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Gauri says this line is going towards the secret passage. She gets shocked seeing Buamaa. Rudra shouts Bhavya. Someone drags her. Some time before, Om falls down. Gauri shouts and asks him to open eyes. She says I will call doctor and turns to leave. Om stops her and gets up. He holds her close. Rudra dances with the girls. Jal jal ke dhoowan…….plays….. He sees Bhavya. Gauri gets away. Om romances her.

The girls push Bhavya in the pool. Rudra dances with her in the pool. Gauri sees Om. Bhavya recalls his words. Om and Gauri dance. Bhavya leaves from the pool. Om kisses Gauri on her forehead. He holds her close. Gauri recalls Om’s words and pushes him away. Om faints. A man threatens the waiter and goes. Bhavya sees him. She recalls the man having a box. She says that

guy was not Rudra’s friend, who can it be.

Gauri thinks what happened to Om, so much love suddenly, I thought Buamaa added poison but… she thinks of Buamaa’s words, it means the herb did not have poison, it was alcoholic, why did Buamaa want to bring me and Om closer. Rudra dances with his friends. Raghav is wearing the locket. Rudra has made him wear it. The shooter sees him and shoots. Raghav falls dead. The girl screams. Everyone see Raghav. Bhavya sees the shooter and asks him to stop.

Buamaa drags the box. Gauri looks on. Gauri says this time you can’t fool me, this powder will show me where you go, this powder shines in darkness. Gauri says this line is going towards the secret passage, it means she went there. Rudra says its a murder, we should inform police, where is Bhavya. Bhavya runs after the shooter.

Gauri looks inside the secret room and sees Buamaa sitting with an empty cradle and singing a lullaby. She says Ratan, Gauri and Om are going to get together, you will be coming back in this world, then we will punish Om. She laughs. Shooter points the gun at Bhavya’s head. He shoots. Bhavya fall down. Rudra looks for Bhavya. The girl says she is nowhere. He says how can she disappear, where shall I find her. The shooter drags Bhavya.

Gauri says it means Buamaa is waiting for Om’s child, who she will keep as Ratan, she will then punish Om, it means she will kill Om. She recalls everything and runs. Dadi and Jhanvi ask what happened. Gauri says Buamaa, Ratan, cradle… Dadi says Buamaa was moving the cradle as if Ratan is in it, she is not willing to accept that Ratan is no more. Jhanvi says no use to dig old wounds. They go.

Om comes to senses and recalls what happened. He gets Gauri’s earring and says how could I do this. Gauri comes to room. She thinks I understood there is no use to tell Om about Buamaa’s doings, he will never believe me. She looks for her earring. He asks her are you finding this. He gives her the earring and says whatever happened should have not happened, sorry. She thinks how to tell you, it was Buamaa’s plan. She says you are saying right, can you make a promise, if I call you some time, answer it and come to help me. He asks what help. She says you will know when time comes. She thinks that time will come today, I m going to bring Buamaa’s truth out, I have to fight this war alone.

Om falls down the stairs. Jhanvi and Gauri shout out.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shraddha-DBO

    Hi to all rikarians, Shrenalians..
    Nothing to say….
    Simply re watched rikara scenes….
    Waiting for the leap…
    I’m very + abt coma track…
    Mahi waiting for ur SHAYARI..

    I know many r tensed abt coma track..
    Guys please stay happy & watch it.
    Don’t blame CVS…

    & Kunalji has opened the hair & posted in insta??

    I’m excited abt upcoming track???

  2. Seriously i can’t handle this rubhya any more..i am just trying to skipp them..i appreciate their hard work but i want my rumya….

    But rudy was looking hot …

    Omri romance bade fast ho yarr…kya rimance he….satke jawa…????..chalega…cute thi..

    Buamaa is hell scary..

    Guys don’t know whay i am feeling that om ‘coma is just like a filler due to IB.. don’t know what will happen next but i am haapy that Zulfi Singh Oberoi will back..

  3. Hiiii everyone……
    1.Today’s episode from GAURIKARA side was on fire????….

    2.But the CVS spoiled Gauri
    kara romance by showing RuVya in between which does not has any meaning…

    3.CVS plz bring back Soumya ….. Bhavya does not suit our Rudy…..

    4.Today’s RuVya scence was just meaningless…. Spoiled the episode….
    We want Rumya…..

    5. Gauri’s sparkling powder to catch Buamaa…. Smart Gauri….

    6.Finally Gauri understood what Buamaa was actually up to…. Thank God CVS didn’t drag this part…..

    7.Omkara-Gauri conversation on Sorry – promise was nice……


  4. Hi arpita really om is gonna go in coma??

  5. Don’t know what about others I can’t tolerate this ruvya in between my rikara, disgusting cvs
    SHRENU and KUNAL nailed each and every scenes of epi.
    Love you shrenal?????

  6. Who is zulfi singh oberoi ???

    1. Leyaa zulfi Singh oberoi is our old freehsir omkara

  7. Radhika.k

    Hey rikarians!!Atlast they showed the drugged wala romance!!But enjoyed the love scene thoroughly!!Even i agree that Cvs spoiled the gaurikara scene by interrupting ruvya!!
    I am happy that gauri is dedicately working on her mission to find buamaa’s truth n she cleverly atlast understood her Plan…..When omki said sorry to gauri it was very nice,its the second time he is saying!!
    Thank god gauri understood that omki will never believe her!!But the promise scene was delighting one!!I think she can team up wid jhanvi n dadi!Precap:As expected omkara is going to go coma!!Waiting for zulfi singh oberoi hope to see him soon…….

  8. Hiii guys…. I am new plzz welcome me. Rikara’s scene was on fire but it spoiled by ruvya.
    Oh no I can’t believe that om will go in coma.
    Love u rikara……

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Hi radha, welcome yaar?

    2. Hii and welcome @radha….
      Keep commenting and keep loving SHRENAL & GAURIKARA….

  9. Hello everyone. I’m Nandini. I am a huge fan of DBO and much more bigger fan of Omkara(Kunal). I couldn’t watch the episode so I read them daily here. Navidita and Mahi, I just love to read ur comments. U guys fill the feelings that I couldn’t get from just reading the blog. Love u guys. And loves Rikara!!!

    1. Hiii and Welcome @nandini…..
      Even we also love SHRENAL & GAURIKARA ????????…. Just waiting to see Omkara with his open hairs and some more lovely Gaurikara scenes….

      Thank you so much for loving our comments….
      And we will also love to read ur comments as well….
      Love u to dear……
      And yes keep commenting……???

    2. Nivedita

      Thanks Nandini.. very sweet of you..

      Keep reading and commenting..if u r in India.. you can watch DBO on hotstar app or hotstar.com for free..if show timings r an issue..

      Agree with everyone..Bhavya was a Grahan on OmRi romance ..?

      1. Thank u a lot for the love. Actually I am not from India. I hope that doesnt spoil my previlages of commenting,does it?

  10. I am a late bloomer when it comes to IB. I only find pleasure I watching DBO. But i’ll have to side with most of u when it comes to Bhavya. I do really dislike her too. But can anyone tell me the story behind Omkara’s ex-gf(I think it his gf,right?)?

  11. No Bhavya is not Omkara’s GF ….
    Actually Bhavya is an ACP who is an uncover right now and is using Rudra yo achieve her mission…. In detail they both are pretending to be married and this is known to their family…..

    Also Omkara does not have any GF….
    He is just married yo Gauri….

    Hope ur confusion is clear….

    1. This is reply to ur question @nandini

  12. Thanks a lot Mahi. But I meant the Ishara or someone u guys mentioned earlier. I figured she must be with omkara in IB?

    1. Nivedita

      Yes Ishana wasn’t Om’s GF.. she was just his friend in Ishqbaaz.. and the CVs had introduced her as a lead for Om..in the story.. but their story never progressed beyond friendship for Om and a little bit more for Ishana ( she had a cute storyline..so there are many Ishana fans in IB..but she didn’t have a good chemistry with Om)..

      But some issues with CVs and Ishana character was dropped out of IB. When DBO started they launched it with Gauri opposite Om as the lead.

      1. Oh. Thanks Navedita. And sorry, coz I might have misspelled ur name before in my earlier comments. I hope u dont mind.

  13. osm serial love it,…alot <3 <3

  14. Just now I watched 20June epi in hot star what the hell swethlana back again….can’t bear so many villains yar….very slow moving

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