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DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! ( an ishqbaaz ff) Episode 73


Hey guys!
Hope you like it!

Hey guys!
Hope you like it!

Next morning…
Shivaay: its so hard to tolerate that creep!
Anika: I know, but since we don’t have an option, we have to. That churail won’t leave us other wise.
Gauri: there must be a way.
Shivaay: there’s no way until…
Rudra: until we delete the video she has against us.
Om: that’s going to be very difficult. Knowing that svetlana, she would have multiple copies of it and hidden in different places.
Soumya: oh god.
Anika: waise, everyone are returning home today right?
Shivaay: yes, today evening.
Rudra: and we are surely going to get scolded by them. Dadi left us the house trusting us, and we couldn’t keep that trust.
Om: its okay Rudy, i’m sure if we explain everything to them slowly then they will understand.
Rudra: I hope.
Shivaay: by the way, i’m sorry.because of all this you couldn’t start your rehearsals. If you want start it today.
Rudra: I can’t Bhaiya. I have to go to the institution and find myself a partner.
Shivaay: oh okay. But start quick cause you don’t have much time.
(just then svetlana comes)
Svetlana: are you all planning something against me?
Anika: do we look so jobless to you?
Svetlana: you don’t look jobless, you are jobless. Anyways, what’s for breakfast?
Gauri: whatever is there, its there on the table. If you want to eat, eat or else don’t.
Svetlana: why are you guys so mean to me? I’m doing you all a big favour.
Rudra: whatever.
Shivaay: and please, don’t create a drama in front of dadi, bade papa and the rest.
Svetlana: oh! I today forgot about them.
Om: you better not do anything wrong.
Svetlana: I’ll think about it.
(just then Bruno comes)
Om: hey bruns!
Rudra: hey o! How many times to tell you that his name is bruno. Don’t spoil his name!
Om: he likes it when I call him that.
Rudra: no he doesn’t.
Om: (feeds bruno a biscuit) don’t you like it Bruno?
(Bruno wags his tail)
Om: see, he likes it.
Rudra: that’s cheating. He likes the biscuit not the fact that you call him bruns.
Svetlana: when did you buy him? I don’t remember seeing him the last time we met.
Rudra: we didn’t buy him. And he’s not just a dog. He’s our family member. And we have him ever since we knew there was bad eyes on our house.
Om: rudra.
Rudra: what? Its true.
(svetlana touches it, Bruno barks and gets back)
Anika: its okay Bruno, we don’t like her too.
Svetlana: Its not that I like you guys either. Nor do I like this dog. Better keep him away from me.
Gauri: ya fine, we are also going away from you. Its time for Bruno’s morning walk.
(everyone leave her alone and go)
Svetlana: you guys can’t even imagine what i’m looking for.
In the evening:-
(tej, jhanvi, shakti, pinky and dadi return home. )
Dadi: baccho, how are all of you?
Shivaay: (hugs dadi) we are all good dadi! How was the wedding?
Dadi: it was good! We had a lot of fun. But missed all of you.
Anika: aw! Dadi, we missed you all too!
Om: ramesh! Rakesh! (they are the servants) come and help with the luggage please!
(they come and help with the luggage. Just then…)
Svetlana: did anyone miss me too?
Dadi: (shocked) you! What are you doing here?
Tej: we kicked you out once, wasn’t that enough!
Svetlana: oh tej, you used to be so sweet to me.
Tej: that was before I knew the truth about you!
Jhanvi: who gave you the permission to enter this house?
Svetlana: well, why don’t you ask your sons?
Jhanvi: om, rudra what is all this?
Pinky: shivaay, what is this woman doing in our house?
(they all are silent)
Shakti: why isn’t anyone saying anything? What is going on?
Om: she has some proof against our family. If we have to prevent that from reaching the media, we have to let her stay here for a while.
Tej: what proof?
Svetlana: what is the hurry? Go and take some rest, you all must be tired. Anyways, i’m not going to go anywhere.
Tej: either you get out or I’ll call the police.
Svetlana: trust me, you wouldn’t want that. By the time the police comes, the video will go to the media.
Shivaay: svetlana is right bade papa. We can’t do anything.
Anika: you all go and rest for a while. Gauri and I will get some snacks and tea ready.
Dadi: okay beta.
(svetlana goes)
Tej: waise, is the mystery person found yet? Did anything happen after we went?
Shivaay: a lot of things happened. But don’t worry, we are all fine. And the mystery person was svetlana.
Tej: oh my god!
Om: yes, and apparently she was having fun seeing us suffer.
Jhanvi: that’s disgusting. That woman will never improve. i’m just glad that you all are okay.
Tej: by the way rudra, tomorrow onwards you have to go to the university. They have given you admission.
Rudra: dad I …
Shivaay: bade papa, he’s decided that he’s not going to miss even a single day of it from tomorrow.
Tej: that’s very impressive. I’m glad you changed your mind.
Rudra: (murmurs) I wish you changed yours.
Tej: did you say anything?
(he goes)
Rudra: Bhaiya, why did you do that? My problem increased now. And from tomorrow I have to go there.
Shivaay: I told that for a reason. Tomorrow onwards your have to start your rehearsals. So, we will pretend that you are going to the university but you go to the institution instead.
Rudra: that’s a great idea! But what if they call dad to say that my attendance is very poor?
Shivaay: you go there tomorrow and tell the principal that you have to changed the registered number and then give my number. the rest I will handle.
Rudra: thank you so much Bhaiya!

Precap: shivaay comes from behind and puts his palm on anika’s eyes. He says that he has a surprise for her.

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