DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) episode 52

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Rudra looks at Soumya…
Rudra: you?
Soumya: how are you?
Rudra: how come….
Soumya: (hugs him) I know, I missed you!
Rudra: (pushes her away) what the hell!
Soumya: look I know, you’re upset…

Rudra: upset? Seriously? How could you possibly play with my emotions like that huh?
Soumya: i’m sorry, see i’m back!
Rudra: really? If you had you come back, would you really write that letter to me? Would you really give me your signed divorce papers?
Soumya: i’m sorry, you see that’s why I was in a hurry…I wanted to tear those..
Rudra: why was it so difficult for you to go? Who stopped you?

Soumya: you…your pain…I couldn’t leave you in that condition and go…
Rudra: but you did…

Soumya: you won’t understand…leave it…
Rudra: why will not understand? Why you left or why you came back?
Soumya: I was going to leave, and at the last minute I decided not to board my flight…I spent 5 days in a hotel just deciding what I should do okay?
Rudra: that doesn’t answer my question…
Soumya: my mom, she doesn’t accept our marriage, you don’t accept this marriage, I don’t…
Rudra: so you left? Without talking to me?

Soumya: you would have never let me go! You know, deciding between my mom and you was one of the toughest decisions I have ever faced! How could I possibly go against my mother?
Rudra: but you could go against me?
Soumya: rudra tell me, why am I important to you? This marriage means nothing right? Then why are you getting so upset?
Rudra: because you’re my..you’re my friend okay? My best friend!
Soumya: best friends don’t control each others lives okay? They don’t have any right to! You wouldn’t let me go even if I told you!
Rudra: is it necessary to raise your voice?

Soumya: even you’re raising your voice!
Rudra: seriously sumo, you…(he holds his bandaged head with the unfractured hand) ahh!
Soumya: are you alright?
Rudra: my head! Its paining suddenly! Can you call Bhaiya please?
Soumya: okay! Wait, I’ll come!
She goes…

In shivaay’s room…
Shivaay, Anika, gauri and om are talking about rudra and Soumya’s separation…when Soumya comes running…
Soumya: bade…bade Bhaiya!
Shivaay: Soumya! You came back! Where..
Soumya: I’ll you everything later, please come with me…I don’t know what happened to him!
Anika: what happened? Rudra?
Soumya: haan!

Shivaay: come!
They go to him….
Rudra: Bhaiya! its paining a lot!
Shivaay: oh no! Your wound is bleeding again! Call the doctor someone!
Anika: I’ll call! (she calls the doctor)
Later…the doctor checks him…
Doctor: I told you before that the wounds are taking time to heal, you can’t keep giving stress to him like that….talk about lighter things, not things that he has to think about a lot, our gets him upset…

Shivaay: we’re really sorry doctor Malhotra..I should have been more careful.
Doctor: its okay, now I’ve re bandaged his forehead…next time, if it starts bleeding again, I’ll have to shift him to the hospital…
Anika: that won’t be needed doctor…
Om: thank you doctor. Come, I’ll take you till the door…

They go…
Soumya: its all my fault! I wish I hadn’t argued with him like that..
Anika: its okay Soumya, you didn’t know that this would happen….
Shivaay: I agree …anyways, you came back? Why?
Soumya: I couldn’t board that flight…and rudra was in this state, I thought it was wrong to leave a friend and go…
Shivaay: but you wanted to go right? You should have gone, sometimes you should think about your future too…we would have handled Rudy…
Anika: I agree with shivaay, you also have dreams, you should go and fulfil them…
Shivaay: but i’m glad you’re back Soumya!
Soumya: yes bade Bhaiya!

Gauri: accha, go and freshen up harharaike!
Soumya: okay bhabhi…
(she goes)
Rudra wakes up…
Shivaay: feeling better?
Rudra: no, my head still hurts…
Anika: no problem, the doctor came and checked…he told you not to stress about anything and don’t think alot….because your wound started bleeding again…
Rudra: oh okay bhabhi….but my head still…
Shivaay: om has gone to get the medicines…

Rudra: okay…
Anika: I have a lot of work to do…do you mind if I go?
Rudra: not at all bhabhi, and in case you need help i’m there…
Gauri: not at all devar ji, i’m there for her help…you first take care of your fracture.
Rudra: okay, waise, chulbul bhabhi, you’re too cute!
Gauri: what! don’t call me chulbul bhabhi, I don’t like it.
Rudra: then you please don’t call me devar ji, its too old fashioned!
Gauri: okay, Rudy Bhaiya!
Rudra: okay, gauri bhabhi!
Everyone laugh…

Precap: Anika feels dizzy,.she falls and shivaay holds her…

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