DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! ( an ishqbaaz ff) Episode 72

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Gauri goes to the temple along with Anika..
later at oberoi mansion:-
Om: where are gauri and Anika bhabhi? She should have come back by now.
Shivaay: maybe the pooja was for a long duration.
Rudra: no maha aarthi will last till five hours. Call and find out o.
Om: I called but gauri isn’t picking up and Anika bhabhi’s phone is switched off.
Shivaay: oh god! Can’t Anika ever keep her phone charged?
Rudra: there’s definitely something very wrong.
Shivaay: I think they are in trouble. Definitely, that mysterious person is behind this.
Om: how do we find them?
Rudra: I think we should surrender.
Shivaay: are you mad?
Om: I think Rudy is right. We don’t have an option. We surely don’t want anything to happen to them.
Rudra: (shouts) are you listening? We surrender. I know your listening and you’re definitely somewhere here.
Om: (shouts) please come out! Who are you? Why are you doing this! Please!
Shivaay: (shouts) how much money do you want?
(the obros continue to ask questions)

After some time…
Stranger’s voice: I must say, you oberois are very patient and strong to stand in one place and ask so many questions. I’m impressed.
Shivaay: come to the point! Why are you doing this? Who are you!
Stranger: mind your language! I’m not your servant to take orders! ask me properly!
Om: fine, please can you tell us why you’re doing all this? Where are anika bhabhi and gauri?
Stranger: you all are asking too many questions too different! So I’ll tell you one thing. I will answer only one question from each of you in the house. So choose your questions wisely. And you have only ten minutes to ask me. After that, I will decide what to do. Your tome starts now!
Shivaay: okay. Who are you?
Stranger: do you really want to know? I’ll prefer you keep that question for the end. Next!
Shivaay: how dare…
Om: shivaay please, lets not aggravate things.
Shivaay: fine.
Om: why are you doing all this?
Stranger: because I want my revenge.
Om: what revenge? Why? what have we done to you? Why aren’t you coming front?
Stranger: too many questions at once! I’m giving you the last warning!
Om: but you aren’t answering the questions properly also! You say revenge but you must explain why.
Stranger: fine! Your family has ruined my reputation and insulted me. You have to pay for it! Next question!
Rudra: where is anika bhabhi and gauri bhabhi? I’m sure you have them trapped!
Stranger: yes, they are in my house, and I won’t let them go until I get my revenge!
Shivaay: now answer my question! Who are you?
Stranger: fine, see for yourself!
(someone walks through the door, obros are shocked )

Shivomru: svetlana!
Svetlana: surprise!
Shivaay: you…(he angrily walks towards her, but om pulls him back)
Om: not now shivaay, we need to ensure that anika bhabhi and gauri are safe.
Shivaay: okay. What is your problem svetlana?
Om: what is your revenge exactly?
svetlana: I had said only one question from each of you! its done!
(prinku comes)
Shivaay: no, we are still there! We can ask!
Svetlana: fine then!
Prinku: and why were you scaring us?
Svetlana: I was just having a little fun . all of your faces were priceless!
Shivaay: what do you want?
Svetlana: a space in this house.
Om: so that you can create more problems for us?
Svetlana: maybe, maybe not.
Shivaay: well this is our house and we don’t have space for outsiders!
Svetlana: well, you have no idea what I can do to gauri and anika!
Shivaay: if you even touch them I swear I’ll!
Svetlana: there’s nothing you can do to me. I have proof against your family. On a click of one button you all can end up in the jail of embarrassment and criticism. You rather let me do what I want!
Shivaay: what proof?
(svetlana shows them a video, they are shocked)
Shivaay: fine, you can stay here but only for sometime.
Svetlana: I will stay here as long as I wish. But don’t worry,I came here only to find something and when I find it,I will leave. Till then, you will not stop me from doing anything and if the police asks you about me, you shouldn’t open your mouths. only then will I leave you to live peacefully.
Shivaay: deal.
Rudra: now give back anika bhabhi and gauri bhabhi!
Svetlana: I ..I …
(just then anika and gauri come)
Shivaay: thank god you both are safe.
Anika: why what will happen to…
Svetlana: i’m tired, would you show me my room shivaay?
Anika: o bete ki! What is she doing here?
Shivaay: you should be knowing…
(he takes svetlana to show her the room)

Gauri: he sankarji! What just happened! This Sultana came again! We went to do maha aarthi for the protection of this house and now looks like it became the opposite!
Rudra: definitely the pandit ji would have read opposite mantras! Hahaha!
Om: seriously Rudy? Not funny.
Anika: but our plan was something else right?
Om: yes, but we got trapped in our own plan once again.
(FLASHBACK- Anika and gauri together plan to go to the temple. Om messages that they will handle everything. Anika and gauri reach the temple and message on the group saying that they have reached. then shivaay messages that they will start pleading for mercy to the stranger and when she or he comes in front of them, they will call the police. So, later when svetlana comes in front of the oberois, rudra messages that he has called the police.
After a while shivaay messages that anika and gauri should come home. And they come)
Prinku: shall I call the police and tell them not to come Bhaiya?
Om: yes, because we don’t have any option.
Anika: gayi bhais pani mein!

Precap: the oberois come back to oberoi mansion. They are shocked when they see svetlana.

Happy karvachauth to all the women!

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