Dil Bole Oberoi 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Om says don’t know why, but I feel your truth is buried here. He digs and says this is the secret which you are hiding. He opens the coffin. Some time before, Om says I know you well, the day I get proof against you, it will be your last day in this house, note my words. Tej comes and asks what happened now, why did you get house on head. Shwetlana says same old stuff, blame game. Tej says don’t tell me you are blaming her for what she has not done. Om says I felt you are very smart, you made this big Oberoi empire, that was your luck, not smartness, I m doubting your intelligence, you are not seeing what we can see.

Tej asks what did you see that you are shouting on her. Om says why don’t you ask her. Shwetlana says I m fed up of explaining you, we won’t have trust in our relations,

I m sure you won’t wish this relation to break. Gauri comes and looks on. Om says don’t change topic, tell me where were you and with whom. She says I went to meet a designer to get cocktail dress designed, then we went for dinner, I want everything to be grand and glossy, I bought this bracelet, see isn’t it pretty. Gauri thinks her hands look like she has dug soil in any field, Om can ask her. She coughs and signs Om to see her hands.

Om sees Shwetlana’s hands. Shwetlana says enough now, I m going, good night. Om stops her and smiles. He says pretty bracelet, from where did you get this. Shwetlana says from famous jewelry store. Om says I don’t know that store sells mud along with bracelet. She recalls killing and burying Dang.

Om says I m sure there won’t be mud in any jewelry store, no designer would go on dinner with a girl whose hands are so bad, why is the mud so red, mom there is similar red mud in our garden right. Jhanvi says yes, where your fav statue is kept. Om says right. Shwetlana thinks I did not clean nails, they will know about doctor, and if the doctor is alive then. She says what rubbish, why will I go in garden and put hands in mud. He thinks why is she so defensive, there is something. He says why don’t we go and check in garden. She says I m not going anywhere. He says relax, I m not asking you to come, you are my would be wife, I don’t want you to look older in age when we marry, chill, get some coffee, Chulbul get a spade, I want to see why is Shwetlana worrying. Gauri asks what does spade mean. Om tells her to get digging tool. She goes.

Shwetlana says Buamaa, I have no respect here. Buamaa taunts her. Shwetlana tells Jhanvi to explain Om, he is going mad, he is saying about digging garden at night. Jhanvi says let him do, his doubt will end. Shwetlana asks Tej to explain Om, just you are sensible. Tej says I think we should give a chance to Om, this fight will end, I want to see Om’s expressions when he loses. Gauri gets the spade. Shwetlana stares at her. Om asks shall we…. They all leave.

They go to garden and see the red mud. Shwetlana thinks I should have buried Dang somewhere else. Om says you won’t spoil hands in gardening, what can be the thing for which you can spoil hands, I feel your truth s buried here, we will open it. He digs the soil.

They see a coffin and get shocked. Om says this is that secret which you were hiding. He opens the coffin. Om says its empty, what’s the meaning of hiding empty coffin. Shwetlana says why do I think I will hide this coffin here, I won’t be surprised if Om did this to prove me wrong, he can do anything. Buamaa scolds her. Tej says maybe gardener kept this for seeding, enough drama for today, let’s go. They all go. Om says you get saved again and again, but you won’t be saved every time, one mistake, it will be proved costly for you, be careful. He goes. Shwetlana says how can this happen, I buried doctor here, where can he go.

Some lady hides behind the tree. She takes Dang with her. Om says did you see her face, she was like crying, but we missed it today. Gauri says she will make some mistake. Om says even she was shocked seeing empty coffin, where did doctor go, did Shwetlana hide him, I hope he is fine. She says but Dang helped us by leaving clue, we have to know what did that red sign mean.

Jhanvi cries and prays for Om. She says Shwetlana is making him mad. Shwetlana looks on and thinks this woman can’t do anything except crying. She sees Jhanvi’s dupatta near fire and says its time for some fun after stress. Tej comes and saves Jhanvi. He says your Pallu was catching fire, get up, where is your focus. She says its good, your problems would have ended if I died. He says I m not so bad to see you dying, I did that in anger, come with me. They go. Shwetlana says great, Tej wanted to kill her, how did he sympathize, he is useless for me, I can’t trust him anymore. I have to marry Om soon, before Tej and Jhanvi unite.

Om says what can two red dots mean, what did doctor mean to say. Gauri says I recall ice gola by it, apple, candies. Om smiles. Gauri says there is a toy, like football. He says you mean basketball. She says think it will be something else. He holds her and says you are very cute. Gauri thinks Om finds me cute. Om says I m very lucky that you are with me, I m proud of you. Gauri thinks I want to say same with you, you are a nice person, I don’t want to lie, I want to keep this friendship by being Gauri, not Chulbul. She says I m thinking I m so lucky to get such boss, who regards servant as friend. Om says Chulbul, I regard you my friend, I told you best buddy. Gauri says best buddy. He says yes, you know why, because you are true, your heart is true, your friendship does not have selfishness, it has purity. Gauri thinks I lied, but I did not mean to cheat. She gets sad.

Om says what am I saying, anyways we will talk of work, think what’s meaning of those two red dots. Robot roams near them. Red dots means the robot eyes. Om says think those things which are in pairs.

Buamaa asks where’s that girl who is going to sing. Jhanvi says she will come. Buamaa asks did you say jagrata is today. Gauri hears them and thinks its time to become Gauri, its about Om’s respect. She dresses in girls clothes and comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hiiiii everyone! ! !
    Finally Pinku dear, you come back after soooo many days we missed you
    And coming to episode. Ab ye konsa raita he????? Woh haath koun ladki hi he ???????

    Chalo Tej thodi toh badla.hope tejvi ke beeech sab kuch thik hojaye .

    Kaamal he robot ghar main ghoom raha he kisiko kich pata nahi WHAT THE WACK.?????,
    Hope the track will end soon

    And precap, is interesting. Bcoz gouri will xome to jagrrata and janvi will know her truth. (According to some spoiler )

    1. Nivedita

      I hope what you tell about Jahnvi finding about Gauri happens. About Tej and Jahnvi, that was a nice interaction between them.. but idk if that’s a plan of his to be nice to save alimony money, or if he is genuinely changing. Only time will tell..

      That hand woman, maybe they are setting up the story for a new villain or new character, since hopefully Swetlana track is on the way out..

      Liked Gaurika as usual..From the dialogue it looks like when Gauri is revealed Om will hate Gauri a lot for her lying..As it is Om does not like people who lie…
      That robot- can’t understand how it’s been traveling through the mansion for days, doesn’t it’s battery ever run out.
      And why is no one the least bit annoyed with a traveling robot to stop it’s movement.. it’s not as if OM is filled with kids, that a traveling robot would be ignored by all as a normal thing..

      1. Nivedita I guess that mysterious woman who saved Dr. Dang is actually helping Omkara…. I u remember the episode in which Svetlana went to kill Dr dang in hospital and dang had conversation with that same woman only. She told dang that The proof of Svetlana is in the robot that he had given to that woman and she told dang that she has given that robot to the detective….
        Really hope that no more villains should be brought in DBO track until and unless cvs don’t establish Gaurikara’s chemistry…. and Cvs plz give some brain to Omkara and Gauri … Don’t show them dumb… I wish Gauri was educated atleast.. Don’t like her full awadhi time except few words….

      2. Nivedita

        Mahi, sorry for replying late, that hand woman was helping out the doc. But why did she remove the body and not reveal in front of the Oberois? If they had seen the doc, the whole Swetlana trying to murder the doc plot at least would have unraveled as would have her past, since she also knows the secret..Anyways the CVs want to drag, so what better way than to make her a villain..But i too don’t want another villain j til Gaurika romance has progressed more..

  2. Aastha_Reddy

    It was nice today…finally some or a little sense came to the pea sized brain of Cvs….
    thd previous day… may be pragathi or Nivedita said about gardening .. now Tej followed her dialogue….
    Tej accepted that he is a fool in angry state …
    Thank God… Dang is alive…bach gaya ganja..
    dang escaped..spade rock…..chudail get a shock!!!
    overall it was a cute…sweet..and sensible episode today..
    Buamma… her Hinglish…her style of taunting …very good..

    1. Hey astha…. Takla Ganja toh bach gaya par bechara humara Omkara…… For him its like: khoda garden aur nikla khali coffin…..
      And for svetlana no no for SCIENTIFICLANA its like: kya marne ke baad aatma ke saath body bhi gayab ho jati hai????

    2. Bach gaya GANJA… Hahahahahahaha! Lol!

    3. Dii you and your comments are rocking… Dil bole oberoi…

  3. Hii everyone ……. Today’s episode was ok ok….. Yeh suddenly Tej ko kya ho gaya, he so caring about Jhanvi he saved her from burning…. Poor svetlana lo tej bhi tere haath se phisal gaya….. I really hope ki tej ne jhanvi ke saath jo bhi kiya woh sab uska koi plan ho to expose svetlana Cox the way he said to jhanvi ki mein tumhe maarte hue nahi dekh sakta was very sweet……

    Guys I have some good news for all u….
    Aakhir CVS ne humari baat maan li… 1.Svetlana’s teack is going to end soon….
    2.Jhanvi will come to know about Gauri being Omkara’s wife durning Jagrata and as we know no one wants that chudail svetlana to marry our HANDSOME HUNK OMKARA, so jhnavi will do something so that Omkara himself confesses that he married Gauri…( according to spoilers and facebook news)….
    Really want GAURIKARA’S chemistry yo start soon…..

    @DBO fans from kerala and to all Shrenu

    Shrenu is going to make her debut in Tamil/telugu movie ( its either telugu or
    tamil movie)……

    1. DBO FANS from Kerala

      Our best friend maahi;we are very happy. We also read that news.hope that our gourika track coming soon.love you gourika ????????.but we also worried for kaali takur re-entry.in spilers said that gouri identy revealed to janvi,not mentioned ;gouri reveals omkara that she is not chulbul,she is gouri. Om hate gouri but loves chulbul. Our doubt is will om relizes chulbul is gouri or not? Then kali-takur entry again create misunderstanding wall between omri. We request to the makers of DBO that pls do somthing to prove gouri innocence in front of omkara.
      Any pre-cap is good. Eagerly waiting for that.

    2. Hey amaji, missing your shayari?
      By the way, can we request some channels like India forums or Entertainment tadka to give us a Shrenal segment. It has been a long time since we have got their off screen moments?

      1. * not amaji but mahi, uff…. this auto correct?

      2. Shraddha now a days I am posting shayari on ISHQBAAZ page…. U can read over there…..
        And yes if cvs give us good good romantic scenes between Gaurikara then I will post my shayari here also……

    3. Hey mahi, I’m not following IB nowadays so missed your shayaris there?

    4. Thanks Maahi dii for this information…

  4. Aastha_Reddy

    Pinku dear… I am going to police station to cancel the FIR I gave there… your missing complain dear…
    I miss you so much though you never left my mind and heart … a tight wala hug…
    good night my lovely friends …….

  5. Oh my God..Only one comment. Gul ma’am change the story line…Bring two Om’s If required but no more Svetlana. Finally I feel some thing interesting is going to come. Gul ma’am please show Om intelligent..He has missed all the clues till date.

  6. Oooooo asthababy tumne FIR de di thi.???? Dekh rahi ho pinku baby tumhare liye kitna paressan he .lekin tum ho ki gayab ho jati ho.no fair.
    A big and warm wlc once again with a big tight hug.?????????????????????
    And takla ganja Seriously ???????????????
    But chulkara part was really soo cute
    Srenu gouri se jayada chulbul costume main cute dikhti he ???
    Waise maahi , aaj tumhari syari kahan he?,? IB ki page pe toh dhaasu lines the.par yahan kyun nahi????
    And I have a question. That ab tak toh star parivar award progrrame ho jani chahiyethi.na????? Itni late toh nahi hoti haar saal.??????

    1. Hope we will get SHRENAL performance in star parivar?

    2. Hey arpita…. Aaj kal ishqbaaz accha chal raha … so shayari on IB page….I will able to post one shayari at a time…. But agar cvs ne doono mein acche SPECIAL episodes diye toh I will try to post on both IB and DBO page……

    3. Nivedita

      I agree, i like Shrenu’s understated make up as Chulbul than her overly done eyes as Gauri.. her t-shirts and jackets as Chulbul- not so much..

      But the most i am waiting for is her female voice. She sounds so adorable when she gives the thoughts of Gauri commentaries..

  7. Hii everyone . Congratulations Mahi and astha our mission surgery is successful . Look they gave us good episode after so long . itne dino ke. Bad mujhe DBo aacha laga . Yar mujhe lag raha hai yeh jo ladki hai jisne doctor ko bachaya hai wo wahi bhoot wali ladki hai. Pata nahi kyu mujhe uska bracelet dekh kar aasa lag raha hai. Aur mujhe lag raha yeh jo swetlana hai yeh miss kapoor ki beti hai jisne apne chera badlawa ke kisi aur ka liya hai . Jo woh trunk mein swetlana hai uska. Aur jo photo wali ladki hai uski wo identity use kar rahi hai. Face alag name bhi alag isliya kisi ko uske bare mein kuch nahi pata . Remember jab swetlana father ke office mein thi usne yahi kha tha ki uske , us photo wali ladki ke aur us swetlana ke jo uske ghar mein hai ke beech mein kya connection hai yeh om pata nahi laga payega. Mujhe to yahi connection lag raha hai inme.
    And astha seriously we are happy bach gaya ganja . Kya kiamat payi swetlana se 3 bar bach gaya . Lucky man

    1. Yes pragati…. Mission accomplished….????…
      Eagerly waiting for GAURIKARA story to start..

  8. Hey arpita…. thank u so much….

  9. Finally kuch akal ka kaam ki ya h CVS n…. Waiting for the precap…

  10. Waiting for today’s episode ?

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