DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) episode 37

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Shivaay checks the snake bite on Anika’s leg…
Shivaay: there are many dots…
Soumya: that means the snake was non venomous! Thank god! Anyways, tie a piece of cloth on it tightly…it will reduce the bleeding!
(shivaay does it…)

Shivaay: Anika, why are you still panicking? See, it was a non venomous snake, it’s bite would cause no harm now! You can calm down now…
Anika: (tensed) are…are you sure?
Shivaay: yes Anika!
(om takes out a cloth, a medicine tube and pocket knife and helps to dress Anika’s and Soumya’s wounds…)
Soumya: thank you Bhaiya!
Om: my pleasure ! Now we have to find out a way to get out of this mess as soon as possible!
Rudra: all I want to say is…
(they all hear a wolf howling)
Anika: o bete ki! Now don’t tell me…shivaay, I told you…
Gauri: he sankar ji! Why are you taking so many tests?
(they see a wolf coming towards them)
Shivaay: we have to move from here, come quick!
(they run, shivaay carries anika, Soumya tries to run but she falls…rudra comes and helps her)

Soumya: rudra run! I’ll come!
Rudra: very funny Soumya! If the wolf eats you then who will I fight with?!
Soumya: (laughs)
Rudra: arre! We are in such a problem and you’re laughing?
Soumya: wolfs don’t eat humans!! Duffer!
Rudra: you never know these wild ones…they are quite harmful…come fast…
Soumya: I can’t walk anymore rudra, you go…wolves are dangerous…run!
Rudra: are you mad! I won’t leave you and run!
(The others are hiding behind the trees…and watching them…Soumya sees the wolf behind…and freezes)
Rudra: wha
Soumya: shh…look behind…
(Rudra turns , sees the wolf and freezes)
The wolf jumps on him, he falls backward…he fights with it and tries to stop it from harming him…
Soumya: rudra!
Shivaay hits a big stone on the wolf…the wolf goes towards shivaay, om brings a stick and hits it from the back…the wolf gets scared and elopes…
Shivaay helps rudra get up…
Rudra: thanks!

Shivaay: hey, what are brothers for?
Rudra smiles…
Prinku: Bhaiya, it’s becoming colder by the minute…can we start a fire?
Shivaay: that’s a great idea prinku! Om you have a lighter in your bag right? Check please..
Om checks and takes out a lighter…
Gauri: can I ask you a question?
Om: ask..
Gauri: why do you carry this lighter with you in your bag? what’s the use of it?
Om: wait…you’ll get to know…guys, we need firewood!
Shivaay: there are a lot of dry trees in this area…I’m sure we can get a few! Come rudra…
Om: you two go and look for wood, I’ll get the arrangements done here…. Anika bhabhi, Soumya…I think you both should rest a little…
(they split the work and go)

Later, rudra and shivaay come with the wood…
Rudra: guys, guess what we got along with wood!
Om: what?
Shivaay: some fruits!
Anika: oh thank god! We were hungry!
Om: Get the wood here…we’ll light the fire first…
He puts the wood and lights the bonfire with the help of the lighter…they all sit around it…
Gauri: wow! This lighter is such a good thing to have!
Anika: I agree…
Om smiles….
Shivaay: om, what are you thinking?
Om: just that…this is not so bad right? All of us are together… It’s so peaceful here, no traffic, no pollution, it feels so calm…
Shivaay: in a way it’s good…but I want to get back…
Anika: om’s right, so much raita spread at first but now it feels none of that happened…lets take this as a wonderful experience…we got to learn so many things…to survive, to fight and to help and be there for someone…
Gauri: I agree too…
Soumya: me too…
Rudra: me three…

Shivaay: okay, ya…it isn’t so bad…only because all of us are together…
Prinku: yes… Oh! Look there everyone!
(they all look at what prinku points at…at a distance, they see a group of fireflies flying together…they smile…rudra takes photos of them and everyone else too..lafzon ka ye rishta nahi plays…)
They all lie down next to each other and look at the stars…
Om: wow! We don’t get top see so many stars and such a clear sky in the city at all!
Anika: ya, your right! They’re beautiful…
Shivaay: good night, it’s been An eventful day today…I’m really tired…
Anika: good night? More like good morning! It’s 3 am already! Anyways, I’m tired too…good night…
Rudra: yes Bhabhi, me too (he yawns)
They all go to sleep keeping the bonfire burning…

Precap: shivaay wakes up I’m the morning and sees that Anika isn’t there…he gets worried…

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