DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! ( an ishqbaaz ff) Episode 75 and a celebration!

Hey guys!!! This episode is really special for me because it’s my 75th episode!!! Thanks to you all!

That evening:-
In the living room…
Tej: where is he?
Pinky: he called us here but himself didn’t come.
Jhanvi: we should be patient. Shivaay will come.
Om: where is shivaay? What’s taking him so long?
(shivaay and Anika come)
Dadi: billu, what was the important news? And we were waiting from so long.
Shivaay: sorry dadi, I was busy organising. There’s an important announcement I need to make.
Jhanvi: what is it beta?
Shivaay: shall we say it together Anika?
Anika: yes, definitely!
Shivaay and Anika: we are getting married again!
Dadi: oh! What great news!
Jhanvi: but you both are already married. Why do you wasn’t to marry again?
Shivaay: actually , when we got married, I had forced her. It was my choice. But this time I want it to be her choice, her decorations, her decisions. I want her to do all the rituals she had missed when we had got married.
Anika: and that’s why we’re getting married again.
Gauri: that’s great bhabhi!!
(rudra comes)
Rudra: amazing! But we’ll have to divide ourselves amongst ladki wale and ladke wale.
Shivaay: waise, how was your first day?
Rudra: it was good! But don’t change the topic. How will we decide?
Gauri: we are on both sides. Right?
Om: exactly! How do we decide?
Rudra: actually, I’ve always been on bhaiya’s side. But now,I want to be on bhabhi’s side.
(he and stands next to Anika)
Om: Even I want to be on bhabhi’s side!
(he stands next to Anika )
Shivaay: haan, haan. Everyone go on Anika’s side. I’ll be left alone!
Dadi: puttar, why do you worry? I’m on your side!
Gauri: me too!
Shivaay: thanks dadi! Thanks gauri!
Rudra: then lets do one thing, all the girls will be on shivaay Bhaiya’s side and all the boys will be on Anika bhabhi’s side!
Jhanvi: that’s a great idea! What do you think pinky?
Pinky: (murmurs) my son is getting married without my permission and you’re asking what I think?
Jhanvi: (whispers) shut up pinky! Can’t you see, everyone is so happy. Shivaay and Anika are so happy!
Pinky: that Anika is not good for my son.
Jhanvi: we are tired of explaining to you pinky. Can’t you ever be happy in your son’s happiness?
Pinky: you don’t tell me what I should do.
(she goes)
Shivaay: where did mom go?
Jhanvi: don’t know. Let’s continue discussing.
Shakti: waise, i’m glad that i’m on my daughter’s side.
Tej: (smiles) me too!
Anika: thank you uncle.
Shakti: no, you can call me dad.
Anika: really? Can I call you papa please? Instead of dad?
Shakti: you’re my daughter now. You can call me whatever you wish.
Anika: (smiles) thanks papa.
Tej: and me?
Anika: thank you bade papa.
Tej: my pleasure.
(they all have a family hug)
Rudra: aw. We should definitely capture this sweet moment.
(rudra takes photos)
Dadi: tomorrow I’ll ask the pandit ji to find a good mahurat for the shadi. Depending on that we’ll decide the dates for all the rituals as well.
Shivaay: that’s great dadi. But let it be as quick as possible.
Anika: shivaay, what’s the hurry? Don’t become desperate Singh oberoi now!
(Everyone laugh)
Shivaay: aren’t you excited also Anika?
Anika: (laughs) not as much as you!
Shivaay: very funny! I know that even you’re desperate to marry me okay?
Anika: oho! Not at all! (she smiles and goes)
Om: so did you find a partner Rudy?
Rudra: yes o. At first I didn’t because I was one of the last ones to reach the registration counter. But later I found someone who also came late and herself was searching for a partner.
Om: that’s great! What’s her name?
Rudra: (realises) oh no. I forgot!
Shivaay: you forgot her name?
Rudra: no, I forget to ask her.
Om: oh my god rudra, your so absent minded. She’s your partner and you don’t know her name.
Rudra: O, she’s my dance partner not my life partner. So mistakes happen. (he laughs)
Shivaay: by the way, did you talk to Soumya after she left for Australia?
Rudra: yes, in fact I told her that in case she needs anything she can always talk to us.
Shivaay: oh good. waise, om I’ve been noticing….
Om: noticing what?
Shivaay: you’ve started liking gauri.
Om: (blushes) no no…is not like that…
Shivaay: so how is it like then? You don’t like her?
Om: no no…I didn’t say that.
Shivaay: relax om, we’re you’re brothers. and plus, gauri is you’re wife. Its no crime to love you’re wife. I’m fact i’m really happy.
Rudra: me too. And gauri bhabhi is really special.
Om: okay guys, we need to plan for shivika’s wedding.
Shivaay: don’t change the topic.
Rudra: Bhaiya, o has become sharmila singh oberoi!
Om: shut up rudra!
(Shivru laugh, om smiles, they hug and lafzon ka ye rishta nahi plays)

Precap: preparations for mehandi starts…

Thanks a lot for encouraging me guys!!! 75 episodes are over!???
Let’s celebrate!!!???? and I hope we reach till 100!!

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