did you hear the news of new Rumya track??? They are saying that it will be revealed that soumya has entered Oberoi mansion for revenge….i hope this is a rumour. I mean seriously????basdle ki aag vali lovestory for such a sweet couple…i cannot tolerate this at all. I really wish that this is not true and Rumya will remain the cute, crazy sweet ishqbaaziva couple always…..they ruined Omkara’s track….now they cannot do THIS…

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      To be honest I kind of like the track.but it is not possible because of rumi running behind them.i don’t think so.but hopefully they will get good screen space.

      1. Kavya347

        Yeah….but i am afraid that this will again be like ishqbaaz. There, they concentrated on shivika only and ignored Om’s track…so channel had to start dil bole Oberoi. Now, on dil bole, they will ignore Rudra’s track and maybe the channel will have to start special show of Rumya…??..lol..but seriously, i think that rumya is not getting enough screen space. They are neither in ishqbaaz nor in dil bole oberoi…i am missing their cute lovestory…hope that they will be back soon…The show feels incomplete without hearing their sumo-proteinshake fights..

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