DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) episode 38

Hey guys.. This episode is dedicated to San!
Hope you all like it! ?

Next morning:-
Shivaay wakes up and sees that Anika isn’t there…he gets tensed….
Shivaay: (he stretches) where is Anika?
Om: I don’t know shivaay, I can’t find gauri too…
Rudra: even prinku isn’t there..hmm..where could they have gone?
Gauri, Anika and prinku are walking…

Gauri: waise, thanku bhabhi..i mean didi…
Anika: thank you for what?
Gauri: yesterday…you tried to save me from that snake harharaike and it bit you…
Anika: how could I not try to save you? anyways, it wasa non venomous snake…so don’t worry, I’m fine…it just pains a little…
Gauri: now, I just wish we get to the rest soon…

Prinku: me too…
They go to shivaay and the rest…
Shivaay: where were the three of you?
Anika: we were dancing with chameli!
Shivaay: what?

Anika: ya, how many times do I have to tell you that chameli is my slipper’s name?
Shivaay: I know that but ..
Anika: (laughs and looks at prinku and gauri..they also start laughing)
Shivaay: wha..what’s so funny?
Anika: I think you slept so well that you lost your mind! You actually thought that we were dancing with chameli!! Haha!
Shivaay: are you done? I just woke up okay…I got tensed that you weren’t here and your joking around!

Anika: aw! Now this is Mr.sweet Singh oberoi!
Gauri: bade Bhaiya see! We got breakfast! You all must be hungry right?
Soumya: oh! Yes!
Om: yes…even I’m hungry but what have you got?
Prinku: some fruits Bhaiya! What were you thinking?

Anika: no no prinku…he was thinking that we’ll get french toast and his black coffee and that too in the middle of the forest!
(everyone laugh)
Shivaay: did you guys plan to irritate me today? And Anika, it’s americano! Not black coffee! Don’t you guys have any other work? Think of how to get out of this place!
Anika: okay okay…
Rudra: Bhabhi, I…

Om: here rudra, take this fruit…
Rudra: I want to say that…
Shivaay: lets finish eating and get out of this place as soon add possible! I can’t stay here anymore! There were so many mosquitoes at night! I couldn’t even sleep properly!
Anika: you were not the only one okay! Don’t worry, we’ll find a way…
Later after eating they start walking:-
Soumya: finally we can see the roads properly! I think now we’ll be able to find the way back to the car…

Rudra: correction…our broken car! By the way,.how is your leg?
Soumya: I’m better…it still pains a little…I can’t bend my leg much…
Rudra: oh! When we reach, I’ll take you to the doctor okay?
Soumya: I don’t think that’ll be necessary…
Rudra: no…let me decide on one thing atleast!
Soumya: okay, fine…
They keep walking..and reach the road side..when suddenly…
Anika: o bete ki!!

Shivaay: what happened now?
Anika: look there…
They all look…they see a small puppy…
Gauri: arre wah! (she runs to the puppy and pats it)
Rudra: aw! It’s so cute! (he goes and holds it in his arms)

Everyone go and see it and pat it…all except shivaay…
Anika: shivaay, why are you standing there? Come see it! It’s so cute!
Shivaay: how can you all even touch it? You don’t even know from where it’s come from, if it even has an owner, you don’t know anything about it!
Anika: oh! How could I forget? Mr. SSO needs information about everything!
Om: well there’s some information here…it has a collar…
Rudra: (checks the collar) it says…oh my god! It’s name and place has been a scratched badly!
Om: lets try to see properly…

Soumya: um..let me try…it says, lo- na – vala…it’s from lonavala! And there’s an address too!
Gauri: maybe it’s lost…we can take it to it’s owner…to lonavala!
Rudra: and that’s where we’re going! That means we get to spend more time with it!
Shivaay: oh no..by the way how are we going to go now!
Rudra: look there…on the opposite side, there’s a car..we go in that!
Shivaay: are you mad? How can we randomly go I’m someone else’s car!

Rudra: Bhaiya, just come! (he pulls him and everyone follow..they see their driver…)
Shivaay: nandesh! You! How come you’re here?
Nandesh ( the driver) : sir, tej sir sent me here with the inova to pick up all of you…
Anika: bit how did he come to know that we are here?
Soumya: leave all of that Anika Di! Lets just go now!

(everyone dump there bags in the dikky and sit in the car)
Shivaay: I’m okay with the pup only until you guys keep it atleast a metre away from me!
Prinku: okay Bhaiya! Don’t worry, it’s with me…

Precap: They all reach the resort… The family is glad to see them and welcomes them…

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