Dil Bole Oberoi 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 19th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Gauri says ice box will work by power, if power goes then… Real Shwetlana comes out of the box and walks to Gauri. Fake Shwetlana gets shocked. Some time before, Om checks and says it has just one video. Buamaa asks him to play. Shwetlana says hello Oberois, no idiots suit you more, how can anyone be so foolish, I was fooling you when you thought you are fooling me, when Om come to room, I understood you are coming to steal evidence, that sleepwalk was drama, thanks for alerting me, I wish I could see your face, it would be great fun. Om says congrats, this was your great plan. Buamaa says why are saying Gauri, Shwetlana is prepared. He says our problems got more high. Gauri says I have an idea, we can do something. Om says please keep your stupid ideas.

Buamaa asks why do you always

scold her, atleast she is trying. Jhanvi says Om is right, we can’t reach Shwetlana’s level. Gauri says she thinks she is smart, we have to use this. Buamaa says right, sometimes people do mistake in oversmartness. Om says this time, we will not listen to her. Buamaa says let’s hear her first. Gauri says wait, and wears shades. Om asks her to get to the point without this drama. Gauri throws candy and eats. Om says she is passing time. Gauri says Shwetlana is not real one, she has locked real Shwetlana in ice box, its in this house. Buamaa asks what is she saying. Om says she is saying right, I will tell story later.

Gauri says there will be reason to keep her here, maybe real Shwetlana is alive. Om asks what do you mean. Gauri says ice box will work by power, if power goes, Shwetlana will get worried and try to reach real Shwetlana. Om says I m going to execute her idea. Buamaa says wow, this time voting was not needed, I think Om liked your idea.

Shwetlana says they would have seen video and understood they are big fools, I wish I could see their faces. She applies ointment and says they did not do right by spoiling my face, they have to pay for this. Power goes. She calls servant and asks about electricity. He says its gone in complete area. She asks him to switch on inverter. He says inverter is not able to take load, all electricals are off. She sends him and says freezer will get off, if Shwetlana wakes up, my secret will be out. Gauri says I m in hall and keeping an eye. Om says she is not here, she has to go from here to basement. Buamaa and Jhanvi say she did not come here also. Shwetlana sees Gauri and thinks what is she doing here. She sees the freezer and says oh no, she is standing near freezer, if Shwetlana comes out, Gauri will see her first.

Real Shwetlana opens the freezer and comes out. She walks to Gauri. Fake Shwetlana gets shocked and drops a vase to distract. Gauri goes and sees the broken vase. Shwetlana says where did she go. Gauri says Shwetlana has done this, it means ice box was where I was standing. Shwetlana follows the wet foot impressions. Gauri looks around. Shwetlana says I have to find her, did she jump down. She looks down the window and says she is not here. Gauri sees real Shwetlana. She says why is she drenched, rain did not shower, why is she walking like this, is she sleepwalking again. She holds her and says she is so cold, it looks like she came from ice, she is real Shwetlana, she is not talking, before other Shwetlana finds us, I should take her to room.

She sees Shwetlana coming and asks real one to walk a bit, why did she freeze. She hides. She takes real Shwetlana on a wheel board. Shwetlana turns and asks who’s there. Gauri throws a candy and drops the vases. Shwetlana turns to see and goes.

Gauri tells Om that she got real Shwetlana. He asks how and where. She says I will tell later, I m getting her to your room, call Buamaa and Jhanvi, get power on, Buamaa will be feeling heat. He says done. Shwetlana says how did this vase break, where did Shwetlana do, Om and his team are not here, did they get her, my secret will open. Gauri gets real Shwetana to Om’s room. Om shuts the door.

Buamaa comes and asks why are you making lie on bed. Gauri says she is real Shwetlana. Buamaa asks what, duplicate. Gauri says yes. Buamaa says she looks ditto. Jhanvi comes and says anyone can get tricked seeing her. Gauri says Shwetlana is finding her. Buamaa says my bahu thinks everything in advance. Om says its not time to start Gauripuran, think what to do of her. Buamaa says is she alive or not. Gauri says she is alive. Om says we have to make her conscious, till then we can’t make Shwetlana lose. Gauri rubs her palms and says if she does not get conscious then. Jhanvi says I think we should call doctor. He says no, our plan can get spoiled. Gauri prays to Lord to put life in Shwetlana. Real Shwetlana gets conscious. They all look on.

Shwetlana injects Gauri. She holds her hand and drags her to the ice box. She says whoever comes in between me and mission will die. She shuts Gauri inside the ice box.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shraddha-DBO

    Hey rikarians,todays episode was nail biting one?
    Superb, and finally at least one mission was successful.

    Eagerly waiting for Mon…..
    Hope we’ll get to see rikara scene?

  2. Aastha_Reddy

    Astha is crying friends..ask why?? finally I thought that ice box khali hogaya and I can use that in this hot hot summer..but Gouri took place in that ice box. Nahi….
    Asli out Nakli like search engine.. Maza aagaya dekhke..
    The chocolate orange flavour aww.. We all want to eat that one badly.
    Shwetlana… dhoondhte reh jaoge..came true. The darkness help Gouri.
    Just another aww…and full episode. I loved it today..
    Gouri… Kailash toh nahi jaa sakti iss liye apne Shankarji ke ghar jaise feel karne keliye Ice box mein end hogaya uska..
    Seems no one missed me.when I was absent .. very bad very bad..no one from DBO page loves me any more( Dramatical cry and fake tears)..

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Hey astha ,two days b4 I had mentioned your name yaar?

  3. Can anybody stop Sweat lana puran, it’s so boring and why she always wins it looks writer want to make fun of viewers, due to this viewers making fun of them by showing low trp on chart, they don’t have story, once Sweat lana puran stops they will bring Kalipuran, and once Kali gone bring again Manlike lana.And then show will be ended forever as trp will be 0.

    1. Nivedita

      Lol Lara! That’s hilarious! Seriously, I didn’t enjoy today’s episide..
      Except for the first few mins.. where I lived Sushmita ji’s 2 dialogues– first about vote karenge and next jab vote ki zaroorat nagi hui..????

      Other than than this episode was dimaag ka OMM, brain- phod, stupidicious, annoying as he*l! ????^infinity

      Can’t stand the whole freezer logic- was stupid in the first view of the freezerlana and has been stupid ever since..

      All the stupid, duffer taunts that Om gives to poor And Smart Gauri should actually go to the CV who thought of this
      Dead- undead, Realana– Fakelana,
      Plastic surgery- mask, living in freezer- dying in freezer pure irritating, annoying, SuperCrapiLacious idiocracy.. Don’t feel like watching on Mon..???????

      My brain will have a much better time non- exploding with fhat the wucks! ??

      So so so disappointed with todays episode, I knew the hat-trick of good episodes meant that Sh*t was gonna hit the OM 2.0! ??

      1. Nivedita

        *loved Sushmita ji’s

      2. Nivedita

        *zaroorat nahi hui
        *Other than that
        ” Dying in freezer…Pure,

  4. Karina

    Apart from the illogical way in which they all of a sudden woke real Svetlana up, the epi was nice.

  5. Interesting track coming up next week, when gauri is saved from the freezer by om…plus the mahasangam…Ooooooo!!!!!

  6. Today episode is superb.
    But guys there is sad news for all RIKARA FANS,I read it on India-forum article (don’t know the real truth of this news )
    .according to that news Upcoming DBO is only concentrate on Rudra love track.
    Makers Rush our RIKARA story, that’s why suddenly omkara cry for gauri, in mahasangam RIKARA grehaprevesh.
    Upcoming days we will get only some minutes of our cutees -RIKARA story.
    GUYS, TILL we are only waiting for our RIKARA love track, not for rudra track.
    But makers always play stupid game using such a talented actors like kunal,shrenu.
    Till now we consider our RIKARA is the main lead in DBO. So that we watch DBO .
    But thay are going to show RIKARA fast track.
    Pls cvs first show RIKARA all nok-jok, then friendships,then love.

    If RIKARA is not there in DBO, we will leave the show forever.
    Makers just understand RIKARA is the main lead in DBO, they are damn hot sizzling beautiful Jodie, that’s because we watch and enjoy.

    @gulenaghmakhan if you are not ready to show our RIKARA story properly, like shivika long love track,we will protest ????.

    If you are not ready to give more screen space to our RIKARA, we are stop watch your show forever.

  7. Ha ha ha @asthababy, meri maan ki baat tumne kehe di…. mijhe bhi garmi main woh dibaa chahiye…chalo kya kare ….hum dono apnki dulh baat lete ho..milke royenge??? waise bhi garmi bahut rula rahi he mujhe.

    And episode was good … Gouri is a khdkitod acchi wali chunt…now accha hoga..ye…

    Jayada kuch nahi bolna.

    Waiting for monday .

  8. hii gyes … i m new here….
    ishqbaaz n DBO merger epsd will coming soon on star plus

  9. Aasthu

    when will the merger episodes start??????

    DBO FANS FROM KERALA, are you guys college friends?????

    1. DBO fans from Kerala

      Yes dear,
      We are college friends.

  10. DBO fans from Kerala

    Guys according to latest news of DBO, makers rush our RIKARA story.
    Upcoming is only for rudra love track.
    Are you guys interested in DBO without our cutees RIKARA?
    Why makers cheat RIKARA fans.
    Upcoming; omkara accept gauri as his wife.
    Why they suddenly do all this?
    Makers spoil our RIKARA story.
    Upcoming parent track is of rudra.
    Really we will miss our RIKARA soon.
    Really sad after this news.

    1. Hi….that news is absolutely wrong….there is nothing like that…everybody assumed so….the mahasangam episode will have the entry of rudras love interest….rikara story and so many twist and turns….dont get disappointed …and makers dont want to sideline rikara becoz they are so popular….

  11. Plz CVs noooo….rikara should not take a back seat..give them more screen space than rudra.

    1. DBO fans from kerala

      Yes you are correct. They are best.
      We want their long love track

  12. anay bangalore

    Can some one tell me who is actual swetlana? the one in ice box ? or whose details were with father when he got killed? so confused. all swetlanas here

    1. The one in the freezer is the real swetlana

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