DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) episode 53

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Anika goes to make coffee for shivaay, she takes sugar from a bottle…when she suddenly feels dizzy…she continues making coffee and ignores the dizziness…she goes to shivaay’s room and gives him his coffee.
Shivaay: thanks Anika! Is this with extra sugar?
Anika: yes, the one and only kaali coffee you drink.
Shivaay: you mean espresso?
Anika: ya same thing…
Shivaay: why are you sounding dull, is everything alright?
Anika: hmm…(she feels dizzy, and all of a sudden she falls unconscious, shivaay drops his coffee and rushes to hold her…)
Shivaay: Anika!! What happened? Open your eyes!
Later, a lady doctor comes home and checks Anika…
Jhanvi : is she alright doctor?
Shivaay: what happened to her doctor?
Doctor: relax, Mr.oberoi…she will be fine…its a moment to celebrate!
Pinky: what do you mean?
Doctor: Mr.oberoi, your going to become a father!
Shivaay: what? Really?
Pinky: whats? oh my maata!
Jhanvi: that’s great news doctor! Thank you so much!
Om: that’s definitely great news, congratulations shivaay! ) he hugs him, rudra joins it)
Rudra: now see, in a few months there will be another SSO in the house! One big SSO and another small SSO! How cute!
They all laugh…

Pinky: (thinks..seriously Anika, you know about mahi now, I won’t let you find out anything more, shivaay is my son…only my son! Even if I have to throw you out of this house,I will….)
Shivaay: what happened mom? What are you thinking?
Pinky: n..nothing…I was just thinking what a beautiful gift god has gifted us with….such a happy news!
Dadi: so true…i’m so happy, there will be so much happiness all around!
Rudra: we have to order sweets!!
Shivaay: yes!
Later, shivaay sits next to Anika…they are alone…
Shivaay: thank you Anika…for giving me so much happiness! (he moves her hair from her face)
Anika: ( wakes up) who? What? Where? Shivaay!! are you okay! Shivaay!
Shivaay: Anika, Anika, Anika! Calm down! I’m right here!
Anika: (sighs loudly) waise, what happened to me? I don’t know why I was feeling dizzy after lunch….
Shivaay: its okay Anika…I have good news for you.
Anika: what news?
Shivaay: you are going to become….I mean I am going to become…oh god!
Anika: shivaay, can you say i’m simple words? What are you trying to say?
Shivaay: i’m trying to say that….that we’re going to become parents Anika!
Anika: O bete ki! That means i’m…
Shivaay: yes…you’re pregnant…congratulations mom to be! (he hugs her)
Anika: congratulations dad to be! But are you sure? Cause I don’t think these things happen all of a sudden…
Shivaay: relax Anika, the doctor told us…the news is true.
Anika: but, somehow I don’t feel…
Shivaay: fine, you can take the test if you want okay?
Anika: okay…
(someone looks at them…)

In omkara’s room…
Gauri goes to keep a jug of water next to om’s bedside….she doesn’t see that some paint is spilt there…she slips…someone holds her…they water spills on them…
Om and gauri have an eyelock…(saathiya plays)
Om: what happened? What were you doing in my room?
Gauri: I ..I came to keep cold water jug next to your bed and…
Om: and you slipped and now the cold water is on my head!
Gauri: s..sorry omkara ji, wait..I’ll get a cloth and wipe it….
Om: no need, I can do it myself…
Gauri: arre, you’ll catch a cold!
Om: i’m not a child! I’ll do it!
Gauri: fine then…why did you drop paint in your room?
Om: dude, when a person needs to paint, he has to use paints! I was painting, somehow the bottle slipped and the paint started spreading….I went to call Ramesh to clean it when you barged in my room…
Gauri: but…
Om: okay…okay thank you for your concern…
Gauri: I’ll go get another one, you wipe your hair…
Om: okay…

Anika goes to her best friend chanda’s house to share the god news with her…while coming back she almost sits i’m the car when she hears someone screaming at another guy….she turns…
Anika: briju kaakaa, what happened? Who are you screaming at?
Briju: beta, this guy has no shame! He was trying to steal the flowers from me!
Anika looks at the man he’s pointing at and recalls that he looks just like shivaay…
Anika: you!!
Man: you!!
Briju: Anika beta, you know him? This gandi naali ka keeda?
Anika: Briju kaakaa, I didn’t expect this from you!
Briju: expect what beta ?
Anika: How could you call someone that?
Briju: he is one! If you saw the way he was stealing, even you would call him that!
Man: hey I didn’t steal okay! This kid wanted a flower so I just picked one up, to show if this was the one she wanted! Stop putting false allegations against me!
The girl beside him nods…
Anika: see, Briju kaakaa, he didn’t steal, let him go now…
Briju: you don’t know him beta, this guy has done too many wrong things!
Anika: I agree I don’t know him…but even if he’s done wrong things that doesn’t mean he’ll do it all the time! Shouldn’t you give him a chance? He’s a person at the end of the day, you can’t keep accusing him or call him gandi naali ka keeda…that’s just ridiculous! I’m sorry briju kaakaa…i’m small but I just can’t tolerate people behaving with other people in this manner!
Briju: maybe you’re right…(he takes his flower cart and goes)
Man: thank you…
Anika: Your welcome…
The man turns to go…
Anika: wait! you’re the one who always collides with my family members right?
Man: haha, me? More like they collide with me!
Anika: oh! What’s your name?
Man: my…my name? N..no one has ever wanted to know my name…
Anika: really? Its okay…tell me, I want to know your name…
Man: My name is Mahi.

Precap: Anika pleads Mahi to tell the truth…

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