Dil Bole Oberoi 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Gauri asks Om to tell his elder brother’s name. Om says Shivaye. She says you…. She murmurs his brother is so good and he is so…. He says thief….. She says I m returning your phone, instead of thanking, you are calling me thief, call home, Shivaye, Anika and Rudra are worried. He asks did you talk to my family. She says yes, phone was ringing, what would I do, when it was lost, you could have called them from PCO. He says you are saying a lot. She says its my birth right, you also talk and smile like Chulbul Pandey. He asks who is he now. She says did you not see Dabangg, like Salman Khan is Bollywood’s Chulbul Pandey, I m Bareilly’s Chulbul Pandey. He says I don’t care, just return my phone, and let me go. She says fine, have this, tell Namaste to Rudra and tell Anika

that I miss her, I liked talking to her. He asks what. She says yes, tell her that I will meet her some day in life. She goes with her mum. He says is this girl or a problem.

Gauri’s Chachi has money and tells her husband about Gauri. Gauri and her mum come home. Gauri asks how did you get money, did you sell house. Chachi says no, I did not sell house, I sold you. Gauri gets shocked. Chachi says I fixed your marriage with Kaali Thakur. Gauri cries and scolds her. She says I will die, but not do this marriage. Her uncle slaps her and says if your mum dies then….. He throws hot burning coal and puts her mum near the coal. Gauri cries and says leave Maa. He says if you refuse, her Aarthi will go before your Doli, say yes or no. Gauri says yes, I will do whatever you say, leave Maa. He leaves her mum. He says today evening, Thakur is getting Shagun, get ready and sit, if you act clever, then you know what I can do. Gauri hugs her mum. She cries and says I won’t let anything happen to you.

Om recalls Jhanvi. He sees Kaali and his men passing by. Gauri’s mum says I don’t want you to do this marriage. Gauri says don’t worry, I won’t do this marriage. Her mum says our wish won’t work here. Gauri says its my belief that nothing wrong will happen with me. Her mum says they are dangerous. Gauri sees uncle and aunt dancing. Gauri says no one can harm a true believer. She asks her mum to come, we will run. Chachi says if Gauri runs, Kaali will kill us. Gauri and her mum go out. Kaali reaches there.

Kaali gets down his jeep and smiles seeing Gauri. Uncle asks someone to open the door. Kaali sends his man. He asks Gauri why are you running, we are not eloping to marry, its our arranged marriage, did you not identify me, I m your would be husband and this place’s Lord, I m Kaali Thakur, I got Shagun for you. Gauri’s greedy relatives greet Kaali. Kaali forcibly makes Gauri wear the bangle. Gauri cries.

Kaali makes her wear the chunri and says Roka is done. He touches his mum in law’s feet. Gauri’s mum cries. He asks her to bless her son in law. He asks Gauri to tell her mum. Gauri nods to her mum. Her mum blesses Kaali unwillingly and by fear.

Kaali says this girl is mine from today. He gets a gold chain. He chains Gauri’s feet and says woman, cow and goat, if untied, they run away….. He touches Gauri’s feet. She gets back and cries. He lifts Gauri and takes her. Her mum says leave her. He says how can I leave my would be wife, marriage is tomorrow, come to do kanyadaan. Gauri signs her mum. Kaali takes her in the jeep, asking her to shut up, else her mum will die. Gauri and her mum cry. Kaali leaves.

Kaali and his men on their way back to haveli. Om sees Kaali taking Gauri. Gauri says leave me, I don’t want to marry you. Kaali stops the jeep. Om looks on. Kaali says I don’t like a wife who makes noise, I bought you, be thankful I m marrying you, else I can do anything with you without marrying you, did you understand. He tells his men that she agreed, why will she not agree, I gave such good price. Kaali and his men drive ahead. Om says disgusting, what a cheap characterless girl.

Kaali drags Gauri to his haveli. She takes her to room and throws her on the bed. Jhanvi looks on and cries. Kaali leaves. Gauri and Jhanvi cry. Jhanvi recalls Kaali’s words. She leaves.

Om’s sleep breaks. Jhanvi comes running to same place. Om sees Jhanvi and says she is Jhanvi Thakurain, what is she doing here at this time. Jhanvi pours kerosene on her. Om gets shocked and shouts Maa ji no…… He runs to Jhanvi. She says stay away, don’t come close. He says Maa ji, no problem is so big in life that…. She says stay away… and lights the matchstick. She ignites fire and burns herself. Om gets shocked. Jhanvi cries and screams. He recalls his mum Jhanvi, how Shivaye saved her. He rushes back and gets his blanket. He runs to Jhanvi and covers her with the blanket. The fire gets blown off. He says stop it. She says my life got ruined, my husband is doing second marriage, that second woman ruined everything. Om recalls Tej, Jhanvi and Shwetlana.

Om takes Jhanvi to hospital and asks doctor to save her. Doctor says she is Thakurain, how did this happen. Om says she burnt herself. She says its suicide case, inform her family, someone from her family should be here. The lady says what will she do, Kaali Thakur is remarrying a young girl, when sautan comes home, where will wife go, which woman will bear a sautan. Om hears this and recalls Kaali with Gauri.

Om calls up Jhanvi and asks are you fine. Jhanvi says yes, why. He says nothing, I just wanted to talk to you, you are very imp for me, Rudra and Priyanka, we need you, you have to be strong, we can’t lose courage because of outsider, I promise I will make everything fine. She asks why are you saying this, is everything fine. He says I was just missing you. She says I miss you too. He says I will come back soon, take care. He recalls Tej and Jhanvi. He thinks of that lady’s words. He thinks second woman just knows breaking home, like Gauri is doing with Thakurain, I will not let this happen with you, I hate such women.

Om gets shocked seeing Shwetlana in Kaali’s haveli. Om tells Gauri that a woman breaks other woman’s house being selfish, not being helpless. He does not see Gauri’s feet chained. He says whatever you are doing, its clearly seen you are cheap fallen girl.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hlw everyone! ! Plz plz plz Don’t make second version of shivika.Un dono ke beeech chip ko leke misunderstanding thi.aur yaha second marriage ko leke.kuch to alag dikhao.
    But I’m really enjoyed it.All actors are playing their character perfectly.
    But mujhe aisa lagta he ki jaise sivika ki misunderstanding om ne khatam kiya tha waise hi inki isue Syad annika hi karegi.Bcoz shivay ka toh kkn ideology he.So aise hi story progress karegi.

  2. Yeh om kuch zada nhi bol rha h….fhir he had seen lyk dat form childhood another women breaking someone else’s house…bdw what is this cheepde shwetlana doing there???? Bdw epi was awsm. . ….,

    1. Krishnaa

      its om’s imagination.he is actually seeing gauri as swetlana who according to him is doing the same thing that swet has done to his mother.

  3. Antara

    OMG om ka gussa wat a transformation becchari gauri om ji help her she is a nice girl kaali is bad person he is adamant & arrogant 2 marry gauri om ‘s phone conversation with jhanvi was so sweet disgusting chacha & chachi

  4. Interesting epi…lets c what happens next..but upcoming epi is going to more awesome as shivaye is going to save omkara again from d goons of kaali…kaali will be hitting omkara wid d rod and as he will raise his hand to hit him our hero shivaye will take a heroic entry and hold d rod..n both d brother will be shown hutting him n his goons….saw in sbs…..will be cool to watch both brothers together fighting in one screen again..wish rudra was also der…but its ok…

    1. After that they came to OMansion
      Don’t believe bcoz it my guess
      Btw today also Omkar said to Jhanvi he will come soon

  5. God poor gauri., it sad that both takurain and om misunderstood her….. and kaali ???

  6. Shiv

    Gauri acting is tooooo good!! Felt like watching South Indian masala movie!! Cinematography is good n different!!rahul always at his best as a southie watched him as villain n many movies he is “The villain !!! “N happy to see him in this serial !! Om new transition needs time for dedicated IB fan to accept he is doing justice to new om!!!

  7. Gayathri.visu

    So, Om developed hatred feelings towards Gauri… Even Shivaay is misunderstood that Anika leaks Tej’s video.. Why CVs, why you do this to Om’s character… We want something new for Om!!! Anyways epi is nice… What is Svetlana doing in haveli??? And our Janvi is back in DBO ……

    1. I think Gayathri.. svetlana is Om’s imagination.. he just relates her to Gauri..

  8. Sindhuts

    Donno why gauri reminds me of kushi frm iss pyaar ko kya naam doo

  9. I think they jst wantd to gv us d logic tat brothers or sisters will be lyk their elder one only means they r jst showng us tat bcz sso om or anika n gauri carry d same genes n so they hv inherited d similar traits otherwise i don’t think d makers r so dumb tat they’ll copy all shivika scenes all dialogues everything……. today om also said sso’s line”ye ladki h ya aafat” so this only make some sense otherwise i don’t see any logic behind makng d same story again tat too in d same serial…..
    However somewhat i felt tat d storyline they r using is d same old story tat many shows hv shown lyk same one gunda of a vlg forcng a girl fr mrg then some misundrstandngs will occur b/w hero heroine n later d hero will save d girl frm tat gunda n these types of things i generally don’t lyk

  10. Episode was good…. I think dbo creative team ki creavity khi kho gyi hai… Bar bar copy…… Uhh it’s irritating…. Plz kuch alag kro dbo cre. Team…. It is my request….

  11. sad ????really want a twist in the story rather than same story as SSO and A??

  12. The first 2 3 mins of convo between Om and Gauri was a treat to watch.. the rest of the epdi side was bakwaas yaar.. phir se misunderstanding..
    atleast shivika ke misunderstanding ke beech there was a lot of nok jhok but the way story is proceeding here.. I don see any possibility of nok jhok..
    And what am I hearing abt Soumya taking a negative shade! Oh pls.. that wasn’t reqd at all.. whatever was happening with rumya.. it was in the correct track. Where do CVs get such bakwaas ideas yaar! Hope after few episodes the show gains some originality..

  13. oh god!!! yawwwwnnnn!!!! why are they making this exactly like Ishqbaaz!!!! why come up with another show if you can’t make it different!!!! if it didn’t link to the main show, I would not be watching this, as much as I like Shrenu, and have been hoping to see her in another show after IPKKND2.I haven’t watched it, but seems like Jhanvi is suddenly recovered from her burns….

    so typical, shes gonna be Anika’s sis, and he’s Shivaye’s bro, and they are both recreating the scenes of their siblings…

  14. God..what is this…how can makers just cook up any story.Fed up of these same things happening in almost every serial…misunderstanding..misunderstanding..misunderstanding..and then in one day suddenly it gets cleared and the hero-heroines fall in love in awe with each others goodness.And..is there is any reason to see the same story played by a different actor.Same story of shivaay Anika..initial misunderstandings..same cowdung throwing..car breaking throwing notes on face..being very mean to good ppl.And why on earth omkara needs to be shivaay ..just being heartless or bad doesn’t means being bad with a girl.I thought Omkara story would b different…where he will fall in love and without any silly usual misunderstanding issues..nd there won’t b episodes of blaming the girl everytime…i thought omkara love track vl b a proper one with intense love…but no writers have written up one story..and just few modifications in location costume dialogue makes it into another serial.After waiting for so many days is it the justice to omkara fans…when they have such good actors like Kunal shrenu Rahul..with such dedicated fans…they should have utilized it in a better way.Very much disappointed with omkara role and his love track.Even if it is angry young man look…it doesn’t means it has to be like shivaaye’s.

  15. Krishnaa

    felt bad for gauri and her mother, also for jhanvi thakur. in a spoiler,it is shown that shivay will beat thakhur in a railway station with om standing behind him with an injury on head. i dont think they will drag the barelly track much. when om was saying how cheap,disgusting i thought for a second he was going to say about that man, instead he said girl. thought old om’s emotions surfaced but i was wrong. gauri said that his bros are better than him, anika said the same to shivay relating him to omru. they can make some new scenes and dialogues rather than repeating afterall all actors are awesome and they can dk any scene very well, so arent they giving new scenes,new moments?

  16. Boring episode I like shivika

  17. Really sherun and kunal are very good actors….and rahul dev no words..

    All are doing fab job…..but im not understanding why they where not giving original story for gaurikara….its like photo copy of shivka….hope in future they will change the story….felt bad for gauri…

  18. when ishqbaaz started ,my favourite pair was ishkara . I liked the jodi just when they were first shown together. l was so sad when I got to know that ishana’s character is being scrapped. Afterwards I prepared myself and accepted shrenu with my whole heart. Now the scenes that they are showing in dbo is actually the repeated version of shivika. But I don’t take it wrong. As all the serials which is based on a love hate relationship starts like this only. I feel that gul mam is trying to show that ,as anika and gauri are sisters, they may have their qualities in common. Like anika breaking the glass and gauri is 2 steps forward ,breaking the whole car. And gul mam is famous for her serials like ipkknd ,qubool hair etc. so I think we must keep Patience and look forward to dbo and trust gul mam instead of complaining and criticising each and every scene. Sorry if any one is hurt.



  20. Wat The Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I thought this would be better than Ishqbaaz n here DBO just suckz…over drama n turning Om into a creep…worst show

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