Dil Bole Oberoi 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 14th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Gauri gets leaving. Om sees her and notices her feet. Kaali sees Gauri’s pic. He throws some red chilli powder on the man’s face. He angrily throws his phone and breaks it into pieces. Some time before, Gauri says I will go away from this house and Om, I promise Om won’t get hurt because of me. Gauri thinks of Om and her moments. Har dil jo pyaar karega…. plays…. She thinks of Om’s words. Kaali arrives in the city. He sees Gauri’s pic.

He stops the jeep and asks a man did you see this girl anywhere. The man says no. Kaali gets angry and says if you did not see, your eyes are of no use, shame on such eyes. He throws red chilli powder on the man’s face. He thinks of Gauri. He says shame on such eyes, death has come to me, but I said I m busy, come later. He recalls

falling on the sword. He sees Gauri’s pic and says I m alive just for you, meet me soon, the more you make me restless, I will torture you, Gauri Sharma, Kaali Thakur from Bareilly is back.

Om asks what’s your connection with the freezer kept in basement. Real Shwetlana recalls her friend, getting her face by taking Dang’s help. FB shows fake Shwetlana meeting her and smiling. Real Shwetlana gets shocked and says my face… Fake Shwetlana says what happened, did you not like face, we are best friends, who share everything, we are sharing the same face, like twins, but we are not twins, so same face can create problem for us, I will go in front of everyone, don’t worry, I won’t kill you, you did a big work for me, you are my best friend, I will lead a new life with your face, I have a place for you, where you will get peace. She shows the freezer and makes her unconscious. She makes her lie inside the freezer. FB ends.

Real Shwetlana says no, please save me. She faints. Shwetlana thinks I have to stop her from saying truth, but how, I understood what to do. She calls maid and says look there. She hits the maid. She wears the servant uniform and thinks I will create a mayhem, so that I get the chance to put Shwetlana in freezer. She makes a lady fall. Buamaa asks what’s going on, and goes out to see. Om and Buamaa leave from room. Shwetlana goes to room. Gauri cries and sees Om’s pic. She hugs the pic and packs her bag. She sees Om’s room and says forgive me, I promised you that I will always support you, I could not fulfill it, I m going without telling you, your mm its for your happiness, I can even give my life for you, I know you hate Gauri Sharma, just try to think of Chulbul with a smile on face. She touches the floor and door, and cries. Saathiya…..plays…….

She hears Buamaa. Buamaa says its bleeding, we will call doctor, Jagrata is over, you can leave if you want, come I will give prasad. Gauri thinks this is the chance to leave with women, before Om comes here finding me. She sees Om. Saathiya….plays…….. Gauri says our togetherness was just till here, maybe my leaving has your betterment, and maybe serving you was not in my fate, I can’t tell you I m going, just see this way once, I want to see you well.

Kaali’s man asks people about Gauri. Kaali sees Gauri’s pic in his phone. He says I had a bird/girl in my childhood, the bird flew when the cage was open, everyone said bird has gone, forget, but I did not agree and found the bird, I did not kill it but did such thing that my dad fainted seeing it, I will make your state worse than that. The man says we did not find her. Kaali says where did this bird/girl hide. He throws his phone and breaks it into pieces. Gauri comes there.

Gauri’s mum says after Kaali went, our problems ended. Gauri says okay I will end call. Kaali’s jeep passes by and dirt falls on her. She shouts are you blind. Kaali gets down the jeep and sees her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hiiiii guys!!! Today episode was really disappointed me as well as shocked me

    I was not expecting this from janvi at lwast once she should hear to gouri but noooooo. You are not sooo good janvi.

    Gouri part was really emotional. She loves her husband more thaneverything.But can’t do anything .

    I was not expect that kali thakur will back today.so it was a shock for me. But his eyes woh beech beech main dikhata tha na I was really scared.

    Sooo both IB and DBO is making me restless.???? kaise ye 2 days jayegi and we will see next episode.

    Swetlana jinda thi ???????????? it was a big shock for me. Bot nooooooooo Cvs are very fond of swetlana. SO they don’t want to end her character. But I can’t tolerate her any more ????

    Don’t know about precap but it is going to be very interesting.

  2. what!!!!how could a person alive in ice???

  3. Aastha_Reddy

    Again Cvs hit head with Kobbari.. dragged Shwetlana track… End it soon…
    Kali.. naam ke saath saath dil bhi kala… kaam bhi kala…
    Gouri… from the frying pan to the fire…. Omkara please save her soon…
    and I think Dadi stole some prasadam from DBO jagrata secretly and gave to Maahi in IB…to share with Annika…

    1. Nivedita

      Lol! Dadi stealing from Jagrata to give Mahi the prasad! ??

      Twinkle living in ice a doozy.. that too for many years.. and yes DBO dragged a lot.. it’s been dragging this whole week.. i haven’t enjoyed it, but watched it only because of more Gauri screen time..Than Chulbul Swetlana..

      Yeah totally terrified thinking about whether KT will actually faceoff Gauri on Mon or if something will stop him from seeing her?
      Abhi bhi Swetlana truth being revealed to Om has dragged..
      I think we will still have to jhelofy Swetlana until the end of next week..
      Mon I hope episode doesn’t drag..I keep wondering why the DBO CVs are stretching the plot so thin and dragging on and on and on..

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Ha ha… Nahi toh Dadi kahan se prasad lekar suddenly Aagayi… IB mein toh Pooja kabhi hota hi nahi hai….toh lya kahoon yaar..ha ha…

      2. Nivedita

        Haan Astha–, with bhi evening ko? Though, it’s quite possible she went to pray to God after getting the shock about Prinku fake pregnancy and the K’mini trio’s antics..?

        And only us fans are ready to connect IB and DBO thru any plot point, while the CVs of the two don’t care what is happening in either serial..

    2. Hii astha previous page par tumhari tarif tume embarrass karne ke Liya nahi Kiya tha. Bus tarif ki thi . Starplus par show ata hai “ek astha asi Bhi ” hamare sath Bhi kuch ashi hai . ” Ek astha hamari Bhi ib and dbo wali”

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Thik Hai yaar Pragathi.. I understanding your feelings ..you just said your heart out there…
        That Aastha is also a crazy one ..but less then me.. and the hero is Shiv…
        Here shivaay is Astha’s brother… “Ek Astha Ishqbaazi ka bhi”- Thank you for the title for me…..love you dear…..

    3. Astha dii you are awesome and your comments is nice….

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Love you too Nikku..my sweet sister….

  4. Hii everyone…. how r u all….
    I don’t understand why Cvs are dragging the plot so much…. But any ways Hopefully from Monday we can see the interesting plot… Atleast by end of this week end svetlana’s crap…. Can’t bear her stupid antics…..chudail kahin ki…..
    Kaali thakur is back… I want chulbul to come out as Gauri in front of Omkara and then want Omkara to fight for his wife against Kaali thakur and also end his misunderstanding regarding Gauri…. No chulbul anymore …. Its high time for Gauri to reveal her truth in front of her sasural wale…. then the brothers can ream up against kaali thakur and we can also have sisterly bond between AniGaSom…. Want Anika and Somuya to support Gauri and make Omkara understand her situation…..

    OMG I almost made a story….????

    @sweetynikki dear ….I am really really sry ….couldn’t reply to u… was busy in college assignments?????????????….

    @sweetynikki @astha @arpi(arpita can I call u that) @nivedita @pragati @shraddha @DBO fans from kerala and all other DBOians and ishqies…(sry couldn’t remember all the names…. weak memory) a big tight hug to all of u… pata nahi aaj mann ho raha tha hug karne ka….Really wish could hug you guys in real…. ( pata Nahi aaj mujhe kya ho raha hai….)
    #SentiMaahi #EmotionalMaahi #LonelyMaahi….

    GoodNight Guys… Sweet Dreams……

    1. Nivedita

      Aww Mahi hugs to you too! ?? Why so senti, emotional and lonely? Good night and sweet dreams to you too..??
      The story you made, I like it! I totally want Annika Saumya and ShivRu to help resolve things between Gaurika..
      My prediction- Swetlana is going to stay for a bit more time-
      Best use of Swetlana plot to help Gaurika plot would be – that Swetlana demands a wedding immediately for some reason– or she has another confrontation with Jahnvi, which makes her think that the best way to get rid of Swetlana would b thru Gauri.. so she asks Gauri to come back to the mansion..And from there on i hope KT encounter makes Om realise Gauri’s truth..
      And the Oberoi siblings and spouses help Om work out his feelings about Gauri.there’s lot of potential with Swetlana exit and KT entry, i hope the CVs will keep the pace tight and give us better episodes than before..

      1. DBO FANS from Kerala

        MAAHI ;why are you emotional? Now are you fine ?
        Just relax our friend.
        Good night

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Maahi… my best and warm hug to you.. #emotional Maahi why???
      I hope you are more then fine now… love you…..

    3. Hii maahi . I hope you are fine . A big tight hug for you.

    4. What happened maahi dear, please don’t be sad yaar.

      Giving you a big hug?

    5. Thnx @nivedita @astha @arpi @shraddha @dbofansfromkerala @pragati a lot for ur support….
      Now I am fine…. and sending u guys LOADS OF LOVE…..

      1. And a big wala jaadu ki jhaapii…

      2. Nivedita

        Glad you are feeling better now Maahi! ? Hugs to you dear!

    6. Hii Maahi dii. Don’t feel lonely….. We are here…. Waiting for your shayari… Hoping Monday night ko milaga……
      Waiting for the Monday….

      1. Thanx nikki dear… Loads of love to u….
        Monday ko shayari is confirmed ……

    7. Maahi

      Jo story tumne banaya haina main bhi chaatha hu wahi dhikhe.aniriya bonding dekhna chaatha hu.o bro bond ki tarah o bro wife bond main hamesha dekhna chaatha hu.aur bahuth intersting bhi hoga dekhne main.sister bond tho hamesha super hotha hai.aur aniriya ki sister bond tho usse bhi super hoga.
      Ajeeb baath haina aaj thak omkara ki heroin(ishana,gauri) aur anika,soumya ka koi combination scene nahi mila.i hope gauri aur anika soumya ka scene mile.


      GK ki insta pe DBO cast ka party video dekha hai kya.wo video dekh kar samajh gaya ki GK nahi boola hai ki DBO main sirf GauriKara ki nahi RuMya ki story bhi hothi hai.i hope aage kuch RuMya scene mile

  5. i simply didnt like today’s episode.why they just dont finish this swetlana track….i am hating more this swetlana day by day.kaali…back again to torture our gauri.
    good night to all


    1. Aasthu

      Hello Dhara! Did you find what you were looking for??

      1. hi aasthu.i think i got it.to be honest i suddenly remembered that i read a ff on swaragini written by aastha.so i asked astha reddy if she was the same astha and she said no.then i found you.i actually searching for you only the ff writer.if you ask me why i was searching for you then i would reply that ” i simply dont know why i was searching for you. just my heart felt to search for you”.hope you have got your answer.by the way do you still read ff on swaragini? i mean are you active on swaragini page still???please do reply…………

      2. Aasthu

        sorry for the late reply…I was out of town….so you were searching for the ff I wrote??? Ya I still read ff’s on swaragini…..

  6. DBO FANS from Kerala

    Maahi;shraddha,arpi,pragati,nivedita,astha reddy. .. etc all DBO FANS.
    Why makers spoil the story day by day with a good cast. Makers tries to decrease the trp of the show. Misunderstanding between lead pairs is not good for a leading tv shows. It make it really boring.
    DBO makers not understand its fans request. Svetlana story is not end.
    Jhanvi turns cruel.
    Omkara will not identify chulbul is gouri
    Gouri leaves oberoi house.
    Why gul khan and team always hurted DBO FANS.
    We love DBO more than isqbaaz and other tv shows because of our shrenal Jodie. But makers don’t give us gourika track. DBO is a romantic genere, but love is from only one side, gouri always love and respect on and his family and do everything for them. But any one can’t understand her goodness. We think this jhanvi got some disease like Alzheimer’s; how can she do like this to our gouri, now jhanvi stand up in her life is due to gouri sacrifice. How can she forget it.now we hate this jhanvi more than tej.
    At least pls reveal to omkara that chulbul is gouri. this is a heartily request .

    1. Hii . Hum sabhi pareshan ho chuke is dragging se and stupid logic se. How can a person stay alive in a ice box? Aur pata nahi kyu mujhe Aisa lag raha hai ki Janvi Gauri ko samjhegi . Because Janvi ka wo Gauri ka sach Jane ke bad ka reaction ek tarah se shayad justified tha. Because we all know om jhOt bardash nHi kar sakte. Mein Abhi Bhi dar rahi ho ki jab om ko pata chalega ki chulbul Gauri hi hai to wo Kya karega? Kesse sabalega khud Ko? But I really think Janvi ko bad mei apni galti realise ho aur wo Gauri ko ghar le aaye chulbul banake hi sahi

    2. Hii dear your are right… I am thinking same..

  7. Lol asthbaby.dadi ne jagraata se prasad churaliya????????. Yarr tumhari baaten always funny hoti he.babies ki tarah.I love you soooooo much. ????????????????????

    Yes maahi dear, of course you can call me arpi. Yarr you are bcame Senti. Ok ek big hug srnd kar rahi hun accept karna.?

    Hii dbo fans from kerala. We are fine. And you are right.genere is romance but
    romance ka koi sign nahi he. But kya kar sakte he.We have to wait .this is only option for us. So don’t get sad.watch and support our show. Ok good luck my frnd.

  8. Hi all astha, mahi, arpitha, DBO fans from Kerala ,shiv, pinku, nikita, niveditha, pragatipragmatic, sharanagathi ( sorry if I missed anyone)?

    Actually by seeing episode me & mom became emotional during gauris exit. I was eating while watching. But I didnt literally eat anything during episode. Me & mom were sitting still until KT came.

    Finally my grandma fed me while watching.?

    I was so upset also, didn’t knew that DBO would make such an effect on me. So that’s y I didn’t comment yesterday?

    I am ( we all are) desperate to see RIKARA union.

    Wishing this to happen soon?

    1. Hii Shraddha pragatipragmatic means? Don’t take too much stress dear .mein bhi yeh show apni mom aur apni choti Behan ke sath dekh thi ho . Relax and chill hamare cvs sab tik kar denge . Nahi karega to h sab mil ke karwa denge. Mein Mahi aur astha ne milkar kar ek bar makers ke brain ke surgery ki thi . Aur ussi surgery ke bad unhone last Monday aacha episode diya tha . Ham ek bar phir surgery karega hope is bar Bhi hamare mission successful rahe. So much surgery partners are you ready?

      1. Sorry pragathi it was autocorrect.
        * Not sharanagathi but dhara

        Yep , even I feel we have to wait a bit more, we should keep trust in CVS.

        But feel sad when some people are totally offending the show and they are also offending shrenu a lot. She is very talented and I think this is one of her best character, I.e. both chulbul and gouri.

        I am not speaking against them, but they should stop punishing the actors for the CVS mistake.

        I am also not blaming CVS, except a few illogical points, they are carrying this show in a very unique way different from all those typical cheesy romantic serials, with 100 eyelocka and falls. A romantic story does mean that it should be unnecessarily loaded with such scenes.

        Here they are portraying each character and giving them importance too.

        So viewers pls pls be patient and underwhelming heard work and efforts of CVS and actors and the whole team. We can just criticize them easily but they have to work hard day and night to increase trp and also entertain us.

        Phew , that was long. Sorry if anyone was hurt?

      2. God I am gonna kill autocorrect?

        * Romantic story doesn’t mean that
        *Patient and understand the hard work


    2. DBO FANS from Kerala

      Hi shraddha
      Don’t worry dear,surly DBO track will intresting soon.
      We are also sad with someone tries to hurt our shrenu.
      She do her character very well.We don’t why they hurt shrenu.
      Hope that our gaurika romantic track without any misunderstanding.
      So friends maahi,shraddha, arpi,pragati,astha reddy..etc all DBO FANS
      We all are joined to pray for getting some interesting tracks of DBO as well as gaurika.

    3. Hii shraddha.. Don’t be senti dear… Sab thik ho jaye ga… Ye CVS bhagwaan hote h.. Character k liye.. Kab meherban ho jaye…

  9. LIBA

    Hello guys actually who is kali thakur And what the relation btwn gauri & Kali thakur

    1. Actually liba..
      Earlier when DBO started…
      The track was kaali thakur forcing gauri to marry him. And om saving her and marrying her. But that kaali got saved and now he has return to get his bird..gauri

      Long story short.. he is the second villan in omakara’s love story.

      1. LIBA

        Thank u Sara

      2. Mention not Dear…

  10. The whole episode wasted on gauri n her crying….it is such a burden to watch her dat I was compelled to change channel…whenever I return still her crying going on…boring boring…tons of make up n bad acting…yuck..wanted to watch omkara..but….please kaali take her with u .then omkara can get new heroine…

    1. DBO FANS from Kerala

      Shrenu acting is awesome. She is a beautiful and talented actress.and she got an award for her performance in iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ek baar phir.We watch DBO because of only our shrenal Jodie.
      Gouri is only match to omkara.
      Always omri omri omri omri omri omri omri omri omri omri omri omri omri omri omri omri omri omri omri omri omri

  11. Hi dbo ashiqs,im new here,lov ur comments,cool,keep it up guys

  12. Today’s epiosde was really boring…
    Again they dragged swetlan’s part …DBO is becomimg boring day by day…

    I don’t know why the CV’S are adamant to drag the story… and ofcourse swetlana’s track… why the hell .. actually how the hell she gets save everytime.. is she like some kind of magician or what.

    And.jahanvi what happened to her understanding and sweet nature..
    She didn’t even let gauri explain her part..
    I know she is mother and all that.. but she is a woman too.. atleast she should have given her a chance..

    But… whatever the case is…. omri look awesome together..
    Atleast now the cv’s are giving some space on the stage to rudra too….

    Plz dear cv’s add rumya love story in ishqbaaz and DBO too…

    Anyways hey everyone!! How r u all??

  13. What will happen if Kaali meet Gauri? Yeh Om Ko kab pata chale ga Gauri ki.sach… Jaanvi se to yeh expect nahi Kiya…Mujeh Laga ki voh Gauri ko accept karegi?

  14. Hii guys !!its Dragging too much yaar why cant this CV’s wind up Swetlana’s chapter if they like her soo much they can take her along forever because here we are fed up of her stupid & disgusting antics. Gouri’s part was soo emotional such a pure soul she is.
    Hey Mahi hope you are fine now a biggg & thight wala hug for you just Relax & Chill yaar.

    1. Sry @firdose…. didn’t see ur comment earlier ….. But thnx for ur hug…. Loads of love to u…..☺☺☺

  15. I really didn’t expected this from Jhanvi how can she not see the truth in Gouri’s eyes
    in Ishqbaaz she always support Anika she explain’s Pinky when she say bad about Anika then how come she is not able to find out that Gouri is good girl because till now they have potrayed her character very well she acts mature understand things very fast compared to Pinky well this is all done by our Great CV’s they are expert in ruining a good character just Hope Jhanvi understand the things clearly & accept her as DIL.

    Isn’t it strange Guys our Indaian Mother in laws always fail to understand their own DIL.

  16. Aastha_Reddy

    I am just saying these lines to the fan who are bashing Shrenu Parikh in DBO…
    Shrenu is not doing anything and taking make up on her own… there is a team of expert for every thing with Gul Khan and Mrinal Jha…I think.
    So why are they bashing over a fictional character to the actress Shrenu.. She is very talented and for this quality in her 4 – lion production house chose her to act as Gouri….
    Stop pointing finger as Shrenu Parikh please…she is not at fault for the disaster on story line or other major problems In DBO….
    and Ishkara fan… Gouri did not take a bamboo to beat Ishana to leave the show.. ( neither Vrushika nor Shrenu).. it was her problem..personal or professional to leave the show…
    So There is no point at pointing finger at Shrenu .. after reading my POV who are still on a mind to blame Shrenu….I wish ki unki Shaadi Kali Thakur( not Rahul Dev) se hojaye…..
    Sorry Ishana fans i am not bashing her either.She was also perfect.. like Gouri is. but I believes in living with present rather then crying and haunting on a past that can never be back to us…
    PS- i just support the truth and fact.. the right thing.. I am neither a Shrenu nor a Vrushika fan…. no offence please on me… just read my thought and give Gouri a small space in your heart.. you will not be disappointed.

    1. Hii astha…. Completely agree with u ….. Guys no one is perfect…. Allow shrenu to make place in ur heart……

    2. Well said astha

    3. DBO FANS from Kerala

      Agree with you our friend astha

    4. You are right yaar, ? shrenu should be given a chance, you are not a shrenu fan but still you are supporting her coz of her talent. That is her magic, she does on her audience, only very few actors can do this.

      As for me , the whole cast of IB, except shrenu were new for me, but I have loved all of them within a short span if time coz of their talent.

      We must respect their talent, it is never easy for any one to act according to the situation in front of a camera and many people, bring many expression on the spot etc.

      So stop bashing and keep enjoying, as for me i am really loving this track, even though sultana track is bit dragging?

  17. Agree with you Astha but i really like Shrenu as Gouri & Chulbul both I have even watched IPKND 2 she is an amazing actress.

  18. Aastha_Reddy

    Maahi,Pragathi,DBO fan,Shraddha and Firdose… my single sentence is “don’t judge a book by its cover”…
    Thnx. For understanding my support to Shrenu…Love you all…

  19. your sentence is 100% true astha we cannot judge anything or any one by one look

  20. Hiii shrdha me good.
    @hii firdose dear, hope you are fine
    @asthababy you are absolutely right.

  21. Friends,
    Gauri return to oberoi house. Instagram pic of shrenal show that chulakara track continues. (But don’t know real truth)

  22. Good evening everyone . Aap mein se kya koi”dekha ek khwaab ” dekhta tha Kya ? Sony channel pe. Aise he puch rahi ho mujhe kafi pasand tha wo show

  23. anay bangalore

    can some one tell me if the ice box girl is swetlana who was that swetlana whose details Om got in the college? How many swetlana’s are there in this show?

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