DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) Episode 59

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Om: you knew about it?
Pinky: why won’t I? I wrote it! In fact both of them!
Rudra: what! Why would you do that? You know, it could have been serious….
Pinky: that’s what I wanted. Their separation.
Om: Choti ma, Theo are made for each other, they can’t live without each other.
Pinky: what nonsense! That road side Anika who doesn’t even have a khandaan, has never deserved my son!
Om: choti ma, I think you forgot what all Anika bhabhi has done for us, for shivaay…
Pinky: that was all her selfish needs! Now, because of her, shivaay doesn’t pay attention to me anymore…
Om: now I know what the problem is…you’re feeling insecure…
Pinky: because she makes me feel so! My son can never be happy with her!
Rudra: seriously choti ma,I didn’t expect this from you…
Pinky: I don’t care, cause this is my personal matter. My shivaay doesn’t deserve that girl! He deserves better and I will ensure that!
Om: and I will ensure you that shivaay and Anika will reunite in front of you!
Rudra: Me too! But I also know that it isn’t the only reason you planned all this….
Pinky: none of your business! (she tries to go, om holds her hand…)
Om: why are you in such a hurry?
Pinky: let me go!
Om: you have to tell us! Why you’re doing all this…
Pinky: or else? Are you trying to threaten me?
Om: no choti ma, we just want to know your problem behind all this so we can resolve this matter. Shivaay is our brother, we can do anything for him…even sacrifice our lives…
Rudra: I agree! We will always story Bhaiya!
Pinky: arre, you will support my foot! What fake love do you both show to a brother who isn’t even your brother!
Rudra: what. What do you mean?
Pinky: You want to know right another reason why I sent Anika away?
Om: yes..
Pinky: because she got to know about Mahi!
Om: who’s Mahi?
Pinky: shivaay’s brother!
Om: what!
Rudra: I don’t understand…you’re joking right?
Pinky: do I look like i’m joking? Shivaay and Mahi are brothers, not you both and him!
Rudra: how can you say such things? We have blood relation!
Om: and we are brothers!!
Pinky: no, its just your misconception…waise, Anika found out about Mahi, and if she somehow would tell shivaay then he would go far away from me….that is why…
Om: that is why you tried to separate them? How could you be so selfish!
Rudra: (cries) and shivaay Bhaiya is our brother, he will always be! No matter what you say! (he goes)
Om: I ensure you that your plan will fail miserably and Anika bhabhi will come back!
Pinky: do whatever you want, I won’t let you ruin my shivaay’s life!

(Om goes in one direction and pinky goes in another)
Rudra sits on his bed, looks at some pictures and cries…om comes and sits next to him.
Om: why are you crying? Stop it!
Rudra: How can she just say that Bhaiya is not our brother?
Om: (gets teary) so what if she says? We brothers have a bond….a bond that will never break.
Rudra: but its such a bad thought…if he got to know then?
Om: he shouldn’t get to know…but don’t worry, nothing will change between us, it will always be all for one and one for all!
Rudra: (wipes his tears) maybe you’re right…we should concentrate on our mission…
Om: exactly!

They call Anika and tell her everything…she is shocked…
Anika: I knew that shivaay couldn’t write that letter! But pinky aunty …pinky Aunty couldn’t have…
Rudra: yes she couldn’t have but she did…
Om: and because of her you both faced the punishment…
Anika: how could shivaay believe that letter? Doesn’t he have any trust in me?
Rudra: I know he did a mistake but please come back Anika bhabhi.
Anika: I can’t ..not until shivaay asks me to…
Om: why bhabhi?? We are asking you…please come back.
Anika: with what right? I know that shivaay didn’t write that letter but he doesn’t…
Rudra: we’ll tell him…
Anika: no you can’t…he is so particular about a person’s naam, khoon and khandan, imagine what will he go through if he finds out that he has faults in his own?
Om: you’re right bhabhi….
Rudra: what do we do now?
Anika: I don’t know. I wish all this didn’t happen…
Om: don’t worry bhabhi….we will think of something.
Rudra: we have to get you home, Bhaiya is very upset though he doesn’t show it…
Anika: ofcourse, because he has to much tadi!
Om: you’re right! I have an idea, you just come home…(he tells something to her)
Rudra: that’s great! It will work!
Anika: what a kidkitod plan! it had to work!
Om: it will…
Rudra: yes…(he yawns) well, i’m really sleepy bhabhi, good night…
Anika: good night.
Om: see you bhabhi….

Rudra turns to go and sees shivaay…
Rudra: bh..Bhaiya?
Om: shivaay?
Shivaay: what is all this?
Rudra: Bhaiya I can explain…
Om: don’t even try, shivaay I …
Shivaay: I didn’t expect this from both of you.
Rudra: sorry Bhaiya, actually you and ani…
Shivaay: you both, what are you doing at this hour of the night? Why didn’t you sleep? Is almost 2!
Rudra: oh thank god!
Shivaay: what do you mean?
Om: he means that thank god you came! We were waiting for you! Right rudra?
Rudra: yes yes! We missed you!
Om: by the way, why are you so late?
Shivaay: I had an important conference to attend.
Rudra: (yawns) okay, now that you’ve come, i’m going to bed…good night!
(he goes, om follows and shivaay too goes)

Precap: shivaay walks towards the door, he sees Anika. O jaana plays…

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