DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) episode 42

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In the car:-
Rudra: i’m really going to miss him…
Prinku: me too Bhaiya…
Anika: what kidkitod time we had together…
Soumya: and he’s just so adorable..
Shivaay: what’s done is done…he’s gone…and we’re going in a week too, so do too all want to even do something fun here or remain bored and go home? We should decide on our schedules…
Gauri: hm..your right bade Bhaiya…but it would have been more fun if bru…Bruno!!
Shivaay: yeah, I know…I know…it would have been more fun if he was there…
Gauri: no, Bruno!!! Look! (they all see Bruno running beside the car)
Anika: o bete ki! He’s toh running like Hussain bolt!
Rudra: looks like he really wants to be with us…
Om: nandesh bhai, stop the car please!
Shivaay: wha..
Om: shivaay, look at the poor thing, it’s running just to be with us…nandesh bhai, stop the car.
(the car stops, Bruno stops running too)
They all get out, Anika lifts Bruno in her arms…
Anika: why did you come here, we told you not to follow us right? We can’t (Bruno licks her)
Rudra: Bhaiya, I think he really likes us, and we like him too…can we keep him please?
Shivaay: Rudra, are you crazy! We don’t know anything about him, we don’t even know if it’s branded!
Anika: what is your problem shivaay? Why do you have to bring business in everything! And naam, khoon and khandaan has to matter to you?
Shivaay: yes Anika! It does! That’s the way I am! I can’t change Anika! This dog can’t come with us!
Om: even if you have to make a decision at the cost of a life?
Rudra: and Bhaiya, even you know that he’s come from a good family..he’s a golden retriever, he’s clean and he’s friendly…what else to you want in a pet?
Prinku: please Bhaiya, can we keep him?
Anika: please shivaay?
Om: please?
Gauri: please?
Soumya: please bade Bhaiya?
Shivaay: fine! Only in two conditions!
Rudra: anything for him Bhaiya…
Shivaay: firstly, the elders should agree…secondly, if they agree, keep him away from me…
Prinku: okay Bhaiya!
Om: thanks shivaay!
Anika: thank you Mr. tadi baaz!
Soumya: thank you bade Bhaiya! But are you really happy with your decision? I mean..we don’t want to force you or anything…
Shivaay: it’s my pleasure…i’m very happy seeing you all happy! And as of me personally, I will take done time to adjust with Bruno…
Everyone smile, they take Bruno and sit in the car…
They reach the resort…
Rudra: mom, can we please keep him?
Jhanvi: I love dogs too! I’m fine with it, is it vaccinated?
Prinku: yes mom, don’t worry…Raj said that has had vaccinated him…
Buama: now who’s Raj?
Om: his previous owner…(they narrate the whole story to buama and the rest..)
Dadi: after listening to all of this,I think we can keep him…but only if all of you promise to take good care of him…
Om: don’t worry dadi, we’ll take it’s full responsibility!
Dadi: okay then, he’s yours!
Rudra: thank you dadi! (he hugs her)
Dadi: your welcome, all of you remain happy just like this! Your happiness is most important to me…
Anika: aw! Dadi your the best!
(Bruno gives a happy bark and wags his tail, everyone laugh)
Gauri: haha! I think even he agrees!
In the night:-
Soumya: you can sleep on the bed, I’ll sleep on the couch …
Rudra: sumo, wait!
Soumya: now what?
Rudra: you can sleep on the bed, I’ll sleep on the couch…i’m fine with it…and your leg hasn’t healed properly yet…
Soumya: no, my leg is better now, and I will still be comfortable on the couch..
Rudra: what do you mean? Even I will be comfortable okay? You know what, lets take turns to sleep on the couch…
Soumya: cool!
Rudra: so today let me sleep on the couch, tomorrow you can…okay?
Soumya: okay!
Rudra sleeps on the couch and Soumya sleeps on the bed…
Rudra: today was an amazing day…we did so many things…we got Bruno home…
Soumya : you’re right…i’m very happy today…
Rudra: You know, I don’t what to take care of him as a pet, he’s a part of our family now…he’s an oberoi too….
Soumya: right …(she yawns) we have a big day tomorrow, e should sleep now …
Rudra: good night!
Soumya: good night…
(they sleep)
In om’s room:-
Om: here Bruno, this is a big basket for you to sleep in…good night!
(Bruno barks )
Om: after I sleep don’t disturb okay? And you too go to sleep…
(he puts a blanket on Bruno and puts one on himself, lies down and switches off the light)
Om: good night..
(after two minutes, Bruno comes and sits on om’s leg)
Om: hey what happened? You want to sleep here too?
(Bruno wags his tail) then come, your giving warmth to my legs and you’re very comfortable too…

Precap: Anika walks, shivaay holds her hand and turns her towards him…o jaana plays

And one more thing…my school is starting from tomorrow so mostly I’ll only be able to post on the weekends…I’m really sorry!

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