DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) episode 41

Hey guys! This episode is dedicated to Laya!
Hope you all like it!

In the afternoon:-
The oberois eat lunch together…
Soumya: this place is so beautiful! I’m loving this!
Anika: and the weather is pleasant too! It’s great over here!
Om: it’s a nice feeling, you know the whole family is together! And everyone is enjoying!
Gauri: true…
Anika: shivaay, we are on a holiday…will you stop mending with your phone please?
Shivaay: huh? Oh okay…apparently the police found some pictures in kaali’s phone…I was just going to ask what those pictures were about…
Anika: no shivaay, please! Leave your phone!

Shivaay: but,
Rudra: bhabhi, Bhaiya won’t listen like this…( he goes and takes the phone from shivaay)
Shivaay: hey rudra! Give my phone back!
Rudra: Bhaiya, bhabhi is right! We are on a holiday, there no use of this now…I’ll keep it! I’ll give it to you later!
Shivaay: fine! We’ll go and find that dog’s owner today evening…
Rudra: Bhaiya, that puppy’s name as of now is buddy…until we give it to it’s owner…
Shivaay: whatever…

In the evening:-
They go and look for the location of the address…they finally find it…
Shivaay: look a house! Mostly the owner lives here!
Om rings the door bell…a young man opens the door…
Om: hello, good evening…
The man: good evening…
Shivaay: does this dog belong to you?

Man: ( sees the dog standing away and is shocked) n..n..no! I don’t know him! Don’t disturb me now!
Rudra: please, I think he’s yours..why would your address be on his collar? please take him..
Man: he’s not mine! He’ll never be mine!
Rudra: but why? Look at him, he’s adorable…come on buddy, go to him!
(the puppy stays back)
Rudra: what happened? Go!
(he doesn’t budge from there)

Om: why isn’t he coming? Wait I’ll pick him up! (he goes to pick it up, the puppy barks and moves backward)
Gauri: omkara ji, leave it…maybe it doesn’t want to go back…
Om: how does he not want to go back, this is his house, his family! It belongs here!
The man: my name is Raj, and I am not going to have this annoying creature in my house!
Shivaay: Raj if you didn’t want to keep him then why did you even get it in the first place!
Raj: I didn’t get it for myself! I got it for my son! He was suffering from cancer…he wanted a dog, it was his last wish so I got Bruno! And now what’s the use of him when…( he cries) when my son is no more! I hate dogs! I hate Bruno! Because when I look at him, I get reminded of all those memories with my son!

Anika: we’re sorry for your loss…but why are you giving this little guy the punishment? He must have loved your son too right?
Raj: he did…and he wouldn’t go out from my son’s room once he was gone…he wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t drink…so I took this step for the benefit of both of us…I knew that someone would definitely find him on the highway…so I left him there, he didn’t let me remove his collar, so I scratched the address and his name…

Soumya: but he needs you, he’s so small…he needs to be taken care of…and i’m sure he still likes you…
Raj: do you actually think so? I mean look at him just standing there! If he wanted to come, he would have by now…unless he found all of you…
Shivaay: are you kidding me! We can’t keep him! He’s yours!

Raj: he’s not…not anymore! Don’t you see, I think you all gave him so much love that he doesn’t want to leave you anymore.. I’m serious, i’m not going to have him in my house! I have to attend to more important things…so please don’t disturb me any more! Bye! (he shuts the door)
Shivaay: great! now what do we do?

Gauri: should we put him in the pet shop?
Shivaay: guys i’m done! Like seriously! I’m not going to go around the whole of lonavala, looking for a damn petshop! I say, we leave it here! Maybe Raj will get some pity and take him…
Anika: what? Shivaay, it’s getting colder…we can’t just leave the poor thing here…
Rudra: Bhabhi is right…
Prinku: yes Bhaiya!
Shivaay: I didn’t ask anyone…come, we have to get back to the resort or else buama will send a search party looking for us…

They walk ahead…the puppy follows them…
Om: Buddy, I mean Bruno, you have to stay here…okay? please don’t follow us…
(bruno whines and sits)
Rudra: hey, I know you’re feeling bad…but we aren’t allowed to keep you…please, please understand…I’ll miss you too!
Anika: I’ll miss you Bruno…

Prinku: and me too!
Soumya: all of us…all of us will miss you…be safe okay?
Rudra: I think there’s only one way to get him away from us…(he takes a stick and throws it at a distance) Bruno, catch!
(Bruno goes and runs to catch it..everyone feels sad)
Shivaay: guys come…it’s getting late…
They sit in the car and drive away…

Precap: Bruno runs behind the car…

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