Dil Bole Oberoi 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 16th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Om and Gauri get shocked seeing the video. He asks how will we prove this. Gauri says by finding the Shwetlana in ice box, I think she is here. Some time before, Jhanvi gets Gauri to room and says you came here as Chulbul before, today you came here as Om’s wife Gauri, so we did these preparations. Gauri thinks its big thing to come as Om’s wife. Buamaa gets Om. Om asks what’s all this. Buamaa asks do I need to explain, idiot. She pushes Om. She asks Jhanvi to come. She says little Om should play around in one year. She goes. Om throws the things.

He says don’t forget you are guest here, you are brought here to make Shwetlana leave, you will leave alongwith her. She says I know and cries. He says if you know, why are you acting to be my wife, you don’t need to stay here, get out.

He pushes her outside the room. She cries. He says I will get free from Shwetlana and Gauri in next 48 hours, I have to go to Shwetlana’s room and find clues. Gauri thinks of his words and cries.

Om goes to Shwetlana’s room and sees her sleeping. He checks some files. He hides. Gauri says Om is right, he did this marriage being helpless, so he does not believe in it, why am I feeling bad, I just came to help him. Om thinks I have to find clues, else Shwetlana will get saved again. Gauri sees the robot and says this robot always roams with red eyes. She recalls the two red dots made by doctor.

She says red eyes, was doctor trying to say about this robot, I should tell Om. Om says I did not get anything, what to do now. Shwetlana comes to his room and says wedding night and you are alone. He asks what are you doing here. She says I came to see how your room is decorated, I knew this marriage is a drama, what did you think, you will get village girl and say she is your wife, will I agree, there would be some reason, your bride is not here.

Gauri comes and says I m here, I went to get ice water for Om. Om holds her and says this is not your work, it was Chulbul’s work, he was servant, you are my wife, it means owner of Oberoi mansion. He holds her close and says you came home today and started working, its our first night. Shwetlana looks on. Om asks her for some privacy. Shwetlana goes.

Om pushes Gauri away. He asks her not to have any misunderstanding, this is just a drama to show Shwetlana, why did you come here. Gauri gets the robot. He says I have seen it many times. She asks him to see the red eyes, maybe its the marks made by doctor Dang, the spy was saying boro, maybe he was saying robo. Om recalls and says you mean they were talking about this. She says I think this has some connection with Shwetlana’s secret.

Om checks the robot and removes all cells. He sees a memory chip inside. He plays the chip. They get shocked seeing the video, of fake Shwetlana stabbing the real one and getting similar face by threatening Dr. Dang. Om says it means Shwetlana took someone else’s face. Gauri says you remember I saw Shwetlana in ice box, it means she was this girl. He says this girl was in freezer. Gauri says maybe Shwetlana is someone else. Om says maybe, how will we prove this. Gauri says by finding Shwetlana in ice box, she will be around. He asks where. The box is shown hidden.

Om sees Gauri and asks can’t she see and walk, duffer, shut up. He asks her what is she doing. She says I m going to sleep. He says you can’t sleep here. She says before you make me out of this room, I m leaving myself. He says I wish that was possible, unfortunately, Shwetlana is keeping an eye on us, you have to stay here. She says I have no problem to sleep on ground. He asks her to stop lecture. They argue.

He says I hate you, think how much will I hate you once I know everything about you. She says you think its all true, you judged me after meeting in Bareilly, you are seeing and understand what you want, if I was really that, you would have seen badness in Chulbul also, you are not seeing Chulbul’s truth in me. He says these words don’t suit you, Jhanvi Thakurain committed suicide because of you, there is no difference between you and Shwetlana, you both can do anything for money, can cheat anyone, you both just know to break house, I m not fallen like you, my mum taught me to respect women, silently sleep on bed. He sleeps on ground.

Shwetlana says Om is showing something, truth is something else, they are acting to be lovey dovey, I have to find truth. Gauri says I can’t sleep on bed. She lies beside Om on ground. Shwetlana thinks once I prove this marriage fake, I will get re-entry in this house.

Shwetlana says they will reach that table while doing pest control, they will know about real Shwetlana. Shwetlana stops Om. Gauri calls out Shwetlana. Gauri walks in, showing off her style.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nivedita

    After 3months of DBO- we get a meaningful and solid story progress filled episode..????? CVs yeh gunn kahan chupa tha aspka???? Pehle prakat hota toh firr TRPs wouldn’t have fallen so much..

    I was enraptured the entire time, except the Fakelana flashback- that still raises my BP with its horrendous science Ka OMM!????
    Uff Om and Gauri were so mesmerising..all they need is good dialogues– and they can work wonders for DBO..??????
    Om++ I feel so bad when you are ill-treating Gauri like this and not willing to listen to her side of the story!!???
    But Gauri- you got spunk woman???! I am so proud of you for not backing down to O and finally trying to tell him the truth and correcting his misinterpretations of your actions..??
    Unfortunately O didn’t believe anything! ?? Gud luck- to you- I hope this is the Gauri we will keep seeing from now IB– not the roturu one..??
    Also Gauri I loo…oved the precap???–.I love this spunky Chulbul Pandey worshipping Gauri Kumari Sarma from DBO first episode.???.who had disappeared behind Chulbul’s disguise the past few months..
    Thanks CVs for trying to move fwd the Fakelana plot! ?? The sooner it disappears from DBO the better! ??
    Gauri you are the best wife! ??

    1. Nivedita

      * from now in IB and DBO..

  2. OMG…finally gauri has identified those two red dots…CVS keep dragging the story all the time and they spill the beans all of a sudden. These many days she was looking at two dots never she realized that and now without any connection she realized that this is the same robo which they were looking for since long time. One more thing…little Omkara…OMG..I can’t even imagine it…???

  3. What an episode…. OMG… Just loved it….
    1. Buamaa saying “Ab iss umar (age) mein main batoo ki shaadi ke baad kya karte hai at 1st night”… ahem ahem….
    2. Buamaa ROCKED… 1 saal mein mujhe ek choota a OMKI chahiye….aay haay…. Buamaa soo fast forward…. NAUGHTY BUAMAA
    3. And the scene when svetlana comes to see Gaurikara…. Omkara is like… pahle shoulder pakad kar ” Gauri tum OSO ki wife ho iss OM ki Malkin”…. then cupping Gauri’s face ” ur are my wife ” and last but the most important Gauri ka haath pakad kar ( oye hoye romantickar??????????????????) “aaj humari Suhaag raat hai…. first night…. ” ( What a seeti maar scene… aaye haaye oye hoye… something something…. HAYE MEIN VAARI JAWA … HAYE MEIN MAR JAWA OMKARA….)
    I Just loved Omkara’s expression while having lovely moment with Gauri in front of svetlana….
    4. Waise svetlana tumhare toh Tote udd gaye honge inke LOVEY DOVEY TRAILER dekh kar… hai naa… waise I want to say something to u ” Its their first night svetlana so darwaaza band kar ke jaana”…
    Mujhe pata Hai svetlana ki aaj tumne black night gown kyon pahna hai?? Batati hu…. Kyun ki Gaurikara ka cute sa romance dekhne ke baad tum toh andar jal bhun kar kali ho gayi hogi…
    5. Omkara singh Oberoi urf OSO Gauri urf tumhari biwi urf wife urf patni urf better half urf spouse urf dharam patni urf legal biwi ke dimag ke Ghode Milkha singh ke raftaar ki tarah doaoud (run) lage.. Ek he jhatke mein ROBOT ke mystry solve kar le…. and now her guess about real svetlana being in the house is also true…. Waise accha hua ki OSO ne kam se kam Gauri se yeh toh pucha ki woh dubaara uske room mein Kyun aayi warna Robot ki mystery kabhi solve he nahi hoti… and Finally bechare Robot KO bhi banjaro ki tarah ghumne se chutkara mil gaya….
    Waise Omkara jaise aaj tum ne Gauri se pucha ki woh kamre mein Kyun aayi and u listened to her and why can’t u ask her once her the story of her side lisren it and reach to conclusion…. Don’t be so judgemental and Dumbkara…. Also U didn’t do good by pushing her out of the room…. But thanks to Botox kumari that Gauri again got entry in the room….
    Today’s episode was just awesome and masale dar wow… just loved it…..



    1. Nivedita

      Yes Maahi..after watching today’s episode I am hopeful of Swetlana exit by Friday.. that’s why we got this super fast story progress.. joh chulkara wasn’t able to do despite their endless ramblings to find Fakelana secret!

      I agree with you today’s episode was too too superb. If DBo can maintain this quality, then it’s rating will be at par with IB..I loved DBO today more than IB..??
      They have changed the set lighting too, which makes DBO version of OM, more brighter than before. ??

      I forgot to mention I was drooling on both their wedding outfits today too..in the past few days the other crappy parts of the episodes distracted me, but today, I was totally into each frame of the episode??.. ( except crappy Fakelana fb)..

    2. Shraddha-DBO

      Maahi dear, please come back with shayaris?.

      Waise loved today’s episode…no more words??

  4. Sameera suleiman

    Hi frnds am new here

  5. swetlana ne agar plastic surgery kia hai to phir kali jab aya tha tab yeh kiyu dikhaya ki woh mask peheni thi watt rubbish jo mann chahe dikhate hain yeh cvs but jo bhi ho love our gourikaaa they e aweeeeeeesone…???

  6. Karina

    Finally the story is progressing nicely. Looking forward to next episode.

  7. Dil bole oberoi has not shown rudra and soumya’s story for the past many days. Also since the serial started they have shown very little of rudra and soumya’s story. All we get to see is kali thakur and swetlana’s evil deeds most of the time.

    1. AAYUSH

      Nehalakshmi is not in show anymore leave lee latest insta story he shot his last shot with nehalakshmi.

    2. Neha may be leaving the show since she hasn’t had any scenes.

  8. More of Gauri sticking up to Om will be great. He can’t think he’s invincible. Think Jhanvi needs to fall sick asap so Gauri can look after her well and really open up Om’s eyes. It’s time he sees her in a different light.

  9. Its good to see both om and gauri plotting against swetlana . after many epis there is some positivity in this show. Always the villains won before, its fair play now. I like gaurika scenes & I want it more.

  10. Kanfi

    I tried soo much to open this page yesrerday….bt this episode wasn’t updated..
    Finsllly inkr dimage ki tubelight jali,..
    Bechara robo knse preshan th,…
    Finallly they know tge rruth of svetlana….
    Bt why gauri didn’t say anything after seeinh that girl whose pic was in svetlan’s roomm…
    Hope soon omri misunderstanding also get cleared….
    Gd mrng..,.

  11. Aastha_Reddy

    Gouri… beautiful smart and lovely dabbang wife and DIL of Oberoi family… love her unlimited..
    Om… some time you need to zoom your view for getting a clear picture of events…Siddhe bed tere naam meri Gouri..
    Tum jahan main wahan..chipa rustam..wink wink.. suhaag raat..forth night haan haan…
    Dollyji… aiyyo.. budhdhi banne ki kya shouk hai.. ek saal mein little Omki chahiye… aww…
    Jhanvi… an introduction to the great mother in law of new generation…
    Kisko pata hai kya Gouri ki sasurji kahan marr gaye..???
    This is dil bole oberoi we all wished to watch and waited till yesterday…. we got it finally..
    After one year….with their little one….????????????????????✌✌

    plz. update this page early.. We were having trouble to post comment right after telecast.. I felt like that only..try to update soon like IB page..plz.for crazy peoples like us..

  12. DBO fans from Kerala

    Wow our dabang baralli gauri come back.
    Gauri is the best wife,earlier we thought that gauri was weak ,but she is not weak.
    She is strong,selfless,independented girl.
    She do anything for her beloved one.
    She help omkara without expecting anything from him.love you our cute kumari sarma❤❤❤❤.
    Hope that soon omkara realize her goodness.

    Finally makers decided to end the fakelana track.so thank you cvs.

    Give our Rikara intense love track. We are waiting for them.
    Also,can’t wait for the mahaepisode dil bole ishqbaaz.

  13. Sejsmiles

    Totally hate how om treat’s gauri. Learnt from father eh?
    How did they goof up so much??? Plastic surgery was done then why this mask n another face under it??,
    Dbo is totally crap

  14. wow keep up gauri

  15. Nice episode.

  16. Precap is awesome….???. I think swethalana will be revealed soon infront of every one .Game starts -gowrikara vs swetalana

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