DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) episode 36

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This episode is dedicated to amayaa!
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Rudra runs, looking for Soumya everywhere…when suddenly he sees her fallen on the ground writhing in pain…he goes to her…
Rudra: sumo! Sumo, what happened? Are you alright?
Soumya: ah! Does it look like I’m alright?!
Rudra: no, stop crying…what happened?
Soumya: my..my leg!

(rudra looks at her leg…he sees a animal trap clunched around it…)
Rudra: don’t worry, I’ll take it out…you have to be patient okay?
Soumya: (cries) hmm…
(rudra slowly pulls it out hard, Soumya cries)
Rudra: sumo, look at me…it’s done..see..
Soumya: it’s it’s hurting…
Rudra: don’t worry, we’ll go back to our car, the first aid box is there…we’ll put medicine on it okay? Come…
Soumya: I.. I don’t think I can walk too much…
Rudra: it’s alright, I’ll help you..come, get up slowly.
(he holds her hand and pulls her up)

Rudra: (looks around) Soumya, which direction did we come from?
Soumya: (looks around) I don’t know, I was upset with you so I walked straight back until my leg got stuck and I fell…oh god, now I don’t know which direction I was going….
rudra: I got scared when you screamed and didn’t notice the direction I came from…how will we go back?
Soumya: I wish you listened to me and we went together…then none of this would happen and we would reach them by now!
Rudra: oho! I wish you listened to me and waited just for five minutes, I was getting network…but don’t worry….
Soumya: so you think it’s my fault?

Rudra: I don’t think it’s your fault..because I know it’s your fault! You could have just waited right?
Soumya: well, you could have just come right? Rudra don’t argue, I’m already in pain okay…
Rudra: okay fine then…(he shouts) bhaiya!! O! Can someone hear us! We’re lost!!
Soumya: (finds a big rock and sits on it) it’s of no use…we’re too far away…we won’t be able to hear us!
Rudra: do you have a better idea?
Soumya: how about the torch light? Remember you gave that brilliant idea?
Rudra: what?
Soumya: that we’ll shine the torch light in the sky! Then they’ll get to know that we are in trouble!
Rudra: of course! How could I forget?!
(he shines his torch light up on the sky, Soumya joins him and shines her torch up in the sky too..)

Om: that’s it! I can’t wait more! They should have been here by now!
Shivaay: yes, you’re right! What if they are in trouble?
Gauri: don’t worry, sankar ji will protect them…
(suddenly prinku spots the light on the sky)
Prinku: Bhaiya look! They’re shining their torch light! That means…
Shivaay: (looks up) that means…they are in trouble! I knew that something was wrong! Come, now we have to look for them!
(prinku wakes Anika up and they all go inside the forest in. search of rudra and Soumya)
Shivaay: guys follow the torch light. We have to go closer to where the torch is shining.
Prinku: but the trees are kind of blocking the light Bhaiya!
Anika: I’m getting a michmichi feeling that we’re not alone…can someone else feel it too?
Shivaay: Anika, you’re just over thinking…there’s nothing else…focus on looking for them please…
Anika: okay…but still..

(she turns all around to see..)
Anika: wait a minute, where’s gauri?
Om: she’s behind me…(he turns to see, he doesn’t see gauri)
Anika: gauri? Where are you?
(she shines the torch towards that direction, and they see her standing at a distance)
Gauri: (whispers) omkara ji, go!
om: what happe…

(he sees a snake waiting to strike her leg)
Anika: gauri, don’t move..
Shivaay: don’t panic…it can sense you! Just be calm and stand still…okay?
Gauri: but I can’t stand like this forever, I’m scared of snakes…
Om: listen, it won’t do anything…just stand still okay?
(the snake comes closer to gauri and she panics and tries to run to om when the snake goes to strike her but Anika tries to push get and it strikes her instead)
Anika: ah!

Om: bhabhi!
Shivaay: Anika!
(she falls, they all rush towards her..shivaay picks her up, gauri finds a stick and hits the snake, the snake elopes )
Shivaay: don’t worry Anika, I won’t let anything happen to you!

(then they hear rudra’s voice shouting for them)
Shivaay: rudra! Where are you both!?
Rudra: Bhaiya! We’re here!!
They see two people sitting at a distance…they go to them…
Rudra: thank god you all found us! We were lost! We tried getting back but lost our way!
(he hugs om)
Soumya: bade bhaiya, what what happened to Anika di?
shivaay: snake bite!
Soumya: what?!

Om: waise, what happened to your leg Soumya? It’s bleeding!
Soumya: it got stuck in an animal trap…
Gauri: oh my god!
Om: I have a small first aid box in my backpack…sit, I’ll put medicine…
Soumya: Bhaiya, check if the snake bite in venomous or not!

Precap: they hear a wolf howling…they get tensed…

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