DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) – Episode 6

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Anika and Prinku are at the mall , shopping…they are talking…
Anika: but I’m telling you…I’m sure that ranveer will take care of you and your child very well..
Prinku: yes Anika, but you know..( suddenly she feels very sick and gets dizzy and faints)
Anika: Prinku!! Prinku are you okay? Come on open your eyes!! Get up!! (she sprinkles water on her face, after a few minutes Prinku opens her eyes)
Prinku: Anika…
Anika: Prinku! Are you okay?? What happened to you suddenly?
Prinku: ( stands up) I don’t know Anika..(she holds her head) I’m just feeling a little weak…
Anika: I think its because of your baby..
Prinku: I don’t know…maybe you’re right…
Anika:I think we should go to the doctor…
Prinku: no Anika, I don’t think that its necessary….I’m fine now…
Anika:but I think that its necessary…lets go..
Prinku: okay..if you say so…

Meanwhile, in the oberoi mansion:-
Chulbul: omkara ji, what did you find out?
Om: something that will make her as well as everyone shocked …
Chulbul: tell me na..
Om: not now Chulbul… I’m going for some important work…
Chulbul: what can be more important than that sultana madam ji?
Om: don’t argue Chulbul… I don’t have time…
Chulbul: okay…you go ..I’ll pray to sankar ji that your mission is successful…
Om: thanks Chulbul..
And by the way ,thanks for keeping by back while I was away.. Thanks to you that Svetlana didn’t come to know that I went to rajkot instead of panchgani!!! One plan, successful!! ( he hugs Chulbul and saathiya plays)
Then om goes…
Chulbul: day by day its getting difficult for me to hide my identity…I feel like I can’t hide it anymore…I think I should tell him the truth… He hates lies…if I tell him myself then its a possibility that he might not get very angry on me…he sankar ji please give me the strength to tell him the truth as soon as possible…

Meanwhile in Rudra’s room:-
Rudra: sumo!!! Give back my book!!
Saumya: try your luck cry baby!!
Rudra: how many times I’ve told you not to call me that!! Give back my book! I’ve to complete that assignment asap or else she’ll make me stand out of class!
Saumya: that’ll be a fun thing to watch! Cry baby out of class crying? Wah Wah Wah!!
Rudra: so funny!! Ha ha ha! Now return my book!!
Saumya: take it if you can!!!
( Rudra runs behind Saumya-first in the room- then to the kitchen- clashes with dadi)
Dadi: what’s all this puttar! What are both of you doing?
Rudra: dadi, she took my book and not returning it!! Help me please !
Saumya: dadi , I told him to take it back with his own capability…
(Saumya runs, Rudra follows- to the living room- and finally she hides behind the curtains)
Rudra: (he pants) sumo! I’m tired ! I need to complete the assignment and go to the gym! Now atleast come out! Where are you?

(he looks everywhere and then sees her feet below the curtains)
Rudra: hmmm.. Okay fine…I’m going…
(he stamps his foot and acts as if he’s actually going)
Saumya: huff! Thank god he went! And I won this game! Yes!
(Rudra goes behind the curtains too, behind sumo)
Rudra: boo!
Saumya: ( gets scared ) aaaahh
(Rudra turns her towards him and shuts her mouth)
Rudra: why do have to shout so loudly?? What if someone heard it?
Saumya: why do you have to scare me like that?
( then they both burst out laughing)
( Rudra goes to take his book from her hands- and continues to hold her hands- they stare at each other and have an eyelock, sun mere humsafar plays)
(Then they realise what they’re doing and he takes his book , says Sorry and goes)

Precap: chulbul goes to omkara’s room to reveal her identity

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