Dil Bole Oberoi 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 11th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shwetlana says I m here, I will sing. Gauri says I have to come as Gauri Kumari Sharma, after all is about Om’s family respect. She dresses her in girls clothes and smiles. Some time before, Gauri asks servants to work fast, keep bolsters aligned. She asks what’s this, stop, are you mad, turn the idol. She smiles and says now its right, Mata Rani’s face should be in Dakshin/south so that when her devotees pray, their faces be in uttar/north side, so that happiness and prosperity comes home. Buamaa says you know a lot. Gauri says this is my work, I made idol clothes. Buamaa asks what. Gauri says sorry, I get excited and talk a lot when its about Lord. Jhanvi says its good. Gauri says no, servants should not talk much. Jhanvi says you are like family.

Buamaa says domestic helps go in

few days, you have made a place in Om and our hearts. Jhanvi says I m so happy you are in Om’s life. Buamaa says from day 1, I liked him, Lord made him guy, else I would have made her bahu. Jhanvi says I wish you could be part of this Jagrata, but this function is of ladies. Gauri thinks this is my broken fate, I m woman and can’t become part of this Jagrata, it was not in my fate to serve Mata Rani. Buamaa asks where is the girl who would sing. Gauri recalls Jhanvi’s words. Jhanvi says she will be coming. Buamaa asks did you tell her its today. Jhanvi says of course. Gauri says aunty told me, it means she is waiting for Gauri, and I m here as Chulbul.

Om comes and asks Gauri to come. Buamaa says he has to do work, don’t talk of other servants. Om says sorry, I have imp work with Rudra and Chulbul. Gauri thinks what to do now. Om says come, what are you thinking, you know my work is imp. Gauri says even Lord work is imp. Om says you know I don’t belief in Lord. Gauri says Lord blesses everyone. Jhanvi says I have small work, I will send him later. Om says fine and goes.

Jhanvi gives a basket to Gauri and says its Jagrata invitations, give it to neighbors. Shwetlana stops Gauri. Gauri says I m going to give invitations. She says you are like Sweety. Shwetlana asks who is Sweety. Gauri says my dog. Shwetlana says you are comparing me with dog. Gauri says no, I mean I loved Sweety and love you also, you just doubt on me, Shwetana says I don’t care you love me or not, just do my work. She gives her another basket and says this is also jagrata invitation cards, it has written that this jagrata is happening to celebrate my and Om’s marriage. Gauri says I can’t do this, they will fire me from job. Shwetlana says if you don’t do this, I will fire you from job, now go. Gauri goes. Shwetlana burns the cards. She says I will ruin their sleep.

Jhanvi attends Om’s call and says yes, Chulbul is here, I will send him. She says Chulbul, Om is calling you. Gauri thinks what to do, if Om stops me there, I have to come back here. She prays to Mata Rani to do some miracle. She goes. Shwetlana comes there and smiles. She says impressive, decorations is good. Buamaa asks why do you spoil other’s work. Shwetlana says you are scared of me and does not believe in Mata Rani. Buamaa says you don’t know Mata Rani’s strength. Jhanvi says but Mata Rani knows my strength. She goes to idol and says I m bored playing games with them, lets have a competition, stop me if you have power. She goes.

She dresses in mechanic costume. She says i m making a bed of death, if Jhanvi and Tej unite, I will be ruined, Jhanvi will die, then Tej and Om will break down, this jagrata will be last one for Jhanvi’s life, very soon I will send Jhanvi to Mata Rani. She hammers nails on the wooden platform. She sees the sharp nails and says wow, it will be fun now. She fixes a layer above it. She throws a watermelon. It breaks. She says Jhanvi’s state will be same in sometime.

Rudra says I will definitely help you to make Shwetlana out of this house, we don’t have obro moments because of her. Om says okay then, Chulbul will explain you everything. He hugs Rudra and goes. Rudra asks Chulbul to start and pats her. The ladies come and congratulate Jhanvi, asking about Om’s marriage, its good to announce marriage in jagrata. Buamaa and Jhanvi get puzzled. Buamaa says what were they saying. Shwetlana comes and says I will explain, I m this house’s would be bahu, jagrata invitation had it written, about my and Om’s marriage fixing. Jhanvi asks how is this possible, I prepared all cards. Shwetlana says invitation cards can be changed too. Jhanvi gets shocked.

Rudra asks are you sure Shwetlana was lying in freezer. Gauri says yes, very sure. Rudra says no person will lie in freezer to become cold. Gauri says she was doing that to look young. Rudra asks can you show me that box. Gauri says yes, I saw it in the secret chamber below Om’s room, when I took Om, that box disappeared. Buamaa scolds Shwetlana. Shwetlana smiles and welcomes everyone in jagrata. The lady asks whom did you call to sing. Jhanvi says she will be singing. She says I m worried, if she does not come on time. Shwetlana thinks my challenge will be fulfilled soon and asks shall I sing, think, I will just come.

Rudra asks Gauri can you take me there. Gauri says yes, come. Gauri shows the secret door unlocking. Rudra says don’t act smart, Dadi told this to everyone, open it. Gauri opens the floor door. Rudra says wow, I just heard this, our house is so sci fi. He jokes and jumps in. Gauri says this is right chance to find out what’s happening in Jagrata. She asks Mata Rani to help her and wishes Om could come in Jagrata. She falls and sees Om’s photo. She says I did not think this, Om can’t do there in Jagrata, but his photo can go. She takes his photo and goes. Jhanvi asks lady to sit, the girl will come.

Buamaa asks Jhanvi to call Mrs. Malhotra. Jhanvi says I called, but its not connecting. Shwetlana says I m sorry, its embarrassing, I told mom I will do arrangements, but she wanted to do it, she is getting old, so maybe she forgot. The lady says how will Jagrata happen, we will sing. Shwetlana says no need, I will sing, I can do this for my family. Gauri says no, Shwetlana can’t sing, Mata Rani can get annoyed. Shwetlana holds mic and sings so bad. The ladies laugh, and ask is she singing or crying, we should leave from here. Shwetlana says I think I will try again. Gauri hides behind idol and sings.

Jhanvi thanks Mata rani. The lady says what a melodious voice, where is that girl. Gauri says I think I have to come as Gauri Kumari Sharma, its about Om’s family respect. She does makeup and dresses well.

Om comes in Jagrata and looks at everyone. He sees Gauri. She passes by him. He holds her hand. Dupatta falls over her face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi….will ohm see gauri…what an epi…I just loved…ohm please realise it’s ur wife not anyone else yarrr……shecis so sad and do u know what is the pain of a little heart…..Rudy miss u dear…but today’s epi u rocked…..love u shrenu love u all.?????…again shrenu as gauri kumari dharma and waiting for next epi soon..??????…love u all good night to all and me itself….,????????

  2. Hi…..sorry forgot one thing….sweltana if u do my shrenu anything?????I will cry….do u know she is my own sis…


    1. Oh!good to know this. By the way,om u look very gorgeous..

      1. I agree with you.✌✌

  3. Today’s episode was good…. Rudra stole the show today….. his punches are just awesome:-
    1. Bulbul ki tarah dikhne wala chulbul
    2. Gareebo ka harry potter….lol
    Rudra ur just awesome…. We all missed u, your punch lines, ur style…..

    PRECAP is intersting…Gauri and omkara face off…. Eagerly waiting for it…. can’t wait till tomorrow……

    Guys according to spoilers Kaali thakur is back…. But howz that possible… Cvs plz humara mamu mat banao….. But jo bhi ho agar Maahi favour ke entry se Gaurikara ke beech ki misundersting clear ho jaati hai toh acha hai…. par on it bhi as usual I say don’t drag this one as well…. We just want Gaurikara and Rumya scenes the most…..

    1. Nivedita

      Yeah, totally loved that precap of Om steadying Gauri and holding her hand..Got goosebumps! ????
      As for the episode only saving grace was Rudy and his funny comments..
      Seriously Gauri does look like HP! ??
      Btw it would be cool if Rudy would explore the underground passage and unravel both Swetlana and Saumya secret ..
      But kya CVs hum par meherbaan honge?
      Loved the blue eyeshadow and eye make up..
      So far i have only liked Gauri’s eyes when she is Chulbul.. with those glasses and her expressions she is adorableness personified..
      And in her Gauri costumes, i never liked her eye makeup.. but this new look from today suited her..
      I don’t think CVs will let Om find out tomorrow.. but I hope he can find out soon..

      1. Kuch bhi ho Nivedita…. Loves the way Omakara held Gauri’s hand….. ?????????… Hope he comes to know about Gauri as his wife….
        Seriously want romantic scenes between Gaurikara( not between chulkara anymore plzzz)….. And yes Gauri’s blue eyes were looking soo beautiful…..

  4. Such a dhamakedar episode, I guess tomorrow is gonna be????

    Hey MAHI dear, I think vakth aagaya for you to post a SHAYARI

    Don’t know how is om gonna react. It will be good if jhanvi and bua will realise truth.

    BTW, all Malayalis, I think today’s chulbul bgm with that whistle is actually a remix of bgm from movie ITHIHASA. The tune is very similar where girl become boy and vice versa. Don’t know if there is any hindi movie with same bgm. Just think about it?

    Peaceful night for me imagining gaurika

    1. Tomorrow is my birthday also, it’s a good gift from DBO for me both today and tomorrow???

      1. Nivedita

        Happy Birthday Shraddha!???? Hope the CVs show a dhansu episode for your birthday! ??
        Enjoy your day!?

      2. Thanks Nivu, sorry so this just now
        BTW what is dhansu?

    2. Yes shraddha tumhara intazaar bhi kal khatam ho jayega …. Tomorrow I will definitely post a SHAYARI for all OMKARA/ GAURI/ GAURIKARA FANS…….
      Bus wait till tomorrow…..

      1. Waiting??

    3. Happy birthday SHRADDHA???????????????
      May Your BIRTHDAY is filled with laughter
      ?, smiles☺,Sunshine?,Love? and cheer?…
      May GOD BLESS U and You achieve ur dreams….
      Have many many HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY….
      LOVE U DEAR…..

      1. Thanks a ton mahi?

  5. What yaar..Precap shows some thing and in real something else happens. This is so irritating when will they both meet..Tomorrow also something else will happen n their meeting will not happen

    1. Nivedita

      I agree, i think the hand holding might be the last scene or Gauri will run away..I don’t think they will unravel Gaurika, until someone knows Swetlana’s secret.
      Then to expose her or to prevent Swetlana Om marriage, Gauri will reveal herself..
      The spoiler about Kali Thakur..Hmm he was a good vilkain, but do we want him back??

  6. KAN


    Here’s interesting news for the loyal fans of Dil Bole Oberoi serial on Star Plus.

    Actor Rahul Dev who was seen in a negative role as Kaali Thakur in Dil Bole Oberoi is all set to once again make a dramatic entry in the show and bring new troubles for the lead couple Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) and Gauri (Shrenu Parikh).

    The fans of the show also have be demanding to end the ongoing overstretched track of evil Shwetlana (Reyhna Malhotra) as they are eager to see the union of Omkara and Gauri. It seems that the makers have understood the demand of the fans and move on to a new track.

    In the upcoming episodes of the show, it will be seen that Omkara, Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo) and Chulbul will find the coffin of real Svetlana hidden by fake Swetlana and thus she will get exposed soon. And soon after the end of Shwetlana’s track, viewers will get to see entry of Kaali Thakur who had earlier wanted to marry Gauri.

    Kaali Thakur would seek revenge from Omkara for marrying Gauri and this would bring Om and Guri come face to face each other.

    t is known that Omkara hates Gauri but with Kaali Thakur’s entry Omkara’s caring side towards Gauri will come out. This track will also lead to bits and pieces of Omkara and Gauri’s unexpected romance.
    Actor Rahul Dev has confirmed the news and said “Yes. I am re-entering the show and have already begun shooting for it. When I got on the show, this was how the character was designed to be. Kaali’s exit and re-entry was meant to happen this way and hence it is now”.
    Are you excited with this new development in the story of Dil Bole Oberoi? Keep reading this space for latest news and gossips of your favourite TV shows!

    1. Nivedita

      Hope these spoilers are true.. i was thinking in the station scene that KAli Thakur might be back, Because he was an awesome and dangerous villain ..And a good actor..
      Also the actress who played his wife I really liked her too, idk if she will b back too..
      I am glad they are trying to speed up the Swetlana track, but it isn’t fast enough for the audiences..

  7. I hope he doesn’t sees gauri face

  8. Excited for the precap… Bade din baad rudra dbo m dikayee diya…

    1. Hii Nikki dear✋✋✋✋…. Sry couldn’t reply u earlier on ur comments…..
      Really excited for the precap as well svetlana’s track to end soon…. Heard Kaali thakur is back, but even don’t want his part to be stretched for long time…..

  9. Shradha dear, happy wala birthday day to you.???????
    Now I can watch dbo with peace.
    How can be swetlana fell so low. I really hate her character. Soooo cheap. And most funny thing was that when she started to sing veete aisa lg rahatha ki bakri ki gala kharab ho gayi he .a che se bol nahi pa rahi.???????

    And rudra my buddy you always rocked feel relax to see you here.
    Chulbul and gouri both are doing their work properly. Both are really cute.

    Kk tumne mata rani ko challenge karke galti kardi.aab dekha tumhari band bajegi.
    Lekin jab woh bol rahi thi to aisa laga ki hiranyakasyap bhi bhagwan narsimha ko aisa nahi bulaya hoga.????????????

    Precap no gourika faceoff.I am sure
    Are how can kali thakur back once again, he is already dead na.but but but it is dbo any thing can happen here. ?

    Waise where is asthababy , pinku , ros , dhara , antara. Sab mrs and mr India bangaye he kya?????

    1. Thank u arpi?
      Ya, we can peacefully watch dbo

  10. hafsa (one of the member of DBO fans from Kerala )

    Ho yesterday episode give a lot of relif after a long Svetlana track. I think om doesn’t see gouri today episode. But hope that Svetlana tracks will end soon .Any way Kat re-entry bring amid omkara and gouri become more closer.
    Another twist is janvi know gouri-omkara marriage truth (according to latest spoiler of DBO ).
    I have a request to the makers of DBO that; pls do somthing and to reveal omkara that chulbul is gouri. Because he love chulbul a lot.then,sure he understood the innocence of gouri.

    Love you gourika
    Gourika -most beautiful ????
    Gourika -adorable couple ??????
    Gourika-looking both are Georges ???????
    Gourika-awesome ccharacter ????✌????
    Gourika-best couple forever??????.
    Dedicated to all DBO as well as omri fans.

    1. I’m also from Kerala, want to be a part of DBO fans from Kerala.

      This group is unique to DBO?

      1. Ya shraddha dear.we are an unique group to DBO.

  11. hi arpita glad that you remember me.i did not want to visit this page as i was really dissapointed with this recent track of DBO.i just started reading comments from monday.i am also very sad because of the less comments in DBO page.i know its a stupid reason but truly i am sad arpita.by the way i missed you,astha,oshi akbar,rehnima di and others.i dont know if astha is active in this page or not.by the way how was your exam?

  12. Hi…hafsa from Kerala where are u guys???????I love Kerala and heard many things of it……

    1. Hi diya;thank you.I like your words about Kerala.
      Where is your place? what are you heard about Kerala?

      1. I am from everywhere u can think?????but I heard that Kerala is gods own country……and it is a beautiful place with tourists…..

  13. Atlast..DBO is going into right path… Excited to watch today’s episode ?

  14. Excited to watch today’s episode…GOWRA (GOWri and omkaRA) Rockzzzz…

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