DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! ( an ishqbaaz ff) Episode 71

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Anika and shivaay go to their room. They are talking to each other when suddenly they happen to look at the mirror. Something is written in red lipstick.
Anika: o bete ki! that’s my lipstick! How can someone waste it like that!
Shivaay: Anika, you’re seriously worried about your lipstick?
Anika: (realises) sorry sorry..
Shivaay: its written… “I feel very sorry you guys. But this is just the taste of your own medicine. You called it upon you. You know how to be smart,I know how to be smarter!”
Anika: what do we do next?
Shivaay: om! Rudra! Gauri! Prinku!
(everyone come running)
Om: what happened shivaay?
( they look at the mirror)
Prinku: oh my god!
Gauri: he sankar ji!
Prinku: what will we do now Bhaiya?
Shivaay: I don’t know. Until we come up with a fool proof plan, we won’t do anything.
(rudra sits on the bed and closes his eyes)
Shivaay: are you okay rudra?
Rudra: hmm…I just need a good sleep.
Shivaay: i’m so sorry about everything that happened. (he hugs him) shall I get something to eat?
Rudra: I can’t eat Bhaiya, my throat and eyes are paining. But you guys carry on. I’ll be okay.
Shivaay: i’m really sorry.
Anika: me too.
Om: i’m sorry.
Rudra: you guys please don’t say sorry. That person was more clever and ruined our plan.he should be sorry. I just hope we catch him soon and punish him for his deeds!
Shivaay: you’re right. Its high time we catch him red handed.
Anika: (messages on the youngsters group) for that I have a kidkitod plan!
Shivaay: (replies) but this time please let it be safe for us.
Anika: (messages) yes okay. That’s why i’m messaging and not saying it. so that, wherever he is, even if he’s watching us, he won’t know what our next plan is.
Om: (messages) great idea bhabhi..
Rudra: (messages) so, what’s the plan bhabhi?
Anika: (messages) the plan that we won’t do anything now. Lets pretend that we are very frightened. But when he makes the next move, we’ll be ready and will catch him.
Gauri: (messages) but how will we know when he will attack?
Anika: (messages) we don’t…we need to be ready always.but i’m sure either with a warning or CCTV footage we’ll find out.
Rudra: (messages) that’s great bhabhi!
Anika: (messages) if any of you get any idea on how we can find out when he’ll play his next move, please message soon.
Rudra: (messages) yes bhabhi.
Anika: (messages) and please delete these messages once you’ve read it.
Om: (messages) okay, we will win this time!
Rudra: (messages) yes! All for one,
Shivaay: (messages) one for all!
(they all delete the messages)
Shivaay: dadi is calling…I’ll be right back!
(he goes out of the room)
Shivaay: (speaks on the phone) yes dadi, how are you?
Dadi: (from the other line) i’m fine, I called to ask about you guys! Is everyone fine at home?
Shivaay: yes dadi…don’t…don’t worry.
Dadi: billu, are you hiding something from me?
Shivaay: not at all dadi, what will I hide? You all take care of your selves and you take your medicines on time.
Dadi: okay thank you puttar. But be careful okay? Soumya has also gone to Australia.
Shivaay: yes dadi, she informed us.
Dadi: If anything happens here please inform us.
Shivaay: yes dadi. don’t worry.
(he keeps the phone)
Next morning:-
In om’s room…gauri comes after taking a bath and wipes her hair with a towel.
Gauri: omkara ji, wake up! Its morning!
Om: let me sleep gauri…
Gauri: omkara ji wake up, or else I’ll wake you up by doing maha aarthi of the idols in your room!
Om: (yawns and stretches) gauri, you’re the one who gets up early in the morning and does aarthi , not me. Couldn’t you let me sleep for some more time?
Gauri: you’re such a ajeeb chirota!
Om: why?
Gauri: there’s such a big problem going on in the house and you’re…
Om: so what should I do now. (he gets up and walks towards her) Our plan is not to do anything right now!
Gauri: shhh! (she covers his mouth with her palm) What if someone listens to us?
(they have an eyelock, saathiya plays)
Gauri: (puts her hand down) sorry…
Om: for what? You’re right, if anyone listens, it will be a problem.
Gauri: yes. Well, now go and get ready. I’ll go down and see if breakfast is ready. (she turns to go)
Om: By the way, you’re looking very beautiful today.
(gauri smiles but goes without looking at him)
Om: (shouts) waise, i’m not an ajeeb chirota! You are an ajeeb chiroti! Who walks away when you get a compliment?
Gauri: (comes back) hahaha! (she laughs)
Om: why are you laughing?
Gauri: its not chiroti! Its chiraiya! Chi-rai-ya!
Om: whatever it is! You understood it right?
Gauri: (laughs) yes yes…completely! Thanku!
(she goes)
Om: she’s really mad! And so shy!
Later at the breakfast table, everyone eats…
Rudra: guys, I was thinking…what if all these things happening aren’t because of a person? what if there’s a….
Gauri: he sankar ji! if there’s bhoot-preath in this house what will we do?
Anika: gauri, there’s nothing like bhoot, okay?
Gauri: no, no…I’ve heard many such stories in bareilly. I’ll do one thing…I’ll go to temple today and ask the priest to do maha aarthi of this whole house.
Om: that’s really not needed gauri.
Gauri: its just a maha aarthi. What’s the problem?
Shivaay: okay, do it if you want.
Gauri: I’ll go in an hour.

Precap: om and shivaay call gauri and anika but their phones are unreachable.

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