Dil Bole Oberoi 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 12th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kaali takes wedding rounds with Gauri. Shwetlana says its written in prenup that everything belongs to your wife. Om says I m already married, and calls his wife. Some time before, Kaali drags Gauri and asks her to see the mandap prepared for her. He makes her sit and asks pandit to finish marriage in 5 mins. Pandit asks how will all rituals happen in 5mins. Kaali points gun at him and asks him to finish it in 5mins, else he will do his last rites. Pandit agrees. Kaali says now we will see your belief, how anyone stops you from becoming mine. Gauri thinks I will never become yours. She holds a broken bottle in hand and sees Kaali.

Om asks Jhanvi the matter. Jhanvi asks did you read this document. Om says reading again and again, it won’t change. She says we get to see something which we

don’t see by reading once, every wall of the world is weak at some point, there is a loophole in this agreement. She shows the agreement. Shwetlana sees them. She says what is Jhanvi telling him. Om checks. She says I m sure Jhanvi is doing this to stop this marriage. Pandit says bride and groom will exchange varmala. Kaali puts garlands in Gauri and his neck. Pandit asks them to get up and have rounds. Kaali asks Gauri to get up. He holds her and takes the rounds.

Shwetlana asks Om what is he doing here, marriage mahurat is passing. Om says 2mins. She says I already waited a lot, all this is not imp than our marriage. She says mom, can you leave us alone, I want some privacy with my would be husband. Jhanvi goes. Shwetlana gives a rose to Om and says I got this for you, I want us to forget bitterness and make a new start, let’s hope our life has essence like this rose, close your eyes, take a deep breath. She recalls putting some chemical in the rose. She says now you will take a deep breath and sleep, when you wake up, you will be in marriage mandap. FB ends. Om smells the rose and falls down on the bed. Shwetlana says I know you Oberois won’t lose till end, I m also Shwetlana. She calls servant and asks him to vacate room, lock door and windows, there should be nothing that Om uses to come out. She goes.

Gauri stabs Kaali’s back. He falls down. Shea sks the men not to come ahead. She throws the garlands and runs. The men run after her. Kaali is lying down.

Shwetlana comes to mandap. Buamaa says I wish Om has run away. Shwetlana says he will run when he has some way, now all his ways start and end on Shwetlana. Gauri hides from Kaali’s men and says I can’t run more, they will identify me, I have to change clothes. She sees some clothes drying outside some place and gets some.

Shwetlana opens the room door and goes to see Om. She gets shocked seeing pillows in Om’s place. She says where did Om go and shouts to servants. She asks them where is Om, I told you to lock doors and windows, how did Om go out. She goes.

She asks Buamaa and Jhanvi where did they hide Om. Buamaa asks did Om run away. Shwetlana says there is no need to be happy, I will take revenge and ruin Om, Om comes and says its not so easy. He recalls seeing Shwetlana before and acting to faint. He says its not easy to ruin Omkara Singh Oberoi. She asks what’s all this, pandit is calling for pheras, come marriage mahurat is passing. He asks whose marriage. She says are you out of your mind, our marriage. Om says why, I don’t love you, did mum call pandit for grah shanti puja. He sends pandit. Shwetlana says you signed a prenup, if you don’t marry me, everything will be mine, it means your would be wife. He says its not written. She says its clearly written that everything belongs to your wife. Om says to my wife, it means whatever is mine will be of my wife.

She says I will become your wife when we marry. He says but why will we marry, I m already married. She gets shocked and says you are lying. He says you know, I never lie. He calls his wife inside. Someone with ghunghat walks in. They all look on. Om says she is Oberois’ bahu, my wife. Shwetlana says what the hell, how can you marry anyone else, you signed prenup with me, I can file case on you, wait here, I will get prenup. Om says wait, don’t work hard. He shows the papers and asks her to read carefully. He says my wife’s rights are written, not Shwetlana’s rights. She checks and gets shocked. He says wife can be anyone right. Jhanvi smiles. Om thanks her for finding loophole in prenup, else he would have got trapped by Shwetlana. Jhanvi says you are the best son, love you. Om says you are the best mum, I love you, happy mothers day. He hugs Jhanvi and Buamaa. He says this document does not have your wife, its written that everything belongs to my wife, here’s my wife, your game is over Shwetlana.

Shwetlana says I will not leave you easily. Om says I m really married. He asks his wife to lift ghunghat. They all see Gauri.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ha ha ha bol tha next week omri together gori ko toh veil ke niche hi chupa diya.????

    One big question. IF kT is dead. ……no idea…ussne toh ammrit pi rakha he ..marke bhi bach jata he…..

    Sutlu (CREDIT GOES TO NILASH DEAR) ki OMM ho gayi….

    A new segment where omri is doing acting like romantic couple..before sutlu… but is looking cute..

    And gouri is ferding tea uss main parle G dalke??????

    1. Jayanti

      where did u see it???can u please forward the link??

  2. Aastha_Reddy

    Finally the most desired and awaited episode where Shwetlana got a blow on her face that drained blood away from her face..loserlana..
    Omkara…. winnerkara. acceptkara… le aaya wife ko..yay yay yay yay yay!!!!!!!!
    Gouri rocked today..kya bottle tha..by the way your husband need hot oil in his body..kitna travel karta hai…Bareilly to Mumbai..
    Cvs why you hanged us in the middle of some fun..now we have to wait till monday…But Love you Cvs and Moderation uncle too..for bearing with our torture… we can bash you on your every mistake in future..we are ready for that..but for now..love you..

    1. Nivedita

      Astha– love the Omkara names! ?
      Haan Rey, I hope this winner Oberoi track continues next week..
      Om toh magic se travel kiya in the past 2 days! ??
      All I can say is I was glad that they showed Gauri behind the veil– I wasn’t trusting the CVs that the bride would b Gauri.. despite the line that Omkara never lies..

  3. Nivedita

    I am glad Gauri is back in OM, but I don’t think this is the last we have seen of Swetlana..?

    And the time difference in their weddings and then being in 2 different cities was a logic ki OMM..
    First Gauri wedding got postponed for what reason– nothing was said.

    Second during the maximum 2-3 hrs of mantra reading by panditji how did Om manage to rescue Gauri.. from Bareilly?

  4. OMG….what an episode ????
    The best episode of dbo.
    All actors nailed it with their expressions​.

    So rikara’s love hate story is going to start.
    Eagerly waiting for Monday’s episode.

  5. Mannat

    Prcap is so interesting…. wait of 24 hrs…. is very much difficult … ..

  6. Hiiii eveyone…. OMG what an episode…. Svetlana tumhare toh papu bann gaya…. And when Omkara revealed that he is already married and now his whole property belongs to his wife yeh sunn kar toh svetlana chudail ke toh Tote udd gaye….
    Omkara’s killer smile when he entered in the mandap while svetlana was questioning jhanvi and buamaa about him was just awesome…..
    And that dialogue “Omkara Singh Oberoi ko barbaad karna itna asaan nahi hai”…. OMG it was just Darwaazatod….

    GAURI what boldness dear…. Chaa gayi yrr aaj tum…. Firstly I thought that ur helpless …. but when I saw that broken bottle in ur hand it just gave me some relief….

    Aur kaali thakur Kaisa laga yeh Gauri ka waar…. Ek dum zoordaar… Tumhari haalat toh urthne layak he nahi rahi…
    GAURI ne toh tumhe ek jhaap mein zameen se sata diya….


    Jhanvi aapne toh kya lawyer-giri dikhayi aaj… pura pura game he palat diya…. Omkara KO Svetlana se shaadi karne se rokne ka credit toh Jhanvi ko jata hai…. Plz uss tej ki bhi aisi band bajaoo…..






    1. Nivedita

      Haan Mahi, I loved Gauri today with her willingness to fight the wedding- btw those guards kitne pappu hai. Koi bhi tumhare boss ki attack karein, but you don’t react- what’s the point of showing them, if they aren’t of any use..
      Not that I didn’t enjoy Gauri’s murderous intentions and running away..

      And Om was too adorable too– I hope his winning and tadibaazi steak continues for a while.
      Yes dil bole Ishqbaaz Gaurikara! ????

  7. I really like so much dis episode and precap…

  8. Nilash

    Hii peeps may be many of you don’t know me but I’m an equal lover of DBO and Omri…. well a big hug to all of you who are regular commenters over here.
    Well Arpita has given me the credit of SUTLU but my dear Arpu Vishu is equal shareholder of this credit….
    Well now the episode yeeeaaaaayyyyy after so long of our wait that SUTLU is exposed and I just hope none of them that is Kaali as well as sutlu returns to Omri’s life
    Gauri is the real hero of today’s episode…. my dear Sutlu all my wishes are with you for your future….
    Omri please start your love story soon
    And CVs thank you so so so much for this bang on episode…

  9. Kanfi

    Hii everyone..
    I lije todayss episode ,,it was nice…
    Bt found too much funny thing,,want ur opinion on that..
    *swetlana was already in mandap,,,bt usually bride come later,,,didn’t shebthought strange!!!:-P 😛

    *when gauri has to wear bride’s dress tgen why she changed her dress,,to wear costly one:-P 😛

    Waiting for friday…
    Gd night dear..

    Guysss do read my ff..


  10. Karina

    Finally Gauri will be in OM as her and not as Chulbul. Waiting for gaurika s romance.

  11. i’ve got to say, costumes are good… mix of traditional and modern … north and south..!!

    i guess, they might show in the next week how the two met and what plans and deals were made between them before reaching OM.

    omkara.. even if you use chopper it still takes 2 hours atleast.. and adding to that, gauri is already on streets disguised.. lets see how the CVs are going to remove “logic” from DBO’s dictionary…!!


    is it the only drama where the in-laws are happy with the son’s wife while the son isin’t?

    DBO, sure is different..!

  12. Is Bareily near Mumbai, can someone tell me? As in Precap we see Gauri, even she comes by charter plane it will take 2 hrs, and how did she got here while they are arguing doesn’t make sense, this is DBO so anything can happen Sweat lana can travel from Mahabaleshwar to Mumbai on skate, Buama can travel on wheel chair by holding car, so let it be all fake a feki.

  13. Finally interesting track coming up..hope trps increase after this.

  14. Akriti

    today’s episode is really good…..
    maza aa gaya aaj toh ….itne dino baad…..
    did any one notice kali aur gauri ki shaadi is mandap same mandap of shivika’s marriage….hmmm

  15. Good for her n think God for gauri I think he will accept her now since he she was n is chulbul

  16. wow…….amazing,,,,,I loved the epi so much……oh god……its realy a mother’s day treat….and OMKARA was dashing…..I hope the story will go good…..I know Om got gauri just to cheat Swetlena but It will go well in future….

  17. @jayanti dear, i don’t know how to share a link……sry..

    @Akriti dear, main bolna bhul gayi.yes that was ditto shivika maariage…mandap…


    Ha ha ha ha???????
    Zor ka haye zoron se laga??????
    Aaj kal DBO jayda better ho gya hai bajaye ishqbaaz ke..
    And i wonder where are other people.. as if DBO me sirf jhanvi ki family hai or ishqbazz me pinki ki..

  19. Lovely episode really a good I love the way gauri backstabing Kali first I thought she brought that bottle to harm herself but… Waaah spr kidkithod anika ki darwasthod behan (i hope so) omkara introduces gauri as his wife wo bhi mrs omkara singh oberoi i love it….now we can see the mixture of angri/romantickararomantickara. thank god CVS start using their brain

  20. Aastha_Reddy

    Yay yay yay yay..Shwetlana aunty won award along with Omkara bhaiyya..Yay yay yay..ha ha ha…

  21. thank god finally chulbul character closed happy and pls maintain writers this is like as it is and pls dont drag the serials and episode pls keep on moving dont stop d episode at the song now its happy for us or else always boring become and pls try to reveal omkaras family and gouri family here atleast wat hapnd to all of them. only between 4 ppl this marriage is hpng shameless and please try to involve his all family characters to suprt om thankyou.

  22. writers now c fans also happy keep moving and dont prolong atleast from now onwards maintain it

  23. thank God gauri wapis aa gai otherwise main to ye serial chorne hi wali thi thanks cvs kch to acha kia aakhir kar

  24. epi was awesome just loved it om’s entry swetlana’s reaction and moreover thanks Om’s mom
    just loved the epi

  25. both Des serials have too many loopholes……
    I have a lot of questions like wen xactly r dey planning 2 reveal who murdered gayathri …..
    n wen will dey introduce gauris character in ishqbaaz..
    also if d story s about three brothers…y r Oly 2 brothers given importance n d other hardly seen….if Dat was d case den d story shud HV BN Abt 2 oberoi brothers…

  26. What the hell with these serials…they are not justifing either of the serial

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