Dil Bole Oberoi 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Police asks everyone to shut shops and leave. Om looks on. Gauri asks the man what’s happening. She asks a lady. The lady takes her stall and says we are asked to leave the place, they did not give time and got bulldozer. Gauri says how can this happen, they did not give notice, I have to earn 10000rs in two hours, I have belief that I will earn money. Om says this place should be evacuated till evening. The man says it will.

Om looks for his phone in pocket and says where did my phone go. Gauri asks the men to come and get Mata chunri, puja plate, its at discount. Om signs men to go and shut shop. The man asks Gauri don’t you see the place is getting evacuated. She asks can’t you see I m not leaving my place. Om goes to her shop.

He says I bought this place. She says you

bought the place, not me, I will evacuate the place after two hours, then make your Taj Mahal. He says don’t be stubborn. She says you think my belief is stubbornness. He says and you believe your stubbornness as belief, I will break your belief easily. She says then break it, we both are here, we will see if my belief breaks or your ego. He says I don’t have time for all this, you want money right. He throws money on her face. She looks at him.

He asks what are you seeing, pick it, see the money fallen down. She says this is the difference, you can see fallen money, I can see fallen man. He says stop talking big things, you said you need money, pick it and get lost. She says my need is bigger than money Sir. She recalls Chachi and doctor’s words. She cries.

He says whoever comes in my way has to move, whether its you or your need, else you will be crushed, I don’t care for your needs. She shouts on him and throws dirt/dung on his face. She asks did your mum teach this to you, your parents would be sorrowful to get a son like you. Om gets angry and turns to leave.

He sits in his car and races. Gauri walks on the road. He hits horn. She turns and sees him speeding the car. She moves aside and falls down. He speeds up and ruins her shop. Gauri looks at him. He gets down a car. Kaali’s brother sees this. He says she looks so helpless, now Kaali will use her helplessness. Gauri looks on angrily and goes. Kaali’s brother leaves. Gauri sits in the bulldozer. She starts it. She follows the video to drive the bulldozer. Om stands near his car. He hears the sound and turns to see. He sees the bulldozer and gets away from his car in a jiffy. Gauri crushes his car by the bulldozer. Om looks on shocked.

Gauri crushes the car till the last bit. She gets down the bulldozer. She comes to Om and says remember my name, Gauri Kumari Sharma. He looks at her. She turns to leave. A man comes and says I came from Kanpur, to give order from temple, take this advance of 10000rs. Gauri smiles and takes money. She says belief is metal and ego is glass. She taunts Om and greets him. She leaves.

Gauri is with her mum in market. Om’s phone rings. Her mum asks whose phone is this. Gauri says its not my phone. She answers. Rudra says what is this Om, there is just Ru from Omru, there is no Obro moment, no one hugged me. She says you talk a lot. He hears her and asks is this Omkara’s number. She asks the same. He says but I called O. She asks who is O. He says he is my long haired elder brother. She says does anyone call elder brother like this, houses has names. He says house name means nickname, O for Omkara, where is O. She says if I knew this, then I would have returned his phone, I think your Anika Bhabhi did not tell you, I told her, why did she not tell you, she would have forgotten as she stays worried, why don’t you all take care of her.

He asks how do you know. She says I understood by her voice, if you trouble her, you will be hit to wall. He asks what, maybe you praised me. She asks him to repeat the lines. She gives her introduction. He repeats her lines. She asks his name. He says my name is Rudra, you are cool like me, you can call my Rudy. She says fine Rudy, I will end call, I m busy, I got mum from hospital. He says fine, take care of aunty, tell Om that his cool brother Rudy called. She ends call. Shivaye asks Rudra what’s this Namaste. Rudra says Gauri. Shivaye asks Gauri. Rudra tells Gauri’s introduction and says she is very funny. Shivaye asks leave her, did you talk to Om. Rudra says I called Om, but Gauri has her phone.

Shivaye calls Om. Gauri answers call and greets him well. He says Anika was not less, another hindi dictionary has come. She asks how is Anika. He asks do you know Anika. She says I know Rudy as well, Anika and Rudy are most cool, you look calm. He asks who are you. She says Gauri Kumari Sharma, I don’t know about Omkara, he dropped phone so I took it, I will return it, I m busy, I have to make mum have golgappas, her bp is low, golgappa water is best, I will end call. She ends call. Rudra says she talks sweet. Shivaye says she talks a lot. Gauri asks her mum to eat golgappa in Chulbul pandey style. She wears glasses and throws gulgappa in air. She catches the golgappa. Her mum laughs. Om looks for sim card shop. Gauri and her mum laugh.

Gauri throws another golgappa and opens mouth to catch it. She collides with Om. His phone falls down along with golgappa. They look at each other and recall the incident. They react saying you…… He sees his old phone. She says leave it, its Omkara ji’s phone. He asks how do you know this, how did you get it, did you steal it. She raises hand and stops. She says do I look thief, he dropped it and I kept safe. He says I m Omkara. She gets shocked. She says you have bad intention, you saw smartphone and became Omkara, what’s the proof. He asks will I need to give you proof to get my phone. She says yes, if you are Omkara, tell his elder brother’s name fast. He asks why shall I say elder brother’s name. She says its test. He says Shivaye. She says you…… He nods.

Kaali says woman, cow and goat, if untied, they run away. He catches Gauri and brings her to his room. He pushes her on his bed. Jhanvi looks on and pours kerosene to burn herself. Om shouts Maa ji no…. and runs to Jhanvi. She ignites the matchstick.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I also miss ishana

  2. Sugar

    i think anika and gauri are sisters
    remember anika had nightmares of chutki
    wild guess…

  3. I don’t want this Tadibaaz om…
    I hope we would get our old om soon though I felt his taadi is not enough to handle this gauri afterall he is om not sso, his acts of throwing money on her face, ruining her shop etc were seems like forcibly added to show his character change..
    And yeah our rudy is always cool, his conversation with gauri was awesome.. Anika and gauri are very lucky to get rudra as Devar..

  4. Hee he he ????? rudy ko kya bhabi mile he yarr???? Dono ke dono td phod karne main PHD kar rakhi he???? but gouri annika se do kadam age nikli????? but I love her acting ,character all thing.
    BGM is really good.but mujhe shivika ki tasahan ki BGM sabse achi lagti he.kis ke pass us music ki link he kya????? I want that.
    Gouri ki sabse pehechan ho gayi.. good. Aur agar future main woh OM ayegi toh annika ke saath uski sabse acchi bonding hogi. Mujhe yakeen he ki woh dono behen hi he.
    Shivay ki dialogue ” ek aur hindi dictionary aagayi”?????
    But kisne notice ki rudy aur Sso sholey film ki Jay aur Veeru ki dialogue mar rahe the.” Bahut pyari baat karti he .Pyari nahi bahut sari baat karti he?????” but episode was really good.
    BUT PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ plz hamare purane Simple baal wale om ko le aaao. Hame ye chirotha Om nahi chahiye ,Syari wala om chahiye.
    Aur copy paste mat karo.Are hame 5 month wait karwaya.aur same story????? not fair.plz kuch alag spice lao.story main.

  5. Renimarenju

    Am confused ishqies…..Like….omkara’s anger can be justified…..But the way he behaves with gauri……Its hard 4 me 2 digest that om behaves in arrogant way,….When it comes 2 swethlana…..omkara’s arrogance is well accepted…….I can understand that whatever tej did with his mother is really shocking 4 him and changed him 2 a stone hearted person……..and cv’s portrayed it very well……But guys……what was gauri’s mistake …….I didn’t get it……And why om became so stubborn 2 gauri by throwing money over her face…….I didn’t liked it……its just copying old shivika scene …..here situations are different only……Gaurikara story….is based on takkar ke ishqbaazi……..only!!!! We will not get new things 2 watch…..Quite unfair…….
    Priveer story, Rumya track and Shivika hasn’t lose their charm……Every pair…we are able 2 see both lead are really giving reply 2 each other….even prinku also has become bit strong now……
    So i expected some thing different for omkara…….while priveer track started it was full of suspense…and we were confused 2 hate acp or not…..but when we find acp saving prinku…..we witnessed his concern and anger towards her and it brought that track to the next level……Rumya track is also progressing and if rumya turns to be negative also…..i think it will be intreresting 2 watch…..But omkara!!!!! Guys…..if they want 2 copy-paste shivika only…..then why they brought a new show 2 portray om’s love track…….His anger is good….but they should convey it in a proper way only…..They should not show him as a person who is humiliating a girl ……About gauri…she is a rural quite smart bubbly girl…..But some how she is reminding me anika only…..But as from spoilers…..gauri is anika’s lost sister….then certainly her character traits can be accepted….And the way she speaks up dialect is offering much fun 2 watch the show…..And another thing i want 2 ask…what is the role of chaachi ??? I mean are they simply replacing sundari bua {anika’s bua] here ???? Like bua here chaachi is also money minded person only and never fails 2 blame anika/ gauri ……chaachi’s character really irritates me a lot…..And the child which they show on first episode…..reminded me saahil…….But here the child is not supercool like saahil…..But just 2 create an emotional attachment with the leading lady’s character…..i think they brought that child ….only……..
    So…..this is my view…..regarding dbo……But i agree that its too early 2 judge a show with two episodes is not fair……So we have 2 wait …..But one thing is true….am missing ishkara track a lot……Even i miss ridhima also……
    Any ways let’s wait and watch…..Thats all

  6. Manisha Varma

    guys it was aswome as becz both gauri and omkara love their mother. And omkara become a stone becz of his father tej. So its natural he wants money to kick swethlana out and not distroy his mother’s life. Even anyone in tat stage will become like omkara and as per the comparision with shivay and omkara the similarities dont show tat omkara is for surname khoon khanadan and ect it shows he just want to get the money to help his mom by hook or by crook tats it. By the way i like gauri she is double damaka than anika. Her tactics were same as of anika but extra and it was good. I Liked the conversation of gauri and shivru and the background music of gauri and omkara fight superrbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb…

    guys dnt see only one scence look throught the the background music, the tansan b/w each other and the golgappa scene fantansic….

  7. What have they done to Om? Typical Gul… ruins a good thing.

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