Dil Bole Oberoi 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 13th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Jhanvi says you have given cheated my son and broke his heart. Gauri says no, you slap me and hit me to the wall, why will I cheat my husband. Jhanvi asks husband, what do you want to say. Gauri sees Om and says I m Omkara ji’s wife, he is my husband. Jhanvi gets shocked and asks what rubbish. Some time before, Gauri goes to change clothes. She says where did I keep the wig and looks for it. Jhanvi comes and shows the wig, saying its here. Gauri gets tensed. Real Shwetlana comes in the living room. Shwetlana goes to Om’s room and says Om is already in basement, he will know my secret if he sees real Shwetlana, I have to go there.

The lady sees real Shwetlana and says you changed so soon. She sees Mata rani idol and goes there, while lady asks for singer’s number. She thanks Mata Rani

for saving her. Jhanvi asks what’s this. Gauri says forgive me, I was helpless to do now. Jhanvi says you are staying a guy, you lied and cheated. Gauri says trust me, I was helpless to become a guy, I badly needed a job. Jhanvi asks what’s Om’s photo doing with you, why did you fill your maang with his blood, I need an answer, tell me, it would be better that you say this in front of Om. Gauri worries.

Shwetlana goes to basement and sees Om and Rudra. She hides. Real Shwetlana sits near the idol. Buamaa sees her and thinks did she change, maybe its her new acting, she was saying I challenge Mata Rani, now she is in Mata Rani’s feet. Real Shwetlana faints. Buamaa says a new drama.

Rudra says I don’t know what Shwetlana does in this freezer, agreed she does beauty treatment, but she could have kept this in her room. Shwetlana worries. Om says its empty, what’s the meaning of empty freezer. She says where did Shwetlana go, if she has run away, if anyone sees her, I will have to find her. She leaves. Om and Rudra turn to see. She looks for real Shwetlana and says I will have to find her. Om says I m sure Shwetlana is using this freezer for something which she does not want us to know, we have to find out. Lady sprinkles water on real Shwetlana. Buamaa says get up and say what you want, attention seeker.

Real Shwetlana wakes up and says Maa… She holds Buamaa. She asks her to save her and faints. Jhanvi asks Gauri to come. Gauri says no. Jhanvi takes her. Buamaa thinks how did she come in my feet, what’s the matter. Jhanvi takes Gauri. Gauri asks her not to do this, I will tell you everything, don’t tell this to Om. Jhanvi says life cheated my son, he did not know friendship will also cheat, I don’t know what’s your motive, I just know Om regarded Chulbul as his best friend, Chulbul broke his heart and cheated him, there is no difference between you and Shwetlana, you both can do anything for money, Om will decide now. Gauri says trust me, I did not become guy to cheat. Buamaa makes real Shwetlana lie on bed and asks her to get up.

Shwetlana hears ladies talking about real Shwetlana fainting. She thinks to do something before she gets conscious. Gauri sees Om and asks Jhanvi not to tell anything to Om, person breaks when trust breaks, when I came in this house, I did not know its Om’s house, Shwetlana gave me 3 months salary and kept me on job. Jhanvi asks do you know Om, girls like you act of love and friendship for money. Jhanvi says you have given cheated my son and broke his heart. Gauri says no, you slap me and hit me to the wall, why will I cheat my husband.

Jhanvi asks husband, what do you want to say. Gauri sees Om and says I m Omkara ji’s wife, he is my husband. She recalls her marriage. Om goes to Buamaa. Jhanvi gets shocked and asks what rubbish, will I believe this, Om will never hide any relation. Gauri says he would have said if he accepted this relation and marriage, my name is Gauri Kumari Sharma, 5th standard pass from Bareilly. She tells everything about Kaali Thakur, and how Om married her to save her life. She says whatever I did was for him, I don’t love Om, I do his worship, person should come close to love, worship is done from far, so I m happy being away from him, he is not less than Lord for me, he saved my life, don’t snatch my Lord and worship, don’t tell my truth, he will break.

Jhanvi asks did you come to hide and get your right. Gauri says no, I came to do my duty, my Patni Dharm, he does not believe in this relation, I will not force relation on him. Jhanvi asks don’t you want anything in return. Gauri says nothing, what’s done to get something is business, not love, love is done to lose oneself, I don’t want to become part of Om’s life, I swear on Shankar ji, my fate got me here, not my wish, I thought to tell him truth, but I could not say, and he could not hear, I have no cheat in heart, its just devotion, this marriage is true for me, not for Om, Chulbul’s friendship is true for him, don’t snatch this truth. Jhanvi says you have to leave this house. Om sprinkles water on real Shwetlana. She wakes up. He holds her. She asks what are you doing. She asks Buamaa to save her. Buamaa says she is calling me Maa ji. She scolds her.

Real Shwetlana says I m not that you think. Om says we know who are you. She says if you know, then help me. He asks her to shut up. She says why are you angry, I m just asking help. He scolds her and asks her not to fool her. He says tell me the connection of your and that fridge in basement. She recalls her friend stabbing her and getting her face.

Jhanvi says I don’t want you here as Chulbul or Gauri, I don’t want his heart to break, just leave. Gauri says I will see him once. Jhanvi says no, just go. Gauri says fine, I will go away from this house and Om. Jhanvi says before Om sees you or tries finding Chulbul, you should leave. Gauri says as you say and takes her blessings. Jhanvi asks what are you doing. Gauri says one earns good deeds by touching elder’s feet, if not blessings, I promise you Om will not be hurt because of me. She touches Jhanvi’s feet.

Gauri says this is the chance to leave, before Om finds me. Om finds Chulbul and calls. Gauri gets his call. He turns to see her. Kaali Thakur arrives in the city.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hiiiii everyone! ! ! Today episode was really dragging. They could show swetlana and fakekara face off but no again tomorrow.

    Soo janvi came to know abiut gouri .
    hope she will accept her.and understand her situation.

    Precap is more interesting. Soo kali thakur is back.with bang.but not tomorrow I am sure they will show it on monday. BOth IB AND DBO are making more curious. ???

    1. Bela

      I know right? I mean, my Mom told me I could have the remote for just half an hour and we watched IB but then DBO caught our interest and we both sat through it as well???
      I had my hopes for Rikara pinned on Jhanvi but seems like I will have to wait for Kali Thakur to do the honours ?

    2. I agree dear…things r gonna spiced up by kaal thakurs entry..he is like daksh..whenever he will enter he will play a Cupid.. hope so this come true..fingers crossed..

    3. Nivedita

      I thought today wouldn’t be as special.. since Realana– had already escaped.. i liked the episode in parts. I loved all the Gauri and Jahnvi dialogues.. of course Om standing below like that was a bit silly. Why was he actually waiting like that. Him and Rudy conversing might have been a better fit..Or him on phone or something, but the audience thinking he is listening to Gauri Jahnvi..
      Anyways Fakelana reveal got dragged again! I am glad how Kali Thakur will make entry? I am interested in Rahul Dev’s entry, but only if the writers manage to write something good for Gaurika and RD..
      I somehow feel the writers don’t have the right feel for what IB audiences want from DBO..
      Anyways certainly curious on how Gauri will come back in OM’s life or how Om will find about Gauri and why will he protect her from KT?

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      Arpita… Mahavishuba Sankranthi and Odia nutan barsha ra hardhik subhakamana…
      I thought bhaiyya rocked today so Astha behen ko bhi kuch rockings karna chahiye….
      Ab mujhe dantna mat ki sky se jameen main aao Astha….

  2. Finally…kaali thakurs is coming..hope to see some gud episodes wd lot of gaurika scenes…nd did real swethlana seems so innocent….poor gal khamkha chakkar main phas gayi…nd janvi also proved she is an typictypical oberio wdout listening anything started blaming but is also r8 through her POV…waiting for ending of dis sweth track .just fed up of same drama everyday..
    Lookin frwrd for nxt…

  3. Orchid

    At last someone of OM come to know about Omri’s marriage. By By am a lil confused about this Sevtlana. If the real one is alive then why the fake one keep her in freezer. If she was alive then her body will not rot then it is not needed to keep her in freezer. Really suspicious.
    But it is really funny that when Om or someone else is going to find about real Sevtlana somehow she is escaped or the fake one hide her. Very confusing drama. But Jhanvi should realize her compulsion but she is getting cruel now. I am really waiting for tomorrow.

    1. Nivedita

      Orchid- it’s confusing because a) the writers didn’t write Swetlana- real and fakes story properly..So it’s full of contradictions. See my comment on Swetlana yesterday if you want to read on the confusing plots about her..
      And the writers still don’t have enough material for an episode, so they keep dragging the Swetlana reveal..By stopping the truth from emerging everytime– Om gets near the truth..

      1. Orchid

        Ya you’re ri8 always dragging her in between

  4. Shiv

    Real drama just now started in DBO!!! Really emotional gauri part ??!!!Jhanvi becomes new pink sass bahu dram beginning ?

    1. Shiv

      Typo new pinky in making !!! But plz bloom omri love !!

  5. Gauri what true definition of love….
    “Love is all about one to lose itself without any expectations…. Give and take means Business”….. what a dialogue…..

    About svetlana ” Shaitan bani Sanskari”…. Svetlana toh science se sedirect in buaamaa’s charan????….

    Jhanvi plzz jaldi se Gauri ko apni bahu maan lo kahin aisa na hi ki itni acchi bahu
    haat se nikal jaaye…..

    About precap- Om plz apni Gauri ko rok lo itni acchi caring, loving and devoting wife or lover tumhe andhere mein lantern lekar doondhne par bhi nahi milegi…..

    Kali thakur is back…. for him only one line- “Murda jee utha kya”??.. like seriously…. whatever but kaali thakur tumhara ek he kaam hai Gaurikara ke beech mein Misunderstanding clear karna bas…

    Overall Gauri rocked with her prem-gyan…

    1. Nivedita

      True, loved Gauri’s definition of love! And she calls her feelings Shraddha — her dialogues are always well written in DBO..
      While Jahnvi turned into a typical Saas, though i wish she hadn’t, her point of view was understandable.. she was really protecting her son..And it’s true Om wouldn’t like the betrayal from Gauri being in OM as Chulbul..
      I somehow don’t think he will find about Gauri tomorrow.. because in previews they still show Chulbul Omkara and Kali Thakur..
      Btw I didn’t think KT was dead- because the spear seemed to have hit his shoulders in the railway station scene..

  6. Too much dragging.. Ufff BTW in promo after khalithakurs entry also gauri is in chulbul avatar only..then why Kali is back of chulbul??? Abt promo I am confused!!!one thing is clear misunderstanding between omri will be solved..but for that om should know that chulbul and gauri are one…aaahhhhhhhhh. Totally totally confused.

  7. What yaar..Today also both didn’t meet. Why there are no rumya scenes..Both IB n DBO are not in sync with each other. In IB it’s Priyanka’s marriage n both her mom n bro are not there…Rather than IB n DBO why don’t they combine both n run it for one hour n give chance for everyone.

  8. Aastha_Reddy

    Jhanvi and her respond to Gouri totally disappointed me… no mother will accept this suddenly.. but she went under the same and is a unwanted wife of Tej Singh Oberoi….. then!!!!!
    Pyaar ke gyan koi Gouri Sharma ki coaching se lelo…kitna mast hai formula… great ..!!!
    Realana… Are Cvs planning to make us like her keeping the history of other villains we love from IB…no… we may end up loving realana…
    Shwetlana… backup vain hai ya main bhej doon truck yaa bail gaadi…
    Cvs ke muh mein ghee sakkar.. maida… water and gas bill wo khud denge… laddo
    Leenesh is getting his screen space back in both IB and DBO….

    1. Hii astha bahut Dino se bat barani thi par bhul jati ho just like makers of ib and dbo. Mene ek gana choose Kiya hai tumhare liye ,- mein to hay re ho re Tera jabardast fan ho gayi . I am your fan . I like each and every anayasis. Aata kha se itna talent? I mean kal Jo Apne ib ke bare mein analysis Kiya it’s too good. Dadi nerolac paint Shakti and Tej to pillars. Wow yar. And yes we watching ib and dbo heat and brain at back side and eyes on front side . True yr.
      Hamere dialouge writers tumse hi to dialoges nahi likhwata. Batana jarur ha

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Pragathi….Hum toh hai like this… no zabra fan ..please… that is damn embarrassing for me.. I am your friend Astha only… please we are only friends…

  9. And Jhanvi, when chulbul or Gauri saved you n your son so many times everyone were praising Gauri n just bcoz of one lie you are forgetting everything..Not done. You guys will not listen to pple like Gauri for you Swetlana is only correct. Paapam Gauri..Don’t worry Gauri your Om will come to save you from kaali thakur. One more thing I know it’s a series but how come villains are bk even if they are brutally killed ..Isn’t it strange or they could have brought kaali thakur’s twin brother that would have been logical atleast?

  10. hii anu si, aastha di, and all other ishqies.sorry guys i don’t know all your names.
    actually i have some doubt regarding oberoi family.if any one can clear it then please do.thank u.
    1.ek ghar mein do swetlana do shivaay but never face off
    2.Anika Gauri never met
    3.even anika chulbul never met
    4.prinku ki shaadi mein uski maa and bhai both absent how
    5.if real swetlana is good what is the real name of fake swetlana
    6.which swetlana is Tia’s sister
    7.swetlana and kamini both want oberoi’s money but don’t know one another
    8.where is shivaay’s bua who helped swetlana earlier
    9.last but not the least, WHO KILLED GAYATRI ?
    these questions must be answered by cvs.
    i think this would make the plot rather interesting and logical.

    Good Night everyone.

    1. Nivedita

      Katie– we wish the same..On all the points. Why the CVs don’t spend time answering them.. even one or two episodes could help clear away the logic gaps .
      O think Fakelana is Tia’s sis- she must have wanted a different identity so that the Oberois would never connect her to the kspoors.but idk if the CVs will explain this.
      7) idk if Kamini and kapoor’s or Swetlana should have met. Quite possible to not meet.. especially since Jahnvi buama and Om and Swetlana are mostly absent from the wedding events..

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Hi kate … These are logic dear and Cvs and logic always repels each other…
      Like I said before some days…
      always put brain and heart at back seat and only eyes on front seat while watching both IB and DBO…I follow my.formula strictly..always…ha ha…

    3. Hii Katie we all are juggling with same problem . Bahut time se ispe mathapachi kar rahe hai. Ab tak Gaye hai islye chod diya . Mein astha ki advice follow kar rahi ho.

  11. i just cant wait to see the end of this illogical track.i am so so happy to see 75 comments on yesterday episode.hope to see more comments in future.will we be able to see rumyatrack ever????does anyone have any idea about it?to… astha i asked that to you because i had read a ff on swaragini which was written by a girl named astha.but i forgot the name of that ff.i was a big fan of swaragini and i still am.i read most of the ff on swaragini.so thought to ask you that question.hope you didnt mind.
    good night to all DBO fans

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Its ok dear.. i am not angry… IB and DBO is my debut…

    2. Nivedita

      CVs said to be patient about Rumya! Idk if they will b shown on IB or DBO or both?

      1. thanks nivedita for the information.i want rumya to be shown in DBO only.

  12. Hii arpita first to comment wow. Mujhe bhi episode kafi dragging laga. Hum sab ko umeed to yahi thi Janvi Gauri ko samjhegi .she don’t behave like Pinky but aasa nahi hua. I know she is protective for om because he hate lies and He hurt if he know about chulbul. But Gauri ne itne bar uski Jaan bachai aur bahut kuch Kiya . I don’t think itna hone ke bad kisse ko uski loyalty par Shak hona chaiye. But dbo ki Mahima cv he Jane.

  13. i dont think jhanvi is wrong.she is doing that for omkara because omkara will be broken if he knows that chulbul told lie even though it was gauris compulsion.omkara’s trust will be broken once again.

    1. Dhara what is the name of the ff you read in swaragini???

      1. hello astha.i read that ff last year so i dont remember the name of that.i remember some ff writers name of swaragini like abhi,anamika,sara,meghna,shree hirani etc.sorry but i forgot that ff name

      2. are you a the same astha?swaragini ff writer…

      3. Aasthu

        I had written a swaragini ff….but I’m not sure if you are thinking about the same…it’s name is “I found my love” and “I found my sister”….why are you inquiring about it now??

      4. sorry sorry i misunderstood your comment .i thought you asked the name of that swaragini ff which was written by a girl named astha.so i now read many ff on swaragini which are mostly based on ragsan/raglak as i am a fan of ragini.so the ff names are “the girl who made me crazy..swaragini”,”the antigonist”,both are written by abhi.and “lakragsan predifined a journey to past life”by ashrita.so currently i read these three ff only.

      5. Aasthu

        Dhara, I didn’t get you. Are you looking for the person who wrote a SR ff that you read last year??? The ff’s you are currently reading are not written by anyone named Aastha right?? I’m also reading a few raglak ff’s….so maybe if you tell the story as much as you remember maybe I can help you…..was it a raglak or ragsan ff???

  14. Aastha_Reddy

    All over India it is new year … so happy new year my friends….joyful year ahead…

  15. DBO FANS from Kerala

    Shraddha,maahi,astha reddy,diyas,arpi,nikitha ji…..etc all DBO lovers;
    Yesterday we have so many expectations about janvi-gouri.But janvi is now selfish, she don’t try to understand from her bahu side .she thinks only own her son side.

    Gouri is pure hearted person. She do everything for om and family.
    But in all situations gouri get mistakend.
    Why all are mistake this poor girl (omkara, jhanvi).

    Sure that om doesn’t see gouri tomorrow.
    But latest promo is in also in oberoi house,and gouri is in chulbul avatar. How kaali takur find gouri in chulbul. At that time ,will om relizes chulbul is gouri?

    Ohh can’t wait for that,any way pray for some good episodes of DBO.

    We have a heartily request to makers of DBO that; pls don’t hurt DBO FANS at all time.we love your Jodie gourika is more than all other lead pairs in star plus.
    We have to told you the one and only request is pls clear the misunderstanding between om and gouri. And to reveal OM that chulbul is gouri. Because I’m love chulbul a lot.

  16. DBO FANS from Kerala

    Spell mistake #om# love chulbul a lot.

  17. Screw Jhanvi. She was acting like a major douche today. You forget all the times Gauri has saved you and helped your family and now mad because of one lie? I can understand your frustration as you don’t want your son to feel heartbroken but a lady must consider the viewpoint of another lady. Especially when Gauri was giving her a long and detailed explanation that does not portray Gauri as a bad person. What should of happened was for both of them to keep all of this quiet for the time being until they can come up with a solution to tell Om. Not Jhanvi telling Gauri to leave. We can’t have Jhanvi being this rude type of person. We have Pinky for that.

    1. Nivedita

      I also wanted Jahnvi to empathise with Gauri and understand her, but whatever response they showed was totally appropriate from a mother’s point of view..

      I do think, it would have been a fun track if mil and dil worked in cahoots to bring the old Omkara from IB back to us..

  18. * Kali thakur will not identify who chulbul is, but will reveal what happened in bareily and who gauri is.. jhanvi will definitely come to know this past but whether all the family members know this or not it’s a doubt.
    * I’m sure omki will stop him from revealing as Svetlana will know the truth and possibly blackmail him.

    1. Nivedita

      I hope all that you wrote is true..

    2. Nivedita

      Though, I don’t want anymore of Swetlana.. can’t they give us a break from her for the duration of KT track? If she has a contract or something can’t she just turn up later on for some other and better written reason?


    Finally jhanvi knows truth of om and gauri.. but I wonder in same house how can ishqbaaz and dil bole oberio shooting is done without other family members..
    The family member who act in ishqbaaz are not shown in dil bole oberio and vice versa.
    Plz team unite both shows

  20. Yaa pragati dear, and don’t worry now dbo will be more interesting from monday

    Hii dbo fans from kerala I am fine .Actually janvi is not wrong.she is too much worried for her son. But I hope she will understand gouri.

    Asthababy , Arpita darling khush hua (mogambo khush hua style main) thank you aoo much for wish.????????

    A big tight warm hug frome me to you baby.agar main tia ki fan hoti toh rieki bhejti but aisa nahi hopaya .so jo mila ussi se kaam chalo.??????

  21. Hii ishqies frnd… Maahi dii where are you… And astha dii your comments is nice… A big wala jaadu ki jhaapii to all ishqies dbo frnds…

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