DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! ( an ishqbaaz ff) Episode 74

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Next day….
Rudra packs his bag and begins to go. Dadi and tej come there.
Dadi: puttar, I know that today is the first day of your university. But before starting a new work you should always have some sweet. (she feeds him kheer.)
Rudra: Mmmm. This is yummy dadi! Mom made this right?
Dadi: yes.
Tej: i’m glad you finally decided what’s good for you. Have a good day.
Rudra: thanks dad. (he thinks-i’m sorry dad, i’m sorry dadi i’m not saying the truth that i’m going for dance rehearsals and not to the university. I’m sorry. )
He goes…

In the hall:-
Anika: where are you shivaay?
Shivaay comes behind her and puts his palm on her eyes.
Anika: shivaay!
Shivaay: shh. I have a surprise for you.
Anika: what surprise?
He takes her somewhere…to their room. He slowly pulls away his hands.
Shivaay: now open your eyes.
(Anika opens her eyes and sees their room with photo frames of all their pictures they had taken of them.)
Anika: oh my god, this is amazing!
Shivaay: it is. I thought I should make this room a little lively.
Anika: this is wonderful! Thank you shivaay!
Shivaay: thank you Anika. For coming into my life.
Anika: No, if you hadn’t come into MY life then I would never have such a wonderful family, amazing room and a really amazing husband.
Shivaay: aw…
Anika: aw…
(They both laugh)

Shivaay: waise, I realised something while putting up these pictures.
Anika: what?
Shivaay: that there’s only one thing missing in this room.
Anika: what is missing?
Shivaay: our wedding photographs.
(Anika becomes silent. The whole incident comes to her mind. The way shivaay forced her to marry him as his then fiance had run away and he had to save his family reputation in front of the media. How he had blackmailed her that he would kill sahil if she didn’t marry him. How she took those rounds around the fire, hiding her identity. Everything flashes in her mind.)
Anika: hmm. (she gets tears in her eyes)
Shivaay: Anika, i’m sorry for that day. You deserved better. I was so mean to you that day. I’m sorry.
Anika: its ..its okay.
Shivaay: I know its not okay. You can’t lie to me Anika.
Anika: its just that…that whenever I think of our marriage or someone asks me about it,I always remember that day. That day when I almost lost my sahil. That day when I felt like the most unluckiest and saddest human on this planet. But I don’t want to feel like that…because this marriage means a lot to me now.
Shivaay: I understand.

Anika: no, trust me. Even if you try you won’t be able to understand.
Shivaay: (wipes her tears) okay. I have an idea. Why don’t we marry again? This time I promise, it’ll be your decision, your choices and your favourites. It’ll be just the way you want it to be.
Anika: (smiles) really?
Shivaay: really. (he kneels down before her) Miss Anika, will you marry me?
Anika: (acts) um…this is a tough decision. Should I our should I not?
Shivaay: come on now, I can’t be on my knees forever.
Anika: oh yes,I forgot. You are the great shivaay Singh oberoi. Tadibaaz. How can you ever kneel down in front of someone?
Shivaay: very funny. But i’m still waiting for your answer Anika. Will you marry me?
Anika: (gives a big smile) yes,I will marry you shivaay.
(shivaay gets up and acts like he’s opening a ring box and takes out an imaginary ring and slides it through Anika’s ring finger. Anika smiles. She puts an imaginary ring through his finger. Shivaay smiles. O jaana plays, shivaay hugs Anika. They remember their story.)
Shivaay: now lets tell dadi about our marriage.
Anika: what about svetlana? We all have to keep an eye on her.
Shivaay: you’re right. But don’t worry, we won’t let get come in between our happiness. Lets go tell everyone.
Anika: okay.

Tej: what proof can svetlana be having against us?
Jhanvi: why don’t we just ask her to show us?
Pinky: but have we actually done anything wrong in these years?
Tej: i’m trying to remember.
Shakti: the last thing I remember was the kalyani mills fire. After that nothing..
Tej: oh my god! The kalyani mills fire! How could I forget that? You’re a genius shakti!
Jhanvi: but how would svetlana know about that? We didn’t even know her back then.
Tej: whatever it is, we have to find out and destroy that proof.
Shakti: you’re right. Shall I ask shivaay for help?
Tej: no. we can’t include shivaay, om and rudra in any of this. They should not know.
Shakti: but..
Tej: its for their benefit shakti.
Shakti: okay.

Om is walking in the corridor and he sees svetlana coming in the opposite direction.
Svetlana: well well well. We meet again. How are you omki?
Om: My name is omkara.
Svetlana: okay omkara, I heard that gauri is your wife now. You forgave her for betraying you and becoming chulbul?
Om: you have no right to know about my personal matters.
Svetlana: I see. But I want to know.
Om: Ya fine, I accepted her as my wife okay? Now I don’t have time for your interrogations.
Svetlana: (laughs) how can you accept her? She is a village girl who doesn’t even know how to speak English.
Om: that’s none of your business. However she is, she is good, sweet and kind hearted . Not like you, unpredictable and shallow.
Svetlana: ouch. Did you just call me shallow?
Om: You are shallow.
(he walks out)
Gauri hears this from a distance. (Saathiya plays)

Precap: the oberois decide who will be the ladke wale and who will be the ladki wale…

By the way, happy Diwali to everyone! Have a safe and memorable Diwali!

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