DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) – Episode 5

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Rudra: what took you the whole day? ( he feeds om cake)
Om: happy birthday! I’m sorry… I had urgent work…that’s why I couldn’t come earlier…i would have come tomorrow but how could I miss my bro’s birthday huh?
Rudra: see , that’s why i love you! ( then he goes to wash his face)
( Chulbul signs omkara if he found anything, omkara smiles and nods… Chulbul lifts her hands and says yes!!! )
Shivaay: waise, what work did you have for two whole days? And you didn’t even tell me and go…
Om : actually…actually I …
(Svetlana comes down the stairs and holds om’s shoulder)
Svetlana: why are you hesitating om? Why don’t you tell them that you went to panchgani?
Om: panchgani? ( he looks at Chulbul and she winks at him)
O yes yes… I went to panchgani…
Jhanvi: why panchgani all of a sudden?
Om: actually i went to purchase a few gallery…
Svetlana: don’t hide the truth om… Tell them na.. That you went to panchgani to look for someone’s secret..
Pinky: o my maata! You became a jasoos? Did you find out anything?
Om: no choti ma… ( he puts his head down)
Swetlana: awww! How unfortunate! I pity you om..
Bua ma: jangli janani! If you can’t help him then you don’t have any right to pity him!
Svetlana: whatever… I’m feeling sleepy ( she yawns and goes to her room)
Om: (thinks that..) just wait qn watch Svetlana, in a few days I will surprise you in such a way that you’ll cry to sleep but even in your sleep I shall haunt you…

Next morning:-
Shivaay: ( on the phone) but that’s not possible khanna! How could you have let this happen? I don’t believe this!!
Anika: Shivaay, what happened? Why do you look so tensed?
Shivaay: nothing Anika…I don’t want you to get tensed for no reason…
Anika: how do you do this?
Shivaay: do what?
Anika: how do you get the thought in your brain that I would get tensed for no reason?
I mean you’re the smart singh oberoi!! You should atleast know that I don’t get tensed for no reason…I always have a reason…
Shivaay: fine… I agree…yes I’m tensed…
Anika:tell me what’s the matter?
Shivaay: An important file got stolen in my office.
Anika: what!! How is this possible? What was there in that file?
Shivaay: some documents that were very important to me. Anyways I’ve told khanna to look at the cctv footage and find out.
Anika: okay then, if you need any help then tell me…bye!
Shivaay: where are you going?
Anika: I’m going with Prinku to shop for lehengas for the wedding…
Shivaay: okay..take care ! I’m going to office and I’ll be back by evening..Bye!
( both of them go)

precap : prinku and anika are talking… suddenly prinku faints and falls on the floor….

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