DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) – Episode 4

Rudra’s room:-
Rudra is talking to chubby (his best friend) on the phone
Rudra: chubby I don’t believe this! How can everyone forget my birthday? My birthday? I’m really upset.
Chubby: but I remember! How could I ever forget? And your brothers are quite busy nowadays. It would have slipped out of their minds. Thats it! Don’t overthink! Just chill dude!
Rudra: how can I chill? If not my brothers, at least ma could have remembered! (he gets teary )
Chubby: accha, don’t worry… You come to my place, we’ll have fun together!
Rudra: okay then.. Take a wine bottle out of your fridge.. I’m reaching in ten minutes!
Chubby: okay.. Bye!
(then he prepares to leave , he tells dadi and leaves after a few minutes)

In the evening:-
The family members are taking care of the arrangements
Anika: jhanvi aunty the cake has come , shall I keep it in the fridge?
Jhanvi: give it to me beta, I’ll keep it…can you do me one favour? Get a ladder and just adjust the lightening up there please..
Anika: sure aunty ji…
Pinky: Anika beta has Shivaay told you when he’ll comes?
Anika: I think he must be on his way…
Pinky: okay. I’m in the kitchen..when he comes then tell me…
(Anika nods and goes and gets the ladder)
She climbs it and works on the lightening…but suddenly her feet slips and she falls… But she doesn’t get hurt…she finds herself in his arms…her Shivaay’s arms…they both have an eyelock. ( o jaana plays)
Anika: Shivaay….
Shivaay: Anika…
Anika: Shivaay leave me..
Shivaay: you should be thankful that I caught you…not tell me to leave you…
Anika: Shivaay but,
Shivaay: no its or buts… Your my wife…I can hold you for however long I wish…
Anika : ( whispers) Shivaay leave me…behind you…
Shivaay : what’s behind me?
Anika: more like who’s behind you…turn and see yourself…
(Shivaay turns and sees dadi smiling at them and at once puts Anika down without hurting her )
Shivaay: da..da..dadi ! Actually she fell….ya …she was going to fall but…
Dadi: ( smiling ) I don’t need any justification…you both are husband and wife… You should have a little romance!
Anika: dadi , its nothing like what your thinking…I actually fell and he caught me…
Dadi: okay puttar, lets finish all the arrangements before Rudra comes…
Anika: yes dadi…

At night:
Rudra comes home and sees darkness outside the mansion…he opens the door and once again finds himself in complete darkness….
Rudra: I’m sure everyone must be sleeping. No one cares about me… ( he goes to the kitchen to look for something to eat , then suddenly he hears Prinku screaming. He rushes to the living room.
Rudra: Prinku! Prinku! Prinkuuuuu! Where are you? are you alright?
Then everyone jump out screaming ” surprise!!” Shivaay hugs Rudra and asks him, ” did you actually think that we would forget your birthday? Happy birthday Mr dumble oberoi! ”
Rudra hugs everyone and takes blessings from the elders.
Jhanvi hugs Rudra and kisses him on his forehead. She says ” Shivaay is right. We all love you so much…we could never forget this day….”
Rudra: I love you guys so much! oberoi family is the best!
He cuts the cake and feeds everyone and they feed him too. Then they put cake on his face and they run around the living room! ( lafzon ka yeh rishta nahi plays)
All of a sudden Rudra stops
Rudra: Shivaay bhaiya but where is O?
Dadi: haan puttar I forgot to ask you…where is omkara?
Shivaay: Rudra I’m sorry but he won’t be able to…
(and then they see him standing at the door)
Rudra: I knew you would come!!
He goes and hugs Om…

precap: shivaay asks omkara questions about where he was and svetlana comes and holds om’s shoulders

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