Dil Bole Oberoi 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 12th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Gauri sings in Jagrata. Om looks on. Real Shwetlana wakes up. Gauri applies blood in her maang. Some time before, Gauri gets ready and thinks I will not let Jagrata spoil, Om and his family will get Mata Rani’s blessings. She runs for the Jagrata. She collides with Om. He holds her hand. Her dupatta gets on her face. She recalls their marriage. Kehna hi kya…..plays………. She thinks of his words. Flowers fall on them. Om and Gauri see each other. He tries to move the dupatta off her face. She holds his hand and runs from there. Saathiya….plays…….. He says hello, listen. He picks the anklet and says your anklet….

Buamaa says where did she disappear. Shwetlana says maybe CD got damaged, sorry mom your plan failed. Jhanvi says I did not play any

CD. Shwetlana asks was a spirit singing. Buamaa says if the girl does not come back, we will get double insulted. Jhanvi says our respect is in Mata Rani’s hands. Gauri comes and sings in Jagrata. Shwetlana thinks why do I think I know her, who is this girl.

Rudra says its strange, Chulbul has seen freezer, but he came with Om, there was no freezer, even I can’t see, Shwetlana is clever, but not more than agent Rudy. Freezer will be around. Freezer is seen on other side of the glass wall. Om says such a sweet voice, who is this girl. Real Shwetlana begins to get conscious. Rudra touches the glass wall. He says I think its glass partition, not glass wall, there will be something behind this, how to open it. He sees a value and rotates it. Om looks at Gauri. Gauri chants Mata’s name. Real Shwetlana opens the freezer and comes out. Rudra sees the glass partition moving. He goes to see, while she starts leaving from there.

Shwetlana says you smile as much as you want, its your life’s last smile. She brings the nails structured mattress and puts it there. She thinks Jhanvi is lucky, she will die while seeing mata Rani. She says I told you I will make this Jagrata memorable for Oberois, I m going to win this challenge, just one push will kill Jhanvi. She tries to make Jhanvi fall. Jhanvi goes on Buamaa’s call. Buamaa asks Om to put this in Mata’s feet. Gauri sees Om’s photo and sits praying. A girl collides with Om. His hand gets a cut. He waves his hand. The blood falls on Gauri’s forehead. She turns and sees him. She recalls their marriage. She says I just bent my head, you have given me blessing, today once again, Om filled my maang, I don’t want anything else, the relation which you joined twice, it has no importance for Om, I will always be his wife. She applies the blood in her maang. Jhanvi sees this and thinks why did this girl make Om’s blood her maang’s sindoor. She sees Gauri keeping Om’ photo. Gauri goes. Jhanvi gets busy to talk to a guest. Om stops Gauri. She covers her face with dupatta.

He gets Rudra’s call. Gauri goe. He thinks where did she go. He asks is there freezer in basement, are you sue its empty, stay there, I will come. Shwetlana hears him and says is he talking of that basement where I have hidden Shwetlana, how did they find freezer when I have hidden it behind wall. Om opens the secret door and jumps in. Real Shwetlana goes out. She looks around. Jhanvi gets Mrs. Malhotra’s call. The lady apologizes for not sending the girl. Jhanvi says she was here, she has sing well, she just left from here. The lady says I did not send anyone. Jhanvi says who was that girl and recalls Gauri. She ends call. She picks Om’s photo and says Om’s photo with that girl….. I don’t understand, why did she fill her maang with Om’s blood, just that girl can answer me, I have to find her some way.

Gauri says where did I keeep Chulbul’s wig. Jhanvi says its here and shows the wig. Gauri gets tensed. Om says its empty, I don’t know its meaning. Shwetlana thinks where can real Shwetlana go. Buamaa looks at real Shwetlana sitting in Mata idol’s feet.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Super fast update amena di thank you soooooooooooo much.

  2. Coming to episode. Logic ki oh my maata gangaram ya raita failana koi inse sikhe , jo insaan mar ke freezer main thi.aur uski khoon fek sultana ko milti thi.ek chhote bacho se pucho toh woh bhi kahega ki marne ke baad inssan khoon kisi kasm ka nahi. But yahan toh mara hua inssan jinda hogayi. Yarr thodi toh saram karo.

    Gouri is rocked. Woh he hi asi har riste ko dil se nibhana.I love it.
    So janvi know about gouri.good hope she will accept her.not like pinky.???

    Ruddy my buddy always rocked and today also you done same thing.

    Soo swetlana track is going to be end

    hope omri track will be ahead.
    @dhara dear, I know that you don’t like the current track but as a fan we have to wait for a better track.ok soo plz comment. And enjoy the fun. Hmm good luck.
    Are pinku ye attendance dalke kahan chali jati ho?????

    1. Can you explain the promo

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Shraddha.. Kali Thakur keeps hands on the shoulder of an afraid Chulbul and Om comes between to hide Chulbul from Kali as she takes shelter behind Omkara…that is the new promo of DBO..

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Arpita baby… forget to mention me.. not fair…haan…
      Lets hope that Jhanvi- Gouri.. bonding will rock!!!and now om ki toh OMM hoga…

    3. KAN

      I posted is in yestrday page

  3. I thought real one died and oh gosh please tell me the real svetlana is a positive person looking at her habits.

    1. anay bangalore

      but she is not swetlana right because swetlana’s pic was of different girl. fake one is having face of some one else and name of some other one

  4. Shiv

    Today episode is good with little less swetlana always wish to to see more of omru n gauri !!! Very cinematic n enjoyed but no more swetlana wheather good or bad we don’t want swetlana don’t try to fill again good swetlana whole lot of future episode totally fed up with her plastic face and weird dresses and seducing walk n talk plzzz if writer is obsessed with swetlana plz start one more spin off with dasavatar of swetlana good swet bad swetlana medium bad swetlana medium good swetlana very bad swet average bad swet like that but no more plzz fill it with omru n gauri plzzzzz

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Shiv… lolz… dashwetavataram
      ..Spin off for Shwetlana… hilarious!!!

    2. Navz

      ?????….yess we really fed up of swetlana and u wrote everything i wanted to write abt that chudail.

    3. Nivedita

      10 avatars! Too good! ???????? Idk if it’s writer, director or producer, who was a Swetlana fan..
      But uska character was the utmost stupidest, irritating, illogical, plot dragging idiocy of the CVs..

      1. Sorry Nivu, saw your wishes now only.
        Thank you .

        Where is your place

      2. Nivedita

        I am currently in Navi Mumbai!


      Your comments are always a treat?

      1. Shiv

        ?? thank u shraddha!!! Their idiocy makes us creative!!?

  5. always leading drama is dil bole oberoi

  6. Nice episode, loved the song played for omri, tamil version kannalane is my favorite.?
    Will gouri tell the truth to jhanvi?

  7. Aastha_Reddy

    Mann mein sanka.. lag gayi lanka.. dekhliya jhanvi ne..chulbul na rahi chirota…
    Agent Rudra Singh Oberoi… Rudy Bond..
    @.. Nivedita Pragathi..our operation successful… Shwetlana( Real) alive… want to see the facial expression of Tej Singh Oberoi during this major revelation…
    Bach gaye Omkara bhaiyya…!!!
    @Arpita baby… missed me haan… I never miss you as your thought never left me….
    So the Realana was alive was a shock to me and Fakelana is coming to her end… Dil ko sukoon mil gaya…
    at least iss overacting ki dukaan se chutti mila…
    On the other side . Kali Thakur is back… good… the MU between OmRi can be dissolved slowly this way…I was worried for the steps in which the real innocence of Gouri to come in front of Om…now Kali can do that…
    Hi… ishquies… good night… aaj thik se neend ayega. mujhe pata hai…

    1. Hi astha di, love all your ff.
      Are you from andhra
      Love to study Telugu as I am a singer

      1. Hey astha forgot me na….????
        Mujhe laga thatha atleast u will remember me…Even I was also the part of the operatin…… Par koi baat nahi (????????)… …

      2. Aastha_Reddy

        Shraddha….Paata .. always treat to hear…thnx. for reading my ff..and I feel very happy as you love my mother tongue…keep learning Telugu.. it is one of the most beautiful language…and I love it….

      3. Hey maahi, missing your shayaris?

    2. Shiv

      Astha I have a doubt since how long that fake swetlana s there I mean since being a mistress to tej or after that ? I dint get that part!

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Shiv.. I think Jhnavi appoinred a personal assistant for Tej after her resignation from Office..and it was the realana.. who was very nice..and then came the fakelana Kapoor to destroy Oberoi family..trapped Tej and became his mistress.. I may be proved wrong by Cvs..but this is what I could imagine…

      2. Nivedita

        I think Fakelana was Tej’s girlfriend and secretary from the begining.. the Realana– was shown as simple woman wearing a simple cotton saree.. in the plastic surgery episode flashback..
        So i think Fakelana replaced Realana– and took her identity to join Tej’s company..So that they won’t know her connection to the Kapoors-atleast logically this should be the story– but no idea what non-sense the CVs will spout..

    3. astha did you ever write a ff on swaragini?

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Dhara ….Nahi… IB is my first show …I never write on any other show before…why are you asking me???

    4. Nivedita

      Astha– haan I am glad Swetlana track is ending. Yippee! ??
      And Kali Thakur track is starting.??good decision by CVs.. I hope they have changed the writers too..??
      Cause the whole Swetlana track was major disaster Because of their stupid writing!??

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Party kab hai…ab batao..
        Party toh banta hai na….
        Hamari mehnat ka phal hai yeh sab….ha ha…

      2. Nivedita

        Parti banta hai for sure! the day Swetlana us completely out.. Bolo kahan air kab milna hai?

  8. i am super happy that this track is going to end soon.its such a relief.my grandma calls swetlana bhutni.so i can say muje and show ko milegi mukti from sultana the bhutni(female ghost).hope to proper gaurika and rumya track.one more this prinku ki shaadi and her mom is doing jagrata in the same house.dont know whats going on.logic ka to gangaram kar dia,maa and bhai nahi hai behen ki shaadi mein.i truly wish to see rumya love story.they showed rumya together only for two episodes thats simply not fair….



    1. Itezar kar fal meeta hota hai. Hame hammare itezar ka fal mil gaya . Awesome lines . If you dont mind please tell me ki yeh first line mein APNAAKS means kya hai? I dont get it.

      1. Thnx pragati for your lovely reply….
        typing mistake…its * APNA

    2. Nice yaar maahi,

      You are a superb shayar???

      1. Thanx shraddha….

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Maahi… perhaps you forget it..
      “kehne lagi Khamoshiyan… oh saathiya oh saathiya…”
      Samjha karo dear.. mention nahi kiya ka bhi matlab hota hai..
      blank cheque and blank space is very powerful…
      Ab socho ye Astha di hey na maska marne mein ekdum maahir hai… lolz…

      1. Arre astha… I was just kidding …. bura mat maano yrrr….. @myashi ( hope u like ur new nick name)……

  10. GAURIKARA ROCKED today…. That bgm was like cherry on the cake….. and on top the way Om held Gauri’s hand …..OMG…..??????????
    And Agent Rudy I must admit ur quite smarter than ur bro Om….
    Gauri don’t worry ur MIL is very sweet and she will willing accept u as her bahu….
    Waiting for Svetlana to be thrown from
    oberois life soon…..

  11. He astha baby don’t call me baby ok it is only my right to call that???? are muhhe pata tha tum aaj comment jaroor karogi.?
    @dhara dear thank you for accepting my req.aise hi comment karte rehena.
    Shiv dear, spinoff for swetlana ?????? but don’t worry her track is going to
    be end.
    Maahi your syari is khidkitod.
    Aur bhi member kaha gaye seema jaaanu and other???

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Ok… I will not call you baby.. you have the copy right only for me..ha ha…

      1. DBO FANS from kerala

        Hi astha dear;
        We like your name too much.because your name recalling us our astha (ipkknd ebp).that’s our cute shrenu.

    2. Thnx Arpi( hope u like ur nick name)… Thnx a lot for ur comment…. LOADS OF LOVE…..????????????????

  12. Wow our cute gouri kumari sarma come back;
    Hi maahi,shraddha,arpita,diyas,shiv,dhara,nivedita,pragati….etc all friends:
    Yesterday episode give a lot of happiness. Omri seen was very romantic.
    Gouri sing was amazing.
    Also Rudy rock in yesterday episode.
    Hope that real Svetlana exposes the stupid fakelana.
    We pray for our gouri and hope that janvi accept her.
    Love you gourika ??????????????????.
    Also love DBO ???.

    But worried for new promo ;
    Kaali takur return, but in that promo ,gouri is not there it is chulbul. But how kaali identify chulbul is gouri, confused.

    I request you to friends;if any one of you see that promo pls explain me what they told each other in that promo because I don’t hindi. Pls friends……

    1. Hi hafsa,

      I think by the entry of Karali, gouri’s truth will be exposed and there is a chance for om knowing about her character?

      We never know it’s a gul show , so…….?

      1. * kaali

      2. Thank you shraddha dear

    2. Hii hafsa…. finally GAURIKARA love story is going to start ….. Bas ab intazaar nahi ho raha…..

      1. Hi maahi dear;
        Our expectations about DBO come true.so we all are celebrating our omri moments
        Love you omri????????????????????????????????????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤???????????????????????????????.

  13. Hii hafsa dear, we all are fine. Don’t worry show dekhne ke baad pata chalega. I am also confused about that.

    OMRI -?????????????

    1. Hi arpita dear;
      Our omri not like shivika or rumya.

      Omri is different from all couples in oberoi family as well as star plus family.
      I and my friends love omri a lot lot.???????.
      Actually we don’t know shivika or rumya story.we watch DBO because of our cute shrenu.
      Shrenu is very popular in malayalis,because of her mounam sammatham 2 (iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ek bear phir).
      We don’t Hindi. But we watch DBO because of our shrenu big come back.
      But now we are addicted to not only shrenu ,that is we are more addicted to kunal also.
      So we love shrenal Jodie more than other Jodie even more than gul khan arnav-kushi pair also.
      Sorry arpita we say only our opinion. We don’t know what is your favorite ;shivika, rumya,omri.
      So sorry ,if my words made you hurt ,pls forgive me.

    2. I think omri story is a mix coz,

      Om is the synonym for INTENSE ?
      Gouri is way too pop cute?

      Together it will be INTENSIVELY CUTE LOVE STORY?

      1. DBO FANS from kerala

        Ha shraddha ,you are correct.

      2. Nivedita

        Agree Shraddha- intensely cute..
        But also unconditional, loyal and passionate ( because from Gauri that is already there)
        Hafsa- i watched IPKKND2 ( because of Shrenu’s a cute performance in DBO) and I am about 1/2 way through the series..I agree while i loved Arshi romance, Astha Shlok ( Ashok- Asha from MS2) were representative of a real life couple in some aspects..
        Anyways I love Gaurika/ OmRi even more than Ashlok..????
        I am praying that DBO writers are gonna do justice to the pair. With yesterday’s episode and the Kali Thakur precap my hopes are up for our beloved Shrenu and Kunal ( seriously IDK who I love more– ??? )
        Shrenu for acting, expressiveness and cuteness is slightly better than Kunal
        And on Kunal’s off-screen smartness, sassy-ness and sensitivity I am totally fida..

  14. Hi all.. Mahi ur shayri is nice ..hi arpita, Astha and all dbo lovers. The story was very good yesterday and enjoyed it. The logic behind real swetlana isif you remember the Dr.Dang proof chip it shows a video of year 2012 andin that dr tells fake swetlana that she has to keep real alive as she needs blood to keep her skin safe. (This is illogical) but swtlana is alive and fake might have used some chemicals to keep real in unconscious or may be coma state just for her blood. Somehow Cvs are trying to convince with this. Anyway I love DBO I watch it for JAI.. I love his hair and eye lashes.his acting is superb and I his attitude I like it. Infact i started taking care of my hair after seeing him. Haa haa. Anyways happy tat swetlana is going and Guari arrived. Lets bid a farewell to swetlana.

    1. Nivedita

      Shree you are right– I was typing exactly this yesterday when my phone died.
      They hinted Realana– being alive in the plastic surgery scene with Dr. Dang….
      But all I can say is the writers dimmag is ugh..??..
      They just don’t know any science and they think of writing anything illogical that pops up in their mind. By trying to create a mystery around Swetlana, they forgot to join the dots or complete a clear picture of her past ( since they themselves didn’t know what they wanted Swetlana to be)..
      Swetlana illogical story so far..(That’s not been explained or has been explained with more illogical stupidity-)
      1) Fakelana getting blood from Realana– in freezer..Either way they turned this story, it was a illogical move–
      Because if Realana– was dead- then how can you get blood from a dead body?
      And if Realana– is alive how can she survive in freezer for so many months? And without any food too?
      2) How and why did Fakelana bring the freezer in OM- which criminal does that? Realistically Realana– should have been in another place- and/or Realana– shouldn’t be alive..
      3) When they showed Realana– waving to Om and Tej and Bua ma talked to her in OM, while Fakelana was in Panchgani– why was she shown like that?
      Here too her being dead or alive is a doozy-
      If dead- rigor mortis and smell of dead body.
      If alive and drugged by fakelana–she just wouldn’t be able to stand properly like a normal non-drugged human..
      4) The scared people who got frightened when apparently Swetlana took off her mask, what was that about?
      Again here if she did plastic surgery- why are people scared of her?
      If she is wearing a mask- why show the plastic surgery scene?
      5) If plastic surgery or mask- she doesn’t need the blood or Swetlana body..
      6) the whole factory episode-what was that about? Video showed Realana– and Fakelana ( girl in the pic) present in the factory- they never explained anything related to that– instead they went on another stupid ghost track of Maya..
      Instead they could have gone in a more realistic direction by showing how maybe Realana– and Fakelana had been friends working the factory and maybe plastic surgery was needed by Fakelana to create a new face because of accident.. and somehow the robot had knowledge regarding their connection at the factory..( because otherwise the whole OmRi going to factory for retrieving info about Swetlana was stupid- why didn’t the detective just meet them in OM?)
      In conclusion every plot point about Swetlana keeps contradicting the other plot point.

      Also in all this they forgot that Fakelana is related to the Kapoors- and is apparently Tia’s Didi! Even this part they totally forgot to explore.. it could have been an interesting story if they had gone down this track than the stupid masked/ ghostly/ plastic surgery leaning duplicate- Lana storyline..

      1. Shiv

        Too many idiotic mistakes yaar if u start analysing it ..we will get stroke due to hypertension !! They did blalant mockery of medical science !! Rusted metal box been used for cryosleep in dusty basement without life support !! They tried to copy Hollywood movies but nastily came out???

      2. Nivedita

        Lol Shiv- high BP. High anxiety..And i do hope no viewer of the series thinks all the nonsense in the show is true..
        IB is more popular in the Urban area, so by that logic same will be with DBO – how could the makers think that in this day and age the viewers will stomach this nonsensical contradictory story??

    2. Thnx Shree…… keep loving

  15. Hi arpita hahahah han ji attendance hi socha….. hehehh… aap kaisey ho… astha a big hug wassup

    1. Hey pinky, all were very sad here coz you were missing. Nice to meet you?

  16. DBO FANS from kerala

    Shraddha,arpi,maahi,astha reddy,diyas..etc all DBO lovers,
    Only 50 comments are there in our DBO.
    Gul Khan change their story line,it is now more intresting to watch.
    Now we do compulsory/bound to promot the show.
    So commend and enjoy guys.

    Omri romance is coming soon ?????????.

    1. Yes, I will be active from may only, but don’t worry my 1 comment will be surely ( in gauri style) there daily

  17. Episode is good.. Kya filmy style me blood drop hua on guari forehead… Hey me lut gyi.. Barbad ho gyi… Meri astha dii Maahi dii… Or dbo frnds mujhe bhul gye… (wiping tears from eyes)

    1. Hi Niki, from up right??

      All were mesmerized by yesterday’s episode, so many of them forgot all their friends?

      1. Hii shraddha.. You are right… Chalo koi baat nhi. Iten din baad rikara scene dekhne ko mile (filmy style wala)

    2. Hey nikki I/We can never forget u….. waise GAURIKARA ke scenes ke bass toh sab lut gaye….

      1. I am happy aap ne phir se rikara k liye shayari dbo page pr resume kr liye… And thanks for not forgetting me..

  18. @hafsa dear it’s ok no problem. I am glad that people are liking omri jodi.actually when dbo started ishkara fan was hurted badly so they were cursing srenu for taking vrusika place. She herself told this. I am also like ishkara pair but now it is omri jodi is also fantastic.

    Pinku dear , toh tum ho ok.

    Asthababy chalo tumhare dimag main meri right ki baat ghus gayi.???????
    Hii dbo fans from kerala, we are fine.

    Yes maahi dear,you can call me arpi.?

  19. Aastha_Reddy

    68 comments… main toh dhanay hogayi aaj….Bhagundi….!!!
    Hi pinku… I am angry on you… Mujhe akela chod ke chali gayi…kahan pata bhi nahi chala…
    @Arpita… I knew it.. i realised it today only… about the ©opyright act 2017. for the word baby… ha ha…
    @Nivedita… Party at Shelton from my side on 32nd april 2017 …come haan..
    @DBO fan from kerala… Thnx. for loving my name Astha from IPKKND-2….Of Shrenu Parikh …
    I never saw that show…..

    1. Hey astha 32nd april…. yeh Kon said date hai???? Lagta hai excitement mein tumne 23 ki jagah 32 type kar diya….

      1. Nivedita

        I am sure, she meant 32nd as a joke! ?

    2. Nivedita

      Done Ashta! ??

  20. Sarojini

    * i think kali thakur will come to know that gouri is hiding and faces omkara, thus omkara comes to know kali thakur’s plan and gouri”s innocence.
    * at the same time every family member will know about his relation with gouri , but i think he will dismiss it, saying he is going to marry sultana…!!
    * possibility that kali thakur will stay till his marriage with fakelana, so as to catch gouri …
    * but the clever mother, jhanvi , might do ‘bridal swap’..
    * omkara, who was not willing to accept gouri , has to accept her now.. though he doubts “the girl behind the veil”… happily thinking that its not fakelana, but sad that he felt its gouri/chulbul… he stays numb and dumb till kali thakur leaves….

    well thats what im guessing…!!

    1. Yep, chances are there

      do you think jhanvi will share this secret to bua maa?

      will she like gouri? coz om is her favourite and she wants everything best for om…

      if then , will bua maa help janvi to unite omri?

      1. * may be not at this moment, but in order to bring down the cunning fox, she requires help from bua maa, and so she might share with her… if at all there is a “bridal swap track”…
        * i don’t think she will like gouri as of now..
        * jhanvi’s main priority is svetlana not gouri, so she might ask her to continue as chulbul as he is the only buddy omki has got. she , definetly will not like omki marrying svetlana, but the fact that he already married gouri in unchangable; because she acepted soumya and rudra for their silly mistake
        * might be , once the svetlana track gets done once and for all , and when the people of all the floors of oberoi mansion (IB & DBO) meet and greet each other…. and when “the lost sisters” track shows up, then bua maa might help them bring together.. just as dadi brought shivika tohether..
        just guessing..!!

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