The business minded person with a stone heart… A person who cannot melt in front of anyone… Who is always in his own TADI… Who cannot take a single word against himself… But is exactly opposite for his family… His brothers… He is soft spoken… He can do anything for his family… SSO is like two personalities in one person… He is the great wall of Shivaay Singh Oberoi for his family… He loves his brothers a lot… OmRu are world for him… He married Anika to save his family name… He was not ready to accept her but now slowly has started getting feelings for her…

An artist, a philosopher, a shayar… And what not… He was exactly opposite Shivaay… Calm and peaceful person… But now he is changed… He has become like SSO… Because of the way his father behaved with his mother… He behaves different with his brothers and mother… And differently with others… He went to Bareli for some business deal… And there he married Gauri to save her from the villagers… But when the villagers went… He didn’t accept her as his wife…

The youngest of the three Obros… The Playboy… But very innocent… He is a crybaby… A baby for his brothers… He loves only three things… One his protein shake… Two his gym… And three his brothers… He married Saumya in the influence of alcohol… But they decided to forget that… But one day their family finds out that they are married… And then a problem started… And Rudra blames Saumya for it but none of then are able to express their love for each other…

Anika had no clue of her family. She began working in the Oberoi Mansion as a wedding planner.
Shivaay forced her to marry him… But then when Tia told him that she was kidnapped… He didn’t accept Anika as his wife… Anika loved him with all her heart… But due to his nature she was not able to accept that she is in love with Shivaay… She knew that he was a gem of a person… But sometimes he behaved as if she was no one to him… But she was still his wife and she was the one who had believe in their relation and take it forward…

Om married her to save her from the villagers… But then when they left… She was left all alone… He didn’t accept that marriage and leaving her alone he came back home… But she didn’t give up and believed that their marriage had a meaning… she didn’t let their relationship break and found her way to oberoi mansion disguising herself as a boy and calling herself “chulbul”. She needed money for her mother’s treatment and that’s why swetlana offered her a job.

Rudra and Saumya got married when they were not in their senses in the influence of alcohol… But then when the family got to know about their marriage, Rudra blamed her for everything and also told her that she was not her wife… She was nothing for him… Everything that had happened in the family was because of her… An independent and confident girl like Saumya would have left the house and gone… But Dadi stopped her and explained her… But Rudra had not accepted her as his wife…

(Obros are really very confused… First they do marriage and then don’t accept it…)
My ff revolves around the three brothers, their wifes and the big oberoi family.
Its a mix of ishqbaaz and dil bole oberoi and therefore I call this heart throbbing story as, ” Dil Bole Ishqbaaz! ”
I hope you like it!

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