DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) – Episode 9

Om: so behold…the real svetlana…
(real svetlana tells them everything and apologises from her behalf…)
tej: ( to the fake svetlana) unbelievable! You tricked us…the oberois! How dare you!
(tej goes and holds her neck and tries chocking her, jhanvi, shivaay and rudra hold him back)
Jhanvi: no tej! What are you doing? No matter how much she had ruined our lives but don’t worry the police will handle her!
Rudra: yes papa..I already called the police.they’ll be here any minute…
( fake svetlana goes to chulbul and drags her by the hair)

Fake svetlana: how dare you! You cheated me! I won’t spare you!
Chulbul: Sultana madam ji please leave me…is paining…please..
Fake svetlana: you should have thought about that earlier…its too late now!
( the police come there and gold the fake svetlana back)
Fake svetlana: let me go!!
Police inspector: we’ll only let you go in jail!
(they pull her towards the door)
Real svetlana: ( shouts) you think that only I have cheated you? This chulbul is a bigger cheater!
Om: svetlana! Don’t get chulbul in between!
Svetlana: no…i’m saying the truth…I have proof! Leave me for a moment please!( to the police inspector)
(the inspector leaves her hand, svetlana goes and gets her phone)
svetlana: see this video om…this is the proof!

Chulbul:(thinks) he sankar ji! What is happening? Now Sultana madam ji will expose the video and omkara ji will never trust me again!
( the family members see the video and are shocked)
Om: chulbul, is is this true? Svetlana hired you to keep an eye on me?
Chulbul: but omkara ji, I supported you…i’m on you’re side…
Om: yes or no? Did svetlana hire you or not? Give an answer chulbul!!
Chulbul: no…I mean yes…she did but…
Om: amazingly played svetlana! I didn’t expect this at all…and you chulbul, I treated you as my best friend, I trusted you..what did you do? You broke my trust…how did you do that? You planned against me?
Chulbul: omkara ji…
Om: that’s enough chulbul! I don’t want to listen to anything…
Svetlana: you’re getting upset only at this om? Picture toh abhi baki hai!
Om: what do you mean?
Svetlana: I mean that chulbul too isn’t chulbul!
Om: what?!

pinky: o my maata! Another chulbul!
Jhanvi: do you even know what your saying?
Svetlana: ofcourse! he is not chulbul! Or should I say, she is? (looks at chulbul)
Chulbul: he sankar ji! Please protect my secret!
Svetlana: she ( points at chulbul) is not a guy! she’s a girl!
Om: what!
Shivaay: what!
Bua ma: o my god! Police take her away ! This jangli jalani is imposing false allegations against my family…
Svetlana: no! Believe me! She should also get punished!
(the inspectors start dragging svetlana away)
Svetlana: ( shouts) if you don’t believe me then lift her cap! you’ll get to know the truth!
Bua ma: we don’t need advises from you!
Om: (turns to chulbul) remove your cap chulbul!
(everyone looks on)

Precap: chulbul removes her cap and everyone gets shocked


  1. Gayathri.visu


    |Registered Member

    Hey its very short dear… Sultana can’t u shut ur mouth? Don’t make Om broken again! But let him realise his mistake…what he did to Gauri..! Eagerly waiting for next part.

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