DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! ( an ishqbaaz ff) Episode 77

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Next morning….
preparations for the engagement begin…
Rudra and om talk…
Rudra: O, will you and gauri bhabhi dance on this song please?
Om: are you mad? Me and gauri? She’s never going to dance with me.
Rudra: I’ve given different songs to everyone.you have only two days. You can do this. You can’t expect me to hunt for songs at this hour. You have to do it.
Om: I don’t think gauri would want to dance on this with me.
Rudra: well don’t make excuses. I’ve spoken to bhabhi already. She’s agreed.
Om: what?!
Rudra: maybe you’re the only one who doesn’t want shivika’s happiness.
Om: is not like that. Don’t emotional blackmail me.
Rudra: then say yes.
Om: fine. Yes. I’ll do my best.
Rudra: good!
(he goes)
In shivaay’s room:-
Shivaay is tensed. he searches his wardrobe for something. Anika comes..
Anika: what are you looking for shivaay?
Shivaay: (gets shocked) n…nothing Anika.
Anika: shivaay, you can tell me. I’m your wife.
Shivaay: you’re my fiancee, not my wife yet.
Anika: oho! Till yesterday,I was you’re wife. Now you call me you’re fiancee!
Shivaay: yes, you heard me.
Anika: shivaay, tell me what you’re looking for! Please!
Shivaay: its personal.
Anika: shivaay tell me, please! Please! I won’t tell anyone else.
Shivaay: fine, I’ll tell you because I know that you’ll eat up my head if I don’t tell you.
Anika: yes,I will.
Shivaay: okay but don’t laugh.
Anika: okay.
Shivaay: I can’t find anything good to wear for our engagement.
Anika: (gives the typical Anika look) are you serious?
Shivaay: well, do you think i’m joking?
Anika: (she bursts out laughing) hahhaahha!!
Shivaay: hey, what’s so funny? You told me you wont laugh!
Anika: the…haha…great…Mr…shivaay Singh oberoi…hahaha…cannot find any good clothes to wear on his engagement! Hahahaaa! Unbelievable.!!! I thought only girls had this problem!
Shivaay: hahaha, very funny anika!
Anika: why don’t you order something online or go shopping? (she laughs)
Shivaay: are you serious? Engagement is in an hour! Now will you keep laughing or will you do something to help me out?
Anika: haan, okay okay…hahhahahaaa….oh sorry..you’re too cute Mr. SSO.
Shivaay: Anika!
Anika: I’ll come back. Wait here. (she walks out of the room)
Shivaay: now where did she go? Oh no, engagement is in an hour. What am I going to do?
(after a few minutes Anika comes back with something in her hand)
Shivaay: where did you go? I told you to…
(Anika gives a kurta to shivaay)
Anika: you’re welcome.
Shivaay: (unfolds the kurta) omg Anika! Thank you so much!
Anika: I had chosen it for you yesterday itself. I told om to buy it for you when he was coming back from his studio. And here it is. Do you like it?
Shivaay: oh Anika, I love it! Thank you so much!
Anika: Anything for you shivaay. Now let’s get ready quickly before they start it without us!
Shivaay: you’re right.
(they go different ways to get ready)
After some time all the ladke wale (the ladies ) wait in the living room. Then omru, tej and shakti come with Anika.
Shivaay: she’s so beautiful.
Gauri: now itself? Wait for the wedding bade bhaiya! You’ll be speechless.
Jhanvi and dadi laugh.
Shivaay: are you guys done making fun of me? Can we please move ahead with the engagement?
Dadi: see how desperate he is! Billu!
Shivaay: dadi please!
Dadi: accha okay. I won’t trouble you on your special day.
Shivaay: thanks.
Anika: shivaay is looking so handsome.
Om: aw, Bhabhi you’re very cute.
Rudra: yes. And wah bhabhi, you only chose the kurta and you are appreciating that only!
Anika: no. whatever shivaay wears, he looks handsome.
Rudra: bhabhi, wait. I’m sure in the wedding he’ll look like a prince! But don’t worry, our princess will outshine everyone. Anika: aw, thank you.
(then the ladki Wale and the ladke wale come face to face. Shivaay and Anika get lost into one another, everyone look at each other and smile)
Jhanvi: (pretends to cough) shall we start?
(Shivaay and Anika continue staring at each other and smiling)
Dadi: billu!!
( nothing happens)
Dadi: billu! Billu! Billu!
Shivaay: (realises) huh? Ah, yes…yes dadi?
Anika: ye…yes dadi?
Dadi: oh khoteya, the engagement will not get over if both of you keep staring at each other!
(everyone start laughing)
Anika: s..sorry dadi. Let’s start. (shivaay signs a servant to get the ring, the servant gets it)
Shivaay: Close your eyes Anika. (Anika closes her eyes, shivaay puts the ring through her ring finger, Anika opens her eyes)
Anika: its..its beautiful shivaay! Thank you so much! Now my turn!
(Anika takes a ring and slides it through shivaay’s ring finger)
Shivaay: its lovely Anika! I guess we both have great choices.
Anika: yes we do.
(they hug, o jaana plays)

Precap: preparations for sangeet begin.

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