DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) – Episode 7


At the doctor’s place:-
Anika: doctor, is Prinku okay? Why did she faint suddenly?
Doctor: it must be because of dehydration…
Anika: dehydration?? Prinku I told you that at this point of time you need to drink enough water and keep yourself healthy..
Prinku: sorry Anika…
Anika: it’s okay…doctor is the baby okay?
Doctor: what baby?
Anika: priyanka’s baby!
Doctor: wait..I’ll check…
(doctor checks Prinku)
Doctor: baby will be okay only if its there na…
Anika: what do you mean?
Doctor:I mean that priyanka is not pregnant.
Anika: whaaaat ? How is this possible? Prinku?
Prinku: I don’t know…how is this possible doctor ?
Doctor: someone has been giving you medicines that has been prompting those symptoms…
Prinku: o my god…that means ranveer… No wonder I kept thinking that ranveer and I never had such a relationship…

Scene shifts to oberoi mansion…
Shivaay: Anika, Prinku, you guys came? We were waiting for you both…we wanted to discuss the songs for the sangeet..
Anika: Shivaay, I have to tell you something very important.
Shivaay: then tell na… Why do you ask?
Anika: ( whispers ) I need to tell you something in private..
Shivaay: what happened? Anything serious?
Anika: very… Come with me
( she pulls him to their room and narrates the whole incident)
Shivaay: how dare ranveer do this with my sister! I won’t spare him!
Anika: (she stops him from going) no Shivaay…we can’t just act without thinking..he’s an ACP..he can put you behind bars…we have to chock out a plan and prove him guilty…
Shivaay: I won’t let my sister marry such a disgusting man..
Anika: you’re right… We’ll make sure that Prinku doesn’t marry that 2rs cheapra…
(she holds his hand and says that we will remove him from Prinku’s life…from our life…

Om’s room:-
Om: ( he’s talking on the phone) yes rohan..I need every information you find… Tell me as soon as possible… (he cuts the call , turns and sees chulbul behind him..
Om: hey chulbul! What are you doing there? Come inside..
Chulbul: omkara ji…omkara ji… I want to tell you something…
Om: tell me…what do you want?
Chulbul: actually…actually…( she thinks… Please sankar ji give me the strength to tell him the truth)
Om: why are you hesitating? Tell me.. What’s the matter?
Chulbul: I’m so sorry omkara ji… I hid something from you…I didn’t have a choice…I couldn’t see you in trouble…
Om: why are you sorry Chulbul? I can’t understand you…tell me clearly.
Chulbul: actually omkara ji….I’m not… I’m not…
(om’s phone rings)
Om: just a minute Chulbul…
Chulbul: no problem…
Om talks on the phone saying yessss at last! Now definitely the truth will be out and I will throw her out of the oberoi mansion!
Chulbul: (to herself ) finally omkara ji got another clue! I’m so happy to see him happy… But if I tell him my truth now…he’ll get angry…his mood will get spoilt…and svetlana’s secret won’t come in front of the family…
Om comes there…
Om: yes Chulbul…you were saying something…why were you saying sorry?
Chulbul: I .. I… I broke that expensive vase that was in the living room…
Om: what?
Chulbul: yes omkara ji…I’m so sorry…
Om: Chulbul your mad! Why were you hesitating so much to say this? Everyone makes mistakes…

precap: real svetlana comes in front of the fake svetlana

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