Dil Bole Oberoi 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 15th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Om asks his wife to lift ghunghat. Gauri shows her face. Om holds her and says this marriage is just a deal for me, it does not matter to me. Saathiya….plays…. Some time before, Om says this is my wife. Buamaa says I told Shwetlana can’t marry Om, will she leave on her own now. Shwetlana asks how did he come out of room when he was unconscious. He says I was not locked in room, I have seen you hearing my and mom’s conversation, then you got a rose for me, I got a doubt, so I acted to faint, I should thank you, you have sent staff to vacate the room. He recalls getting inside a carton. Shwetlana says I will not accept if you get anyone and say she is your wife, I will find a lawyer and file case. He says no use, I really got married. He asks Gauri to lift her ghunghat. They all see


Shwetlana recalls Gauri asking for job. She says you… Gauri says yes, Gauri Kumari Sharma, Om’s wife, entire Bareilly is witness of our marriage, Kaali is the biggest witness, I m the guy whom you hired to keep an eye on Om, Chulbul. Shwetlana gets shocked.

Buamaa says thank God you came back, I m so happy, Jhanvi look your bahu came back. Jhanvi says I m very happy you came back. She asks Om how did he get Gauri back. Om says I will say. FB shows Gauri looking for her mum in hospital. She meets her friend. Her friend says doctor is not treating your mum. The lady asks them to deposit money, only then treatment will begin. Her friend says I don’t have money, else I would have given her money. Gauri asks doctor to treat her mum. He says her treatment started, all bills are paid, he has deposited money. She sees Om and gets shocked. She says you helped me. Om says not help, a deal, you have to come with me to Oberoi mansion. She asks why do you want to take me back. He says to stop my and Shwetlana’s marriage, you have to come as my wife, I will bear your mum’s medical expenses, what happened, do you want more money. She says you did not need to do this, I would have helped you.

He says I don’t take favors from cheap people, show this drama to someone else, I know you are much fallen, you did many deals, this relation is also a deal for you, think this is price for saving your life. FB ends. Buamaa says I m thrilled, bahu came back. She asks Shwetlana to leave. Om says Shwetlana you have two options, save your leftover respect and leave, or I can get you kicked out. He says Buamaa I think she wants option 2. Buamaa asks servant to kick her out. Shwetlana says atleast let me take my belongings. He agrees. She goes.

Buamaa says thank God we got rid of Shwetlana, our bahu came home, Jhanvi get sweets. Shwetlana gets angry. She says I will take my useful things with me. Buamaa asks for couple photos. Om asks what’s the need. Buamaa says I have to show pics to everyone. Om and Gauri stand close. Saathiya….plays…. Buamaa asks Om to hold Gauri. Om holds Gauri. She looks at him. Buamaa asks Gauri to hold him as well, don’t shy. She clicks pics. Gauri smiles. He says no need to be happy, this marriage is just a deal for me, it does not matter to me. Gauri says when Shwetlana leaves, I will also leave.

Shwetlana comes. Buamaa asks her to get lost. Jhanvi gets sweets. Buamaa taunts Shwetlana. Jhanvi says I will feed you sweets, as my bahu came back. She feeds Shwetlana. She asks Shwetlana to leave. Buamaa and Om say shayari and taunt. Jhanvi congratulates her for her first failure.

Shwetlana sees the pics. Om goes to help her in packing her stuff. He gets shocked seeing Tej and her pictures. Shwetlana says this is nothing, I have many proof of your dad’s immoral acts, all this may come out if I leave. Jhanvi asks about photos. He says nothing. Shwetlana says I have much work, press meetings and all. Om stops her and says you can stay here. They get shocked. Buamaa asks why are you asking her to stay. Om says she has no place to stay, she can stay here till she does arrangements, she can’t harm us now. He asks Shwetlana to go to her room. Shwetlana feeds sweets to Jhanvi and taunts Buamaa. Om says I m giving you a roof, it does not mean you misbehave with my family. Shwetlana says so cute, you gave favor name to helplessness, you can never make me out of this house and your life. He gives her 48 hours and says I will remove you from our lives. He goes. Gauri looks on.

Om says don’t forget you are guest here, you will also leave with Shwetlana, you don’t need to stay in this room, get out. He pushes her out of his room. Gauri cries and says I just came to help Om. She sees the robot.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nivedita

    Great that Gauri is back and Om went and got her!?? ??
    Mera last weekend prediction sahi nikla.. Swetlana is sticking around- still??..otherwise I guess no reason for Gauri to stay in OM..??
    Some goof- ups again– why did Om have to hide in a box to go out of his own room in his own house??.. He is one of the family of OM shouldn’t his words have more sway than Swetlana? ( In the past the reason to hire Chulbul was that no staff listened to her– but now what has changed that they are shown listening to Swetlana?)
    On Fri only, I wanted to comment on the silliness of how Swetlana thought her words to lock Om should have sway on the OM staff?? But when Om escaped I let that illogical part go..
    But aaj again CVs are back furthering that ridiculousness and adding to it with the nonsense plot of Om escaping in a box.. he could have just simply walked off ..Why would his staff ever protest- if he staged a sleeping scene and coolly walked out of the room?

    When Om was describing what happened at Bareilly that was poorly presented too.. . the way they showed the story- with him showing his hate for Gauri and the deal he made with her- I hope he didn’t narrate that to his mom, Bua ma and Swetlana.. instead I wished they could have shown this only to us as a fb.. and just 1 line description by Om to his mom saying he just went and got his wife… For Swetlana’s and his family’s benefit..

    Anyways DBO mein kyun scenes and plots don’t click perfectly like IB, I always wonder.. if the writers are the same, something else is the issue..??
    Loved all the actors performances today? ??

    Congratulations Om for your SPA2017 win! ??????
    PS: loved Shrenu’s golden, chocolate brown, white wedding outfit and jewellery! ??????.

  2. Aastha_Reddy

    Ohho!!!!! Husband and wife..Gouri and Omkara.. haan haan haath rakho, photo click karo…kiss hug bhi karo ..aage bhi kuch karna hai toh bhi hum sab shamelessly dekhlenge…

    1. Shreyanvi

      Hahaha Astha….
      Aage bhi kuch krna hoga toh karo hum shamelessly dekhenge..lolzzz ?????..

  3. Nithu

    this is tooo much hw can a person hurt soo much that too our om…….gk maam pls it is also bcoming like a reg soap where husband tortures her wife……..and wife without saying anyword will be weeping……..wife will b a sati savitri and husband will b a narakasur………!!!! this is not THE OMKARA you potrayed us….in ib…….evn in that chip matter where shivaay accused annika for leaking chip……….om tried to know the story from other side..if he can do that in ib….y cant in dbo………..

    1. OMG!! I was thinking of the exact same thing!! A person cant change this much! If he can be so considerate in IB,,,why not DBO too? Cmon..he shouldnt hate someone this much without knowing the full truth! And when has has always supported Anika..then why not Gouri too

    2. B_isha

      Hi , so finally gaurika are couple in the eyes of the world and Yaa same thoughts here omi character is ruined I hate this version n the precap Hadd hai yaar……

      Kanfi you’re also right poor robot …. well till when this robot has booked his stay in oberio mansion?

  4. Superb episode..just loved it

  5. Kanfi

    Hii guysss,…
    Finally we’ll come to see omri together””ya i know it’ll take time for their love srory,,,bt yet m happy,’,
    Bt thi svetlana,,she’s still here,,,ufff…..

    N this robot,,,i m feeling pity for that robot…it us roaming here n there in OM n no one is noticing it…..
    Hadddd h,,,,

    Guys soon there will be sweet momnts b/w omri bt that will be just show off to make others believe they r happy,.,.

    Gd night,,,,

    Guysss if have time do read my ff…6th part will get posted soon,,,

    1. Nithu

      kanfi…i evn agree poor robot………….i think oberoi sevents dnt clean their house properly………….

  6. Nice 1

  7. Most of guys here just comment without logic seeing together, how fast can anyone travel between UP and Mumbai, story is so weird no one can grasp.

  8. Wat wrong with om she is helping him n swetlana is using him

  9. DBO FANS from Kerala

    Wow finally
    Mr oso and Mrs.oso in one frame.
    But sad seeing this omkara. Cvs fully changed our SOFTKARA to RUDEKARA.
    Makers not ready to show story well like ishqbazz. Makers only concentrate on ishqbazz.
    Any way excited for maha episodes of DIL BOLE-ISHQBAZZ.
    Hope to see ANIRI
    Excited for SPA 2017 only because of SHRENAL.
    And big hug to kj (winner of naya sadasya male category)
    today ,Biz Asia live chat from DBO set;
    Kj and shrenu said that they are shooting for bhoot.and say that Svetlana track will end soon and Lee aka rudra back on track.

    So guys;
    Don’t worry our rikara track interesting soon.
    Hope for the best.
    Love and enjoy with our RIKARA.

  10. Nithu

    but one thing………in todays frst half after many days oms smile…….same as in ib…..so happy wala smile which came frm his hrt not a fake smile………and mere kaanoo taras gaye hein………..omkara ki shayari sunn ne keliye…………..im soo happy to listen shayari from his mouth……….and this svetlana……..ki kuch karna padega…….verna dbo ki jagah SWETLANA CLONING KI………WITH SUBTITLE MEIN OBEROI MANSION KABHI CHOD KE NAHI JAA SAKTI HOON

    1. Nithu


  11. I don’t care about the upcoming romantic scenes between Om and Gauri. It’s not romantic if one hates the other with a passion. But if Om knows about Gauri’s mother’s situation and how she’s trying to provide for her treatment, why is he being so cold and thinking of her so lowly. Wouldn’t he do the same for Jhanvi. What a joke!

  12. Lo now it is some similar like IPPKND..wohi contract marriage, actung as couple.. with MU , then clear of MU and accept each other… ( maine IPKKND DEKHA NAHI BAS KAHANI WIKI PE PADHI HE AND WATCH SOME EPISODES )

    But it is a different. One…hope it will be interesting. …as i am thinking. ..

    But i am really upset with Om.????
    Sweet si gouri ko kitni hurt kar raha he.?. .

  13. Shraddha-DBO

    So happy to see RIKARA, waiting for their union??

  14. epi was good….but pls end Swetlena’s track soon plss and bring Rudra and soumya too…..and really I feel OM acts like typical man who always run in misunderstandings….why can’t he be like a sensitive man????? His character is much better in IB

  15. Shreyanvi

    Finally…we r gonna get merged episodes of ishqbaaz nd dil bole oberoi..dat to for 1 week…????..eagerly waiting…

  16. Renimarenju


    Hey friends check out my rikara ff..when u get time and pls drop ur views if possible

  17. Om is getting too selfish…. he wants Gauri when he is in trouble and he dumps her when he doesn’t want her. Gauri is in such a helpless condition – mother in hospital, no home to live, kali thakur’s threat… ufffff not one trouble….. but many. At least she will be safe in Oberoi mansion. Hmmm…. Gauri loves Om but the reverse is not happening and I dont see any reason why Om should love Gauri. Om liked Chulbul and those scenes were better… I cant see hate scenes 🙁

    1. Yes u r absolutely right….our previous omkara is awesome.

    2. Nivedita

      I agree. Om is not the same sensitive person from IB..

  18. Sejsmiles

    No respect for om. He’s disgusting. Look at d way he’s treating gauri without giving her a chance to clarify. Om is like tej. Pushing n insulting d lady. Totally dislike him.

  19. Hi guys this is asritha .i am a crazy fan of omkara .and to his hair style and his charming face.i am very happy that he got an award in spa 2017.congrats

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