DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) episode 40

Hey guys! This episode is especially for the celebration of the win of ishqbaaz in SPA!!!

The youngsters head to their room…
Rudra: Bhaiya, please listen to me na!
Shivaay: no rudra, what do I listen huh?
Rudra: Bhaiya…
Om: rudra, you shouldn’t have hidden it from us!
Rudra: I didn’t hide it! I was trying to…

Shivaay: you should have told us that you called bade papa! You knew how tensed we were right? You should have just told us !
Anika: shivaay, calm down…
Shivaay: calm down? Anika how can I calm down? It would have taken just a minute for him to just tell us! He had time to speak all the nonsense in the world but didn’t have time to just tell us that everything was sorted!

Rudra: enough Bhaiya! Will you just listen to me for once? Please? Let me explain….
Anika: shivaay, om…just hear him out, then judge him…please, just listen…give him a chance!
Shivaay: fine okay, one chance…why couldn’t you tell us rudra?
Rudra: when sumo and I were in the forest before you guys came in, we were looking for network…I kept walking further and got a little…I called but the phone got disconnected.. I wanted to go on looking further then sumo stopped me and wanted us to return…we had an argument and I continued walking while she walked the other direction looking for the way back…finally, I got complete network and called dad and told him everything…he said that he would send the car immediately…then I heard sumo screaming and ran to her…she was hurt, then we realised that we were lost! I tried telling her, she screamed at me and I got upset and couldn’t complete my sentence…yes or no sumo?

Soumya: (thinks and says) yes..I screamed at you..
Rudra: later when you all came I tried telling you but we heard the wolf howling and I forgot what I had to say in the urgency to run…yes or no, Anika bhabhi?
Anika : yes, we ran from there…
Rudra: then, in the morning when bhabhi, prinku and gauri came with fruits I tried to say but o put a fruit in my mouth, so I couldn’t complete my sentence again! Right or wrong O?
Om: right…
Rudra: after all this do you all still think that it’s my fault?
Prinku: no rudra Bhaiya..

Gauri: arre, why are we fighting like this? We all should be happy that we came back safe and sound!
Anika: I know right! Shivaay, the most important thing is that we are back safely…now we should enjoy here..but thanks rudra…
Rudra: my pleasure bhabhi!
Shivaay: you’re right Anika..i’m glad were back safely…rudra, i’m sorry. ( he hugs him)
Rudra: it’s okay Bhaiya…
Shivaay: thank you so much!

Rudra: no Bhaiya, please don’t embarrass me…now let’s go and freshen up then take a nap and later explore the place!

Soumya: yes! Good plan!
Om: but whose going to go in which room?
Shivaay: Anika and I in one, rudra and Soumya in one, prinku and gauri in one and om in the other…what say?
Rudra: Bhaiya, that’s not fair! How can o get a whole room to himself?
Om: um..because i’m a genius and you’re not! (he laughs)
Rudra: very funny! And i’m not sleeping in the room if sumo is there! She’ll keep arguing with me!
Soumya: excuse me! You’re the one who keeps arguing okay! Not me! And i’m not dying share a bedroom with you out of all people!

Rudra: that’s great! Thank god!
Soumya: of course!
Shivaay: will you guys stop fighting!
Soumya: bade Bhaiya, I don’t want to share a bedroom with him!
Shivaay: but Soumya, you guys are married…you should
Rudra: Bhaiya, I’ve told you before too, this marriage means nothing to us! Please don’t bring up the same topic again!
Shivaay: that’s your decision, not mine…so you guys can adjust in one room for a day atleast…
Rudra: but…
Om: please rudra, we all are very tired…just listen to shivaay and get over with it…
Rudra: fine! Why does it always happens to me!! argh!
Soumya: I should be asking that question!

Rudra: then O, you have to keep buddy in your room okay?
Om: i’m okay with him!
They go to get refreshed and rest in their respective rooms…

Precap: they go to the dog’s owner’s house…the owner refuses to accept him…

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