DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! ( an ishqbaaz ff) Episode 76

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Next day:-
In omkara’s room…
Gauri comes to om.
Gauri: omkara ji, I want to talk to you.
Om: yes tell me.
Gauri: what are you doing?
Om: i’m making a sculpture of ganesh ji.
Gauri: oh. If you want I could make his clothes.
Om: I’ll tell you if its needed.
Gauri: okay.
Om: so, you wanted to tell me something.
Gauri: oh yes! What you said about me the other day…
Om: what did I say? When?
Gauri: the thing you said to sultana.
Om: oh that!
Gauri: did you really mean it? Those good things you said about me….
Om: (silent for a minute and then speaks) of course gauri. What she was saying about you was bad. You are good the way you are.
Gauri: thank you.
Om: what?
Gauri: thank you.
Om: you you…you said thank you and not thanku! Omg! Gauri you learnt it at last!
(he hugs her, jo na kahe sake tum plays)
Om realises and backs away.
Om: i’m…i’m sorry I got a little too excited.
Gauri: no problem.
Om: but how did you learn it?
Gauri: actually I’ve been reading a few books and watching a few videos to learn a little English.
Om: that’s great gauri! But you know, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Like I said, you’re great the way you are.
Gauri: that’s very sweet of you. Come, we have a lot of work.we need to decide who’s organising what.

In the living room:-
Dadi: I’ve spoken to the pandit ji. He said that the best mohurat is 5 days later.
Shivaay: five days!!!! Oh no dadi!! Can’t I just marry her tomorrow?
Dadi: no ways! Very bad billu! If you behave like this I’ll make sure you both marry after a month!
Anika: no dadi.sorry sorry. a big sorry from shivaay’s side.
Shivaay: dadi that’s not fair.
Om: (smiles) everything is fair in love and war my brother!
Shivaay: om! Now you’re taking their side!
Jhanvi: okay, so coming to the point. This is the list I’ve made.
* Roka And Chunni Ceremony.-today
* Sangeet And mehendi ceremony…-day after tomorrow
* Kalide Ceremony and haldi. -later
* finally shaadi

Dadi: its perfect jhanvi! So, you guys start arrangements for roka and chunri ceremony for today evening.
Jhanvi: okay mummy ji. I was thinking. Do you both want a destination wedding?
Shivaay: that’s a great…
Anika: No its okay badi ma. Unnecessarily there will be extra expenses.
Shivaay: we are oberois. We don’t think of expenses.
Anika: okay. But the joy of having a wedding at ones own home is beyond words. And there won’t be any problem because this house is very big. All the rituals and marriage can happen here. There will be less chaos and no problem.
Shivaay: are you sure you want it here?
Anika: i’m very sure. Please shivaay?
Shivaay: okay. Anything for you. We’ll start the preparations.
Gauri: I’ll talk to the flower decorators.
Om: I’ll invite relatives. Everyone please give me a list of please you want to call.
Rudra: I’ll shortlist good songs for sangeet.
Shivaay: Anika and I will choose wedding cards.
Anika: before that I’ll look into the variety of food we shall have and I’ll handle the catorers.
Shivaay: don’t put only aloo puri in the menu!
Anika: you give me a list of what you want and I’ll make sure its done.
Shivaay: thank you.
Shakti: okay, so let’s start.
Jhanvi: let’s go.
(they go and get on with their work)

In the evening…
Preparations for roka is complete and the family gather in the living room.
Dadi: jhanvi, pinky have you got the chunri and the arthi ki thaali?
Jhanvi: yes mummy ji, don’t worry we’ve got everything.
Dadi: then let’s start.
The ceremony starts…
Dadi: pinky, put the chunri over your bahu’s head.
Pinky: why should I?
Dadi: arre, the saas should do this.
Pinky: she’s not my bahu, she’s the bahu of this house.
Dadi: pinky, stop creating a scene and do it.
Pinky: (rolls her eyes) everyone always thinks i’m wrong.
Jhanvi: because you are. Can you please stop ruining everyone’s mood?
Dadi: both of you stop it. Pinky, do the ceremony.
(pinky puts a chunri over Anika’s head and does aarthi.)
Anika: jhanvi Aunty, you have also become my ma…badi ma…won’t you also bless me?
Jhanvi: (smiles) ofcourse beta.
(she does anika’s aarthi and blesses her…then anika takes the blessing of all the elders of the family, later they give her gifts. Rudra takes a family photo.)

Precap: shivaay searches for something in his wardrobe. Anika comes, shivaay gets shocked.

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