DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) episode 50 and a celebration!

Hey guys!
Can’t believe that 50 episodes are over just because of you all! All your love and encouragement has made me continue to write!
I hope you all like it!

Shivaay goes to rudra…
Shivaay: hey? How are you feeling?
Rudra: better than before…by the way, I totally forgot….where’s…
Shivaay: I got a surprise…won’t you ask me what it is?
Rudra: what is it…
Shivaay: it is….
(all of a sudden, Bruno jumps on rudra)
Rudra: hey Bruno!! My darling Bruno, yes you are…I missed you so much! (he kisses him and pats him)
Shivaay: hey Bruno! You were supposed to wait for my command! That’s not fair! We practised right?
Rudra: (laughs…) You practised? For this? Bhaiya!
Shivaay: hey, what’s so funny?
Rudra: I don’t think you’ll understand…only Bruno and I can, cause we’re smart!
Shivaay: ha ha ha! So funny! I forgot to laugh!
Rudra: anyways, Bruno, did everyone take good care of you?
(bruno barks and wags his tail)
Rudra: that’s like my good boy!
Shivaay: you know, after our fight, I don’t think he ate or slept properly…when you were in coma, I had to take him to the wet…
Rudra: oh gosh! Seriously? what did the vet say? Is he fine now?
Shivaay: he said he’s alright now….when I told him that you’re alright, he ran so fast to see you…I literally ran out of breath stopping him! And what a tough time I had with the doctors to convince them to let him in atleast for some time!
Rudra: thank you Bhaiya…now I feel better than ever….
Shivaay: anything for you rudra…
Rudra: now i’m sure that both of you are learning to bond and to love each other…
Shivaay: um..not exactly but to some extent we atleast try to listen to each other, try to understand each other…
Rudra: now I feel that om’s other half has gone into you…
Om comes…
Om: which half of me are you talking about?
Rudra: i’m talking about the understanding others wala half…
Om: oh I see…hey bruns!
(Bruno barks)
Rudra: hey, don’t spoil his name okay? He doesn’t like it!
Om: accha, okay then…from now on I’ll call him by his name!
(Bruno barks happily…om sits next to shivaay and rudra )
Om: oh I forgot…here are the sketch pens shivaay…
Shivaay: oh! Yes!
Rudra: what is all this for?
Shivaay: its the special thing of fractures! Get me your hand…
(he holds rudra’s hand and writes on the fracture….then om writes…and they sing zindagi mil ke betayege…Bruno barks with contentment….Anika and gauri also come there and join them singing, are write on rudra’s fracture)
Bruno barks…
Anika: I guess even he wants to write something!
Om: don’t worry Bruno, I got something for you too! Here…(he takes out a stamp pad)
Shivaay: oh! So you’re going to make him put a paw print?
Om: absolutely right! (he puts Bruno’s paws on the stamp pad and stamps out on rudra’s fracture…, Bruno barks and wags his tail)
Rudra: wow! My hand looks so colourful! You guys are so creative!
Shivaay: thanks…
Anika: by the way, I just spoke to the doctor, he said that since rudra’s recovering quickly, Theo can discharge him by tomorrow…
Om: that’s great news!
Rudra: at last I get to go home! Yes!!!
Shivaay: yes you do…I better take Bruno home now or else he’s going to get the whole hospital down and doctors will throw all of us out!
Om: you’re right! Come!
Rudra: bye Bruno! And this time, eat and sleep well! Okay?
Bruno barks…
Rudra: that’s my good good boy!
They go…
Rudra:( shouts) has sumo come back?
Shivaay: no, not yet!
Rudra: okay…
Anika walks towards to exit of the hospital, on the way she collides with a person who is holding his hand…its bleeding…
Man: ah!
Anika: i’m so sorry…I…(she looks at him) shivaay?!
The man runs to see a doctor…
Anika: shivaay, wait!
Somewhere outside the hospital, in a car..shivaay calls Anika…
Shivaay: Anika! Why area you just standing there! Come quickly! we’re getting late!
Anika: wha? Shivaay is there? I just saw him here a minute before!
Gauri: bhabhi!! Come fast! What are you thinking?
Anika: (runs to shivaay) shivaay! Are you okay? Show me your hand!
Shivaay: what? I’m okay Anika what will happen to me? (he shows his hand…there is no hurt…)
Anika: (shocked) you were just there a few minutes ago, running to a doctor…you’re hand was bleeding…
Shivaay: no Anika! Okay sit in the car, we’ll talk on the way…
(Anika sits)
Shivaay: maybe it was someone else…you would have thought it was me…
Anika: (relieved) maybe…o bete ki! Probably that was your humshakal!
Shivaay: maybe…
Gauri: wow! Bhaiya has a humshakal also?
Anika: yes yes…om and rudra, both met him…
Shivaay: bit I don’t understand…why does he keep colliding with you guys? I mean I haven’t seen him….
Anika: that’s the question in my mind too…
Gauri: maybe sankar ji doesn’t want both of you to meet now…maybe he’s looking out for the perfect time…
Anika: I feel that the both of you have done connection…
Shivaay: well I don’t think so….I hope not!
Anika: well, I don’t think he’s so bad…
Shivaay: i’m tired…can we not talk about him now?
Anika: okay…
Precap: rudra finds a letter under his pillow…he opens it and reads…

Thank you all so much for supporting me, helping me get better and loving my ff so much! Words aren’t enough to express my gratitude! ? Thanks to everyone who has commented and who have silently read it too!!! I’m sorry, I don’t have time to take everyone’s names…I keep reading your comments but don’t find time to reply…I’m sincerely sorry for that !! I hope you guys continue loving my ff and hope we reach till 100 together!!???

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  5. Congratulations for your 50th episode and all the best for your future episodes☺

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    What is that in that letter???? Do post next part soon dr….and happy for ur 50th episode…..


    Dear pixie
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    Keep it up and take care again congratulation ??????

    1. Thank you soooooo much UF! Thanks really very sweet of you!! Yes, I liked your suggestions and will try my best to implement them!

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  12. Thank you all soooo much!! I hope this journey as well as this friendship continues!!!

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  16. Congrats for completing 50 episodes I loved all episodes Pixie

  17. Congrats for completing 50 episodes I loved all episodes Pixie

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